Peace Day: hoping for the illusion we call peace

“The human mind is capable of many illusions. Of pain, of the future.”


After MGSV was released, it didn’t take too long before fans managed to unearth a hidden cutscene that no one had unlocked yet. Its exact requirements were unclear, but it appeared it had something to do with ‘nuclear abolition’. A few months later, it was revealed what exactly needed to be done to reach this event: the combined nuclear weapons of all players had to be brought to zero.

And thus a battle between players was born, those who wanted to rid the world of nukes, and those who wanted to possess nukes, for various reasons, such as the fact that they can act as a deterrent for the player’s Forward Operating Base. For a while, Konami provided daily updates on the total numbers on each individual platform. And for a while, these numbers were shrinking.


But reaching a global consensus is not easy, especially when it’s about potential power. There were days that saw a surge in nukes, and days that saw them diminish, reflecting the battle between the two sides. One thing was clear though: the world would not be nuke-free anytime soon.

After a while, Konami stopped with the updates, and has now switched to providing numbers every few weeks or so. Since the last update, nukes have more or less stagnated on every platform, and the goal of zero seems farther away then ever. And so does the hidden cutscene that shows the characters living in this world free of nuclear threat.

“Peace Day never came… Our wishes do not come true. We just cling on to our dreams, our phantoms. Mine and yours.”


But perhaps that was the intention all along. To show the impracticality of this utopian idea of ‘Peace Day’. The existence of an idea is one thing, its materialization in the real world something else entirely. The discrepancy between the two is illustrated by this ongoing battle. Peace Day is always three days away.

“There’s no Peace to be found anywhere. And so we can only keep on hoping… Hoping for the illusion we call peace.” – Strangelove, from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Perhaps the alleged ‘Chapter 3’ title card, found within the game by dataminers, is meant to appear after complete nuclear abolition has been reached. After all, it is called ‘Peace’, and maybe this chapter is just that: a new world without nukes, a new chapter for humanity.


Either way, the point was to put this in our hands, to give us the ability to change the world, or at least the digital representation of the world we get in the game. And now, more than a year after launch, fans are still working towards this goal. Towards this illusion we call peace.

Note: You can find the most recently released nuke numbers in the sidebar to the right.


  • Antonio Neto

    yes, that sidebar konami ignores. just like nuke tab. and other many things.

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

    The nuke tab isn’t really broken except on Pc
    It’s just that a lot of mgs fans have gone full retard while ignoring the theme of mgsv and mgs as a whole
    They became a really toxic community and time and again I get blamed for this on several websites

  • flying_fox

    Seems a bit strange that you don’t mention the infamous December 2015 update… It’s the exact moment when all hope for disarmament was lost. It brought, among other things, the 6-day blockade for nuke owners, which gives them all the time they need to rebuild their stock. It was a game changer.

    Instead of talking about the virtual battle between players, why not put the focus on why Big Brother is actively trying to prevent us from reaching Peace Day? They’re the ones who are keeping it always three (or rather six) days away.

    • In the end, it’s still the player who decides to build nukes in the first place. By doing so, they don’t choose the path of peace because the nukes give them certain advantages. This article is more about the idea behind nuclear abolition than the practicality (having said that, it’s still possible, albeit difficult).

      • flying_fox

        Yeah, I get it. It just seems bewildering to tackle this topic while ignoring that someone is very obviously pulling the strings and changing the rules (clearly in favor of one side; those advantages you’re speaking of).

        If nuclear abolition is an illusion (and it is, definitely), it is as much because of the player’s behavior as the game’s rules.

        So the initial problem is not the conflict between players, but the fact that it’s in someone’s best interest that this conflict rages on.

        Peace Day is always three days away, that’s Kojima’s message here, alright. But who’s responsible for this? I can’t believe you’re saying it’s only the players. That’s like saying nuke buyers would have been responsible for Skull Face’s plan (which, coincidentally, is all about encouraging people to build nukes in a game where he controls the rules).

        • The point is that these nukes only exist because people have opted to build them. Who knows how the whole thing works behind the scenes exactly. However it has been said that it’s possible to achieve.

      • Kol Leqejza

        you get an achievement for it. so i build one because i’m a 100% guy and my skills in fob were horrible at the time. and when u take in consideration, that kojima hates achievements flying fox’s is not that far away from the truth.

        • But you also get one for disarming a nuke, so for everyone who for the achievements the amount of nukes wouldn’t change.

