Kojima talks about the considerations when creating a new character

On Twitter, Hideo Kojima shared his musings about creating a new character and what kinds of considerations go into the process.

When creating brand new character, I think of every detail. Name, Sex, Race, Looks, Personal history, Future, Habit, Outfit. The role of the story/ on the theme. The balance with other characters. I consider the movement, the evolution in the game, and how he comes in/out. And recently, I also consider if the character is attracted by Cos-Players. The charaters that the Cos-Player can think it’s easy or hard but challenging or it limits the target, or it shines Cos-Play. The character who let Cos-Player deformed/arranged a bit. Also I consider the balance for the group of Cos-Players.

In short, a lot of factors are being considered when creating a new character from scratch. Maybe Kojima is in the middle of that process right now for his new game.

Illustration by Yoji Shinkawa for Christmas last year

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter


    Now that he has more creative freedom, I hope we will see a greater plethora of complex and interesting characters – Long live KojiPro 2.0


    • Mr.Pony

      This gif never gets old

      • JJBYACH

        True that…

    • Plissken

      Looking forward to the cutscenes of his future games. I like playing the interactive movie style of games, MGS3 was a good balance of both

      • DonquixoteDoflamingo

        MGS3 cinematics were good and all but TPP shits all over it. TPP mind-blowing cinematics doesn’t get as much recognition as it really really deserves.

    • Full Options

      If I had it in HD, I would set it as my screen-saver…


      One of the best gif I ever saw! Hahahaha!

  • Venom_Sina

    “Dark Souls 3 director already working on a new IP”
    I think Kojima should pay a visit to From Software.They are independent and they know what they’re doing.A few tips from Miyazaki-san can be helpful.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Nah, From Software are just lucky that people like their games.

      Yes, i get why people like Dark Souls, but the series from a technical point, is not that impressive, pretty mediocre, not bad, but mediocre from that aspect

      The Stories are pretty deep and weird tho, THAT i can give them cred for!

      • Venom_Sina

        I really like their work,mostly because of level design.Those interconnected environments.Stories are cool,too.
        What I meant was From Software is an independent studio for a long time and they know how to handle things.So a few management tips can help KojiPro imo.

      • Kol Leqejza

        level designs are the worst.

      • JJBYACH

        Eh, technical prowess is only as important as the creative vision dictates. You really have to ask what are the souls games trying to do? For a fact: graphics aren’t important in the souls games, it’s not the point at all. It’s not trying to tell a cinematic story with realistic character models and environments so you can get immersed in the plot line easier. It’s trying to create a grueling and atmospheric environment where your experience is dictated by your patience, dedication and understanding of the world and its systems, oppose to being a game where your experience is crafted entirely by the game developers and you are more of a passive observer. You can create atmosphere without flashy visuals, many games made decades ago has proven this. [See 2004’s Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines]

        What separates a decent game designer from an exceptional one is a deep understanding of your vision, catering the amount of resources needed to create that vision and using nothing more. They had a goal, they knew graphics weren’t important, so instead of wasting time adding un-needed pretty effects they just focused on refining the things that actually mattered – time/resource management is the key to developing any project in the most efficient and cost effective way.

        • DonquixoteDoflamingo

          Dark Souls still plays a fairly same for all the players. While there is freedom in the game, it certainly isn’t to the point where everyone who plays the game will have a separate and unique experience.

          It’s kinda like how Fallout gives you lots of options but still somehow ends up being the same for everyone.

      • Gatsu

        They aren’the lucky. Souls games offer gamers something others don’t. That’s why people love them.

    • They are not independent. They are owned by Kadokawa Dwango Corporation. Not to mention that FromSoftware have CEO’s, Advisors, auditors and a lot of directors.

      To be honest, as much as I like their games and their games are fantastic. Their Souls games are crafted experiences and their technology staff is lacking a lot. They can’t even make decent ports for the PC and I’m not talking about other aspects.

      So while their dev team makes great games with good abstract level design, they still need to prove a lot in the future.

      Kojima is above them by so much. With MGSV he created the engine, restructured studio with Western tool sets, so he really does not need to go somewhere, especially after Mark Cerny tour.

