Konami further clarifies MGO DLC Cloaked in Silence

On Twitter, Konami has shared some new details on Metal Gear Online’s first expansion, Cloaked in Silence, releasing next week on March 15th.

Hello everyone, we’re a week away from the release of the new MGO DLC EXPANSION ‘CLOAKED IN SILENCE’! and have a few more clarifications.


The new unique character Quiet has powerful abilities and stats compared to other players, but while she can fulton, her CQC is limited. Quiet is unable to hold, choke, interrogate, CQC hold to kill etc. Every CQC action results in a kick attack that can possibly stun.

Also Quiet is exclusively available to those who purchase the CLOAKED IN SILENCE DLC. On Automatch, Created/Selected matches, those without the DLC will not play as or against Quiet, nor can they join matches with her included. So if you’re looking to challenge yourself or others as/against Quiet the expert sniper assassin, be sure to purchase CLOAKED IN SILENCE.


The new DLC maps, Coral Complex, Rust Palace, and Azure Mountain are also available only to those who purchase CLOAKED IN SILENCE. Players will not be able to join a match using these new maps unless they’ve purchased the DLC, even if they are in a party with DLC owners.


DLC purchasers have exclusive use of the new maps, up until April 7th, where any MGO player can try the maps in the upcoming SURVIVAL mode. Through SURVIVAL players who have not yet purchased the DLC can join their friends and experience the same new content on a limited basis. This way, early adopters benefit from early exclusivity, while everyone gets an opportunity to try before they buy on brand new content. Likewise, the entire community will immediately benefit from changes and additions in the March update, including the new mission: Sabotage.


The DLC will cost €/$ 3.99, with additional Appeal Action available for purchase separately.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • Mago Som

    Cheaper than a beer at the bar…

  • FooXz

    Meh… after this long, without any DLC the content so far, i thought they were going to add more stuff (Maps, weapons and gamemodes). The DLC looks good and has a decent price tho but it feels really small up to this point.

    • RevolverRoden

      Yeah it took way too long. I guess that’s because they shut down LA and it was a transition period and shit

  • Aleezy

    Who do you think would be the next unique character? I’m hoping they keep adding others from the story.

    I got ideas for some lol
    Skull face- he’ll have that big hand gun and sahelanthropus doing missile strikes (like Mei Ling)
    Kid psycho mantis – floats while moving. some psychic power stuff. Guess he can’t speak or yell when he dies.
    Kid Liquid – extremely agile/fast. Can take weapons/items from you very quickly.
    Volgin (original) – electricity and bullet shooting he does in snake eater.
    Raiden/Gray fox – sword stuff.

    • Spectralbuttplug


    • I want DD.

      • FooXz


    • RevolverRoden

      I want Kaz.

    • Full Options

      I want Code Talker with a special dedicated Battle Gear as disabled chair. xD

  • CR7HarisSnake

    BGM VR missions <3

  • GUN®

    6 months this took. They need to add content faster than this.

  • RevolverRoden

    You have to buy the DLC to play against quiet? Very stupid tbh.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    The community is small enough as it is and thanks to this DLC it’s being fractured even further. I realize the DLC is super cheap, but it still requires an extra payment if you want to keep up with everyone else. I’ll probably try getting into MGO again to screw with the combat knife though. That looks fun and I wish it was in TPP.

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