Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain vinyl figures by Titan Merchandise announced

A new line of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain merchandise has been announced by Titan Merchandise and Konami. Each of these vinyl figures is 3″ in size and comes in a blind box. They are releasing in April of next year. Check out the official announcement – as well as an image showing off the characters – below.


From Titan Merchandise and Konami come Metal Gear Solid TITANS: The Phantom Pain Collection!

Featuring the iconic heroes and villains from the legendary franchise – including mercenary Venom Snake and his faithful pet wolf DD as well as his allies Quiet, Ocelot and Kazuhira Miller. Also featured in the set are the villainous Skull Face and bad-guys-in-the-making Tretij Rebenok and Eli!

Plus, it wouldn’t be a Metal Gear wave without a Metal Gear! The Phantom Pain Collection also includes, scaled down from it’s original 50ft size, Metal Gear Sahelanthropus!

And much more!

Each figure is 3” blind-boxed and certain pieces come with a character-specific accessory. PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect!

Estimated In Stock Date: 28th April

Source: Titan Merchandise

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)
    • Matrixcity

      I think you should calm down. Hue hue hue. I’d I were a kid I would love these things. Why didn’t they come out a year ago?

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Are you implying mgsv is a game for kids?

        • Matrixcity

          I’m talking about the merchandise.

          • Full Options

            “If I were a kid I would love these things” Well that’s fortunate you are not a kid anymore. Tired about seeing caricatures of this franchise that any kid could realize while scratching his balls.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            I clearly don’t give a fuck about this kind of shitty merchandise
            Even the chibi figures annoy the fuck outta me

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            But I wasn’t
            I was talking about a leaked battle with mantis that I don’t think anyone cares about.I mean the game is already released.What’s cut is cut!But it’s interesting to see tho

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Oh and did you even click the damn link

        • Matrixcity

          Calm down? Yeah sorry, you caught me trolling. Trolls don’t click links. Lol

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            Well your trolling is horrible

          • Matrixcity

            So are most of your comments… ooooooguh sick burn. Lol. Just messing with you. Calm down.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            I can’t do nothing for you kid since you sound like you are 10


    I dont know why but these figures remind me a south park! XD

    Metal Gear: South park edition!

  • Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Gatsu

    Guys dont get toxic in the comments thx.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


    • Yeah they seem to be the kind of style you either like or don’t. But keep in mind these are just illustrations, the real thing seems to look a little better judging by the other figures they have done.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah you’re right ☺.

      • Neil Ervin

        They made Marie and not Skyler? How peculiar.

        • Jak

          They made -Walt Jr- and not Skyler either? Jesus.

  • Alex

    Do we know what regions they will sell in, or if not where this company is based?

    I’ve seen these kinds of figures before for Civil War and BvS.

  • proceeder

    Well this is $hit. How about some authentic Solid Snake MGS 1 figure that is not all beefy like the Play Arts Kai one, huh?! can some one please do that?

    • Jak

      Metal Gear Solid 1 snake -is- pretty beefy…

      and there’s the yamaguchi one that just came out a year or two back, is still pretty easy to find.

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