          • Kol Leqejza

            you’re absolutely right! but if you steal one you get the achievement, too (instead of building one and have a 0 counter at nuke’s owned.) so konami kinda goes in favor with the nuke friendly party.

          • Full Options

            Interesting, I did not know that… If so, I suppose you get as well this corresponding nuke-crafting cut-scene once you manage to steal it, don’t you ?

          • Kol Leqejza

            i can’t tell. i’ve never managed to steal a nuke. my FOB skills were sloppy. what is this cutscene? is it part of the chapter 3 vid?

          • Full Options

            I never even tried to steal one neither. If I remember well, this vid should be triggered when you craft the first nuke or something. It is a small detail, but since you mentioned the achievement can be acquired without building a nuke, I was wondering if the cut-scene would show as well when you steal one.

      • Alex

        I’ve been trying to say that the best thing to try and do at this point is messaging people you see with nukes rather than stealing them. Many are probably just unaware of the whole thing or even unaware of how ineffective it is.

        • Yeah, this is also what the AntiNuclear reddit is saying, that diplomacy is the best solution here.

  • Raymondius

    Happy Peace Day, friends! 🙂


    • Gatsu

      Happy Peace Day brother <3 :). Awesome article Nyx!

  • wallbreaker

    Don’t know how the nukes count work. If you have one in development, is it added to the total count?

    I never saw the benefits of owning one anyway. It only deters invaders without hero status, and more likely than not, you’re gonna be targeted by people aiming to reduce the number of nukes to 0. I built a couple of them because I was curious about Venom’s horn, wanted to see its full length, and immediatly after their completion I had them stolen lol. I mean, based on my experience, I don’t understand how that cutscene hasn’t been unlocked yet, unless those stealing them are keeping them for themselves and not deactivating them. I guess it’s impossible, as long as one nuke is in development ,which most players are gonna do, just for the trophy. But again, I don’t know how the count works.

  • Eugene Voldo

    Sith code: Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
    So Kojima was a Sith Lord all along!

    Good article. As a matter of fact, I’m the one amongst the others who will never dispose of nukes. My power hunger is endless and I will not tolerate any weakness, so if you’re not strong enough to hold such power, if your fear of responsibility is clouding your judgment, then you are already as good as dead. The world belongs to the powerful! AHAHAHAHAHA!

    PS. I dont even remember If I had any nukes. I haven’t logged in MGSV in a long time.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

      What’s wrong with being a sith
      Fuck Sidious
      That dude didn’t even follow the sith code
      He was selfish af
      Even destroyed a whole planet

    • Lex Radu

      No, if you need a nuke to be powerful, then you are weak, and not strong enough to earn your power, to fight for what is right!

      If you are not a coward, lay down your weapon, not for honor, or to unlock “Chapter 3”, but for Peace!

      • Eugene Voldo

        War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength! BECOME ONE OF US AND RULE THE WORLD! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        PS. Just checked my MGSV stats and I have zero nukes, sir. I did all I could for Peace. Now I can only pray.

        • Lex Radu
        • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

          Praying won’t do shit
          JUST DO ITTTT

          • Lex Radu

            You ruined everything LMAO!

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

            Don’t let your dreams be dreams

      • César H. Sandoval

        Hello darkness my old friend…

  • Lex Radu

    The’re won’t be a better day for this!

  • I totally agree Nyxus. All this bullshit about Chapter 3 is nothing more then a typical fan discussion.
    In all seriousness, Chapter 3 – Peace is indeed about The Next Generation when the world will be free of nukes, but that won’t happen in Real Life for a reason and it is hard to achieve in the game.

    • Lex Radu

      And neither will it be unlocked in the game…and that’s the whole point if IT even existing in TPP, that even WE ARE NOT willing to get rid of nukes, FAKE NUKES by the way, how could WE expect people that get POWER, REA: POWER from owning nukes do any different?

      • No Place For Hayter

        Unfortunately the whole philosophy approach TPP is trying to achieve falls flat as it ignores the actual reasons one would have nukes in real life, it isn’t as simple as the game tries to portray it, which is odd because Peace Walker explored the topic of nukes perfectly, in a smart well informed manor.

        • NotSoSubtleGeek

          It’s doing it through game mechanics. It doesn’t need to have thousand of dialogues explaining something that the game could easily do it in a better and more impactful way. That’s what the battle stands for.

