Raiden statue by Union Creative gets new pictures, now available for pre-order

The Metal Gear Rising Raiden statue by Union Creative is now available for pre-order, and some new images have been released showing the final product. It’s a pre-painted statue of around 25cm tall, made of PVC and ABS.

Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-1 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-2 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-3 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-4 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-5 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-6 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-7 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-8 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-9 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-10 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-11 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-12 Union-Creative-Metal-Gear-Rising-Raiden-13

mensHdge technical statue No.33 METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE

Product Details
Material: PVC, ABS Painted, pre-assembled figure
Size: Height approx 250mm
Release Date: January 2017

From “METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE”, the Protagonist Raiden here is depicted leaping into the air preparing his sword and ready to strike! The detail on the figure is phenomenal, and completely faithful to the game design. An excellent Raiden figure for your METAL GEAR shelf!

The figure is set for release in January 0f 2017, for a price of ¥16500 (around 150 USD / €135). You can purchase it from CDJapan.

Source: Mamegyorai, CDJapan


    WOW! Awesome figure!

    Cyber Raiden is for sure much cooler than Raiden from Sons of Liberty.

    • Would love to play another Raiden game 🙁

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        I played only a demo of Rising but I would really like to play full game.
        But I played Jamais Vu mission which was really cool! 🙂

        • Full Options

          I am sure you’ll love it !

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Then now its a must have game! 🙂

        • Janeo

          If you’re a metal gear fan then I think you will enjoy the game quite a lot, it is surprising how happy people were with that game, usually spin offs that aren’t related to the gameplay of the main series are hated like survive is though I’m not sure how long the hate for survive will last since it actually feels like it’s died down a little already. Rising was just done right in every way, you should really play it when you can

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            When I will have chance I will buy it for sure! 🙂

      • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

        Who wouldn’t

    • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

      I agree
      All those details give me an eyegasm
      But I think your autocorrect messed up
      Cyber Raiden? xD

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah, that figure is really cool!

        Hahaha! I think maybe I wrote it too short a little. Cyberpunk Raiden or android Raiden, robot raiden, bionic raiden… HOW TO CALL HIM?! 🙂

        Edit: From the start I wanted to write Cyborg! Yes! Cyborg Raiden for sure! 🙂

        • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

          That’s not an issue
          I have been a grammar nazi since some time and the consequences aren’t really pleasant 😀

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Hahaha! 🙂

  • Full Options

    Thx, so impressively detailed… Those hands, sword and all… A real eye-candy.

  • From a child soldier, Jack the Ripper, to a one-eyed Cyborg Ninja
    – Raiden is definitely one of my most favorite video game characters.

    • Janeo

      Definitely one of the best characters ever created, I hope konami have plans for rising 2, the first one was a success so I hope platinum are willing to collaborate again and if not then maybe konami could try out the original idea they had for the game again. I’m not sure I remember but I think the reason that was given was that they were too young or something, it was kind of a prick move for kojima to throw them under the bus like that but maybe now that they know how to use the fox engine better it could work. I just want another rising, the first one was the best game I played in 2013 and that’s back when I used to play a lot of games that came out.

  • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

    The lighting is pretty similar but that doesn’t mean.
    I’d need some time to analyze both
    Since we have amazing theorists here , I’d thought I’d leave this rumor here

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      Could be. The cloudy/rain weather setting can look similar to the lighting of DS. DS just has a bit more colour and variance in tone but you could just chalk that up to Kojima using a newer version of the engine.×1739.jpg

      Everything else seems to line up. When I first did see DS I was wondering about how such a high poly and densely rigged character model is being rendered in real time on a game engine – so I just assumed the trailer was just a target render and was not running in real time. But the engine Sucker Punch is using is more than capable rendering such a detailed character model in real time opposed to other engines.

      A side note:

      I take mild issue with the part when Yong said SP was the first to utilise performance capture for games, because that’s completely untrue. It has been going on for about half a decade prior. The game that pioneered the tech in gaming was Ninja Theoy’s Heavenly Sword – the game came out in 2007 and was a PS3 exclusive.

      Lmao, the facial expression of a character created nearly 10 years ago from now looks better and move life like than Deus Ex Mankind Divided – which also used performance capture.

      Anyhow, the reason Naughty Dog didn’t use performance capture for The Last of Us was not out of technical inability, it was due to them having extremely talented keyframe animators. Same applies for Witcher 3 (also performance capturing an open world RPG like th Witcher would be impractical):

      I can literally think of so many games that have used performance capture before I:Second Son: GTA 5, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Devil May Cry (latest one), Tomb Raider (2013), Far Cry 3 & 4, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, the list goes on. Age seems to be slowing Yong down quite a bit 😛

      • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

        Gta V used performance capture ?
        Splinter Cell?
        Naughty Dogs definitely has amazing animators
        People think that such a photorealistic trailer can’t run in ps4
        The PC superiority is strong in this one

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

          Yup. GTA and Splinter Cell Blacklist do use performance capture tech.

          And the DS trailer was running running in-engine but not in real time on a PS4. There’s a difference.

