Check out the packaging for the Venom Snake statue by Gecco

On their official blog, Mamegyorai has shared some new pictures of the Venom Snake statue by Gecco that has just become available. These new photos include pictures of the box the 1/6 scale statue comes in. Because Snake does like his cardboard boxes.

gecco-venom-snake-box-1 gecco-venom-snake-box-2 gecco-venom-snake-box-3 gecco-venom-snake-box-4 gecco-venom-snake-box-5 gecco-venom-snake-box-6 gecco-venom-snake-box-7 gecco-venom-snake-box-8

You can purchase the statue from Amazon. If you want to see some more specifications and photos, go here.

Source: Mamegyorai

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