          • No Place For Hayter

            No it doesn’t. Does the gameplay in anyway highlight or expose the fact that if you want to survive as an entity as large as DD you NEED nukes as a deterrent? Because if you don’t you are under threat from those who d? Does TPP make you vulnerable if you don’t have a nuke? No it does not, you claim of it exploring said topic through gameplay is false. The game even takes a biased and heavy handed approach to the whole thing by demonizing a player for building a nuke DESPITE THERE BEING LEGITIMATE REASONS TO BUILD ONE. TPP tries to paint it black and white, which it isn’t. I’m sorry but a biased and simple one point system does not constitute as exploring the philosophy of nukes.

            For TPP to actually achieve what you say it already has, it would have to do 2 things.
            1) Reverse the nuke system, so you can only nuke other players FOB’s if they DON’T have a nuke, not ONLY the ones who DO. In TPP it is currently reverse of actual deterrence.
            2) Drop the heavy handed biased bullshit. Building a nuke doesn’t automatically make you a bad bad man, there are valid reasons for having a nuke. You cannot explore a topic if you present it with a biased point of view, and if you do you need to explain why, TPP doesn’t.

            Even if it did have these 2 points, this would be an online only interaction and would break for those whom do not play online, and this creates a massive problem if you try to have the single player story echo the same theme, as the gameplay that supports it is online and thus separate.

          • Alex

            “if you want to survive as an entity as large as DD you NEED nukes as a deterrent”

            The game does make mentions to the fact that nobody but trusted people can even know the existence of DD, otherwise they would be crushed. The scene when Quiet first enters MotherBase, Miller is going paranoid of what will happen if she lets their location known. Other parts of the game show Miller constantly worrying of a spy giving information. The fact that we the fans never even knew of the existence of DD until now show how well kept secret it was from everybody, the whole world of MGS. The legend of Big Boss was spreading with no base of origin; like a ghost, nobody knew how Big Boss was operating and affecting so many things in Afghanistan/Africa. Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land that were well known, had a nuke/nukes. Diamond Dogs and Venom Snake were complete secrets that nobody outside of close parties knew about.

            Now you can argue that Zero’s resources and reach (the AI) would’ve found out about DD, but you can choose to either look at that as a flaw, or you can choose to look at it as Zero supporting Big Boss as he did with Venom. Zero understands that the world needs Big Boss’s legend which is why he created Venom and devised the plan with Ocelot. Zero’s AI did not deem Outer Heaven and Big Boss a threat until they sent Solid Snake to neutralize them.

          • No Place For Hayter

            1) Yeah from a story point this is true, but everybody knows where your FOB’s are located hence why your FOB’s are the only thing thats nuked by others. And it wasn’t the existence of DD that they wanted to hide, it was its main base of operations they wanted to hide. But yes you are right concerning DD’s main base of operations and why it isn’t including in the war game of FOB.

            2) The thing about TPP is that it is all about “You are Big Boss, this player is you!” so then why does the games avatar get smacked in the face by someones else’s morals? “so its more of an expression of how you feel after building such a weapon” But neither me nor my Big Boss had any problems morally building a nuke and yet my avatar is plastered with visions of demons. I mean don’t get me wrong the morality system in TPP (despite being a too black and white) works really well, but the idea behind the system breaks when it is included in the nuke system for TPP, for example if you accidentally kill a person in the main game your morality gets hurt, and even if this was an accident it still makes sense as you still killed a human being, but what would make you evil with nukes is how you use them, not the fact that you have them, to label the player a demon for simply building a nuke is ridiculous. Anyone who is running around the main game killing people and growing a horn will be like “Yeah, I’m a mass murdering trigger happy asshole, it’s how I play and have fun deal with it”, but nobody whom built a nuke will be like “Yeah I’m an evil demonic person for building a nuke” I’m mean if they were punished for using one that would make sense, no one would have problems with that. Another problem beingis that the whole FOB system tries to bring the whole idea of nukes into a palapatle

          • Alex

            I think MGSV is a lot like MGS2 in many ways. It’s definitely the entry in the series that is most like MGS2, regardless of how similar or not similar we view it.

          • No Place For Hayter

            True in only one way I can think of, and where as MGS2 does it excellently, TPP does it as terribly as possible.

            I simply don’t like the comparison between MGS2 and TPP, as I consider MGS2 the best written MGS game were as I consider TPP to be the worst written one.

