Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain nominated for 4 BAFTA Awards

BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) has announced the nominees for the 2016 British Academy Games Awards. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been nominated in four different categories.


The winners will be announced on April 7th. To see all the nominees follow the link in the source section.

Source: BAFTA Official Website

  • Tong Ninja

    haha how many different award shows are there for video games? We got VGAs, DICE, GDC and now BAFTA. 😛

    Out of the four nominations, I think TPP will win the Audio Achievement award. 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Yeah it’s confusing when there’s so many different shows lol :D. But the more awards for our favorite games the better I guess :).

    • DonquixoteDoflamingo

      If it doesn’t win the innovation then i would lose my shit.

      • MrVux007

        Why?Since when does one show determine/acknowledge the game quality you may or may not love.I for one pay very little attention to these “award shows” since… you know ….it’s again someone’s else’s opinion.
        But my prime reason why I think some of these awards shows are piss worth was because of 2004 year awards when MGS3 “lost” the overall game of the year awards to games like GTA San Andreas,Half Life 2,Halo 2 and World of Warcraft…Not saying MGS3 didn’t get any recognition,but it was certainly overshadowed by those games “popularity” rather then by their quality…
        So again,I wouldn’t break a sleep over these award shows if I were you…What matters most is that in your head,you know which game provided the best experience for you at the time .

        • JJBYACH

          True. Hype culture and popularity generally sways award shows like this across nearly all media. As they say “the most important critic will always be yourself”. However, it will always still be satisfying when a game you love is given an award it truly deserves.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          Because we want people to recognize that our game is good

        • Full Options

          Yeah Awards are rarely fair. Always politically correct, with audience as first criteria. I prefer MGS3 over San Andreas, although this opus of GTA was truly awesome.
          You are right, the problem is “the overshadowing”. Awards are always packed mostly around GOTY which is discrediting such events. I mean what’s the point of a dev award if they systematically give it also to GOTY, specially a year we have a that innovative gameplay as V’s. Such events would be more spicy / interesting with better evaluation or better categorization.

  • MrVux007

    Oh look, yet another award show for which people will argue about on the internet…

    • Full Options
    • Spectralbuttplug

      Oh look another stereotypical representation of nerds that made me laugh!*Tries hard to laugh at joke*

      • JJBYACH

        The fact in that GIF was literally the same as mine when at e3 last year, waiting for the Elegia trailer to come on.

        • Spectralbuttplug

          That was my reaction when the 2014 trailer leaked


    I hope Life is Strange wins best game – but I’m pretty sure Witcher 3 will; which is still great (Witcher 3 is my new favourite western RPG in existence; currently on my third playthrough). In my opinion the game is a masterpiece, mix this with the attitude of the developers and such leading up to and even beyond release, creates a game that’s very existence proves to be a beacon of light the AAA gaming industry needed. They also deserve to win.

    o7 CD-Projekt.

    I also hope TPP wins the game innovation award. After completing TPP, I felt like I was done with it, but the moment to moment stealth gameplay is so good and Snake controls like clockwork – I just couldn’t put it down. Never played a stealth game that nails the stealth element as well. The fact that we got a game as good as TPP with the unfortunate issues it had during development is commendable as well and also makes it a worthy candidate for game of the year in my eyes.

    • Biggy

      I concur I could not put the controller down neither it was too good to let go

  • BurntFM

    Well here are my choices:

    Artistic Achievement: Ori and the blind forest. Beautiful game
    Audio Achievement: Witcher 3. Just that wind rustling the leaves is great
    Best Game: Witcher 3. Very fun immersive game I’m still playing and will still play when the next expansion comes out.
    Game Innovation: MGSV:TPP It has the best gameplay. They really nailed how a stealth game controls and I wish it would be implemented in more games. Kojima delivers something new with every game he releases. This is no exception.

  • Mini gear

    the award discussion is one of the best parts ^_^ the witcher 3 wins audio for me definitely

  • XIFF-5

    I am tired of this BS, it is like watching the OSCARS being unfair and shit and the awards being more meaningful for us fans than the people who made the game themselves.

  • New episode is awesome. Talks about movies, mentions about games for the future topics. Even books. Kojima looks awesome, happy and genius as always.
    But yeah, the studio just… started, so, don’t expect something for this E3.

    P.S. English subtitles works really well this time around.


    I think that there should be no nominations. Just give all 4 awards to MGSV and end of case:)

  • JeffMakaayOnline


  • JeffMakaayOnline


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