      • JJBYACH

        Honestly, I only think technological advancement (graphically speaking) is only important when it directly effects the mechanics. Atmosphere and level design (the focal point of the Souls games) is generally not dependent on technicalities of the game engine – many games made decades ago excel at those two things better than most modern games. Why spend unnecessary resources upgrading graphics, and un-necessarily eating up into the engines budget when you can spend it on other things that would better accentuate the main concepts of the game.

        “Kojima is above them by so much.” – No, he’s a human that is a genius in regards mechanical storytelling and stealth game design, but he isn’t good at a lot of things other game developers excel at e.g. writing and open world game design.

        The Fox Engine is great, but it is far from the second coming. He just recently adopted Western tool sets that were already present in the west for decades now. And his open world had size but overall, lacked the depth of other more focused experiences. Look how varied the mission design was in Ground Zeroes, the main mission and all of the side ops forced you to interact with the game differently and force you out of your comfort zone. I was expecting this to carry over to MGSV but its size clearly prevented more intricate level designs and mission variety. Once I figured out the most effective approach to infiltrate and exfiltrate, I never used any of the other gadgets or mechanics because I already knew an effective approach for the entire game, as barely any missions had objectives that suddenly forced me to change tactics and use mechanics in ways I wasn’t familiar with to complete the mission in the most efficient way. He tried to balance telling a pre-defined narrative and having players create their own stories and kinda fell flat in some aspects, I think he knows this: he specified that his new game will be made with fewer people, will be smaller in scale, be “edgy” – aka have more focused; tighter storytelling and theme-ing, and will be made in a smaller timescale than MGSV. This seems to me like Kojima swallowing his ego and going back to focus on his strengths, whilst iterating on some of the new things he learned during MGSV’s development – which is a very good sign.

        • “EDIT: “Souls games are crafted experiences” – I have no idea what this means… In the context of your sentence you made this seem like a bad thing?”

          Nope. It’s not bad, but it’s an old style of game development that Japan in 95% do all the time since 199X. That is the reason why Japan is so successful when it comes to Horror games, JRPG, Action-Adventure games like Zelda. All of them are crafted experiences which are much better done than in the West.

          What Kojima did with MGSV was a Next Gen level where even Western devs could not achieve. A true Stealth-Sandbox game with emergent gameplay. It is right now the hardest concept in gaming and he successfully completed that, thanks to the complex AI systems.

          “Why spend unnecessary resources upgrading graphics, and un-necessarily eating up into the engines budget when you can spend it on other things that would better accentuate the main concepts of the game.”

          Graphics are not unnecessary. I want my games to look GOOD. From Software barely makes high-rez textures these days. I buy next gen consoles or high end PC to experience great gameplay, story and graphics. For me everything is important.
          All devs around the world compete with each other. Create new things, technologies and stuff. Technology is also a great PR tool for promotion to sell more copies which is important for consumers and dev in the end.

          “but he isn’t good at a lot of things other game developers excel at e.g. writing and open world game design.”

          Kojima is a great writer: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/132327/the_gamasutra_20_top_game_writers.php?page=14

          and with MGSV:TPP he is a great open world dev. MGSV:TPP totally delivered on what I wanted from that game. To this day I still play this game even after Platinum trophy.

          “Once I figured out the most effective approach to infiltrate and exfiltrate”

          Man, I think you totally missed the point of MGSV:TPP gameplay.

          a lot of methods in the game are effective. All of the methods are effective to be precise. It’s not MGSV problem that you choose one method.
          MGSV is a Stealth SANDBOX. Sandbox is not about choosing an effective approach. It is about variety of stuff you can do. MGSV is about FREEDOM Of INFILTRATION.
          The game’s selling point was this:

          and this is better than anything on the market right now.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,I get the whole purpose of V’s gameplay,but honestly I don’t get it,lol.Why should I pick different equipments when I can beat almost every mission with my default equipment?Why should I pick a water pistol and mess with the guards and then extract’em when I can easily take’em down with a WU pistol or CQC?It’s nice that we can try different equipment and the game doesn’t break,but again I’m more satisfied when I use the best way,and I’m not a guy who likes to mess around.I think that’s the reason why I 100%’ed the game in 107 hours.And probably this made the game repetitive for me.

            “but he isn’t good at a lot of things other game developers excel at e.g. writing and open world game design.”
            I completely agree this part,cause I think he’s better when he’s focused on a linear project.