            I honestly only see the main character switch being kind of the same idea but executed differently, with a different outcome and idea. I would actually like to be told why TPP is similar to MGS2 beyond some sort of main character switch.

          • Alex

            Raiden was designed as an avatar for the player, Venom is as well (and better executed in my opinion). Both games have endings and moments that leave you questioning what was real and what wasn’t, letting the player decide. Both have unresolved plots that are either meant to be overlooked in favor of thematic material or meant for the player to decide. What happens after MGS2 was meant to be unresolved/up to the player and how the saga comes together between TPP-MG1 was meant to be unresolved/up to the player. These approaches are Kojima’s way of trying to end a franchise. Kojima takes it a step further with TPP in my opinion by making it so heavily up to interpretation that any official remake of MG1/MG2 would go against what TPP was going for, because it would place author intent where it belongs to the players. Fans view Big Boss in different ways and wanted to see him follow their view of his story, so Kojima had to devise a way to make everyone happy but in doing so pissed many off.

            Both had misleading advertising, only that TPP wasnt as blatantly false. The trailers for TPP depict a version of the tale that can be completely misinterpreted and they had no hint of the metaphysical (both MGS2 and MGSV have metaphysical elements never hinted in trailers). Both had trailers that lured fans in with one thing but with the product largely giving something else (story wise). Even the game cases for both are similar, focusing only on the shallow “Play as Solid Snake!” or “REVENGE!” but are circumvented in the actual game. MGS2 isn’t all about Solid Snake, and MGSV is a deconstruction of revenge rather than a bath in it (like ReVengeance). Venom was never in it for revenge from the moment he woke up; unlike Miller, he knew all the lessons already.

            There’s a bunch of other things, but overall there are many similarities between the two despite being very different and executed differently. The thing about MGS2 lovers that hate MGSV that gets to me is, they love to bash on it even though they themselves have seen MGS2 misunderstood and bashed on for years, yet didn’t learn anything from that and are too prideful in their opinions to let people appreciate TPP the way they did MGS2. MGS2 was never my favorite but I always respected the shit out of it, never bashed it. I can’t see why someone who could appreciate MGS2 bash something else they are just indifferent to.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Ah I see more specifically now. It just blows my mind how someone who understands and respects MGS2 can in any function like TPP. TPP quiet literally undermines MGS2 and presents literally the opposite message. And Raiden is without a doubt a million times better executed then the shallow piece of shit that venom is.

            MGS2 “You are not the player character, stop pretending, get out there and have an actually life, real life is more important. You are not a stealth killing machine and you should never want to be, stop with the retarded power fantasies” And to represent this Raiden starts off as a hollow snake duplicate so act as an avatar for the players, but near the end of the game Raiden gets his own character disconnecting him from the players so they no longer have an avatar.

            MGSV “You ARE the player character, you ARE Big Boss, OMG isn’t that so cool and awesome, you helped create the legend that is Big Boss, you created your own avatar and will play as that” And to represent this we get a shallow shit character of Venom whom never actually says or does anything simply because he can’t be anything other than an empty avatar.

            MGS2 tells us to stop playing and stop pretending and go back into real life with real people whom are far more important than any game.

            MGSV tells us we are in the game and praises are power hungry want to be Big Boss.

            I’m sorry but I’m not Big Boss and I should never want to be, having MGSV tell you you are Big Boss undermines MGS2 telling you you aren’t raiden. MGS2 destroys the gaming power fantasy, MGSV supports and builds it, MGS2 shows that real life is better, MGSV couldn’t care less about the importance of real life. MGS2 Had a complete amazing story WITH added mystery and questions, MGSV had basically no story and it was ALL unanswered mystery even to the point of the details of the game being broken, you can’t write a shit half complete story and protect it under the guise that it is supposed to be that way when you are the same guy that did MGS2, so please don’t give MGSV the defense like that, Kojima knows how to write a proper story with tons of mystery and unanswered questions while still being a compete story.

            I simply don’t see how anyone could like both MGS2 and MGSV when they present literally opposite ideas.

          • Well, it’s possible to like both games. But it all depends on how you look at it. Look, people don’t have to like MGSV, they really don’t. But it’s not really nice to act like those who do appreciate the game are complete idiots for liking it, it’s a bit disrespectful to be honest.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Never said they were >..<).

          • If you say that in order to like MGSV you ‘have to make yourself blind to a lot of things, to live in a nice bubble of opinion’, how else is one supposed to interpret that? It does at least sound like everyone who likes MGSV is a complete idiot to you. As if it’s not possible to have valid reasons to like MGSV, it’s only possible if you’re ignorant fool who’s blind to the facts.

