Hideo Kojima shooting the next episode of HideoTube at the GAME ON exhibition

Kojima’s new webseries HideoTube has had two successful episodes so far, but it’s been a while since the last one, most likely due to Kojima’s busy schedule. However, Episode 3 was shot earlier today at the GAME ON exhibition at Miraikan in Tokyo, once again with Kenji Yano as a guest.

"Hideo Kojima today. And Kenji Yano." - Ayako
“Hideo Kojima today. And Kenji Yano.” – Ayako
"Visited GAME ON exhibition at Miraikan(Tokyo) to shoot the next episode of Hideo Tube today." - Ayako
“Visited GAME ON exhibition at Miraikan(Tokyo) to shoot the next episode of Hideo Tube today.” – Ayako
“For HIDEO TUBE episode 3, we visited the special exhibition GAME ON at Miraikan. Stay tuned!” – Kojima
“HIDEO TUBE Episode 3 is coming up soon, stay tuned!”
"Hideo Tube episode 3, coming up around the next weekend." - Kojima
“Hideo Tube episode 3, coming up around the next weekend.” – Kojima
"HIDEO TUBE Episode 3, we have sneaked in to experience GAME ON. Will be posted this week! Stay tuned!"
“HIDEO TUBE Episode 3, we have sneaked in to experience GAME ON. Will be posted this week! Stay tuned!”

The GAME ON exhibition focuses on the evolution of video games, so it’s no wonder it would have Kojima’s interest. The official site describes it like this:

This special exhibition provides an overview of the evolution of computer games, which have been advancing along with information technology, such as computers and the Internet, changing entertainment across the globe. Since it was first held at the Barbican Centre, U.K., in 2002, this exhibition has toured the world and attracted over 2 million visitors across the globe. Miraikan will bring the exhibition to Tokyo for the first time, and it will feature various original contents based on the topic of “Why are videogames so interesting?” Miraikan will invite you to think about the social and cultural meaning of computer games, which have crossed the border with reality and have had a great impact on real society, as well as to look into their future.

For more information on this exhibition, follow this link.


Source: Ayako Terashima Twitter (1,2), Hideo Kojima Twitter

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    So Yano-kun appear to act as a kind of permanent / principal chronicler on HideoTube for the moment… Can’t wait !

    • Batzi

      He’s the new Hai lady

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        Sorry, could not get it. Could you develop ? Not aware enough… 😀

        • In the old Kojima Productions episodes there was a lady co-host (Kobayashi) who would spend most of the episode saying ‘hai’ (=’yes’) in response to Kojima’s comments.


          • BurntFM

            Sorry Nyxus, but we all agreed a while ago that the default image for Kobayashi San will be this:


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            xD Haaa… Thanks for clarifying Nyxus, now I got it. Japan is so polite that many of them are full of “Hai” or “So-so-so”… Probably because “Ie” (nope) is often too rude (and sometimes impolite) for them in opposition, but it is safe to underline that Kobayashi Chan (<333) is a Hai-machine-gun :DD Poor little pretty lady, you guyz stop making fun of da cutie !! xD

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            She kinda annoyed me


    I hope the next hideotube is on their favourite games: I heard Kojima has been playing Fallout 4, and before MGSV’s release he was talking about how he wishes he had time to play GTAV; that he hopes his “V” can compete with R*’s one. I would also love to hear their opinions on the evolution of gaming and where they think/want it to go.

    Given the venue – It seems HideoTube may be more gaming orientated: at least I hope it is…

  • Ok, so Yesterday I watched YongYea’s video about FFXV. So there were glimpses of how the game was progressed by SE subsidiary – Square Enix Business Division 2.
    Basically a huge team. At least 100 devs with the old Japanese team structure. This makes me sad, really.

    I mean, FFXV basically is a FFXIII Versus PS3 graphics game (which is not bad for the JRPG) but with a Luminous Studio lighting. Basically old Japanese development methods. Nothing special.

    How Kojima will make a huge game with a small team? How much people will he have? 25? 50? Square Enix barely can develop an RPG with a scripted type of open world, without any simulation or emergent gameplay. From FFXV Platinum demo, the game as Merceron would describe is still a Japanese game that is heavily scripted that is “crafted for the player”. I mean the best tech they could do is a real time night and day with rain/fog… but for the Western standards that’s like 2010… I mean, I’m ok with games like Witcher III or FFXV but that is an old hat. Witcher III RPG design is from 90s’. That’s not bad, it’s just old and lifeless. The game was good though but not without it’s problems.
    Kojima did a fantastic job with MGSV and not everyone understands how groundbreaking it was… but it was. It was the first true non-linear emergent stealth action adventure game. Top tier devs these days hardly can compete to be honest.

    With Kojima Productions, Kojima wants groundbreaking game with groundbreaking technology. Probably high end graphics. Imo, with a small team of specialists that is hard to do… or 5+ years at best or these specialists need to be A+ class devs which is hard to find in Japan… Or you need to have the same huge team like with MGSV:TPP although working with huge team is also a problem for Kojima that wants to direct/produce/write/design the game.

    Just watch the video with Merceron and you will understand.


      Whist I agree with most things you said I have a few quibbles with some of your statements.

      “Square Enix barely can develop an RPG with a scripted type of open world, without any simulation or emergent gameplay.”

      I think this is a quite an exaggeration – here’s Tabata’s comments from the May 2016 Game Informer article:

      “From the start of development, we set out to make something that wasn’t completely free roaming, open world, the technology is definitely built upon an open-world, but the way we approach this freedom aspect is to not have freedom come first, and then us implement the quests. Rather, we have the story first then create as much freedom as we can withing that story”.

      Game informer Article: http://imgur.com/a/B32XD
      Tabata talking about game intro and how FFXV takes a different apporach to RPG narative: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2016/04/06/revealing-final-fantasy-xvs-opening-gameplay.aspx

      In other words: it was an artistic decision rather than a technical one. The most vital aspect of all RPG’s is the story and Square seem intent on nailing what so many open world games these days screw up on. Open World game design does not allow for a traditional 3 act narrative structure – it just doesn’t work. This structure requires tension and deliberate pacing that will never work effectively when you give the player the option to ignore the main story. Open World games are better suited to a more TV like structure with individual episodes (quests) dealing with more isolated stories that build to a bigger narrative. Innovation doesn’t have to be doing something completely new, it can be as simple as doing what others aren’t – FFXV is taking a different approach more akin to old school RPG’s rather than the watered down Ubisoft “Icon Janitor” clean up open word game design that nearly all modern AAA open world games in recent memory utilise. Even MGSV fell into the Ubisoft game design – instead of having 30-50 unique side missions with a context for completion other than “Boss, we need to build up our army”, it has like 8 unique side missions repeated over and over until it reaches 157 of them, with no unique stories to each one.

      “I mean the best tech they could do is a real time night and day with rain/fog”

      FFXV is using tech that is pushing the current generation of consoles to it’s absolute limits – as someone studying computer science (specifically software design), with various forays into game development myself I have never seen a game that is utilising the raw features of its engine to such an extent – this guy explains it the best, just watch this video and you will have a new appreciation for what Square is doing:


      I have faith in Kojima achieving his goals. He said his new game won’t be as big an MGSV, and MGSV wasn’t even that big of a game, ambitious; yes. But in terms of sheer scale, no. With the versatility of most modern game engines; his industry knowledge and him having the money and creative freedom to do what he wants – there should be no problem, even with a smaller team. Fallout 4 was in full swing development for about 2 and a half years with a team of 100 – now add an industry veteran, a team of 25-50, about 5 years of full swing development and a game smaller but more cohesive than Fallout 4 – yeah, it’s perfectly doable.

      • I saw that interview. But this is Tabata and Square Enix. Previous FFXIII efforts show that they are not capable of doing something great. I’m not looking in to the FFXV innovation at all. I’m just waiting for this game to be at least decent.
        FFXIII Versus was a huge vaporware and they have free assets for this game already.

        “FFXV is taking a different approach more akin to old school RPG’s rather than the watered down Ubisoft “Icon Janitor” clean up open word game design that nearly all modern AAA open world games in recent memory utilise.”

