Changes and additions coming to Metal Gear Online on March 15

Konami has provided a list of the changes and additions coming in the update Ver.1.10, that will be available March 15th.

This week, we are going to present additional updates scheduled for Ver.1.10 available on March 15th. We will look into the blue-bold highlighted contents later in below.

New Maps

Initially, the only way to play the new maps is by purchasing the EXPANSION PACK “CLOAKED IN SILENCE.”
– CORAL COMPLEX has been added:
* A dedicated Motherbase environment, allowing players to access tall towers, use storage containers and other internal areas as cover for tactical advantage. CORAL COMPLEX mixes open areas and a myriad of hiding opportunities.
– RUST PALACE has been added:
* Set within Afghanistan, the RUST PALACE is a large multi-level building. The skeletal nature of the decrepit ruin means that cover is scarce, and the internal areas are rich in dusty rooms and high-up sniping positions.
– AZURE MOUNTAIN has been added:
* An outdoor plain under Africa’s baking sky. A small cluster of buildings offers scant cover, with only derelict walls and occasional scrubland surrounding the massive rock known locally as the Cradle of Spirits.

New Unique Character

You can only play as Quiet by purchasing the EXPANSION PACK “CLOAKED IN SILENCE.”
– Quiet has been added.
* Quiet is a legendary sniper who can fire a sniper rifle with excellent accuracy.
* Her movement speed is extremely fast which allows unique jumping abilities over high steps where normally a player would need to climb a ladder.
* She can temporarily cloak while sprinting to activate a boost in movement speed.
– Added a setting on the CREATE MATCH screen for selecting the Unique Character that will be assigned to each team.

New Mission

– The SABOTAGE mission has been added.
* Attackers must destroy or fulton the enemy Missile before the round expires.
* To access the Missile, Attackers must first hack into the Terminals to deactivate the EM Barrier (Electromagnetic barrier) that is protecting the Missile from any incoming attacks or fultons.
* Once the terminals are hacked and the EM Barrier is deactivated, defenders can choose to reactivate the EM Barrier or protect the Missile.

Appeal Actions

– Appeal Actions have been added.
* Players can customize the APPEAL ACTION slots for each of their characters in the Customization menu.
* There are total of 5 customizable APPEAL ACTION slots: neutral, up, down, left, right
* Once the player activates APPEAL ACTION mode by pressing down on the right stick, use the left stick to trigger the poses set for each direction.
– In order to activate a buddy link with a teammate, hit the Action Button while in Appeal Action mode. (A teammate must respond to your request in order for a buddy link to be established)
– There are additional APPEAL ACTIONS available for purchase in the store.

Dedicated Host

– The Dedicated Host feature has been added. (Only available on PS4 / XboxONE / Steam)
* By setting yourself as a Dedicated Host, you can now spectate a match without participating in that match.
* You can set yourself as a Dedicated Host when creating a match.

GP Boost

– GP Boost can now be purchased using MB Coins. The GP Boost gives the player a higher rate of GP obtained from matches.
* GP Boost does not apply to GP earned through Titles/Medals or GP that are given out as compensation.
* GP Boost can be purchased from the iDROID menu > VAULT > GP BOOST

Character Slots

– Character Slots can now be purchased with MB Coins, allowing you to create more than three characters.
* Purchasing a new character slot allows you to create a brand new character in that slot.
* 1 account can now hold up to 8 character slots.

Player Rank

– A new Rank feature has been added.
* All players start out at Rank F. There are a total of 21 ranks, with highest being Rank S++
* Rank is bound to your user account, rather than to each character.
* The Scoreboard and the Briefing Screen now show each player’s rank instead of their character level.
* Your current rank can be viewed from the Personal Stats screen.

New Weapon

– The COMBAT KNIFE has been added.
* This weapon has been added as an additional secondary weapon.
* A Knife Kill score has been added.
* Unique Character “Snake”can switch between his Prosthetic Arm and the COMBAT KNIFE.

Titles and Medals

– New Titles have been added: SCORPION, HYENA, and SCARAB.
– A new piece of gear “”BDU & T-SHIRT””has been added which can be customized with the Title images that you have obtained.

Waking up stunned/tranquilized teammates

– A new action to wake up stunned/tranquilized teammates has been added.
* The action can be triggered by pressing and holding the Action Button next to a stunned/tranquilized teammate.
* The kick action can no longer be used to wake up stunned/tranquilized players.
* Continue to hold down the Action Button until your teammate wakes up.
– Waking up a teammate will give you an Assist score.

