Massive Entertainment gets a visit from Kojima

Hideo Kojima is still in Sweden, where he will be answering questions during the Nordic Game convention tomorrow morning. Today he took the opportunity to visit some more gaming studios. First on the list was Massive Entertainment, the studio behind this year’s hit The Division.

"And I'm wearing this today."
“And I’m wearing this today.”
"Nordic Game breakfast meeting."
“Nordic Game breakfast meeting.”


"Visiting MASSIVE, the game studio creating THE DIVISION."
“Visiting MASSIVE, the game studio creating THE DIVISION.”

Kojima-at-Massive-4 Kojima-at-Massive-5 Kojima-at-Massive-6



After that, he visited Tarsier, the studio behind the PlayStation Vita version of LittleBigPlanet.

"Visited TARSIER who developed LITTLE BIG PLANET on PS VITA version."
“Visited TARSIER who developed LITTLE BIG PLANET on PS VITA version.”

Kojima-at-Tarsier-3 Kojima-at-Tarsier-2 Kojima-at-Tarsier-4


The Nordic Game Q&A Session will take place tomorrow at 10:00 AM European time, and will be streamed live.

"Will do QA session at Slagthuset in Nordic Game tomorrow at 10am."
“Will do QA session at Slagthuset in Nordic Game tomorrow at 10am.”

Kojima-Slagthuset-2 Kojima-Slagthuset-3 Kojima-Slagthuset-4


"I was invited to the Nordic Game guest speaker VIP dinner with the mayor of Malmö."
“I was invited to the Nordic Game guest speaker VIP dinner with the mayor of Malmö.”

Kojima-VIP-Dinner-2 Kojima-VIP-Dinner-3 Kojima-VIP-Dinner-4

"Hideo Kojima & the mayor of Malmö, Kent Andersson." - Ayako
“Hideo Kojima & the mayor of Malmö, Kent Andersson.” – Ayako

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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    Must be top-fun for these devs to receive them in their walls…
    A team that ROCKS :

  • Leguywhodrownedquiet

    Is it me or I thought division was pretty good considering Watch dogs and AC games since 2014(except rogue and the 2d games)

  • [MSF]Vinicius

    Fuckin Nice.

  • Full Options

    The question I asked him was if he happened to perform unofficially some QA on other titles that he did not developed at Konami in the 80’s for the MSX…
    What I want to quantify is if his vision impacted, through consulting, other great titles I love, strangely quickly after Penguin Adventure MSX, mostly MSX2 titles like “Treasure of Usas” or other “Knightmare series”, Vampire Killer (aka Castelvania), etc..
    I want to know who was Konami and who he was at this time.
    I tried to keep it all pretty neutral even if Konami is concerned, but he’ll probably won’t answer this one..

    • It’s a good question. Can’t see why he can’t answer it. He was with Konami for 30 years and Kojima can’t ignore it, otherwise there is no reason for Q&A other than some talk about his new studio and his next game. I don’t expect Kojima to talk about his next game at this Q&A really, so it’s an industry talk. He should tell about his past, present and the future.

      • Full Options

        Yeah you are right. You know how it usually goes… Avoiding unnecessary buzzs… The guy is just magic, I feel so “hem” when people state he is over-rated.. Without the slightest exaggeration, he so heavily crafted the industry (not only stealth) with his ideas ! ;D

  • We need more of this, but in Europe. xD

    • Full Options

      Breaking n-walls as usual.
      Question : Is this skull actually Snake’s ??? Not suable legally, but still Snake ? Forget it, I am just dreaming… 😀 Although that would break bunch of walls !

  • Punished Fox

    stop visiting people and go to work damn it, that game looks fucking awesome!

  • MichaelPayneV

    Wait wait, so the new Game is Assassin’s Creed in Space? I would love that!

  • MichaelPayneV

    So Snake (Hideo) left Fox (Konami) and visited The Patriots (Ubisoft), nice !

  • stocchinet .

    It feels like he’s making alliances all around the world to gather a massive army to overthrow the whole game industry

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