        Witcher 3 already did this with the old school methods… Except for maybe small side quests that are on the map.

        and about FFXV technology. Just no. It’s barely even 30 frames per second on my PS4 and looks like a PS3 game but with reflections, impressive lighting, decent shadows and other stuff that they implemented when they ported PS3 game to Xbox One/PS4. Have you seen Draw Distance in Platinum Demo? That is almost at the level of the first gen Xbox 360 games.



        Look at this blocky smartphone and no AA. This scene is barely 20 frames per second. Good luck with that after Uncharted 4 demo that is not just impressive but is 30 frames per second every time.

        FFXV when it comes to technical stuff pushes absolutely nothing. What it has there PC games use long time ago.

        This engine is Crap, I don’t know what you are talking about. In fact, poor performance btw is The reason why Square Enix switched to Unreal Engine 4 with Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7.

        “about 5 years of full swing development”

        Kojima is not interested in 5 years of development anymore. One of the things he want this time is to make game much faster. He said in the recent interview that he wants every member of a team to do multiple tasks. Basically a western type of game development.

        • JJBYACH

          *Pre essay-preface: Sorry if I come across as confrontational but there is alot I disagree with, and some valid misconceptions that I will attempt to clear up. Also sorry in advance for writing an essay, it just happened*

          “Witcher 3 already did this with the old school methods… Except for maybe small side quests that are on the map.”

          This statement I agree with partially – it still had inconsistent pacing due to the openness of it’s world. The story tried to instill a sense of urgency (finding Ciri), but gratuitously throws in your face how “open” the map is by allowing you to fill you journal with well written but basically inconsequential questlines that make no canonical sense given the context of the main quest (Gwent is one of my favorite 4th wall breaks in gaming, but it is also so stupid): this is the modern game design lots of modern games are adopting, worlds that are made to exist without you, not for you. I don’t think Witcher 3 is an “old school” RPG, I think it is a stellar refinement of the more modern RPG game design.

          Also just because a game is open world doesn’t mean it offers emergent gameplay. Assassin’s Creed, Witcher 3, GTA4-5 – all have open worlds but don’t have “emergent gameplay”.

          Wikipedia definition: “Emergent gameplay refers to complex situations in video games, board games, or table top role-playing games that emerge from the interaction of relatively simple game mechanics.”

          In other words: The central narrative revolves around player interaction with the game systems, opposed to a pre-written narrative. An emergent game would be MGSV, who’s main narrative revolves around how you use the game systems to complete the given objectives – Kojima’s pre-written story is more of background context and is relatively unimportant. Minecraft or any survival game are another good example of an emergent game.

          In GTA 5 the extent of the gameplay comes from the pre-written narrative asking players to perform certain actions to progress through its main story, its side missions, or its side activities – the same with Assassins Creed/all opened world Ubisoft games. And even the Witcher 3 – what do you do in the Witcher 3 besides interact with the pre-written content, using the central game mechanics to reach the end of these stories rather than to create your own? Exactly. Most modern open world games are less about creating your own story and more about interacting with the ones written by the developers, these are not emergent games. Very few games are emergent these days.

          Well, how does this fit into Final Fantasy XV? Despite not even offering emergent gameplay – these games still fall on the balancing act of building their stories around the freedom and not the other way around. FFXV seems to have the intention of doing the opposite, which is very rare in this day and age. I haven’t played FFXV – so I can’t say how well it does this, but I commend their intentions at this point for trying it. However, you could argue this entire counter argument as subjective and henceforth dismiss it as such, and you would have some merit to do so.

          “Previous FFXIII efforts show that they are not capable of doing something great.”

          Business division 2 had nothing to do with FFXIII. Squares cowardice as a publisher was the cause of the games long development, they wanted a more traditional FF, and procrastinated developing XV for years until they failed so hard with XIII they had to gamble on it.

          Now, moving on to the Luminous Engine.

          “It’s barely even 30 frames per second on my PS4 and looks like a PS3 game but with reflections, impressive lighting, decent shadows and other stuff that they implemented when they ported PS3 game to Xbox One/PS4.”

          While I agree the FPS was quite shit in the demo of the beta build of the game, I disagree with every ounce of my being that it looks like a ps3 game. I took so me beautiful screen shots on my PS4 that I will link when I get home (I’m typing this on my phone).


          They are also aware of the FPS issues and have decided to use the technology that most developers use to assist frame rate:

          “To try and help achieve their frame-rate performance goals with Final Fantasy XV, the development team has decided to licence technology from a company called Umbra.

          Hajime Tabata announced yesterday that while they are aiming for 30fps, the Final Fantasy XV development team has not yet managed to achieve it. However it’s something they will be actively working on until the game’s launch later this year.

          the team are now working with Umbra, a technology company based in Helsinki that has worked on quite a few AAA titles, including Fallout 4, Destiny, The Witcher 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Umbra are also working with Eidos Montreal for Deus Ex: Mankind Divded.

          By using Umbra, frame-rate performance could be improved over two times than before in characteristic scenes. The tool is extremely easy to use with a simple API build that allows paralleling computation to be handled with ease as well
          Final Fantasy XV Development Team, 25 Mar 2016”.

          This technology is pretty industry standard – now the game is in beta they can focus on optimisation – the demo was meant to showcase an early taste of the current product – not th end one.

          About the picture… It doesn’t look very flattering – I do agree. Under the right lighting conditions every game can look bad, this is a demo of a beta product so not alot of time was put into it – they needed to finish the actual game. Onto the “blocky” phone…That is just the design – my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 looks worse than that. The phone in the game is extremely high polygon, the mesh is extremely smooth with no vertices poking out. The low quality anti-aliasing solution does hurt my eyes though.

          “Not to mention that the game is heavily scripted and have no physics at all.”

          I’m not sure what you mean when you say the game is heavily scripted – do you mean that you can’t tackle objectives in multiple ways? As I stated before not all opened world games need to be emergent – they just need to take care balancing across the wire if it wants to tell its story in the most immersion way. On you statement on how the game has no physics? I don’t get it: the whole engine is based around physics – it’s a physically based renderer, light properties are baked into the shaders to accurately portray light when bouncing off of materials. The animations are more simulated than keyframed. Elements physically interact with the environment e.g. Fire spells will cause spread across dry materials like grass, but can easily be extinguished by water and the like. You can see the cloth and hair simulation (they are using an adapter version of tressFX as seen in Rise of the Tomb Raider), in order to have any simulation the game needs to have a physics engine, and considering how realistic the simulation that is in the game – it needs to have a powerful physics system calculating all of it in the background.

          “This engine is Crap, I don’t know what you are talking about. In fact, poor performance btw is The reason why Square Enix switched to Unreal Engine 4 with Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7. They won’t use their Luminous Engine anymore.”

          If you can show me evidence to support this claim then I will gladly eat my words, but everything the lead designer of the engine Julien Merceron – yeah, he was the lead designer of such a crap engine – suggests otherwise.

          “Merceron explained that it’s difficult to share an engine without first creating a game on it. Some companies do that, but he wouldn’t. When he creates an engine, a game also has to be developed with that engine. After the engine proves itself in said game, then the technology can be shared, as the developers can finally say that it works.

          If the engine hasn’t proved its worth, there’s a constant risk of problems. In fact, with the Fox Engine, the team did not start working on Pro Evolution Soccer before finishing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Besides limited prototyping and assessment, the decision to use Fox Engine in PES was taken after Ground Zeroes was completed, and the team was sure that the engine could deliver.

          The same goes for Luminous. Merceron recommended to Square Enix to release Final Fantasy XV and then see what happens with that, before using Luminous Engine with other games.”


          Also comparing Uncharted 4 with FFXV is like comparing Rise of the Tomb Raider with The Witcher 3 – the engines are specifically tailored for 2 different types of games. Of course Uncharted 4 will look better *in my opinion the difference is quite small when FFXV is at its best*. Also FFXV is in its beta stage, just starting to get optimised, Uncharted 4 is about to go gold.

          And finally about Kojima’s statements about trying to release games early – there is no objectivity about this at this point – I honestly doubt it, old habits die hard. If he does release a game in 2 years, I’ll happily eat my words as I play his new game, but I just don’t see it happening. Especially if he wants to create a masterpiece; able to compete with games with development teams over 100. You can’t have a small team, make a big game in a small amount of time – for the project to stay big one of these things has to increase.

