New Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Pachislot video shows Ocelot boss fight

A new video of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Pachislot shows the boss fight against Ocelot. In the cinematic cutscenes in the background we can see the two characters pull off all kinds of moves, including Snake shooting the hornets nest as can also be done in the original game.

For more images of the Pachislot game you can go here, or go here to download a bunch of wallpapers.

Source: KPE Youtube

  • Alex

    There’s a distinction between Pachinko machines and Pachislot ones, but its so depressing to realize that advancing in a game like this depends on a combination of your luck and how fat your wallet is. People could spend so much money and get nowhere. To see a game, a story like Snake Eater get adapted to this format at all is bad enough, but a full graphical overhaul (not just the PS2 graphics) is just too much to swallow. There has to be a planned movie or game version release, there just has to. That new wallpaper image of Snake with Boss’s gun looks like a real guy cosplaying, as if Snake’s face was photoshopped onto a real guy wearing real camo clothes.

    • ShugoTakahashi

      You’d be surprised at how much money companies are pouring into pachislot machines. Some of them have fully-featured anime sequences done by real, seasoned animation studios JUST for the pachislot, never to be used anywhere else. An example would be the Ace Attorney pachislot, which has amazing anime cutscenes that are quite a bit better than the actual anime series we ended up getting. They were done by an entirely different studio that Capcom commissioned solely for the pachislot.

      This situation with MGS3 is sadly probably no different. Konami really did put this much money and effort into a pachislot machine, because they expect it to be that profitable. It is still possible that they’ll try to whore out this work on some other medium, but its primary reason for existing is the pachislot.

      Personally, I don’t really want a new version of MGS3. It wouldn’t be headed by Kojima and there would be inevitable meddling with the gameplay, art style, and tone. I just want them to leave it alone.

      • Alex

        Wow, that’s something. So in order to *maybe see a different version released, we have to pray and hope the pachislot fails enough to motivate them to do that. That’s messed up. But who knows, maybe the Japanese audience might be able to recognize how blasphemous it is and not give it any of their money, but that’s a longshot.

        If Konami never releases something, someone over there has to find a way to capture and extract all the internal cutscenes from one of these machines and release it to torrents.

    • That’s what I keep telling myself, especially after seeing some elements from the new mg “game”. There has to be a full remake(s) coming, if there’s not, well that’s my phantom pain.

  • That “MGSVTPP episodes ending track”… 7:03

    • Full Options

      Right, love this bass line.

    • Yeah. That’s Ludvig Forsell.

      This bass line represents the ending in Action TV series in the 70s and 80s. That feel is amazing.

      • With all the tracks from Snake Eater available they decided to use a TPP track for the latest Pachislot ending part instead… the montage… with that Fox logo replacing the Kojima Productions logo… I wonder why…?

        • Maybe they just used what they had.

          • BurntFM

            I think you cracked the way Konami does things now. The use what they have laying around in the office.

        • Full Options

          Fox logo actually is a Koji-Pro logo, that’s why they renewed their rights to use it for many years more, yet another legal paradox giving 2 registered Koji-Pro brandings, one for Konami and one for Kojima, but with different fonts or any other visually / artistically related materials.

          • I already knew the KP logo story, my question is why Konami is deliberately insisting to make people even more angry about this Pachinslot by using MGSVTPP “staff” in his related promotional videos ?

            Didn’t they noticed the dislikes on the previous Pachislots YouTube videos ? of course they did…

            There’s absolutely no logical reason to do that, apparently for most, but if this factor can increase the hate towards the company who get rid of Hideo Kojima maybe it would be more easy for the fans to believe there’s no ruse behind all this and, at the same time, more difficult to believe there’s a ruse going on so… perhaps, that’s the logic behind the inclusion of this “TPP cameo clip” included in the Pachislot video…

          • Full Options

            I don’t think it is to intentionally provoke the fan base. To me, they used this specific track because they believe this bass line rocks as a ending jingle.