            You are free to have your opinion and you always have been here, but reading something like that isn’t exactly nice. And that is putting it mildly.

          • No Place For Hayter

            True. For me it is about a bunch of little points which make a whole, you can love something even if it has problems, and you can still hate something even if it has great things in it. There are great things in MGSV, but IMO they don’t out weight the bad, what I meant by that was people’s ability to overlook problems simply because they like something.

            I’m not writing to be nice, I’m writing as my opinion, reading what I write doesn’t have to be nice, I’m not out to please everyone with how I word things. And yeah, I’m being an grouchy about the whole thing, but I don’t see the problem, if it doesn’t read nice, what does it matter?

          • Never mind then.

          • Alex

            TPP doesn’t undermine MGS2, the same way the FOBs don’t undermine PW. Its just different messages and different approaches, they don’t have to compete with each other, they can coexist. Its up to preference not objective observations, because its all subjective. A lot of people felt like they couldn’t move on from MGS2 much like (but for different reasons) how many now feel like they can’t move on from TPP. Many so called fans wanted a sequel and not a prequel. Kojima got death threats for 2’s unresolved plots, before today’s ease of social media.

            MGS2 was thematically more about finding your own purpose and passing on what’s important to you, the power fantasy stuff wasn’t as prevalent as say, Spec Ops: The Line. For me it was more a subversion of sequel expectations: we all wanted a bigger, badder and better MGS1, and instead we got a deconstruction of MGS1 and our yearning for a better MGS1. Its like if you got an Avengers graphic novel and then its sequel was suddenly Watchmen instead of Avengers. TPP was also a subversion of Big Boss’ downfall.

            Venom doesn’t speak much because like Big Boss (well, he is Big Boss too) he is a dead man walking. He’s been dead since he killed The Boss, but they couldn’t convey that with just graphics and performance capture until MGSV. Big Boss didn’t speak much in GZ either. When MSF fell and Miller was losing it, Snake was silent, his face said everything. Everything is said with his face and actions, thanks to the FOX Engine and Kiefer’s subtle/nuance facial capture performance. You also feel a powerful yet wordless performance from Norman Reedus in the DS trailer, with lots of subtlety and depth, despite having no idea what’s going on. The goal of Venom being the player had nothing to do with that decision. That was more achieved through sheer game design and the open nature of everything, from how you infiltrate bases to how you build your army, MGSV is far more open-ended customizable experience overall compared to prior games and Venom being you just seals the deal on that front. Everyone’s Venom was already going to be very different from one another even without the plot twist.

            And its not about being or wanting to be like Big Boss, its about standing for what you believe in and striving to make a difference or achieving great things and making the world a better place in some way. Your only Big Boss in the fictional lore that doesn’t exist, in the real world Big Boss is you/like you, whether you are a medic/doctor (hence his random occupation as a medic) or an engineer or mechanic or whatever. “Everyone is Big Boss” is metaphorical for “Everyone can bring change and strive for a better world”. Kojima sees himself as Big Boss but is nothing like a soldier and is all about anti-conflict. He feels he can lead a team of devs to create entertainment that can make a real difference and change people’s lives for the better. He’s probably much closer to a Big Boss type figure than most can be but the general message of “always strive to do good and never give up making the world better” applies to all. There’s also the other side of it that’s about making the saga as a symbiotic creation between Kojima and the players, and passing on that torch to the players, giving us the keys to the saga to makeshift it as we see fit (there are no facts, only interpretation).

            MGSV is very much a complete story in its own way, it covers all the thematic basis and then some. Phantom pain, of which the game is named for, is explored under many numerous different contexts throughout, along with many other topics explored (like any other MGS). You dont have to want to be Big Boss, in fact I’m sure a point of the whole series is to stay away from conflicts and guns. Anyone who wants to join the military after any of the games, completely missed the boat in my opinion. MGSV much like any other MGS very much cares about the importance of real life via exploration of serious topics and real world issues. Both MGS2 and MGSV have complete stories, just with different intents. PW was made in a year with a complete story, trust me the story in TPP is as intended to be, but you don’t have to like it.