          Also, Kojima tends to overexaggerate and even over estimate his own capabilities as shown during his early statements during TPP’s early development. After TPP I take everything he says with a grain of salt…

          • Witcher 3 side quests work because that’s what Geralt do in the book and That is important. Witcher is a series of books with a short stories in them and CD Projekt Red nailed each quest.
            It’s an old school RPG that is made by Polish developer. Witcher 3 does not feel modern at all. This game is the biggest crafted-scripted open world ever because CD Projekt Red have no technology that can make a decent world simulation or emergent gameplay at least at the level of Bethesda RPG games. If they would start making something what Bethesda do, than game could eventually be something like Two Worlds 2 which is bad when you have no real knowledge and resources. So they took old school approach to the game development and did the best they could do. Basically a lot of work on the art-style, story, scripts. Old school roleplaying systems.

            About emergent gameplay and stuff
            That’s why I said that MGSV was an ambitious project and they achieved their goals 100%. I know what is emergent. I talked here a lot about Ubisoft/Rockstar Open world approach before game’s release.
            Ubisoft tries that with games like Far Cry or Watch Dogs but had no real success for example which shows that KojiPro was a top tier JP’s developer for it’s time.

            I’m not saying that FFXV should have EMERGENT gameplay or any simulation. But their gameplay methods are just OLD.

            “”This engine is Crap, I don’t know what you are talking about. In fact, poor performance btw is The reason why Square Enix switched to Unreal Engine 4 with Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7. They won’t use their Luminous Engine anymore.”
            If you can show me evidence to support this claim then I will gladly eat my words, but everything the lead designer of the engine Julien Merceron – yeah, he was the lead designer of such a crap engine – suggests otherwise.”

            Look at the wikipedia or announcements. Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 use Unreal Engine 4. Pretty much says a lot about Square Enix first party engine capabilities. If Square enix will eventually continue with Final Fantasy XV story than yes, they will use Luminous, but only for that game.

            FOX Engine on the other hand is brilliant. The best open world engine easy. Not to mention that you can get great performance with the lowest PC possible. It’s next gen ready. Has PBE lighting which is btw much better than what FFXV offers with it’s luminous engine. (P.T. proves that and it can go even further with the full PS4/Xbox One games which will never happen, thx Konami). It’s multiplatform, easy for development like UE Edit.

            And it’s not just Merceron who developed it, it was Kojima who was close to the engine development.
            Now Konami will use it for the rest of this generation of consoles btw and make stupid games out of it… PES maybe, great woo.

            “And finally about Kojima’s statements about trying to release games early – there is no objectivity about this at this point – I honestly doubt it, old habits die hard. If he does release a game in 2 years, I’ll happily eat my words as I play his new game, but I just don’t see it happening. Especially if he wants to create a masterpiece; able to compete with games with development teams over 100. You can’t have a small team, make a big game in a small amount of time – for the project to stay big one of these things has to increase.”

            and that is what I’m trying to understand… How Kojima will develop his new BIG game with a smaller team / with 25 or 50 people at best? That is my question since the very beginning. He wants to do it this way. It is possible, but I don’t see how he can achieve that goal in 2-3 years.

            “I disagree with every ounce of my being that it looks like a ps3 game.”

            It IS a PS3 game… I mean, it was. It is just ported to the PS4/Xbox One. Man, about that smartphone. It’s not just blocky. It has one texture all over it without any details on it.


            Smartphone in GTAV on the PS3 has more details on it.

            and technology wise, the game looks absolutely like an old PS3 game that was ported to the PS4.

            And performance issues matter even if they just released a demo for PS4/Xbox One. Ground Zeroes was also a demo but when it was released it was 60 frames per second and was a good looking demo with the environment that is 100 times bigger than what FFXV demo offers with great AI that can listen, search, make alerts, shoot, fight in closed range, talk with each other with random patrol routes.

            and about that AMAZING environment video. That is not impressive. Just another PR video from Square Enix. Like before they showed impressive videos with FFXIII and everyone know the result.
            This is the reality: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-final-fantasy-15-platinum-demo-tech-analysis

            Btw, that video looks great not because of the technology but the buildings and everything else is a great artistic choice but when it comes to tech… Welcome to Japan.

          • JJBYACH

            About The Witcher 3: that is a very valid argument – Role Play is at the forefront of every interaction you have with the game, and the game punishes you (on the harder difficulties at least) for not undergoing the same rituals/activities Geralt would – this is a quite old-school philosophy to roleplay that has slowly been dying since Mass Effect 1/Fallout 3 release. My point was more focused on how it approaches the 3 act structure and its open world oppose to how it tackles role play – the game is the best of both worlds, both the old and the new.

            In the article I linked in my previous it stated that the reason FFV and KH3 isn’t using the Luminous Engine is because they haven’t released the game yet, the game was suppose to have been released earlier before they started inital development for both games – this is why they did it, because Merceron told Square to, not because the Engine is incapable..

            About GZ, it’s really incomparable – instead of wasting time creating higher quality meshes just for next gen they just ported the old gen ones – this conserved a lot of the budget so they had ample room to push for 60fps. MGSV has no tessalation, it only relies on the bump maps in its textures to fool our eyes into thinking the texture has depth and is not just a 2D graphic. And with your nitpicking on the Smartphone (I think it looks great, but whatever)… As I said, any game can look terrible under certain lighting conditions. MGSV is a game developed across 2 console generations and at its worst – it shows, really bad:




            – under certain conditions, all games can look worse.

            I actually decided to replay the platinum demo and some of Duscae because I was 100% sure the game didn’t look that bad when I played it – I even took screenshots direct from my widescreen monitor, and my verdict is – you need to get a new monitor because the footage I took looked exactly like the ones Square showed in their “fake PR presentation”:










            Here, Noctis goes into a shop, Gladio and Ignis walk off together while Prompto stays with Noctis in the shop, Noctis and Prompto eventually leave the shop, leading to Prompto calling for Ignis and Gladio, causing them to come running as they see their friends leaving without them:


            Duscae alone is filled with clever AI scripting as the boys often do their own thing, conferring among themselves without the players input. Tabata said AI is a crucial element of FFXV and they are trying to push the limits.

            I mean if you can’t see that Noctis is of an exponential higher quality than Kaz…

            I’ll just let the wikia explain:

            “Final Fantasy XV will be using 100,000 polygons for its characters (around the same as The Order: 1886, Uncharted 4, and Star Citizen, but slightly fewer than Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and inFamous: Second Son). Overall, Final Fantasy XV will be using 5 million polygons per frame, pushing 150 million polygons per second.This is one of the highest polygon counts known for a video game.”

            “This is one of the highest polygon counts known for a video game.”

            “This is one of the highest polygon counts known for a video game.”

            “This is one of the highest polygon counts known for a video game.”

            “Each character will also have 600 bones, twelve times more than the 50 bones used by most PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games, and the *highest known for a video game so far* (more than Ryse: Son of Rome and inFamous: Second Son). Final Fantasy XV also uses 30 MB textures for each character[4] (in comparison, inFamous: Second Son uses up to 28 MB for a character).”

            Luminous is not a bad game engine by any means, just from what we’ve seen. You’ll see once the game comes out.

            Unreal 3.5 tech demo, is a tech demo – there was no goddamn way in hell that could run on last gen systems – the PS4 and xBone still struggle with Unreal 3 (not even 3.5, but just 3)… The only game that utilised Unreal 3 to its potential was Arkham Knight – and that game still doesn’t look as good as the 3.5 demo running on a NASA supercomputer. Also it’s a scripted demo, optimised specifically for showing off the engine. I won’t go into the technical details of Luminous and the pipeline running its engine – but it is one of the only games to utilise DirectX 12, and its engine features a bunch of tech usually limited to scripted “cinematic” games like the Order 1886, but uses it in a more open context – which can cause slow down. But they are now using Umbra tech because the game is finally in the optimisation stage, the Fox Engine was basically completed before GZ was released, it had all its intended features and it was optimise. Luminous was still in development concurrently with FFXV to maximize efficiency and make the game be able to release earlier. All the technical features of Luminous are more or less finished – now they can turn to optimising it and increase the FPS due to the game having: “one of the highest polygon counts known for a video game.”

            As Tabata said – that is their #1 goal now. They are using Umbra tech which they say could theoretically increase the performance by about 2.

            And finallY: “I don’t see how he can achieve that goal in 2-3 years.”

