Watch Robert Peeler of Konami play MGSV Ground Zeroes with Crimsonfox of MGI

On Wednesday August 3rd, Carlos aka ‘crimsonfox’ (who you know as a moderator on Metal Gear Informer, and who also attended the TPP Boot Camp and MGO Event) will be joining Konami Community Manager Robert Peeler on a Konami live stream to play some Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Side Ops. During the stream you will be able to share your strategies and thoughts on the game’s missions, design and characters.


The stream will commence on 5:00 PM PDT, and will last around and hour to an hour and a half. Be sure to tune in if you can to cheer crimsonfox on and represent Metal Gear Informer’s community!

Update: stream is over, but here is a registration:

Watch live video from Konami on

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