Kojima talks about Death Stranding during PlayStation Conference, will support 4K and HDR

Kojima made an appearance at the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan, that took place on September 13th. He stated the engine for Death Stranding has been chosen. It will be an action game with an open world and some online elements. The game will give the player a degree of freedom, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the story at the same time.

The theme of the game is ‘to connect’, and ‘strands’ will be important to the story and the gameplay.

playstation-conference-japan-kojima-sticks playstation-conference-japan-kojima-rope

Also, Death Stranding will support 4K and HDR (on PlayStation 4 Pro, presumably).

Furthermore, both Kojima and Shinkawa will attend the Tokyo Game Show stage later this week, on September 18th, and you can send questions for them to answer.


"How did you like the PlayStation Press Conference? I'll see you at TGS on Sept 18th."
“How did you like the PlayStation Press Conference?
I’ll see you at TGS on Sept 18th.”

Source: PlayStation Conference, Kojima Productions Twitter

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