Wormhole Fulton

– Once your Buddy Gauge is fully charged, you now have the option to use the Wormhole Fulton on an enemy.
* When you use the Wormhole Fulton, your Buddy Gauge will reset to 0%.
* The Wormhole Fulton will successfully fulton enemies even if there is a roof.

New Preset Text

– Upgraded Preset Text UI. (*1)
* Text can now be selected by genre.
* There is now a log window that shows recently displayed Preset Texts.
– Preset Text can now be used on the Briefing Screen and the Spectator Screen. (*1)

New BGM Sets

– The following BGM Sets have been added.
* boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand “WORLD OF DARKNESS”

Weapon and Item

– Shooting while standing still in 3rd person camera will now cause the bullet to travel toward the center of the aim reticle if the target is located within a certain range.
– Significantly reduced camera sway when taking damage while aiming a weapon.
– The WU S.PISTOL and RENOV-ICKX TP’s tranquilizing darts now penetrate through Cardboard Boxes. (*2)
– Adjusted the throwing curve of all Throwing Weapons. (*3)
– Increased the weapon sway of all Machine Guns and the SERVAL AMR-7.
– Adjusted the marking conditions for the E.LOCATOR.
* Players will now get marked if they stay within the E.LOCATOR’s effective radius for a certain period of time.
* The duration required to mark enemies with the E.LOCATOR is equivalent to the duration required to mark enemies through the binoculars.
– Reduced the effective radius and duration of the E.LOCATOR.
– Lengthened the firing interval of the SERVAL AMR-7.
– Reduced the ammo count of the HAIL MGR-4.
– Increased the projectile travel speed of the GROM-11 and FB MR R-LAUNCHER
– Increased the lock on distance of the AM D114, WU S333, TORNADO-6, and GEIST P3.
– Reduced the lock on distance of all Machine Guns.
– It is no longer possible to lock onto players who are in the following states:
* Cloaked (When unmarked), Diving, Unmoving inside the Cardboard Box when in crouch state, and Sliding in the Cardboard Box.
– Reduced the weight of the STEALTH CAMO PP and DECOY.
– Reduced how much movement speed is slowed down and reduced the expansion of noise radius when equipping STEALTH CAMO PP with STEALTH CAMO+ Lv.2 or lower.
– Increased the charm duration for players entranced by a PLUSHY SNARE.
– Increased the durability of Suppressors.
– Increased the explosion radius of C4

Ability Adjustments

– Reduced the effect of “faster enemy marking” for the INTEL+ ability.
– Reduced the effect of “wider E.LOCATOR effective range” for the INTEL+ Lv.3 ability.
– Increased the effect of “the duration of the marker placed on player decreases” for the ANTI-MARKING+ ability.
– Reduced the effect of “increased damage of all weapon explosions” for the DEMOLITION+ ability.
– Reduced the homing effect of the Fulton Punch with the FULTON+ Lv.3 ability.

Scoring Adjustments

– Increased the amount of score earned for HEADSHOT and WALKER GEAR DESTRUCTION.
– Reduced the score penalty for SUICIDE during CLOAK AND DAGGER.
– Reduced the amount of score earned for INTERROGATE.
– Reduced the amount of score earned for COMM LINK CAPTURE, COMM LINK NEUTRALIZE, COMM DEFEND during COMM CONTROL.

Damage Adjustments

– Increased damage output from the S1000, KABARGA-83, AM D114, GEIST P3, and URAGAN-G.
– Reduced damage output from all Submachine Guns, all Assault Rifles, all Machine Guns, all lethal Launchers (Grenade/Rocket), and Mortars.
– Increased stun damage output from the STUN GRENADE.
– Reduced stamina damage output from the RENOV-ICKX TP.
– Reduced stamina damage output from Shield Dash when using SHIELD+ Lv.3.
– Reduced stamina damage output from CQC hits or throws used when standing or crouching.
– Increased stamina damage output from CQC hits from prone state.
– Reduced stamina damage output when sprinting with the Cardboard box.
– Increased mech damage output from C4.
– Reduced mech damage output from the PETROL BOMB and Anti-Aircraft Turret.
– Reduced mech damage output when Dash Punching with Snake’s BLAST ARM.
– Reduced distance attenuation from explosion damage.
– Reduced distance attenuation from the M2000-D’s damage.
– Increased distance attenuation from the SERVAL AMR-7’s damage.
– Increased distance attenuation for mech damage caused by bullets.

Knockback Adjustments

– Receiving an attack while sprinting will result in double the knockback.
* Taking bullet damage within a certain range from the shooter will cause you to flinch and interrupt your sprinting.
– Adjusted the overall knockback rate for all weapons.