            The answer is simple – he can’t, it’s impossible. If he does, he will literally be heralded as the Son of God himself. Kojima sometimes gets ahead of himself when talking about his games in the early stages, remember when he said MGS4 will have dynamic beard growth.


            Yeah, he sometimes exaggerates. The gaming industry has made me a cynic, I’m wary of all now.

          • Lamp123

            “remember when he said MGS4 will have dynamic beard growth.”

            I never knew this. O_O Maybe because I don’t research all the finer details and information for a game before it comes out. lol

            I guess it’s called early stage for a reason … don’t take any information (especially early news) as a final confirmation. Because things will get cut or taken out of the final product for various reasons. It happens in any project.

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          • Both are still in the final game, the first is from the beginning and the second from the briefing of Act 4.

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            Fortunately, the mustache is safe…

          • MrVux007

            No no I meant in-game(they showed it only in one cutscene)…as far as I remember they showed that scruffy beard after he got burnt on his left side.Bit after that mission briefing(just before Show Moses) he was clean shaven again in that area …I wish they kept it to show more wear and tear on snake(aside the burns :-P) as he tackles his missions.

          • Yeah that’s true.

          • JJBYACH

            He looks so badass with a beard… He looks a bit like Geralt…

          • JJBYACH

            I know, but Kojima often talks about too many details far too early- he discusses conceptual ideas as if they are a definitive features that will make the final product, which only creates confusion and contempt when they don’t. Like when he said that he *plans* to do something with Ground Zeroes that has never been done before in games – why make this statement when your not even sure if it’s a possibility? Why not just keep your mouth shut about this feature, implement it and then you can brag about it once it is done? If you can’t implement the feature, no one will know it existed. He also said the Phantom Pain will allow players to make various choices that will effect how the story plays out. The only way for such a large feature to be cut would be if it wasn’t even properly implemented or he was completely exaggerating how big the feature was (in hindsight he was probably just talking about Quiet and her alone), but he talked about it as if it was a 100% possibility.

            He does this quite alot – so during the early stages of every project he works on going forward, I will take his word with a grain of salt.

          • Lamp123

            Ah okay. Meh I’m not too bothered. It’s not like everyone goes to great lengths to do all that research before a games comes out. Most people would just watch a few gameplay demos/trailers and then wait to play the game. Some go into a game blind (no news or trailers) so their expectations are at a low.

            I mean after MGS4 no one complained about features that didn’t make it into the game like that dynamic beard growth. Not many people complained about Kojima’s exaggerations you pointed out in your post for MGSV either. It’s not like these features would make a big impact on the game.

            “My favourite Kojima exaggeration was when he said with his own mouth that killing an enemy in MGS4 was going to be so realistic it would be traumatic for some, and you will never want ti kill an enemy in any video game ever again. Lol.”

            Couldn’t find the article for that quote, but to me it sounds like he was joking lol. Not to be taken too literally.

          • It’s still not an issue for Ground Zeroes that was ported for Next Gen consoles. Solid 60 frames per second with that image quality for 2014 looked absolutely jaw-dropping. To this day Ground Zeroes is a small masterpiece. Rain especially makes things so much better at night with Lens Flares. It’s brilliant.

            One thing that is important in our discussion is that I’m not saying that Final Fantasy XV looks BAD. It looks OK. Sure, you can make great images with it. Sadly, I have not played DUSCAE demo which was released long time ago.

            But I’m not impressed with a new demo. Technologically it’s ok. By the way, hair is good in the game (Square Enix is obsessed with good hair. FFXIII Lightning had amazing hair for it’s time too, but Lara Croft in the first Tomb Raider reboot had that so it’s not like it’s a wow factor.).

            I mean, you show me screenshots and they clearly show that they have something from current gen tech with the old one. Look at the textures from your screenshot. Better look at the environment. It’s empty.
            Animation with three characters looks nice indeed.

            and you can’t compare Noctis face to Kaz, because there are some differences that are really important here. Noctis is an anime character (I mean the model. It looks good but this difference makes a lot easier to design him) and Kaz is Not. Kojima for the most part use much more realistic look so you can’t compare them.

            also, Kaz is a sub character and Noctis is not. Venom Snake looks awesome in the game.

            Not to mention that there is a real Motion capture which makes A LOT OF DIFFERENCE compared to FFXV or any other game right now.
            MGSV:TPP has facial capture and that is night and day compared to cutscenes from Final Fantasy FFXV.

            “Unreal 3.5 tech demo, is a tech demo – there was no way in hell that could run on last gen systems”

            I’m talking only about the technology. PC in fact could run it.

            “The only game that utilised Unreal 3 to its potential was Arkham Knight – and that game still doesn’t look as good as the 3.5 demo running on a NASA supercomputer. ”

            That is Absolutely NOT True at all.

            Because it was already surpassed many times by the New Unreal Tournament which looks Awesome as hell and it is playable:



            Thank You Unreal Engine 4.0.

          • JJBYACH

            About the hair: it uses a vastly upgraded tressFX technology than seen in the Tomb Raider reboots.

            About motion capture: FFXV doesn’t have facial capture and that makes sense, their faces are over exaggerated, and it would fall uncomfortably in the Uncanny Valley if their faces animated like a real human. From a technical standpoint FFXV is shaping up to be a bigger game with a longer and more “dense” story than the otherwise sparse MGSV, so spending additional resources doing facial capture for all cutscenes wouldn’t be the best option.

            According to an investigation done by Duelshockers the games’ landmass is theoretically 10 times larger than the Witcher 3:




            “Currently there are over 200 quests in the game but the team are working to add more.” I’ll hold my breath on this one until I see definitive examples of the quality of those quests.


            This game isn’t as linear as you think. They are just showing off scripted set pieces because people like bombastic trailers, it sells more copies. Look at the Witcher 3, all of the official gameplay trailers are made up of footage from the main quest (arguably) – the most cinematic and bombastic scenes from the main story, not one of the 100 excellently written but mechanically simplistic side quests.

            Also, Tabata said they intended to make the game have 0 loading screens but mentioned it’s proving to be quite the challenge so they may have only one when entering the city. I mean why else would they bother having flyable airships in the game if the map was tiny and linear. The main reason I think this insane map size is possible is due to the sheer length of this games’ development.

            Venom Snake’s character model as I pointed out is very low-polygon – it relies on bump maps in his textures to give the illusion of depth and smoothness – this is one of the Fox Engine’s biggest weakness and greatest strength – as at times it makes the game look very dated, but under the right lighting conditions it can look as great as a high poly model without eating into the engine’s budget too much.

            Unreal Tournament is a multiplayer shooter – of course it looks amazing. There is less demand on the engine than a game like Arkham Knight. Also I never mentioned Unreal 4 – I was basically saying it took 2 console generations to produce a game which fully utilises unreal 3: an”outdated” engine. The same applies to unreal 4 – no game this generation will fully utilise unreal 4 and its suite if features. Unreal Tournament looks amazing but still doesn’t utilise all of unreal 4 features. Gears of War Ultimate on xbox one uses unreal 3,not 4? Is this because the engine can’t handle it? No, the decision was made to use Unreal 3 instead of 4 was because of various other factors like time, budget and the size of the team.

            I agree that the demo they showed wasn’t the best representation of current state of the product – it was too experimental to accurately represent the games’ artistic vision. Everything was specifically designed to instill a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere – which will not extend into the main game. This extends to the lighting (blue tint), Noctis’ actual height and camera position – in the demo the world is zoomed in and closer to th ground which causes things like textures to look far more blurry. Try playing TPP in FPS mode/right stick zoom in thing while crouching, the textures will look blurry as you weren’t intended to play the game that close up to the world. The same applies with FFXV. The main game wasn’t designed to be viewed that close up – not many games are – textures are basically just pictures, the closer you zoom in the more quality is lost.

          • Full Options

            One other slight detail that surprised me was the SSAO management in the ACC while going or leaving a mission when he seats next the door, giving a 1-2 cm surrounding unwanted penumber around Snake, hereby displaying over the landscape. But it is just a small and insignificant detail.

          • JJBYACH

            I didn’t even notice the game had SSAO, I always thought shadows looked a little too harsh under strong light sources, and kinda made whatever ambient occlusion method used (SSAO) near unnoticeable – this is especially apparent during daytime sequences with clear sky:



            Again, it’s a small insignificant detail but the shadow around Snake’s eyes doesn’t look too high res, and thus makes it quite difficult to notice any sort Ambient Occlusion solution, as the lower res harsh shadow seems to mask the higher res softer one.

