TGS 2012: Some new MGS Ground Zeroes details

During the TGS 25th Anniversary stage event, some new details on Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes were revealed.

The player won’t notice loading screens while playing, since they are always in the background. Only when Snake travels to another location by helicopter is a loading time inserted. The helicopter can take players from one open world level to the next.

The base shown in the demo was a relatively small world compared to other ones, as it is from the prologue stage of the game. But there will be bigger worlds for Snake to visit. As already confirmed earlier, the game will know day and night cycles, that will gradually change and affect the world of the game.

Source: Gematsu

  • BerserkerVTR

    Maybe this is an old speculation, but i really wish the game to be set with Gray Fox and an older Big Boss and their Mozambique or Africa stuff. Hope that’s what get to happen after the prologue. If it is right after Peace Walker, with the same characters and some new ones to the series, Kojima will miss the oportunity to evolve a story that was already known to the fans and of course give us old characters that we all want to see again.

    • Nyxus

      It’s possible that this game spans a few years, but if not it could still happen in a sequel, maybe.

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