Mission Adjustments

– Significantly reduced the interrogation effect time when a defender successfully interrogates an attacker in CLOAK AND DAGGER. (*4)
– Defenders are now awarded a DISC DEFEND score if they stun an attacker carrying a Data Disc.
– Players can no longer respawn from a Comm Link if an opponent team member is in progress of capturing it in COMM CONTROL.
– Stunned/tranquilized players can no longer capture a Comm Link in COMM CONTROL.
– Added additional respawn points in addition to Comm Link locations and the HQ in COMM CONTROL.


– Reduced the duration where it is possible to grab an enemy with CQC after pressing the CQC button.
– Adjusted the duration an enemy is disabled after a CQC hit or throw.
– Shortened the effective duration of interrogations.
– Placing markers on enemy players through interrogation now counts as an Assist score when marked enemies are killed by allied players.
– Increased the time required for the Scout class to complete an interrogation on an enemy.
– Players can now only respawn from the HQ if fultoned by an enemy or after committing suicide.
– Enhanced the noise range reduction effect for Mobility classes S and A.
– Decreased the radius of noise caused by Unique Character “Snake” and the Infiltrator class.
– Adjusted the default loadouts for all classes.
– Shortened the invincibility time when buddy respawning.
– Adjusted the movement speed of the pipe action and hanging action according to the player’s mobility.
– The Cardboard Box slide action can no longer be cancelled by triggering CQC
– The diving out of the Cardboard Box action can no longer be cancelled by triggering CQC
– Players will now be temporarily invincible to CQC after getting knocked to the ground


– Overall improved UI design.
– Improved Matchmaking.
– Improved loading times.
– Added sandbags to certain parts of BLACK SITE
– Added a section to the iDROID’s top menu in FREEPLAY to show the current number of players participating in matches. (Only on PS4)
– A hit indicator will now be displayed on the reticle when hitting an enemy’s Fulton balloon.
– Added BGM Volume Setting in the System Menu > OPTIONS > Sound Setting (*5)
– Disabled the special camera that triggers when performing CQC.
– After a round ends, all players will now be marked and their names will be displayed while the Round Results are shown.
Now let’s talk about each of the blue highlighted points:

– Upgraded Preset Text UI (*1)
– Preset Text can now be used on the Briefing Screen and the Spectator Screen. (*1)

Formerly, Preset Text were used solely from the Preset Radio menu, but now we’ve added a dedicated menu for Preset Text for Ver.1.10. Also the number of text options have increased for use in a wider variety of situations. Likewise Preset Text can now be used on the Briefing Screen, allowing for some pre-game strategy (or trash talking) before entering combat.


– The WU S.PISTOL and RENOV-ICKX TP’s tranquilizing darts now penetrate through Cardboard Boxes. (*2)
Currently, when the Cardboard Box is equipped, the player is invulnerable against tranquilizing darts. In Ver.1.10 however, tranquilizing darts now will penetrate through the C. Box. While still useful, the Cardboard Box will no longer make you an impregnable packaging panzer.

– Adjusted the throwing curve of all Throwing Weapons. (*3)

When tossing a Throwing Weapon, the maximum height of the throwing arc has been adjusted to be lower in the coming update. The distance of the throw however will not be much different.


– Significantly reduced the interrogation effect time when a defender successfully interrogates an attacker in CLOAK AND DAGGER. (*4)
There have been many cases where a defending team during “CLOAK AND DAGGER” would successfully interrogate a single player and reveal the location of the remaining team. While we want to maintain this tactic on both attacking and defending teams, in Ver.1.10, we reduced the duration of this effect when a defender interrogates an attacker. In other words the attacking team still maintains the advantage of stealth and lowered visibility.

– Added BGM Volume Setting in the System Menu > OPTIONS > Sound Setting (*5)

Many players have resorted to turning off ambient BGM in order to be more aware of the action in battle. In order to give these players the benefit of listening to the BGM, while keeping an ear to nearby enemy sound, a new BGM Volume Setting option is been added. BGM Volume is now available in 10 levels.


And that’s Ver. 1.10! Not only the wide variety of updates, but we will be fixing bugs in the update as well. The update and the new EXPANSION PACK DLC “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” will be available March 15th. We can’t wait for everyone to try the new changes out. Please send us your feedback on the updates via the Official Twitter [@MetalGearOnline] and various fan forums.

When next we see you, the update and expansion will be out, so catch us then. Thank you for your continued support of MGO and see you on the battlefield!

Source: MGSV Official Website (Designer Notes Vol 17)

  • I still dont get why they refuse to add text-chat… I mean, it’d be sooooooo much better than those “preset texts”.