            It’s a minor quibble I have with a near perfect execution of a physical/material based renderer (in my opinion).

            Also under really extremely bright lighting conditions the bump maps aren’t really as prominent and the textures look really flat:


            Ocelot’s jacket looks very low res here.

            I think this is more of a nitpick as there is very few places in the game where such an extreme light source shines. To get Chico to look like that I had to drive 2 cars opposite his cage and shine their lights in that direction as I played the cutscene, that is not normal lighting conditions.

            I think how they conserved budget while making the game look as good as it does is extremely commendable. However I don’t think the engine is the second coming, but it’s pretty close to being there.

          • Full Options

            I just tried the PS4 version so I am not sure if AO shows better with the PC’s best settings. I don’t remember for all cut-scenes, I am not sure about which SSAO method was (there are tons) chosen from one cut-scene or gaming sequence to another, but in many situations you gain a lot of cheap / easy massive shadow detail with such handy full-screen quad shaders (FSQ). The necessary processing is then mostly evaluated in the fragment pipeline more empirically so less depending on geometry complexity (can also become really expensive if not used with care). Unwanted artifacts implied by such approaches are often showing around meshes this way like the blur used for enhancing the depth of field effect for example.

          • JJBYACH

            I didn’t even see your original post, even if I did all is good 😛

            My points were all quite nitpicky, I actually looked up the PC version without any SSAO and yeah, it’s more impact than I thought. I don’t think I’ve seen any issues with the presentation that are seemingly distinct to the Fox Engine, all of its problems are pretty much ubiquitous across nearly all engines. The textures, draw distance and poly count are seeming non issues that can easily change from game to game without major engine upheavals: based on the assumption Konami won’t let allow the engine to die, I swear if they start development on a new one…

          • Full Options

            Thanks anyways, was afraid you would be really puzzled by my answer (sorry again).
            “My points were all quite nitpicky”… So mines… It is so good to put all this that flat on the desktop after the hype. They did well, I am happy we can not point at heavier problems.
            “it’s more impact than I thought” I am not sure about their passes strategy, if you have time, post a with and wo. I am curious because whereas many aspects are really fine, we can always find some “hem” things.
            “all of its problems are pretty much ubiquitous across nearly all engines” Exactly man, they are all solving their issues friendly at every game dev confs, through sharing their stories about pro & cons of their approaches.

            I agree with you that Koji-Pro lacks suppleness while optimizing their surfaces for several opuses now… to the point we are wondering if they are not doing it on purpose..!? Like “look we are clean”, ok, we got it, how about spending more polys… And they would go : “if you want 60 fps, we don’t have better strategy to propose”, and we would go “with all the respect, it is maybe impossible, but please try harder”.

            The last thing to do for Konami is to execute major changes to Fox, instead they would be wise to for example focus on underwater swimming gameplay which I missed also in TPP. Not asking that much but at least MGS2/3’s quality…
            I would be them, I would concentrate on such elements along with designing us tons of missions. Better, if they can manage to add some surprising stuff but lets not dream that much, since Hideo is not there to impose such fun. :/

          • JJBYACH

            Or better yet, just make the engine open source and give it to the community. Imagine the mods,or even entirely new games – it’ll never happen, but a man can dream :P.

          • Full Options

            I remember that Hideo was also declaring brievely thinking about a licensing scheme for Fox around 2014 or somehting. Devs are always on our side on such topics and I am sure he would have been happy to leave us the source, yet to see our mods and play new levels. Of course, all this disappeared in the ocean of s.ht we witnessef last year.

          • Full Options

            Bump… I read your comment to fast, sorry for the unneeded SSAO course if you already read my answer, I corrected accordingly. 😉

          • Map size is already impressive for FFXV that’s for sure, but so far I saw typical Japanese fest design where the map is huge and empty at the same time. Final Fantasy XIII had the same issue when… If there was a big map it was empty but each rock was polished and the end result was not that great. Mixed quality at best. While the environment looked nice. Had a lot of grass and trees which was a problem for most of the games for Xbox 360/PS3 era, everything about it was empty. Not a lot of buildings or jam packed environment like in most Western Open World AAA titles.

            I see the same scheme for FFXV. Backgrounds are artistically amazing as always, trees and grass are here and there. One tiny Gas station where is a cute female NPC character and good luck with that.

            This video show all the Japanese development problems:

            Huge distance that is empty with background that is amazing and sometimes with bad textures from the PS3 era. Almost no traffic, some crocodiles in the middle of nowhere. Pop-ins. So, a PS3 game with next gen enhancement. That is ok quality if the game had actually something going on, but nothing happens.

            Uncharted 4 on the other hand:

            Has small open world that feels more alive. You get a jeep and two guys with you (btw, with better physics and really next gen mud, LoL). Not a single time you see outdated textures from a background environment. At the same time you have climbing, emergent gameplay similar to what MGSV:TPP did with outposts. You have not 3 crocodiles that have no AI whatsoever, instead you have a small outpost that has enemies in it that can talk, have patrol routes, they can search and do other complex tasks. Oh, and ofc shadows. Really good shadows. Platinum Demo showed that the game has issues with shadows.

            “Unreal Tournament is a multiplayer shooter – of course it looks amazing. There is less demand on the engine than a game like Arkham Knight. Also I never mentioned Unreal 4 – I was basically saying it took 2 console generations to produce a game which fully utilises unreal 3: an”outdated” engine.”

            But UT is made mostly by it’s player base and UE 3 was fully utilized with games like Gears Of War which pushed a lot of great tech for it’s engine. Not just Arkham games.

            Unreal Engine is just one example. It’s actually not the best, it’s just simple to develop and that’s why Square Enix use it for their next gen titles. I just wanted to say that Japanese Games development is outdated and they can’t create on it’s own and require Western development tools to create.

            There are other examples that surpass UE in many ways. Frostbyte with it’s crappy Star Wars game. Sure, the game was basic but everything about it was next gen, well… At least for visuals.

          • JJBYACH

            I guess with FFXV, we’ll just have to wait and see.

            Personally I prefer the mix between barren wastelands and heavily populated areas (the city of Lucis alone according to the map is as big as Velen in The Witcher 3). The emptiness of MGSV’s environment worked in its favour, and helped narrow its focus to create a more cohesive product (gameplay wise). To me at least it is more immersive than having quests and traffic thrown in your face. The area shown in this video is literally a tiny line on the map – in the middle of the wilderness. It should be empty. I live in Scotland in a small town and cross roads like that all the time – sometimes you can drive for hours before seeing another car drive past you on the road in the middle of the countryside. One city is as big as an entire map in the Witcher 3: and there is 3 cities in total.

            (I have a sneaking suspicion we won’t play in that entire area – we’ll just probably play in the centre of the city: the capital Insomnia)

            I personally think FFXV’s world is one of the most varied I’ve seen in games, based on the concept art that has already been linked to its map and videos and screenshots of the environment and enemy types and their behaviours – there are so many unique locations with the enemy AI actually interacting with the world (as seen in some of the action reports). This along with 200+ quests looks great on paper, but we will need to wait and see how it all comes together.

            Based on what I’ve seen I still think FFXV is the epitome of next gen gaming; I still stand by this.

            At this point I think we’ll never see eye to eye on this- let’s agree to disagree.

          • Kol Leqejza

            mgs v feels more emergent than gta. in gta it’s like bring your car, shoot that motherfucker in the head and get out of there. or use some sticky bombs. mgs v has a very big arsenal with which you can experiment. the side-ops are a big letdown, because, as you said before, they have no story context abd are repetitive. but if you tackle EVERY side-op with different equipment and use fire support, each mission will feel emergent and more diverse. my only 2 cents i have to share.

          • Full Options

            @golgari:disqus too. In his December’s Masterclass, Merceron explained that GZ was finally not “open world” since they decided to load the whole map in RAM. He had no time to deeper develop / explain the concept during the event, beside many other valid conceptions we all have about “open world” in the gaming field.

            The primary/central technical functionality at the core of “Open World” is then often in game developer minds, what more academic graphics / rendering engineers may call “out-of-core” real-time data extraction.