          • JJBYACH

            I couldn’t agree more…

          • Well yeah, you don’t need to use all items and equipment, but that goes for pretty much every Metal Gear game. They’re options, that’s the point. But we’ve had this discussion often enough. 😛

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,I’m having a deja vu here,lol.
            What I’m trying to say is that if we had some missions that needed specific equipment,that could’ve been nice,something like Ground Zeroes’ side missions.TPP is like:Okay there are a lot of equipment and an empty desert.Make yourself at home,lol.For a guy who doesn’t use the other equipment,it’s like a waste.I don’t know if I was successful in presenting the concept,lol.

          • Fair enough, having some more missions that required different equipment would have been nice , as long as there are also ones that let you choose freely.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah.That’s what I’m talking about.Thank you.

          • DonquixoteDoflamingo

            But that is not the point. We already have the previous MGS games if you want that system of limiting or specific equipment for a certain mission. I mean it;s not like the release of V somehow destroyed every other MGS game from existent. They are right there and you can play em whenever you want.

            However approaching V as a traditional MGS game is just a poor way to play it and you are obviously missing out on the incredible system that Kojima and his team have crafted with their knowledge from all the previous games.

            V is all about choices and options. Like it or not but it’s an necessary evolution of the game mechanics

          • I mean, some people IMO just don’t understand how groundbreaking the game is/was.
            Some people are f***ing crazy when it comes to cut content in MGSV to be honest… Because the reality is that the game is actually finished in terms of a story (which is great btw.)
            What people does not realize that the cut content in the game has nothing to do with a story/content but with a games features that require months to make if not years with solid team of Western tool chain and programmers ! ! !
            For example animal AI in the game judging by previous Kojima’s statements should have been much more complicated.
            Dev days: In the game Venom Snake could use fultoned animals (bears/wolves) to attack enemy soldiers in the base. Basically a set of AI that recognized You/Enemies/Environment/Hitboxes and thousand details in the game like weather/lighting/objects and stuff.
            Reality: Animal AI in the game is not ready and have a standard set of commands (like in standard West/JP games) where their simulation is as basic as possible. Even when wolves attack they have a single trigger on them and nothing more.

            But even in it’s current state MGSV is beyond ANYTHING on the market for at least few years. In Japan, the game is 10 years future proof before someone will try to dethrone complexity of systems in MGSV.

            This is the guy that disliked story but MGSV:TPP was his game of the year because of the SYSTEMS.
            These are not just systems. MGSV:TPP is the only game right now that feels like a NEXT Gen Title.


          • JJBYACH

            There was cut content other “game features” – according to the games’ source code, story missions (not repeat missions) – 8 of them – were cut from the retail game.

            [Here’s the mission list in the games’ code]

            I doubt they would of made a difference – they probably were just more “extract him”, “take X out”, “do this Snake”, “look how monotonous, degrading and depressing maintaining a PMC is as you will do these missions over and over again until you get bored of the game”. It’s probably a good thing they were cut.

          • DonquixoteDoflamingo

            So? Didn’t Kojima already confirmed to have cut mission 51 because it was not deemed necessary for the story? Really every game has stuff that does not make it into the final game. This is basic game designing 101.

          • Venom_Sina

            You are really into the technical aspects and you’re good at it.Technical aspects are really important for you,but for a guy like me,it’s not really important that a NPC can fire his gun when he’s running or not.We have different points of views.
            You mentioned that V is a revolution.For this one,we have to wait and see.IMO Resident Evil 4 was a revolution,cause it changed the way we play third-person games.Even MGS games are affected by it.TBH,I don’t think V will be a source od inspiration for future games,but like I said above we have to wait and see.

          • JJBYACH

            Dunkey is amazing.

            Dunkey doesn’t really like cinematic games – he didn’t like the previous MGS games, and hated games like The Last of Us, Arkham City and some others. It’s not a surprise he likes MGSV. It’s just his opinion.

            Dunkey is still amazing.

          • “Why should I pick different equipments when I can beat almost every mission with my default equipment?”

            Because of objectives, better results, self satisfaction and etc. This is a sandbox. Sandbox game design is about choices and who you want to be in the game.

            “t’s nice that we can try different equipment and the game doesn’t break,but again I’m more satisfied when I use the easiest,safest and best way,and I’m not a guy who likes to mess around.I honestly see no reason in changing my playstyle when I can get to my objective in the fastest time.”