  • Great Konami news… And People still wonder why Kojima is not telling anything about the situation. Because this happens. Konami can send him a message about the future lawsuit just for fun at this point.

    • Eugene Voldo

      You know, I’m with Konami on this one. Konami said nothing bad about Kojima after his departure, but at the same time Kojima is trying to devalue MG Survive with this kind of comments. He should just go with “No comment” or “Next question”.

      “There’s no reason that zombies would show up.”

      I mean, what the heck? Zombies is a definite no-no, but Sorrow and all his ghostly bullshit is a big yes-yes. Personally I hate double standards. And this is a perfect example of double standards.

      • What he meant was that in essence Metal Gear Solid isn’t a zombie game, in its essence it’s about espionage and politics, which is true. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be supernatural elements in it, but it never was a straight-up zombie game like Survive is. Also, he was pretty respectful and made clear it was just his opinion, and he was simply answering a question and giving his honest view on it. He has every right to voice his opinion about what is going on with the series he created.

        • Full Options

          Plus, he probably knows a lot more on the project than the average audience. In fact I am sure he is in contact with a lot of old brothas and sistas at Konami.
          He may have unfortunately hinted at the fact that Survive is too much zombie shooter centered, which sadly contribute to confirm our fears about the fate of Metal Gear.

          I am sure that him, Yoji, Ken and more are still extremely pissed and I very hardly imagine why they actually should not. However, they could appear to mock Konami, but to me it even feels like a desperate attempt to drive MG with precious and essential advises (regarding the short legal windows to communicate), and even well deserved alarms.
          They are between pros, his job is to help them so if he is mad, that’s simply as if he was still in their walls, pulling the hell out of them, as he always did. He is now doing this from the outside.
          He can still do that, even if some higher suits would not agree. I think many unit-8 folks would more than welcome every single input from him, even secretly. After all, most of them were in their “career-diapers” when he published the first MG. That’s piece of a feeling, specially in Japan, a rare country still respecting Sensei’s.

      • and Kojima said nothing bad about Metal Gear survive. As Nyxus said in it’s essence it’s about espionage and politics. Not zombies.
        He never said that MGSurVive is horrible. He said that it has nothing to do with him and for the creator zombies does not make any sense.

        “I mean, what the heck? Zombies is a definite no-no, but Sorrow and all his ghostly bullshit is a big yes-yes.”

        The difference between MGS3 and MGSurVive is that ghost stuff is not a focus for the game. It is still about espionage and politics.

        • Eugene Voldo

          I didn’t say that Kojima said anything bad about the game. I just pointed out that his comments are devaluing MG Survive as a stand-alone game. He should realize that his comments can do a lot of harm for the future prospects of MG series.

          >The difference between MGS3 and MGSurVive

          That’s not the only difference between MGS3 and MGSurvive. MG Survive is a one-off experiment like Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare while MGS3 is a mainline game. So what’s wrong with zombies in MG Survive? I think there’s nothing wrong. There are still espionage here and maybe even politics? Who knows. Let’s wait for more information before sticking labels on the game.

          • >He should realize that his comments can do a lot of harm for the future prospects of MG series.

            Why Hideo Kojima should care about That? He can talk what he want really. He is free and right now he is in a position as a consumer. He can enjoy the product or not. He can have opinions on it. It’s not a Hideo Kojima game anymore.

            “There are still espionage here and maybe even politics? ”

            No, there are not. Definitely it’s just for fun. SurVive world is just some alien Afghanistan!?!? Whatever…
            Yeh, I know that MGSurVive is something like Undead Nightmare and should be that way, but Konami treats it like a new Metal Gear game, not DLC/Add-on and after Konami/Kojima situation, MGSurVive is not the best way to communicate with the fans.