            In other words, not enough memory to host the whole level so you page / cache the needed portion of the world while offloading the ones that are not needed anymore.

            Conceptually, this means that as soon as the hardware can afford it, a game level fitting completely in RAM would not be called “open world” anymore, at least on a pure tech stand-point.

            In the gaming field, there is of course a heavy gameplay factor that makes a game “Open World” in our minds. Basically, the simulation dimension offering a near to real life freedom, etc..

            Luminous rendering design is at least 2 years older than Merceron’s iteration of FOX, so few core elements were probably more tailored around previous and heavily exotic architectures such as PS3’s. Since the lack of memory on those platform, assets loading but also heavy shader executions may have been intelligently distributed on available Cell’s and RSX processing units through the use of wise multi-threading schemes.

            I can understand that whereas the “open world” level streaming mechanism could have then been ported in less or no time (it works well on less RAM- PS3’s 256Mb-, would de-facto rock on PS4’s 8 gigs too, even allowing much further given landscape details paging for example), tons of other rendering engine elements may have become a real nightmare to port quickly, if not taking into account next gen architectures from the beginning of the engine’s design.

            PS3 architecture was awesome but a so drastic / painful revolution that I can imagine how Mark Cerny (with the help of Julien BTW) may have wisely corrected the shot while designing the PS4, by choosing an APU hereby using this time a unified memory architecture for both CPU and GPU and therefore avoiding nightmares, along with sync/timing issues discomforts that could represent the development of libs dispatching the processing on distinct chips of the console’s mobo like PS3’s.

            And god, 8 Gigs !! after the PS3 nightmare, I bet they feel in heaven now ! 😀

          • 8 Gigs are great but so far no one really showed what consoles are capable of, except for some Western developers.

            My whole rant is that Japanese developers that were kings in gaming technology in the past are now struggling with the Western developers.

            Kojima’s Fox Engine was a brilliant idea to resurrect Japanese development, ofc Konami f***ed up with Kojima so… Won’t happen. But MGSV:TPP was technologically the most amazing thing ever in my opinion this gen.


            I don’t know what Kojima will do now without decent Technical director (maybe Mark Cerny is Kojima’s new Technical director, I dunno….). I want Kojima to push gaming forward, but so far after FFXV video where 100 dudes develop a game on the ok tech for next gen consoles just makes me sad about Kojima’s new team.

            He want a small team, huge game, 2-3 years of development at best… =/ He is also interested in pushing technology further, but … with who?

            Square Enix is huge and FFXV development showed me enough that they are not capable of pushing something. In the end developers started using Unreal Engine 4 for FF7 and Kingdom Hearts 3 which is kinda hilarious and sad.

            Mobile gaming in Japan is huge though…

          • Full Options

            Relax, a smaller team does not necessarily mean a weak one. It is just that they are likely going to sub-contract a lot more prestations than when KojiPro was in Konami’s walls.

            They were taking care of almost 100% of their code. Now they are just going to order the libs, so Hideo will perhaps even have less to wait for testing depending the number of chosen ones (but they have hard time ahead, because Hideo knows what he wants, hehe).

            You may compare it to a movie production with over 2000 of CG shots. Browsing the credits, you may find 5-10 CG studios. I bet they are going to do the same for code.

            I sense that their previous tech tour with Mark and most of all the PR around it, was far to be innocent. Why just pay a visit to these specific first party studio among all SCEI ones ? Probably because they are the one involved to write down all the lego pieces ordered in Hideo’s specs.
            If you sum up this staff too, you may get a lot more re-insured about the overall size of the crew and also an even soon ETA right ?

            They can not fail on that because imagine the game is finally crap ? What would be our opinion of Andy, Mark and Hideo then ? Instead it is like they said “hey guys, fasten your seat-belts, because this time we are realizing the dream to work with our most beloved designer since he is fully available !!!”.

            In an ideal world, Kojima would just have to think and would have the game built. =O 😀 We are of course far from there but I suppose the idea stays the same.

            Regarding your appreciation of japanese code, their coding is the best because also some cultural elements. Shame is the worse insult for a Nihon-jin, so they really (like really) proof-test their lines like hell, to be proud to finally deliver something perfect. Fortunately, a lot of western developers were inspired by such neatness, to the machine’s lowest levels.

            If Konami wants to destroy their coding hallmark, that’s sadly not our problem anymore (unless for MGS 6 of course, which I think should be the real fate to be worried of for now).

            Mark won’t probably be alone to help him, just take a breathe. Julien gave his words that Kojima’s next game is going to be extra-ordinary. I trust Julien for that because even with all efforts of Konami to destroy KojiPro, Hideo standed the same. I don’t know if a full translation of this masterclass have been achieved but he gives a lot of details about how the Koji-gate crisis in japan happened while he was at GDC. He also confirmed that when he first worked with him, he was absolutely blasted at Hideo’s heavily technically aware vision of his game before it get developped (talking about TPP here).

            Kojima wants to stay 100% Kojima to our eyes. He is “stuck” in a so high gameplay quality level that the feeling of “half a game” for us would be disastrous on his moral, specially after what happened for his last game. He may appear eccentric on some aspect and perhaps too ambitious on others, but that’s what great visionary people are made of.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Not to sound fanboyish but let’s get real, no one at SE has even half of he talent Kojima has when it comes to develop a videogame.

      • JJBYACH

        Maybe so. But I do believe Square has the potential to make a great game, and I have faith in them.

        • César H. Sandoval

          They have tons of pressure and hype to deal with, FFXV and the remake of VII need to be great in order for them to gain more credibility from the fans

  • CR7HarisSnake

    I got 99 problems but Konami aint 1 🙂

    • Venom_Sina

      One less,one less problem,lol.

    • Spectralbuttplug


  • Jav

    The gz feeling.


    Look what came in the post today – I’m finally a true luden…

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      mmmh… What could it be… 😀 Gratz + happy unboxing !

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      Another thing if not done already. Since buying this is a pure direct move of support / encouragement to KojiPro rather than a game’s related item, think about simply tweeting a nice shot to Hideo or Ayako, as it may make them happy. They are often re-tweeting those shots so I believe it really encourage them.

      • JJBYACH

        I don’t have twitter – but in order to get a retweet from Senpai it may be worth getting.

        • Full Options

          Correct, and it will bring them even more support than your investment alone, without much effort from your side. 😀

      • Gatsu

        Hmmm nice idea, I haven’t done it yet ;D but will do.

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          ;D You guyz let us know if DA BIG BOSS ever retweet your shots !

    • Gatsu

      Gratz mate :D, I wanna support them all the way. I received my own too a short while ago. I love the t-shirt and that text is just so badass.

      • JJBYACH

        I wore it today at college – had to explain it all my friends…

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          The feeeeeeeels / shivers up of explaining what true games are about…

  • Venom_Sina

    Okay guys.You know a lot of fans found MGSV’s ending unsatisfying.They wanted more content and a better ending.Since the game has a lot of cut content that feels really important and crucial to the story,what do you think about a Metal Gear Solid V-2? I mean,something like Final Fantasy X and X-2,or XIII /XIII-2.I think Kojima gave a 2017 release window to Konami and they got pissed and said:”Okay,wrap this up to make minimal sense.Then we’ll kick you out and we’re continue fro where you left off.”What do you think?


      I don’t really want an MGS game in Kojima’s universe without Kojima – if they reboot it, fine. I would not be cool if they started screwing around with Kojima’s canon: especially based on Konami’s track record with licencing their IP’s to basically any of their studios, with 0 concern with quality.

      Also I don’t think any sequel can fix the issues with MGSV. The game is what it is – I love it, and hate it at the same time; and at this point I would prefer to keep it that way.

      • Venom_Sina

        Exactly.I don’t want another one,woth or without Kojima,cause there’s a high chance of blowing the series for another time.I think they should finish the series right now and never touch it again,but it seems they don’t think like us.

        • Full Options

          Bah, if a MGS6 is out, you are also always free to consider that the last Kojima’s one was the true ending. I mean it won’t really hurt anybody neither.

    • Full Options

      I am not happy at all with a MGS without Hideo. However, I am extremely curious to quantify their skills without him along with what’s left of Konami’s respect to the fan (even slight)… The quality review of a new MGS would be very interesting to analyze for me, whether it is a huge failure or not.

