Images of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V show unused Chico concepts

Some images have surfaced online showing a couple of pages from The Art of Metal Gear Solid V, the game’s art book that is releasing later this month. On these pages we can see some art for the unused Mission 51 (Kingdom of the Flies). Also a few character designs for Chico, who as we know did not end up in the final game.

metal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-1 metal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-2metal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-3metal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-4metal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-5metal-gear-solid-v-chico-artmetal-gear-solid-v-art-hq-7

The Art of Metal Gear Solid V is releasing this month in two different versions, a regular art book and a hardcover edition with special slipcase. A digital version will be available as well. You can expect a full article detailing its contents around that time as well.

Source: MGSKojiPro 1, 2, Reddit, 2

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


  • NegaScott128

    Holy shit, why is Chico so cool?

    • Because in Peace Walker Big Boss told him he is ‘hombre nuevo’. “Fight with me, little soldier. Show me how strong you really are.” And because of what happened in Ground Zeroes of course. 😉

      • Mr.Pony

        how old would he be in TPP?

  • I’m crying right now.
    Holy shit. This looks jaw dropping. Looks like Chico was supposed to be MGSV’s version of Next Generation Soldier/Ninja or GFox.
    Look at the Peace Walker sign. Impressive. Yoji Shinkawa is such a master.

    That would be so great if we had to fight him in the game for the last time.

    • Mr.Pony

      He looks like like a real badass, can already imagine him skulking around Africa putting soldiers on hooks and choping them down with a machete…a soldier of peace, now a phantom of revenge xD

    • Literally chico dropped his jaw… he has a phantom jaw now…
      also I like how his robe resembles the one used by Paz at the start of peace walker

      he might also go by the name… Machine-gun Kid by that time

  • Barret47

    So… Chico dont died in Ground Zeroes?
    And he is with Eli?

    • Probably in the story as it is now he did die, since they decided not to go with this concept, so it isn’t really canon.

      • Barret47

        Anyway, now I’m going to pre-order the book. Looks f***ing amazing and will look great next to my DS art book

    • I think even if there was this Chico version in TPP he would be dead.
      I think this is a SKULL-Modified version of Chico. He is half-dead and half-alive here.

      But this is not canon, still looks fantastic.

  • Jav

    Did they ever said something about that metal gear being a nuclear weapon? Because I don’t remember. And if it’s not a nuclear weapon I don’t see the great danger of this robot.

    About chico I won’t say anything.

    • Nuclear armament
      Uranium-enrichment archaea self-destruction
      Intercontinental ballistic missile

      • Try saying that three times

        • Not to mention
          The armour is depleted uranium
          Has a valid sensor radius
          200 meters (calculated in-game distance)
          Standard armament consists of
          2 gatling guns
          6 guided missile launchers
          4 surveillance mine launchers
          2 metallic archaea nano-fiber blades
          Rail gun
          With the optional armament of metallic archea.

          That’s a weapon boy

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

            A walking IBM?
            She is a

  • I said it before, I’ll say it again. Chico should have been the one too kill Skullface. Showing him coming back from everything Skullface did too him and getting revenge would have been fucking great. Skullface took everything from Big Boss. But he took Chico’s soul. Would have been great to have him turn from the stupid kid soldier who you wanted to beat up in Peace Walker. To a grown man with a real reason to fight with a pay off in killing Skullface. Instead he just died in the helicopter and was mentioned once afterwards and forgotten.

    • This is a nice idea, but TPP version is fine. People die in a war conflict, that’s the real truth. So it works here.

      • True, but it would have been nice.

        Tons of ideas get scrapped in development. Oh well

  • Everwen

    Theory: What if they originally intended to retconn Chico into Frank Jaeger? Because that design totally looks like him.

  • On another note, Ayako shot down some ruse theories.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      That guy is annoying

    • They obviously would deny em you know, just saying :b

      • Well if it was true why would they respond at all? They probably wouldn’t comment on it in the first place.

        • It’s easier to deceive the people since the majority doesn’t believe there’s a ruse. And if you say “There’s no ruse people”, the majority of people will believe it, since that’s the answer they want to hear.

          • You can never be 100% sure, but the proportions and length of the ruse would be so great and so many people would have to be involved, that it becomes very hard to believe.

          • I know, that’s why I’m partially skeptical about this, but hey, I prefer the motto “Never Be Game Over”. 😉

          • Full Options

            I think the only way a ruse could finally be born would be some kind of final “reaching out” between Konami and Kojima leading to a cheesy explanation such as “it was a whole ruse” as a poor attempt from Konami to extinguish the mess that happened so far.
            So I guess we’ll have 0.0000000025% chance to see this happen..

      • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

        Dude stop supporting him

        • Do you want me to support Trump instead 😀

          • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)


  • JoJo

    Ah, friendly reminder that Chico had the single most potential for wanting revenge out of ANYONE in MSF.
    The fact that they killed him off-screen with nothing more than a passing mention was pathetic.

  • You know guys, Kojima does this all the time before some kind of a huge announcement. I guess he is getting prepared for something huge… For TGA or PSX.

    Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)

      He also was playing a game
      At first I thought it would be the last guardian but then I realized it could be a devout due to the multiple controllers

    • Full Options

      Brainstorming.. xD

    • stocchinet .