      • Full Options

        Yong does not look like a CGI dude indeed… ;D
        “I was wondering about how such a high poly and densely rigged character model is being rendered in real time on a game engine”
        Cool question, DS scene looks heavily detailed but also extremely well optimized. There are some elements that are also intelligently far and close to the camera, it also depend on the artistic approach which is what I find very seducing in video games. Art of optimization…

        The optimal setting is to find, often fortuitously, places to optimize where the artistic aspect is not at risk and can even be improved thanks to optimization efforts… Could give either new directions / ideas for the mesh when working on it. It is very rare but for example, sometimes, removing some polys here and there and before refining the texture either content or coordinate on the new topology, we may notice that the possible texturing artifact hereby resulting from the reduction, actually contribute to making the mesh look more artistic if left it as is.. 😀

        All that also makes me remember FoxEngine engineers presenting a technique for TPP where artists first work the high poly version, developers decimate/optimize it, and give them access back to the mesh optimized topology for extra refinements, instead of leaving the mesh in a quite more “automatically” decimated state.

    • Full Options

      Thanks for sharing !
      The info about the engine of the trailer at E3 seems to have been properly leaked. Perhaps the Yong’s “reliable” source is an insider or someone close to them.
      Yong’s tone look pretty convinced in all cases. Could definitely be the SP Productions cut-scene engine, it belongs as well to SIE WWS after all, but does not mean at all that Hideo will keep it as the main cut-scene engine.

      It is technically possible to have two separate engines for gameplay and cut-scenes, but since most engines are doing quite the same decent job in term of cut-scenes rendering / lighting, I believe it would be easier to have an all-in-one solution, specially if he want to pull out his title fast.
      In all cases the whole trailer workspace can be easily exchanged from one solution to another thanks to formats like Khronos group Collada, initially developped at SCEI, btw. Collada or exchange formats of such are very handy because they embed everything (mesh, textures, texture coordinates, animation keys, skins, shaders, even physics templates and more if needed), making the port of a 3D animation scene a totally trivial task these days.

    • Decent choice. I’m a bit salty that Konami owns the rights to a Fox Engine.
      But it’s ok. Whatever. At this point Sucker Punch’es choice is good. inFamous:Second Son btw was developed with 110 devs and Kojima is looking for a team of 100 developers at best.

      So I think Kojima and Nate Fox had some chatting about the game’s quality, development and etc.

      It will be interesting to see if Kojima will use this engine or not… I guess another engine they are looking for is from a Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games.

      But again, your own engine is always better than a third party thing that you need to learn from scratch. Not to mention that you can’t really upgrade a core of it for your own needs, so… Konami, I’m still salty as F…

      • Full Options

        “Konami, I’m still salty as F…” So am I… Hideo does not have his former engineers neither anyways (which makes me even more salty btw… however…). I am sure the crew will be strong enough to tap in any engine, even at its very core level. No worries.

        • We don’t really know what staff is left at Konami and what staff Kojima has right now.
          My issue that the game won’t be realized in full potential with this engine and maybe it will take some time to learn what the tech can or can’t do. + let’s say that Kojima will use Sucker Punch engine. Does it work with the Japanese language and stuff? I mean, I remember when PS3 came out and Sony sent JP dev kits to Western devs and it was pain to make something for a system that had a JP manual to it, really.

          But honestly, If Kojima will use Sucker Punch engine, gameplay should be fantastic. inFamous:SS had amazing movement and platforming was also excellent. you could fly and shoot at the same time and it felt very natural and not clunky at all. Fast-paced action was great. Physics were next gen, destruction was there… Some enemies could deform which was something impossible for the PS3/360. The only problem with the game that it was a launch title, so city streets had generic missions, the whole campaign was hit and miss and story was okay which are not really an engine’s problem.

          • Full Options

            Have to go here (my Dad is pulling the cr.p out of me..xD), but will definitely give you my thought on all your points later today. I stay really confident, talk to you later !

          • Full Options

            “We don’t really know what staff is left at Konami and what staff Kojima has right now.”
            I fear most of them are still there… But that’s at least pretty fortunate for “Survive” and future MGS titles. For me they are for sure the best ones, but a lot of potential candidates are extremely strong nowadays.

            “My issue that the game won’t be realized in full potential with this engine and maybe it will take some time to learn what the tech can or can’t do.”
            You know, I guess we have to pass through this in all cases. I mean Boss need to experiment various things, so we will just wait and see. We have Hideo’s, Mark’s and Andy’s words that all will be awesome.
            Their reputation is somehow officially engaged, so all will go smoothly, no worries. KojiPro is not first party but presented like it was SIE’s most important studio. Saw the respect in Andy’s eyes at E3 ? I was just so relieved of all the fear I had for Hideo at this moment.