    • BurntFM

      That’d be good. I wouldn’t mind it but you didn’t have to make Final Fantasy comparisons when the Metal Gear franchise did it. MGS had Integral > MGS2 had Substance > MGS3 had Subsistence. I wouldn’t mind another version with more content.

  • Jav

    Thank you

    • Venom_Sina

      In my playthrough they killed their own like 4-5 times.It seems they don’t see their friends til they hit them and kill them!!!

      • Jav

        Yeah, I see that like 3 times. And then they scream Bastard! Like if it was my fault.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hey guys.Website is quiet these days and we need to get to 100,000 comments ASAP to break another record,lol.Also there was a question in my mind,so I decided to ask.
    Back in March 2014,Game Informer interviewed Hideo Kojima about Ground Zeroes and the upcoming The Phantom Pain.There was a question that I think we still don’t have an answer for it.
    Interviewer asked Kojima-san about the multiple comas BigBoss experienced in his life.He mentioned 1972 one,which led to Les Enfants Terribles project.He also mentioned the 1975 one and lastly he mentioned the MGS4 one.Kojima’s answer was really interesting:He said BigBoss went to coma only 1 time and players will get the right answer once they complete TPP.
    After finishing TPP,I still don’t get it.The 1972 one was a coma (according to MGS1).There are some talks about that one not being a real coma and translation error blah blah blah…You know it better than me.But In that interview,Kojima didn’t talk about any translation errors.Plus they kept this “error” in the Gamecube-exclusive remake “The Twin Snakes”.So I don’t think that was a mistake.
    About the 2014 one:The way it was explained in MGS4,it doesn’t seem to be a real coma.BigBoss tries his best to say that he wasn’t in coma,lol.You know it’s technically a coma,but why BigBoss is ashamed of it is unknown,lol.But we try to trust BigBoss’ word,stick to the lore and count this one as a not-coma situation.
    Now the questionable 1975 one:When BigBoss,Kaz and Medic/Venom are in Colombia in that hospital,doctor clearly says that “He’s stabalized,but it took too long.He’s in a coma…”.So I think we can safely assume that it was a real and genuine coma.
    Okay.We can count 2 comas.What Kojima meant by 1 coma is unknown to me.There are 2 answers that we can come up with:1.BigBoss’ coma wasn’t that long and he came to in 2-3 days or 2.Ishmael is not BigBoss.With PythonSelkanHD’s new video about Ishmael and all these theories abound the net,this seems legit.
    What are our thouths,Bros?


      I think there is a missing event that occurs between GZ and TPP. One of the main definitive facts we know about TPP’s story is that Venom Snake is NOT a reliable narrator by any means – and there is quite alot of information that we witnessed in GZ that is inconsistent with TPP.

      – The nature of Venom’s shrapnel: his character model has changes since his GDC reveal – things change during development, it makes sense why changed. What doesn’t make sense is his horn.


      The final Snake model has his horn higher us on his forehead than the OG one changed the position of his horn. Fine, they made his horn smaller and changed its design – nothing abnormal about this? On the final model Venom (I’m getting tired of calling him “final model Venom, he’ll just be called TPP Venom opposed to GDC Venom), he has a scar right below his horn which corresponds perfectly with the placement of the shrapnel of GDC Venom.

      My question is why bother adding a scar on final model Venom exactly where his old horn was? Aesthetic reason? Why not just make a normal scar, why does it have to be the exact shape of the scar of his older redundant character model.

      Another weird thing is that when people data mined the game they saw various emblems, one containing the old character model.


      Here’s some albums with some datamined pictures and stuff:

      [Here is the product of a datamine from another person, so the GDC Venom Snake can’t be fake]


      I can’t imagine these emblems being designed early in development: at e3 2013 when we saw Venom again, they changed his character model to the one we have now. Why are these not already in the game? Out of all the cut content, this is the most perplexing. Why create emblems of an old character model, later in development after said character model has been scrapped?

      – When the hell does this event actually take place?:


      Here’s BB looking out of the window covered in burns and scars. Makes sense, he got then when MSF was attacked. Nope.


      WTF Kojima? He has no scars after the MSF attack – he got them after the explosion. Which makes the flashback scene make 0 sense. So according to TPP, helicopter blown up, medic took the shrapnel to the face, BB got up and looked out of the window teary eyed before somehow going into a coma? I thought the helicopter went down? How the hell is it still flying? Lol, just imagine the helicopter flying away with poor medic with a chunk of shrapnel stuck in his head, probably on the floor having a seizure. Either Kojima fucked up royally by introducing a huge plot hole, there is some event between the helicopter blowing up and BB going into a coma, or BB never went into a coma and Venom once again is being an unreliable narrator – take your pick.

      • Full Options

        Very nice / interesting investigation, thanks !
        So a substantial amount of the game can be indeed missing…

        If true, there are 2 speculations popping back again in my tortured-ravioli then :
        Either they wanted to split it as a still planned extension and Hideo got mad at the idea, either they did not finished them and don’t want to because of the war between Hideo and the board about another reason.

        In both cases, chances are very low, but a DLC/mission disk could happen or maybe they are so poorly inspired / tightfisted that they decided to stuff it in a/the sequel…

        I previously examined older code searching more for hints/locks at the chapter level at this time (even asked one of them -Saladin -if he needed extra eyes on some stuff, he replied he’ll post a more complete set of data, but was probably too busy to do so until now) but I did not kept an eye on what they dug in since months now… A shame the assets are not there because some hacks could have been at least attempted…
        Those lua pages are full of cool hints but we need to search for the right strings / key-chains, ask the right question.

        • JJBYACH

          Seems they did a good job sweeping up all of the unneeded assets from the game, just leaving the mission ID codes. It’s not like they didn’t even start development on any of the cut missions; there are functions and parameters being passed relating to those mission ID’s. So at some point those missions had content.

          Ok, I’m going into some tinfoil hat territory, but I think there is a possibility that after we get disarmament, there will be a cutscene or something (how hilarious would it be if it was an FMV cutscene with Kiefer as Snake – that’ll never happen but it would be amazing) that will bridge the gap between the helicopter explosion in GZ and the hospital section in TPP. Despite the weird writing: messed up pacing, character development (lack thereof), TPP’s story doesn’t actually have any significant, severely large gaping plot holes within the games own context- which is a triumph onto itself. All the biggest “plot holes” stem from the inconsistencies that arise when looking at how it affects the lore of the other games (Eli’s plot line is the one that comes to mind).

          The biggest plothole in TPP is what the hell happened during GZ ending to opening of TPP. It makes it harder to sell the whole “You the player are really Big Boss; totes for realz” plot line when the game shoves it in your face that that might not entirely be the case: I think that is the case, but the inconsistencies are too large to eliminate all doubt. We know Kojima was planning for Venom to literally he the player since the beginning of development, and his comments on how BB was only in “one coma” draws suspicion.

          To me this sounds like the most feasibly thing: fighting Solid in Outer Heaven sounds great on paper, but realistically? Unlocking a cutscene using assets already in the game is far more feasible – even though this is an unrealistic proposition unto itself.

          I feel the reason I dig this deep into the story isn’t because I whole heartedly believe more is coming – it’s doublethink. I must believe in the ruse in order to keep this experience; this part of me alive for just a little longer.

          One of my favourite parts of 1984 – doublethink: “To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary.”

          As much as I critique the game and its story, I’m nowhere near done with it yet…

          • Full Options

            This …tinfoil hat territory… They just stroked my head / hopes (home-run like) at TGAs… I am ready for anything more from Snake (‘T’__’T’), but some facts just frozen my heart regarding Konami. The project is intact thanks to Hideo’s efforts but Julien’s input about that is really eloquent… When they went back from GDC to Japan, Hideo told them “we are going to finish the game, no matter what…”. That sound really desperate, if they dared putting them under such pressure, even a MG pachinko machine would look brilliant from them. Too much elements are unnaturally handled in this production… They could hardly trust Hideo with MGS4, but the chain of trust broke badly right in the middle of V, because some stated “we are making more moneyyyy with mobiiiile, this Kojima is out of his miiiiiind !!!” or some crap like that.

