Ludens action figures shown, will be exhibited at BAIT in San Diego

Several action figures of Kojima Productions’ mascot Ludens have been revealed by Kojima via Twitter. They will be on display this Saturday at BAIT in San Diego, and you’ll even be able to meet Yoji Shinkawa there.


Also, on Saturday a San Diego Comic Con talk with Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley will be streamed live via Youtube.

  • alexis

    Oh man, it’s so so cool… I’ve never been much of a figure collector, but after my aunt got me MGS5 Snake play arts as a gift, I’m starting to become weak…

  • moto hellogoto

    That armor is really thick. I bet he can’t even do CQC in that.

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

    Random tin-foil hat thought about this character:

    I can’t remember Kojima ever revealing a character (especially their toy) without footage of said character in the game before hand e.g. Quiet.

    Does this mean he’s going to show footage containing this character on Saturday?

    *Removes tin-foil hat*

    I’m totally over thinking this.

    • alexis

      For a split second I thought this was mantis with a beer belly lol

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        He really let himself go after MGS1, eh.

    • “I can’t remember Kojima ever revealing a character (especially their toy) without footage of said character in the game existing before hand e.g. Quiet.”

      Fire Volgin. He was once revealed through a toy and only later we could see him in the trailer.
      Don’t count GDC demo. Because there was too much mystery and no one understood what it was really.

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        I agree, but that wasn’t exactly the difference I was talking about.

        Volgin was still shown prior to his toy reveal, we just weren’t sure it was him back then. When his action figure was shown, we were all like “oh, that guy we saw on fire in the GDC demo was actually Volgin”.

        This new character on the other hand, is just that: a new character. This was what I was trying to get at; it just seems quite weird to put all this effort in a cool ass looking action figure that we won’t see for years. Unless it’s going to be teased in a few days.

        Again, this is just my tin foil hat theory. In actuality, we probably have already seen that character before: probably one of the 5 flying things, and he just felt like showing the design of one of them to the fans since he knows the game is so far away.

  • moto hellogoto

    Looks like a mix between an astronaut’s space suit and a medieval knights armor.

  • Solidus

    Let the merchandising begin!

    Happened with MGSV with Quiet getting a figure months or even a year before we even know who the f*** she was in the game and now it’ll happen every time a character model is completed.

  • DouglasPly

    Let the hype begin

  • One thing for sure is that “this pregnant babe” is still a prototype from Yoji Shinkawa. It looks interesting. Basically an Alien or a relatively complex individual. So far this race is far more advanced than humanity.

    Not sure that this is just a robot that was created by us, humans. I also think that this is one of the enemy types that we will see in the game but with armor, guns and stuff.

    • Full Options

      I am probably wrong, but the humanoid shape reminds me some kind of Shinkawa-style Cyberdyne / Skynet exo-skeleton, but far more modern than the T-800… A bit like a T-X or something.
      If it is alien, it must at least be bound to the human race by a mean. Humanoid body/head, rib cage…
      So fantastic anyways !!! ;D

      • If you are talking about that “babe”, not sure this is exo-skeleton. Some kind of a cyborg like T-X Terminatrix sure. It can’t be exo-skeleton because body is not proportional enough for that. It has a brain, that’s for sure. she has a cool belly that can function as a battery.
        Maybe that thing is actually a pilot for something huge. Maybe for a mecha.

        • Full Options

          Right Golgari, my fault, in fact I meant endoskeleton, right the way Schwarzy pronounced it in T2… ;D I don’t know why I said exo…
          There are so many possible awesome scenarios. Maybe the split with Konami was the best thing to happen, ever !
          I have in mind all the times Hideo stated that his directions were stuck because of the lethargic structure of Konami.
          I mean that it seems we have artistically 1500% Koji-Pro stuff now rather than just ~95% like in the past. Notably the concept is turning so heavily Sci-fi the way we love… Strange, huh ? Let’s hope the game design / gameplay will be as astonishing ! ;D

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

    Oh man, in my hype blind hype after seeing this:

    I missed the part when Kojima said it was a “body base”. It’s not a new character guys. It just Luden. It may be, but I doubt it.

    A bodybase is essentially an outline to build the figure around. A base for Luden’s would show the skull-ish thing and the details that go in the underlayer of the armor. And about his stomach gains – Luden’s is pretty bulky, the torso piece probably will even it out and make the figure looking morning like the render.

    If you compare the face’s of Luden’s and the figure, they are the similar.

    I may be wrong, though.

    • Full Options

      Yeah, but do you think they changed their mind about which being Ludens should be in between ? I mean Boss said to Geoff the mascot is all of us players. This one is a badass robot. The upper section of the mask looks indeed very close to Ludens’s, though.. His mouth in opposition is pretty different, whereas Ludens’s have clearly skull tooths.
      Exciting in all cases !!! ;D I hope we will see more of those soon !!

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        I think it’s the same – more like a stylised barbie doll, and the rest of Luden’s is barbies clothes and the accessories you add to it. But yet again, I’m not 100% sure, usually bodybase’s aren’t that detailed. All will be revealed soon.

        • Full Options

          Boys, why Barbie ? Could you guys use GI-Joe, Star Wars figurines, Transformers or St Seya (the ones of my childhood) as a comparison instead !? I did not have any Barbie doll ! xDxD
          Can’t wait to see what’s next ! ;D

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

            Lol. Barbie was the first thing that came to my mind… I edited my initial response to make sure everyone can relate 😛

          • Full Options

            xDxDxD InsertChildHoodActionJJBYACH xDxDxD…Love this mate… ;D

  • stocchinet .
  • I know it can’t be true, but I actually thought that that was a skeleton Psycho Mantis for a hot second there.

  • There is a very small possibility that Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool actor) will actually be in Death Stranding. If that is going to be true. This will destroy reddit and gaming community in general.

    • Lewis

      Not sure where he would fit. I like him as a comedic actor, but I certainly don’t want a comedy game from Kojima. Japanese humor is very…specific.

  • XIFF-5

    The armor suit is so Shinkawa/MGS style lol, but it is awesome I like it!

  • Full Options

    All this sound soooo promising ! Gimme more of such shots please !! 😀

    • Mr.Pony
      • Full Options

        H.. Huuhhhhh… To good… xD

        • Mr.Pony

          Feel that hype flowing through your veins xD

          • Full Options

            Mmmmmh… Has a lot of kick… haaahhhhhh….. xDxD
            I need some more, a real junkie here… ;D

          • Mr.Pony

            Well then…

          • Full Options

            Gr… Herrr… mmmore… just another one… xD

  • Love the full body suit. Freaking Shinkawa man.

    • Full Options

      He is so subtle / strongly inspired, being fan apart (if possible), all his artworks are simply unbelievable.

  • Gatsu

    Those look so awesome, wow :D.


    That ludens figure is Awesome! Someone knows how much it will cost and who are making these figures anyways?

  • Gatsu

    Omg it’s out… The pilot episode is gonna be sick >_<.

  • Full Options

    Man, can somebody tell what are those cards Yoji is signing on that desk ???…
    Getting hot like hell !!!! 😀

  • BurntFM

    I’m looking at that Ludens Action Figure like the girl in the middle.

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