            That’s fine and you are a guy that just enjoys a crafted experience more than a sandbox.
            That’s totally fine.

            I like both. But I also like experimenting with the game’s AI systems a LOT. I like smart AI and I like playing with it and it’s systems. testing what he can do and what he can’t do.
            Basically: I like game systems and Simulation.

            Kojima could go with the safest route here with MGSV and could make traditional crafted open world game a.k.a GTA games. (They have a bit of emergent gameplay… but not at the level of a true sandbox games) or Witcher 3.

          • DonquixoteDoflamingo

            Why bother playing the game when you can just watch it on youtube? Lol.

            V is as creative or as lazy as the player. Even the boss fights give you tons and tons of options compare to linear battles in previous games where everyone had a similar experience due to how limited it was.

            The way i see it is that almost every single game on the market right now have similar experiences between players. Meaning that someone will play Fallout or The Witcher and have a similar experience to other players while ANYONE can pick up V and play it however they would like with completely different experiences and unique encounters amongst thousands of players.

            That is the true definition of a next-gen gaming experience.

            While Miyazaki is great at what he does, he really hasn’t stepped out of the same formula that Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne followed. Kojima has always been the type of game designer that takes risks with every game and experiments with different types of gameplays. The evolution between each Metal Gear game is the biggest example of this.

            I am sorry but nobody gives a shit about Tomokazu Fukushima. He has become some sort of big name amongst the fanbase for providing a hollywood-like steroetypical storylines that are ultimately saved by Kojima’s thematic exploration of different themes and ideas. Remove Kojima’s vision and Fukushima’s very basic story will hold no water.

          • JJBYACH

            1) Please explain what a crafted experience is – “it’s an old style of game development that Japan in 95% do all the time since 199X.”. I don’t get it.

            2) “What Kojima did with MGSV was a Next Gen level where even Western devs could not achieve.”

            No, what he did was more than commendable – it was quite genius in some aspects, yeah: I kinda agree with you there – but it wasn’t next gen. I guess you could argue that it depends on what you define as next gen.

            I always viewed “next gen” as games that use mechanics in ways that wasn’t even possible before due to pure technical limitation. Open world sandboxes are not next gen, they have been done for decades – MGSV is not next gen, the bloody game is even on PS3 and Xbox 360, how is it a next gen game if previous gen can run it in its entirety? Graphics do not mean a game is next gen, any skilled programmer, artist and graphic designers could make the shittiest game look pretty [see The Order 1886] – next gen is all about game mechanics that are so advance they couldn’t physically run on previous generation hardware.

            3) “What Kojima did with MGSV was a Next Gen level where even Western devs could not achieve.”

            Far Cry 2 did a similar thing to MGSV, in fact the game in some regards is even more open – I’ve never played a game besides Far Cry 2 that allows players to start a forest fire Kilometers from an outpost and watch a fire spread in real time depending on the wind direction, causing all the guards in the outpost to run out as the fire approaches, this was one of my favourite gaming moments I’ve ever had, my jaw dropped as I noticed what I did, no game I’ve played since has ever done this. What MGSV did do far better than FC2 was refine its central mechanics to near perfection (stealth and combat) whilst offering an open world of similar freedom. It has been done before, its just interpretation that defines what did it better.

            4) “Graphics are not unnecessary. I want my games to look GOOD.”

            They are complete unnecessary – out of all the central pillars of game design: sound, story, mechanics, level design, art design, engine design, graphic artist: designing the graphics are probably among the most straightforward. There is no subjectivity in it: pixels, polygons, physics – it’s math: binary, true & false, yes and no, good looking, bad looking. The engine has a budget and you push it until the game doesn’t work. Art design will always triumph raw graphics, as this is dependent less on maths and statistics but the actual hand of an artist creating textures, adjusting lighting and so an so so forth.


            Life is Strange is not a graphically impressive game, but the art style makes it one of the most beautiful video games I’ve ever played. It’s not the raw size of the textures (the textures used in the game are quite low res), but how they are actually drawn- it’s what is in them that makes it beautiful.