            MGS2 and MGSV have opposing directions and themes explored, but they are NOT opposing each other in a hypocritical sense. MGS4 would defy MGS2 much more in that sense, but MGS2 wasn’t as definitively “no more allowed after this” as MGSV was in my opinion. Kojima himself couldn’t do a sequel or MSX remake without going against his vision of TPP. Before TPP came out I really wanted MG1/MG2 remakes for them to co-exist with and be up to par with the MGS games, but after TPP I consider that blasphemy. All he could really do is go backwards and explore The Boss. MGSV and MGS2 do not explore the same themes/ideas with different/opposing solutions.

            For me, MGSV was MGS2 done right, but that’s just me and I don’t view that in any objective sort of manner. I still respect MGS2 as much as I ever had, and its still the most unique in the series in its heavily literary and metaphysical story that is at its best when viewed separate from the rest in the series and especially MGS4. They’re all at their best when viewed individually, but MGS2 especially. Its the most unique masterpiece out of all the masterpieces.

          • No Place For Hayter

            You like what I hate about MGSV, and even if these weren’t problems for me MGSV is a shattered mess, it is far from a few thematic flaws. I mean honestly you and me see it really differently. And honestly after your line of “For me, MGSV was MGS2 done right” It’s not worth my time to discus it with you anymore. I am very objective about what is right and wrong with something, most of the time it doesn’t really matter to me because how someone takes those objective facts is subjective hence the quote of “There are no facts, only interpretation” this does not mean there are no facts, it means just by processing the present facts as human beings we make it subjective thus losing its objectiveness, so whether someone likes something or not has far less to do with somethings objectiveness and far more to do with how they personally build their subjectivity from that

            For me MGSV clearly crosses into objectively bad on most levels (Except the FOX engine), hence if someone doesn’t see its flaws they never will, and will never admit to any of them, and will simply create excuses for the game, I will admit MGSV is created perfectly for people whom want to defend it with trite shit like “There are no facts, only interpretations” and being vague about everything, the game is practically begging to be made excuses for.

            I find it interesting how dividing MGSV it actually, I mean we all understand and love the other games (except 4, I hate 4) and yet whether you like it or hate it is very different for MGSV. I simply don’t have the energy to waste discussing vague thematic elements of a game I hate with a passion, I have written many, MANY pages about what I dislike and why, and honestly I don’t have the energy to talk about it anymore with anyone who is only out to not discus, but to simply convince me of there opinion .Lets be honest nothing substantial ever gets across to the other person, build your own world, I say one thing you will simply disagree whether I’m actually right or not, I’m really not gonna play this game when the only one giving ground is me, nobody is simply objective enough to actually talk to, and yes I’m probably coming across as really hostile (sorry about that, I know I am coming across hostile here, definitely because I’m angry), but seriously, when was the last time talking like this actually become objective for anyone? MGSV is a dry well for me, I was more than happy to banter about it after release, but now, I’m done bantering, even if someone wanted to objectively talk about it, I don’t have the energy or patience, I’m always pretty calm about everything, but now I only get angry when trying to talk about MGSV.

            It would appear that seeing so much praise for what I consider to be a piece of shit kind of soured the subject for me, I guess I can no longer discus it, lol, sorry to force an end discussion with you while we are in the middle of talking, but (ironically enough) it appears I can no longer talk objectively about MGSV, and if I can’t do that I don’t want to get argumentative about the whole thing and be unnecessarily rude to you. Guess I better call it quits, hahaha…..ha…… God this kind of sucks, I supposed bygones be bygones, I’m more of a people person anyway, text is great of a lot of reasons but it is terrible for others, and any discussion like this is best carried out in person, the best I can do is agree to disagree, lol……*sigh*

          • Alex

            MGSV has storytelling problems, the pacing and what not, but not the story itself. Neither MGS2 or MGSV are my favorite, I just like MGSV more than 2 but love both. Your point about MGSV being made for excuses and people defending it can be just as much said if not more so with MGS2. No Metal Gear game has as much narrative incoherence as 2 does on a plot level (of which many fans loved MGS1 for) and objectively has very bad storytelling when seen only through the lens of traditional storytelling structures. MGS2 practically requires the player to be very open minded, patient and thoughtful. Lots of people simply didn’t get what they signed up for and it really showed in the drop-off in sales between 2 and 3; Metal Gear was about to be as mainstream as Call of Duty if MGS2 would’ve played it safe and given what people wanted.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah, you are right, lol, and I agree. Me not being able to actually accurately put what I’m talking about really hampers things >.< I simply get to frustrated on the topic of MGSV, wasn't before, lol, funny how that works. There are thing to love in MGSV as well, I just never get to talk about them as everybody else is praising the game without any given points as to why, so my comments always lean towards what nobody is saying despite there actually being good things in MGSV, though for the near future, man, I am ALL talked out, lol.