            Capcom does the same thing with Resident Evil series (Umbrella corps game) but at least it’s fans are not angry and Resident Evil 7 was announced after few months and they know that Resident Evil is in the right hands and won’t be butchered, but MGS fans don’t know nothing really. Konami does not communicate enough and we get Pachinko machines and other things we don’t want from them.

          • The damage had already been done, by Konami’s own actions and the concept of Survive itself, which a large part of the fanbase can’t really appreciate. The Survive debut trailer already received abysmal ratings on Youtube before Kojima even said a word about it.

          • Alex

            MG Survive devalued itself, it didn’t need Kojima to do that.

      • Jesse Moreno

        While it isn’t out of line for Kojima to comment on what is essentially his baby, saying zombies have no place in Metal Gear is a bit absurd. Regardless of whatever nanomachime related reasons he came up with later, he’s already put ghosts and vampires in the games. And in all honesty there are already zombies in MGSV, he just didn’t call them zombies.

    • Mr.Pony

      🙁 that’s a shame…

    • Yeah… Good Job Konami. He worked his ass off with the fans with his own money to release something cool as this as a present for Kojima and now this.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      What does this say?
      I’m not authorized to see this

      • Was about the book – A Hideo Kojima Book – , it was cancelled, at least the free pdf version.

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


          • For reasons beyond their control or somethin like that.
            So I think – “Konami” – is your answer.

            The tweet was deleted btw

        • Kenny Armour

          are you saying The PDF version was cancelled?

      • The free PDF version of the Kojima fan book has been cancelled.

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

    So instead of finishing this
    They do this crap
    Okay konami
    Well done
    Well done

    • Lex Radu

      Wait, what is this?

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Did you click the link?
        Probably a test but why create a new area just for a test

  • BurntFM

    I can’t be mad at the animation because it’s very good. I’ve seen the videos of people trying out this pachinko on YouTube and it’s just sad. So I don’t feel so bad.

  • Jacob Ausmus

    gah gah

  • Nekkedsnake

    kocknami and their bullshit machines. they can go fuck themselves, eat a bag of dicks and die in a ditch.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


  • Hablais

    Is this a post about John Cena? Because I can’t see anything…

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      I have a friend called Yuri and he got pissed ad when I showed him pics of the anime

  • MrVux007

    *Off topic*

    This Salazar guy should really lay of the rum or take some tutoring for drinking…i would help him buuut….no moar Caribbean piracy for me

    Also its CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow…some respect jeesh

    • My favourite movie series returns :^)

  • Lex Radu
  • Full Options

    Not sure about google translation, checked quick and have to go now, but it appears that Boss clarified why DS may not be VR-compliant (on page 2), in an interview published yesterday. He seems to develop as well on few of his general opinions about VR :

  • Full Options

    Def Ex official teaser is out :

    • Mr.Pony

      “3 games” well…

    • HA HA HA. They disabled Likes/Dislikes.

      Konami…… KONAMI… FFFFF…..

      • Mr.Pony

        HAHAHAH they really did disabled the counter viewer HAHAHAH Konami has indeed reached such a lower level…hahah…ha…*sigh*…

        • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


      • Full Options

        xD… At least as smart move.. xD

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      Thank god granny goodness taught me how to snap two necks coz that’s what I’ll do for konami executives

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      Thank god Kojima’s pal George Miller….Euhm I mean granny goodness taught me how to snap two necks coz that’s what I’ll do for konami executives
      Konami is the officially the emblem of recycled regurgitated garbage marketing

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Well it is in the game
        They just changed the background according to Konami
        Bitter fans as usual 🙁

        • They said it was made specially for the E3 2014 trailer, and now they use it again

          It’s not in the game if we don’t see it. No point in adding something to the game that ends up not being seen.

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            It’s a shot in the acc with snake

      • Full Options

        Just like usual, they need confidence. Even if Hideo was there and busy with SH or something else, they would “use” it (of course, eliminate the Koji-Gate elephant right in the middle).

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