            “To me this sounds like the most feasibly thing: fighting Solid in Outer Heaven sounds great on paper, but realistically?” Would be a so perfect plan… Konami should stick to it… Being on the other side of the mirror… Awesome, I did not think about it… Beating the crap out of Solid as BB… Yummy… 😀

            It unfortunately won’t be a Koji-Ruse this time, but Konami should really be MG-Steady from now on if they really want to sell us any copy without HK.

            “As much as I critique the game and its story, I’m nowhere near done with it yet…” Why should you be done that fast with the last MG on earth ?? ;D I feel ashamed to have finished it now…

          • JJBYACH

            About this statement: “To me this sounds like the most feasibly thing:” – I actually mis-wrote it… I meant to say:

            “Fighting BB as Solid in Outer Heaven sounds great on paper, but realistically?” [I edited my original post after I proofread]

            I agree – logically speaking, it isn’t feasible by any means – but I’ll still believe in it, not because it’s possible but because it is the last Metal Gear and analysing it is pretty fun.

          • Full Options

            I got the other way around, hehe. Would have been a seducing job even if we betrail Solid, seeing Ocelot getting slowly older, etc..

      • MichaelPayneV

        I will say that Big Boss didn’t went in to comma when at the hospital due to huge blood loss, thing that Big Boss ignored, being injured himself, because he was worried about Us, “The Medic”

        And The Helicopter didn’t crashed, they passed each other if you look again at the way they moved from each other!

        • JJBYACH

          In the flashback scene BB didn’t look like he was in any significant physical pain (you could argue he just braved through it), I just find it too convenient that after a huge explosion close to him, he gets up through sheer willpower and stares out of the window before losing blood and falling into a coma.

          Even if the helicopters did pass each other I doubt Morpho would be able to control the helicopter in time – the helicopter was severely damaged and spinning 360 degree’s out of control, and they were very close to the water.

          • MichaelPayneV

            …Hmmmm, no, he looked like he was in huge pain in that scene, he looked like he was about to pass out soon, like he looked at The Medic, maybe checked his pulse, and then he looked out the chopper at the Hospital, being like “We will make Soldier, hand on, stay with us!”… and then he passed out shortly after.

            He also looked very disappointed

          • JJBYACH

            Hmm… I guess. That makes a lot of sense, but in order to maintain such a high interest in the games story, I will purposely ignore what you said – not because it’s untrue, but because of the opposite: it makes so much sense it renders my theory completely obsolete and without my theory I have no further interest in the games’ story… Doublethink is a weird thing.

      • Jav

        I think it’s just because of the bandana.

        • Full Options

          Awesome deduction ! :DD Must be related..

    • Spectralbuttplug

      But apparently in the jap version they say he was wounded

  • Gatsu

    Kojima-san we wanna see the episode already :(. Btw Nyx, there is a small type at the last line of the article with word Episode, if want it to be perfect ;)..

  • Gatsu

    Someone here was recently asking me how my Geralt drawing is progressing, and well if anyone cares I finished it yesterday while taking a break from dying in DS3 lol.
    Hope you bros like it as much as I do :).

    My 4th drawing gonna be maybe of Snake :D.

    • BurntFM

      Great drawing. I just have one critique. I keep Geralt clean-shaven and with short loose hair so I don’t know who this man is. lol

      • Gatsu

        Thanks lol :), beard and long hair is what I mostly used during my playthrough xD.

    • Spectralbuttplug

      One Punch Man plz ?

      • Gatsu

        Maybe 😀


      You should hella try Max or Chole…

      • Gatsu

        I recently created my DA account and you can see there my LiS drawing, which I did before this ;). I mostly did it from my own imagination instead of using some image as a model. I will do another one maybe later :D.


    • MichaelPayneV

      Venom of Rivia, that’s what i see.

  • BurntFM

    I don’t know about you guys but I love Anime. Ghost in the Shell has been part of my life since I can remember.
    I have an issue not with this movie in particular but with what Hollywood does to things I love. (DBZ:Evolution, The Last Airbender) And that issue is not just whitewashing the “movies” they try to make. Which out of all the actors in the world that could fit the characters, there are only a handful of people they choose to make a big movie. And that’s a whole other thing about how Hollywood business operates I don’t care to get into. It has more to do with not doing the source material any justice, or they just don’t have a clue why it works with fans in the first place, what people connect with, and it’s not like they don’t have a shit-ton(actual measurement lol) of reference to pull from. They try to be cute and artsy and make their own (interpretation) of a movie they want to make and just happened to be tied to an established franchise. Or they make a by the numbers Hollywood Movie Plot #12 they have on a spreadsheet somewhere made by Studio executives doing checkmarks on what act 1/2/3 need to be to make the most money. That’s why Fan-4-Stick didn’t work, that’s why Big action movies were getting stale and predictable to the point where you couldn’t tell the difference which movie was which. All I ask of this movie is to at least have some decency and respect the source material. If they don’t know what the fuck is going on, they could Wiki search or go to one of the countless forums so they can understand what it is that makes GitS so great.

    Sorry bout the rant but I’ve seen Lucy and Scarlett Johansson was horrible in it. She’s barely a character in the Avengers and I just don’t want to know under what circumstances she got the part for this movie. I hope it’s a good movie, but….



      Doubt it will be good in any way. Hollywood has gone to shit – the bar for creativity drops as low as it can in order to make the quickest short term cash.

      American adaptions of Japanese stories never turn out good.

      • BurntFM

        You’re right. But even Japanese adaptations of anime turn out terrible. Case in point the live action Attack on Titan.

        • JJBYACH

          I completely forgot about Japanese live action anime films – eww. In most cases mediums don’t cross over well. Anime should stay anime. Movies should stay movies. Games should stay games. With that being said most book adaptions range from terrible to masterpiece – which is a far greater range than most medium crossovers allow for.

    • MichaelPayneV

      On the good side, it has the writers of “Straight Outta Compton” and “Street Kings” 2 amazing Movies if you ask me, so all the racial controversy aside, this Movie has potential for a good script, and maybe a good Movie, and it also looks like the cast is very diverse from a racial point, and opted for a white actress to play Motoko Kusanagi because, well, the way she has been drawn, she isn’t a specific race really, at least that’s how i see it!

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Off Topic:Petre,do you like Bone Thugs N Harmony

  • I don’t know if this has been posted yet, but i wanted to share it. It’s really cool. 😀

    Enjoy. 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Thanks for sharing :D, I hadn’t seen this.

    • Alex

      That’s amazing.
      I always felt that small little area was the only area dense enough to resemble MGS3.

      • Full Options

        The same here, like the feeling of the first times we were hiding in MGS3’s plants of such kind of slopes.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Seeing how the comment section has become more than Metal Gear, i would suggest you @Nyxus:disqus to make a Blog about more things Gaming and maybe Movies related!

    Your Fan-Base has grown really, really strong over these years, you earned it…earned us.

    Keep it up, man, you’re doing a fantastic job with this MG Blog alone, so i would expect you to be more than able to handle more diverse blog in the future!

    • Full Options

      MG sagas are heavily diverse… He is some kind of MG Sphynx.

    • Thanks! Perhaps in the future. By the way, we have another website, more of a general gaming blog / collector’s site: http://www.videogameshelf.com Might be fun to check out.

      • MichaelPayneV

        Oh, so you already have one, congrats!

  • You know, I don’t get these lines from TPP:
    “We pull in money, recruits, just to combat Cipher. Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefied dirt… All for revenge.”

    [..] just to combat Cipher. […]
    When do we battle Cipher in TPP?
    Why are we taking revenge on Cipher?
    What did Cipher do to us?
    Did Kojima wipe my memories?

    • hunner

      That line was before they found out SkullFace destroyed motherbase. Pretty sure they thought it was Cipher.

    • Lamp123

      Kaz/Snake didn’t know who Skull Face was or what he did to them 9 years ago until AFTER Venom Snake first met him in the Honey Bee Cave.

      Hence they initially thought that Cipher was behind everything. From putting two bombs in Paz to destroying their Mother Base/comrades in GZ.

      • Ah thought as much, welp now I feel dumb haha

        • Lamp123

          “He who asks a question may be a fool for five minutes; he who asks no questions stays a fool forever.” Chinese proverb

          Always remember this quote. 🙂

          Don’t worry I’m not one of those condescending MGS elitists who put others down. lol


    So this time it will be about games. Great! Cant wait to see it 🙂

  • uumm275@gmail.com

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