          • Yeah, and MGS2 was also widely disliked at first, here’s hoping that with time MGSV will get the recognition it deserves, like MGS2. For that game it also took years for it to be appreciated.

          • Alex

            I’ve seen folks that have written beautiful pieces for MGS2 (Wolfe and SuperBunny) either not like MGSV or bash MGSV, so I don’t know. I think MGSV has its fans like us, but the ones that didn’t like it wont change their minds when great pieces are written. I don’t think recent MGS2 analysis ever changed the minds of those that hated MGS2 either, if they even read them. The people that have written great MGS2 analysis always loved it; they didn’t wake up one day and realize how wrong they were about it.

            But I would love to see MGSV get the kind of mutual respect MGS2 has now overall.

          • Perhaps you’re right but maybe the general perception could change a little bit even if individuals stick to their opinion. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

          • Alex

            GameSpot said it good towards the end of this video: “The Phantom Pain is the series’ missing link, and while not everyone is pleased by the way Kojima tied things together, he certainly managed to do what he does best: deliver a story that subverts expectations, redefining the truth and your understanding of the series at large.”

          • Yeah, well said. Maybe we can all agree that whatever you think of MGSV, at least it didn’t play it safe, and it did something interesting, which is why people are still talking about it over a year after release.

          • Alex

            Yea, for better or worse, lol.

  • BurntFM

    I’m still upset there is no way to go back and watch all the cut scenes in the game. Or like the Secret Theater in MGS3 where you can swap characters for different scenes. Missed opportunity.

    • Certainly, a Theater Mode would have been great, especially since previous Metal Gear games had them (2 and 3 at least).

    • I don’t know why they forgot about the theater in V.
      The engine was easily capable of doing that. People are modding the game with different chars already.
      MGS4 did not had theater because the engine there was pain in the ass and it would require additional job in the end especially with the early PS3 dev kits that were not the best.

      • The problem with MGSV is that it doesn’t have a new game plus option either, which makes the game difficult to replay (as well as the open world mission structure), and some of the cutscenes can’t even be repeated unless starting an entirely new save file. It’s just a shame that it’s so difficult to see those great cutscenes again.

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)


          • BurntFM

            It works for The Witcher 3. Why wouldn’t it work for TPP?

          • Lex Radu

            Why is that a problem?

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

            Fuck IDK what to say
            BECAUSE I’M BATMAN

          • Lex Radu

            Now, I am Batman… and you are too.
            Carry that with you wherever you go.

          • Every game that has new game plus is easier in later playthroughs, including MGS4. But they could at least give it as an option for those who don’t care about that, and if you want a challenge you can always replay on a higher difficulty (in new game plus). Now, there isn’t really an option to replay through the story aside from starting a whole new save file.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)


        • Xilurm

          Oh god I would love a NG+ in MGSV. I love replaying the other games countless of times and considering I feel like MGSV has the best gameplay (imo) it makes NG+ really a weird thing not to have.

          • Xilurm

            Here’s hoping Death Stranding will have a NG+ 😛

          • Yeah some features would really be cool to have:

            Too bad they aren’t adding these things in the Definitive Experience. It seems unlikely it will still happen as the team is now busy with Survive.


          Awesome post, I remember that.
          About New Game+
          New Game+ for MGSV:TPP is not that easy to make. Additional AI scripting and testing. Making it harder and more challenging will require more testing in the end. MGSV:TPP is not Bloodborne where you just raise enemy stats and give more exp, MGSV:TPP is an open world Stealth SANDBOX where enemy AI can choose helmets or have additional tools.. New Game+ will require new tools for the enemies, maybe even more soldiers and adjusting.

          New Game+ for this game is almost a different mode at this point, so expecting it to be there is a bit…. well, too much Nyx. It’s too complicated imo.

      • Gatsu

        Yea many missing features :(.

    • Lex Radu

      That’s because today we live in the era of Video Capturing, where we can and have to do it ourselves, the era where you will find all the cutscenes on Youtube, and if you want, you can Replay any mission at any point, and you will see those cutscenes again!

      • Lex Radu

        And Let’s not forget about modding and replacing characters models on PC!