            I agree every aspect of a game should be awesome – that is great, in theory. But there are so many factors that can effect game dev, from timescale, to team size, to team skill, to publisher demands, to money etc, etc. Not every game is made in the perfect conditions so that all aspects can be perfect, things go wrong – the developers have to adapt and cut back in order to make other things better. The system just works that way, its an objective fact:


            You can’t have all 3… They could either spend time refining the gameplay to the point where the game can be considered a masterpiece by many – refining, modernising but staying true to an old style of game design lost among the storm, or they could spend additional resources bringing parity to all aspects, making the graphics look great and what not, but because of this they have to compromise on the gameplay so crucial to the artistic vision of the game. A game developer should know their vision and work on presenting it to us the best they can, everything else that doesn’t enhance the games’ vision be damned. It would be nice to have an 8K Dark Souls running on the Frostbite engine, in an ideal world where they have all the time and money it would be very possible – but not all game devs have the pleasure of working with a bottomless well of money and a broad timescale like Kojima had with MGSV – he had 5 years to make the game! Some devs need to make a game in 2 years in order to stay in business, of course he has time (in theory) to refine all aspects of the game, but alot of game devs don’t have this luxury, it’s not an absolute excuse to justify the quality of a game, but it is a factor to take into consideration.

            5) “Kojima is a great writer: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/” – The article was written by Leigh Alexander, news director of Gamasutra. Who the hell is that? Does he have a psychic connection to Kojima or something? He just said an opinion. There is no objective evidence that Kojima is a good writer, but there is objective evidence in MGSV alone that shows Kojima went against traditional storytelling techniques either intentionally to feed his ego (his statements on how he plans to “elevate” storytelling in the medium with TPP) or out of sheer ignorance.

            6) Not all of the methods are effective. Why waste time sneaking around everything when I can just run in, complete the objective and run out and get an S rank for completing the mission in 5 minutes? I want the game to force me to change tactics on the fly – force me into actually thinking about how I want to tackle the objective rather than just rush in and complete it and get an S-Rank. Maybe this is just me but I find it more challenging and engagingly when the game naturally increases in difficulty, instead of me imposing my own challenges in order to compensate in the games easiness.

    • Punished Fox

      Kojima and Miyasaki in the same room?, are you nuts?! do you want the fucking universe to implode or something?!, don’t say things like that…

      Nah, but joking aside, Kojima’s new game seems to be a Sci-Fi mecha game and Miyasaki has stated that the Mecha genre is among his favourite things to develop along the dark fantasy genre he’s been working on since DeS.

      It’ll be nice to see these two releasing competing games in the same genre, going toe to toe with new I.Ps.

    • Tong Ninja

      This year has a lot of great upcoming games but in a few years time we will have:

      Kojima’s new IP, Miyazaki’s new IP and CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077.

    • DonquixoteDoflamingo

      Miyazaki didn’t recently get fired from his company and started from scratch so i don’t know wtf are you on about.


    So apparently yesterday Stefanie did a livestream of her playing MGO (damn YouTube algorithm screwed me out of seeing this video is my sub box):
    [Around 17:00 she plays as Quiet, it’s pretty cool]


    I haven’t finished watching all of it, but so far it’s a pretty fun stream.

  • jmrdgz17

    Does anyone know what happened with that nuclear disarmament event?

  • ScarredBushido

    one thing i know about kojima is that he wont be on the band wagon with this SJW bullshit.

    i hope we have more characters like Big momma/EVA and Quiet


      I think that attitude is as bad as the SWJ’s. He should just create characters whose dressing, attitude and general existence is relevant to the plot and their actual character. If it makes sense in the story for a character to run around naked – great. If it says something about her character and personality that she is always naked – great. Characters like Eva were great because their dressing served purpose – Quiet on the other hand… Extremely poorly written.

      No need to make things about SWJ’s, they thrive on attention, the best thing to do is to just pretend they don’t exist until they have to, don’t rope them into conversations they were never a part of to beginning with. I don’t recall anyone saying that “Kojima better not make any more naked characters”: best to just let the sleeping dogs lie.

      • FMercenary

        Well, Quiet’s attire, or lack thereof, is technically meta. I’m going to quote someone else’s explanation on the matter; “Basically MGS3 had The End right, but you found him by listening to his snoring, and in turn breathing. Breathing in that sense uses the human lungs, he didn’t always use his photosynthesis because he didn’t need it to survive. But, Quiet’s lungs were destroyed. Completely. So that’s why she needs to use her photosynthesis. Unlike The End, she needs it to survive, he still has working, human lungs.”

