Some new Metal Gear Rising information

Website PlayStation Blog interviewed three of the developers between Metal Gear Rising Revengeance during the Tokyo Game Show. They uncovered a few more details about the upcoming Metal Gear game.


  • Metal Gear Rising will know a customization system, which will open a lot of gameplay possibilities.
  • The bosses in the game are based on the concept of superhuman cyborgs, that clash with Raiden both physically and ideologically.
  • What makes the bosses unique is the weapons they use, such as the whip/staff used by Mistral.
  • Raiden will be able to obtain some of these weapons after defeating the bosses.
  • After defeating the LQ-84i, the player will be able to use it as a support character in the game. You can’t control it directly though.
  • The CODEC conversations will still be there every now and then, but they won’t interfere with the action.
  • In the game, Raiden will travel the world and visit different locations, one of them being Mexico.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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