            ” + let’s say that Kojima will use Sucker Punch engine. Does it work with the Japanese language and stuff? I mean, I remember when PS3 came out and Sony sent JP dev kits to Western devs and it was pain to make something for a system that has a JP manual to it, really.”
            True that, “memoly buroku” (xD) early devkits / reference tools were more exploited through official IBM’s docs on CellBE than former SCEI ones, but all went quickly back to normal around between FW 0.83 and 1.5. Was still far to be perfect but way more documented / rich, notably on SPU patching, and other RSX tasks off-loading strategies. Another reason is that the libs were too native, so once further developed, there was a bit more to document than before.
            Back to your point, localisation is something Japanese are pretty good at now. They are always worried about being properly understood. I bet Sucker Punch has all needed to save a lot of efforts since they wrote and sold few titles with it so far.
            Japanese version is always a challenge for every single titles, but scedev has a lot of tools to help making things easier, whether with Kanji more specifically needed fonts, metrics, etc..

            “But honestly, If Kojima will use Sucker Punch engine, gameplay should be fantastic.”
            You can achieve a fantastic gameplay with most engines. As an example, FoxEngine was not really designed for PES, but look how fast they managed to rewrite all (I am not really playing soccer games, but judging from fans reaction, it is a true success).
            My point is that all you need is to know what you want things can then go naturally fast. If you have key people really skilled, all falls back to raw C/C++, intrinsics/asm, whatever the engine. Of course, it is better to start with the most comfortable one for you but many are on par so may equally give hard time KojiPro for properly isolating what they want, specially if they try to create a truly innovative gameplay.

            What’s sure and re-insuring is that at the end, that’s Hideo that controls the gamepad and ensure the QA, it is not by coincidence that TPP’s gameplay is that unbelievable.

            We obviously need more info about what he is aiming at in order to be more re-insured, but again I am pretty confident. The tools are there and top-notch (SIE facilities, top of the line 3D cages, apparently awesonme cast- they are not going to leave Norman alone like that xD- etc…).
            Golgari, I know you love KojiPro and therefore very worried about what could happen, but trust Boss, all will be awesome. He is the only game designer that never ever failed us. ;D

          • It was very interesting to read the stuff you just described.
            My only problem is that Andy, Mark’s smile is not enough for things to be awesome. Mark Cerny for example is not a technical director, but a producer… Most likely a “Missing Link” between KojiPro and SIE tools.

            What I really like how Sony worked with From Software for Demon’s Souls and especially Bloodborne. There is “Japan Studio” that makes The Last Guardian, they also help other JP devs. I hope that these folks will help Kojima and his team. Making games is not that simple and engines too.

            Kojima developed Fox Engine not for just one game, but he had in mind other games on that thing.

          • Full Options

            “It was very interesting to read the stuff you just described.”
            Thx for the cool words !

            “Andy, Mark’s smile is not enough for things to be awesome”…

            You are right, but Hideo’s words are more than enough to me. 😀 He is the only one in the industry on who you can blindly bet on to pull something fans actually expect right ?
            Look at his games… Always what we want for decades. Why should he change ? If he has troubles, he’ll just ask for help and he’ll have it, as always. “I will continue to make games”
            Poor guy really wondered if he should stop, but I am rather sure about what he want to keep doing. He wants to keep making them his own way or simply stop if he is not allowed to. That’s where Andy and Mark enter the dance.

            “Most likely a “Missing Link” between KojiPro and SIE tools”
            …”I hope that these folks will help Kojima and his team”

            You have it. Hideo is therefore their missing link between them and extreme games of a director that does not fear anything.
            Mark is not a tech dir, but knows a lot despite more recent tasks he had on PS4. Marble Madness was a giant step for man kind video games. That’s also why they so much appreciate each others.
            Andy just trust them blindly because he knows what they are both capable of.
            To my senses, they are all extremely happy because they have the sensation to have formed a quite dream team. That’s the spirit to have in all cases.

      • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

        But it would take too muchhhh timmmeeee
        Yeah I think he must be using huerilla or ND for test gameplay

  • Danny Patten

    So, how does Raiden poop nowadays? Looks quite impossible to me^^

    • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

      He doesn’t poop
      Or maybe through a tube

    • One day before my birthday?! Am I Solid Snake? Coincidence?

      • Gatsu

        Congratz 🙂 !

    • It was the day when gaming changed. War has changed. It’s no longer about natio… :3

    • Gatsu

      One of the games that changed the industry :), good memories… It’s still kicking ass today.

  • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

    Does someone has a link of an interview of Ni Farreaigh about The bets is yet to come
    I need to know more about it

    • Gatsu

      I haven’t seen it, but would like to :).

      • I Kissed Her From The Shadows

        I did get one but it didn’t work and it said the server of the website is down
        It probably expired since it was from 2005 or was deleted
        Couldn’t find it on web archives

  • Full Options

    Was 25… I hope that does not make me The End, or something… xD

    • I Kissed Her From The Shadows


  • Gatsu

    This is one of my favorite figures so far. Very well detailed and the pose is cool, I love it :D.

  • Gatsu

    Watching FFXV Kingsglaive at the moment….damn the visuals are awesome :).

  • Full Options

    Something around 1/8 size then. 135 euros looks like a very fair deal considering how neat and stylized is this babe… Gecco’s Venom finishing are awesome but here, Raiden’s are also very impressive to me. Some surfaces looks very homogeneous, probably also the painting had something to deal..
    They are both gorgeous in all cases.

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