Konami releases financial results for 2015

Konami has released its financial results for the fiscal year of 2016 (March 2015 – March 2016). Unfortunately we don’t learn a lot about MGSV’s total sales, but the company does mention that ‘these titles [MGSV:TPP and PES2016] are available to provide long-term enjoyment through continuing operation.’ In other words it seems as though they will continue supporting both games, probably in the sense of regular updates and tournaments as we have seen the past half year.


Nevertheless, the company expects a significant decline in profits for the next fiscal year, predicting a revenue of 95 billion yen as opposed to the 132.7 billion of the past year for the Digital Entertainment sector. Konami intends to keep focusing on the growing smartphone and tablet PC market, but they do also recognize consoles’ increasing popularity in the west, as well as VR, as opportunities.

To see the full press release, follow the link in the source section below.

Source: Konami Financial Results

  • Damn.

  • Mr.Sixes

    *slow clap*
    Also you always want to predict low.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Do they even have any kind of game for consoles next year, aside PES of course?

    • Doesn’t seem to be anything at the moment, at least not anything that’s announced.

    • Mr.Sixes

      They said they’re cutting back so I’m expecting what happened last year where it’s 2 games (PES and another genre title)

  • Ardens Anima

    Is this a point where we’ll even miss Konami if they drop out of making console games?

    It’s too bad they sit on so many great titles too.

  • James

    Give us Mission 51 Konami!!!

  • Full Options

    “as well as VR” Mwahahahahaha !! I saw that too in various articles on the topic…
    So you guys wanna do VR ?? Why the f.ck did you destroyed Koji-Pro then ??
    Because Hideo and Mark are not VR friendly, perhaps huh ?
    Or perhaps because you guys understand things slower than normal people ?
    After mobile… “Mmm yeah VR could be interesting…” You guys are manifestly always 4 trains late… xD
    Hellooo Mc Fly, Helloooo, Hideo is gone, anybody home ?


    • Mr.Sixes

      Actually Nintendo is further behind them
      “Oh well our consumers aren’t interested and it isn’t fun”

      • Full Options

        NintendWhat ? 😀

  • proceeder

    Seeing the reviews of Uncharted 4 was so depressing. Not that it was not a phenomenal game and it was praised like it should’ve been. It’s just that MGS usually gets praised for all those things and now, after the game having developed under such terrible working conditions, its receiving criticism for lack of content. Ironic how previously the games were criticized for overwhelming the audience with the story and underlying theories. Hope U choke on every penny U’ve earned on this Konami. U ruined the only game I cared for.

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