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

          Mgs2 and 3 were in PC right?

          • Lex Radu

            MG1, 2, MGS1, 2 and Rising are on PC, 3 isn’t, and neither is 4 nor PW, those are the 3 Games we are still missing on PC, we might get them eventually in 2017, when it will be the 30th Anniversary of Metal Gear!

          • Gatsu

            We might get them on pc, once Konami stops taking crack.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

            Their CEO takes crystal meth
            I dunno about the rest of the company

      • BurntFM

        No, there are many scenes, actually the majority of scenes that can’t be seen again by replaying the missions. I’m talking about an in-game theater mode where there’s no need to go to a different place to watch them

        • Lex Radu

          That’s 1 [art of the “Phantom Pain” aspect of the Game, just like the Paz secret Mission, you think that eventually all the doors hold a secret mission, but there is nothing there.

      • Yeah, but it’s not the same. Youtube quality isn’t the same as watching the game yourself on your tv and audio setup, and aside from that, some of the cutscenes can’t be repeated within the same save file.

      • Full Options

        The idea of receiving simulated light in real-time on those surfaces is yet charming.
        Youtube automatic compression hide this. When you run all in real-time, you feel like only a glass is separating you from Snake. Not arguing if an uncompressed footage was on the hard drive neither, so in the absolute, you are right, but the video uncompressed would be so heavy to store.. When all run in real-time, it is a simulation, not a video anymore. Not sure if Hideo pioneered it, but was so happy that all his titles were insisting on such rendering strategies from the very beginning.

    • Jav

      “We know you want that, that’s why we are going to sell you a metal gear with zombies”. Konami.

    • ChrisIII

      There’s been a few Youtube modders who have had some fun swapping around the models a bit, and have sort of created their own (with often hilarious results):

  • Jav

    I can’t help with the nukes because there is nothing in my fob nuke tab. And I have the enough heroism.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Peace is a pretty wide and illusive word itself, lol.

  • Alexandre Saccol
  • proceeder

    The Nuke deterrence dynamic is pretty interesting. I think having nuclear weapons are immoral and “pure evil”.
    Yet, I always keep at least one in game so if some one has the audacity to invade my FOB, I would get extended blockade times or keep just anybody from having ago at interrupting my developments in game.

  • Full Options
  • Alex

    “Peace day never came…”
    That always stings so hard and stirs a range of emotion in me every time I hear it. The Paz stuff in TPP was some of the best material and perfectly building from her post-game development in PW and GZ. People didn’t like the tapes in these games, but they were far better at painting a mental picture than prior codecs. They had all the makings of great cinema using just sound and audio.

    • BurntFM

      lol. *than

    • Eugene Voldo

      That’s racist :^(

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPIS)

        Learn the definition of racist first before using it
        Unless you were joking xD?

      • Full Options


      • Well he is the director of MG:S :^(

    • Lex Radu

      The “Inferior clone”

  • YES! WE ARE THE BEST! Such an amazing book by the way. high quality. Superb!

    • Wow, he’s reading through the entire thing! Nice! We may still get one of those books, hopefully.

      • I really wish they’d make it available printed, I’d love to buy it

  • FoxTamerMGO

    IMO peace day will never come until we find endless resources. Hunger for resources is what drive people to start wars.For example, when there are two people, and one piece of bread. And only one can take it to survive.. the two will fight, the winner will survive, and the loser will die. it’s not that the two hate each other, it’s just that they need it to survive. The only way to achieve eternal peace is to acquire endless resources for both fighting sides. That’s just my opinion.

  • Jav
  • I was making 2 nukes a week on ps4 but now my goal is disarmament. Philantrophy for the greater good

  • Fu Hai

    Or maybe Konami were pulling a ‘Sean Murray’.
    If you look at the cutscene, it occurs when the Child soldiers are back on mother base (check who places the flowers) and Venom knows the ‘Truth’. It also gives you a count of how many Battle Gears you constructed. As a a game story timeline, it occurs after Mission 51.
    the in-game Nuke FOBs are far from complete, so were the battle gears, missing stages and chapters only found by data mining..
    “I am just a Phantom…”

  • MrK

    There is a image relating to MSGV in Japanese showing Quiet and big boss. I have no idea what it’s about. Also there is a video on youtube that claims MGSV supposed to have 5 chapters and other maps to explore

  • KhanVader

    Is there still somewhere to check the number of nukes for PS4?

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