    • RevolverRoden

      I think the community manager says that it would take a lot more work than people think. They didn’t say that text chat would never make it, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

      • I honestly don’t even see the need for having text chat in MGO. If anything it might even degrade the game since people could start being toxic.

        • cklambo


          • moto hellogoto

            They definitely would. It’s why I play with text off in csgo and tf2. It’s much more enjoyable that way IMO.

          • cklambo

            I was being sarcastic

        • RevolverRoden

          Yeah i couldnt care less about text chat. IDK why so many people are whining about it.

  • RevolverRoden

    Wow these changes are great. Can’t wait

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Until they add maps that aren’t rehashes of what is already in MGSV or if they ever give us longer hair options for the character creator (so we can recreate classic MGS characters) I’ll stick to CoD:BOIII.

    • Lewis

      Not really sure if a COD player is a big loss for the community of any game.

      • hunner


      • Spectralbuttplug

        As if mgo3 is good.Also the community on the net is full of bullshit.All they can do is whine.

        • XOF

          Lol. Almost all gaming communities have toxic people. Also we don’t know if Lewis actually plays MGO …

          You are whining and swearing a lot … that makes you a hypocrite right? 😛

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Thats how i express myself.What is your problem with that if I use explicit language here?

          • XOF

            Well excessive swearing is pretty toxic. Also who was the one that got banned multiple times on here for posting spoilers and insulting people?

            You say the gaming community is toxic and full of complainers, but you are one yourself. That makes you a hypocrite.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Spoilers?I dont remember spoiling people.Also excessive swearing is not = to insulting so how is it toxic.I whine at other people’s whining?Really
            If you don’t know shit about some users why complain about them.

          • XOF

            Lol please don’t lie to me …. people have pointed out that you were using different usernames such as ‘leguywhodrownedquiet’ or ‘randomsniper’. Those names got banned from here because they made comments revealing possible spoilers before TPP was released. You also got banned for picking fights with people and swearing. I’ve been reading comments on here since beginning of 2015, so I know. ^^

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Random sniper didn’t get banned.
            Imtupac got banned for fights
            Leguy got banned for posting “The prologue is a nice mix of dark and goofy scenes”
            If you don’t know anything about me just accept it

          • XOF

            “If you don’t know anything about me just accept it”
            Lol? No duh I don’t know anything about you. But you don’t know anything about anyone here either …

            Yes again you proved my point. Seems like you were the only one that got banned. Everyone else didn’t (well except for maybe 1 or 2 people). Why?
            99% of the community here are pretty reasonable people.

            Also fights = toxic behaviour.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Yeah but bygones are bygones.
            Take it easy man.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Also i got into a fight once with solidjackal or something as well as princeheir
            Apart from that I dont remember being a dick

      • Dr. Miles Manners

        I’m not going to lie, if this game was MGO2, I’ll be all over it. It captured the MGS feel perfectly and had enough customizable stuff to make you a happy fan. This one is pretty bare bones on customization if you are looking at something that isn’t just pallet swaps and silly hats. The gameplay is fun, but let’s be honest, to just go around spraying bullets CoD had a better platform for that mindless fun.

        The interesting stuff that set apart MGO versus other shooters were the feel it had to it’s maps and the deep customization options for your character. Now with only outposts in barren deserts and other rehashes from single player and the same buzz-cut, generic soldier for playable character I just don’t see the point.

        Too bad they won’t unlock unique characters (Snake, Ocelot) or give you the tools to recreate them, or even put a “Shadow Moses/Grozni Grad/Whatever” series landmark as a playable map or else I would drop BO3 so fast it would make a hole on the ground.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Almost all multiplayer shooters use rehashes of singleplayer levels for maps… why is it bothering you now?

      • Dr. Miles Manners

        Because they gave us more interesting maps in previous MGOs, and even with the possibility of DLC on this game, they still give us more rehashed maps that look nearly the same as the ones available.

  • Jav

    I want more suits, the players should be different between each other.

  • FooXz

    Will the CQC throw and C.Box combo work after all these tweaks? :l

  • Jav

    I have a question about the single player. Do I have to protect all the good soldiers in every unit or only in the defense unit?

    • vic boss

      I don’t quite understand your question , if you mean every soldier who is S or A plus plus, you can lock him so nothing happens to him, you have to do this for every soldier you want to protect.

    • Tong Ninja

      If you are talking about putting contracts on your soldiers: All units.

      Because if you recruited a lot of soldiers with the ‘trouble maker’ skill to your base, there’s a good chance they can kill your best soldiers over time.