        • JJBYACH

          That still proves my point. Why is she near naked? The end was photosynthetic and still wore heavy camo and his powers still worked. If I drape a towel over a solar panel it will still conduct electricity – Quiet’s nudity makes no sense, she could of easily wore more and still “breath through her skin”. Clothes are not made of pure lead.

          Ignoring this and taking the “meta” (the explanation is not meta in any way but let’s roll with it) meaning into account – it’s still a contrived as hell way of explaining her dressing. The connection between the parasites and the cobra unit is a thread bare line(s) of dialogue on an optional cassette tape. Who cares if she is like “the reverse End”? What does it say about TPP’s themes or Quiet’s character? This is a what a good meta plot thread should explain, it should link into the literal narrative of the piece and explain concepts in it through sheer abstraction. If your transcribed “meta” explanation was Kojima’s intention (I doubt it), it’s still stupid and nonsensical as it has 0 relevance to the themes of the game: which is crucial for a meta narrative. So either way your look at it, it is not a meta narrative.

          Metanarrative definition from a dictionary:
          “a narrative about a narrative or narratives”

          Her clothing says nothing about the story of TPP, except it is quite poorly written – but I doubt that was intentional.

      • DonquixoteDoflamingo

        Quiet’s design is bad but her character itself ( when you learn to actually ignore the surface and focus on the actual character) is pretty damn great especially how she is the only “heroic” character in V, and the only one who changed her ways compare to Miller, Eli, V, Ocelot, etc…..

  • vic boss

    I just saw this video, this afternoon and I felt chills watching it, I almost wanted to play it again, I will play all of the metal gear solid games like in a month when I get out of school, but honestly I cannot wait anymore. https://youtu.be/UebQ3xyLLKg

  • New episode is FREAKIN’ AMAZING!
    Honestly, this episode killed previous two episodes combined. New game hints, history, huehuehue, the future of the episode will be filmed at Hideo Kojima’s new place.

    I recommend to watch this, even if someone hated the previous episodes. This episode is so much fun and Yes, I honestly believe his next game will be a Stealth game. “Infiltrating the special exhibition” – says a lot already.

    I hope so that it is a stealth game.

    • Full Options

      Yummy ! Thanks Golgari ! Now let’s check this little piece of info… 😀


      Kojima’s reaction to that one guy playing MGSV made my day.


      He looked like he was having a PTSD episode in that instance – Jesus Konami; what the hell did you do to him?

      It’s at 7:56 – look at how he stares at it – then quickly turns away, then slowly walks back to it and stares some more, all whist having Venom’s a thousand yard stare…


      What I find even more funny is that the dude is completely oblivious to the fact the Hideo Kojima is standing behind him whist he plays MGSV.

      • Full Options

        “PTSD” Perhaps a slightly bitter indeed (who would not be)… But kind of very proud at the same time of his masterpiece ;D.

        Yano-San s.ck balls at games xD

        • JJBYACH

          Yeah, it seemed like he has a certain disdain for the game (more specifically the circumstances surrounding its development) but deeply appreciates it and seems glad/proud he actually managed to create it. When he walked back to the game and stares at it intensely before the camera cut, he looked kinda nostalgic, opposed to the sadness in his face the first time we see him lay eyes on it. I wonder why they didn’t edit that bit out?

          • Full Options

            Ya the first look at it was a bit electric, the eye appear quickly like targeting it as a heavy/painful past memory…

            “I wonder why they didn’t edit that bit out?” They even chose it between probably tons of other rushes on purpose. For me, they kept it as a way to say “I will continue to design such gems”, no matter the past.

      • Tariq Abati

        I think deep enside he cant let go the legend he created long time ago, and its painfull to see him like that.

    • Full Options

      AWESOOOOOME… Sorry for previous episodes, but a game centered one is just YEEEAAAAAHHHH !
      A bit short though… Cool cover of Marble Madness ! Hideo+Mark-San … What a TEAM ! 😀

      • JJBYACH

        So glad Yano is a part of the team – I hope he works as a writer, he seems like the person who could help concise Kojima’s extravagant ideas and concepts (narrative speaking).

        • Full Options

          In all cases, he looks 1000% on-board. Seeing a that strong friendship, he MUST have various inputs on the project.

  • Resident Evil 4

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