      Also If you replay Mission 43 or do FOB missions, the contract should protect your soldiers from being killed as well.

      • Jav

        Ok, contracts for all units.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I’ll be honest, I’ve barely played MGO because I was so excited for it on PC and ended up not having as much fun as I’d hoped. I’ll play it again just to mess around with the combat knife though.

  • GUN®

    These seem like some pretty great changes.

  • moto hellogoto

    Ill check this out just to play as quiet

  • Andrew Socolov

    Still only p2p connection and 3-7 seconds delays on every action? FU Konami!

    Still no major changes to cloack and dagger, and deffenders still will go out to hunt attackers? FU Konami!

    No a single map ballancing change to reduce face to face encounters and make all the map parts usable? FU Konami!

    Pay you even more for that crap? Well… you know, what.

  • flamesword

    when you start a server. how do you let others know where it is hosted??


    Off topic: Has anyone seen this huge Fallout New Vegas DLC sized mod (has the same map cell size as Fallout 3) coming out sometime this year?

    I honestly think this is more technically impressive and ambitious than Fallout 4 – gamebro is a shit engine: outdated and technically underwhelming even upon release, there is no getting around that fact. So it really shows the skill of the developer, half of the stuff I saw in the trailer I – and probably even Bethesda Game Studio – thought was impossible to do with such a restricting game engine.

    Also the developers are clearly inspired by Kojima – you can see this translate into the set pieces, cinematography, music (obviously) and the actual editing of the trailer.

  • MrVux007


    Ready the tissue paper….you’l need it after this

    • Never played any of the Uncharted games but it seems to be a successful franchise

      • Jav


        • DonquixoteDoflamingo

          Thank you!

        • Lewis

          In my opinion, it is underrated. Some people think that every game should be 200 hours long with rpg elements, multiple endings, stealth and whatever. But uncharted always knew its purpose and fulfilled it to the fullest. It is a fun adventure with memorable characters, amazing graphics and superb acting. I think, it is better to be good at few things, than mediocre at lots.

          • Jav

            I don’t have problems with linear games. I’ve played the 3 games. They are good, but not master pieces. My favourite moments were the beginning of the 2nd game and the desert part in the 3rd. The graphics in the 2nd game are really good.
            What I don’t like about the saga is the personality of drake and his friend, the old guy. No matter what, they always win, I hate the optimism from drake. And I hate the super jumps drake can do.
            He needs to suffer more. He can fall from a very high place and nothing happens to his adamantium body.

          • Lewis

            Well, I like those guys a lot, boils down to personal preference. They are purehearted and they never win anything from their adventures. I like how Drake is always optimistic, cause this game doesn’t explore the human mind or creation of the world. It is a rollercoaster. And we already have so many brooding and dark characters, and it only works in appropriate games (something like Deus Ex or MGS for instance). About “nothing happens” – I don’t really understand you. Even this video shows how they animate his injuries. And if you want him limping for an entire section – well, not that type of game. It needs to be fast and entertaining.
            But again, I think it boils down to the personal preference. But with all the recent hate on this franchise and accusing it of being “movie-like” or all those Drake-face memes (amusing for a week or two) I wouldn’t call it overrated. I really think lots of people want Uncharted to be something it never was intended to be.

  • Jav

    I have a question about the virtual battles. My unit is level 108 and is weaker than another units with lower level, like 100 or 99. Where is the power coming? Soldiers and what else?

    • Kol Leqejza

      use carbon missiles & anti-rocket missiles

      • Jav

        The vehicles are reflected in the power of the unit?

  • Kol Leqejza

    one thing is missing: the opourtunity to start in free-mode from the last map you’ve played. i would like to hang-out at black site and see what they changes are from
    GZ without being shredded from like fucking everywhere. otherwise the update sounds great!

  • Full Options

    *off-topic* @Nyxus:disqus Not sure if you yet covered it somewhere, but MGSV is competing in various BAFTA Games 2016 categories :

  • WhatTheJuicay

    Scoring adjustment – they forgot to fix how you score in Cloak and dagger. It’s insane how you earn unlimited points just for picking up the disc and dropping it and picking it up again and again.. They need to just make you get points for distance traveled with the disc. All those kilometers you run only to get killed at the drop point, losing the first round then the next team wins just by picking up the disc multiple times, if they choose to do so earning a win if they still lose that round and never traveled with the disc.

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  • Timmy Hortons

    Great job on the “Improved loading times”, I dunno how th heck they did it but the loading times are much shorter than before. I used to lose my patience with MGO due to that.

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