      Vape nation

  • Alex

    Isn’t it this month? Amazon has the normal one mid-November and then the limited one at the end of November. They’re probably in Amazon warehouses already.

    • Hm, the regular seems to be set for November 15 and the limited for early December on Amazon. Strange that they’re not releasing on the same day.

  • RJRO

    Ok, he looks more like a boss fight, than an allied.

  • PrinceHeir

    Chico really looks like Null from Portable OPS. I think if they made him Gray Fox that would be cool! They already retcon a couple of stuff so it’s fine.

    Also this is the supposed timeline that Big Boss was supposed to meet Gray Fox(or at least have some contact). So I think this one would have make sense. If let’s say retcon Gray Fox origin story in Portable Ops, and reintroduced him here.

    Imagine seeing the birth of both Liquid and Gray Fox in one game. It would have been awesome!

    • moto hellogoto

      He also looks like the soldier from overwatch.

  • Mini gear

    ahhhh its so good looking

  • Gatsu

    Oh wow these look so beautiful, Chico looks pretty damn cool :). Need to have mad skills to draw such beauty.

    Btw feels so amazing to finally play FFXV and TLG soon, after all the years of waiting <3.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to believe they will both be out in a month!

      • Gatsu

        Hype extreme <3.

        • Mini gear

          hype is so high right now my friends

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        Just to quickly check, do I have to play ‘Ico’ and ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ before ‘The Last Guardian’?

        • No. None of the Team ICO games are direct sequels, they all have their own stories.

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Cheers. Can’t believe ‘The Last Guardian’ is gonna come out 9 YEARS after development began. Still, better late than never.

    • Snake looks so weird it’s bugging me

    • PrinceHeir

      I don’t remember the screenshot on the further right below.

  • Demerzel

    Punished Chico looks great, but it’s kind of sad to think this is probably the last design from Shinkawa related with Metal Gear that we’ll ever see.

  • Nekkedsnake

    too bad Cyborg Chico wasn’t used 🙁

  • mcbennet

    It’s depressing to realize how much potential this game had. So many scenarios and characters planned that could have made it one of my favorites, if not THE best game in the franchise. At least we get to smack zombie rhino heads with metal poles next year…..

  • BurntFM

    Woah. So Chico was going to get some sort of redemption after the events of Ground Zeroes. Like a superhero origins story, maybe? It would have been cool to have a Boss(pun intended) fight against him. Oh well. It doesn’t hurt to dream. I’m putting my hype hat back on for Death Stranding see if it shows up at the Game Awards.

    • If my mom had not picked this up for me yeeaars ago, I wouldn’t have gotten back into Metal Gear. Completely forgot about it after playing through MGS1.


    Its kinda funny that on art this game looks different than it looked on gameplay.

    On first screen with locations it looks more like a Cast Away with Tom Hanks or Robinson Crusoe.

    And why Chico looks like he is 30 years old on those arts? I know it was 9 years to Phantom Pain but… cmon! In ground zeroes he looked like 12 years old kid.

    But arts are Mega fantastic!

    • Full Options

      GZ happens 9 years before TPP.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah, I know. I even updated my comment! 🙂

        But dont You think he looks too old on those arts?

        • Full Options

          I believe you principally have the black and white bottom-middle concept art in mind, right ? Around 10 years ago, Yoji started to issue for MGS3, a set of badass concept arts drawing style where many characters had a lot in common and where the age seem less central than the rest (gaze, pause, clothing..). Like a kind of frontal-view character “ID” with this specific style.
          I think here, he just decide to produce a kind of “Chico’s version”, following the same specific rules.
          To give you another shot, this is my own impression, but for example here, the Fear feels a bit younger than in-game.

          And of course, Chico had one of the most incredibly hard child-hood I happened to imagine. A child soldier several times captured and tortured (like badly). Those factors certainly accelerate aging. I think Chico wants to make it perfectly clear that he is not a kid anymore, but beyond that and judging by his choice of weapons, he seems to have been changed into a notable war butcher psychopath.. If we had to fight against him, I guess this boss fight would have been something.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Yeah, Youre right.

            Oh and about Chico as a boss, to tell the truth I was never thinking about it.
            But thats really great idea. And yes, he would for sure be mega badass!

            In Phantom Pain from the begining of the game I wanted to fight with floating boy but that fight never happened. Too bad.
            Who is your favorite boss or boss fight ffrom MGS saga?

          • Full Options

            “Oh and about Chico as a boss, to tell the truth I was never thinking about it.”
            Neither did I until I saw this latest concept art.

            “In Phantom Pain from the begining of the game I wanted to fight with floating boy but that fight never happened. Too bad.”
            You happen to fight against Psycho-Mantis way more than you appear to think in TPP. Just double-check to see how often and you’ll be really amazed.
            What’s cool in Kojima games is that there are always superior forces / kind of fallen angels that you can never really beat with “conventional” gameplay (eg. MGS3’s Sorrow).

            Just play MGS4 to have a full picture and before getting further spoiled with your questions… ;D
            Mantis is playing all of us like…, like he played with Skull face or with you, actually kind of “protecting” you in the hospital.

            As for my favorite MG Boss fights ever, all are really something but if I had to choose, I would hesitate between 2 specially in MGS4..

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Yeah its cool he appears so many times but I wanted a normal boss fight. You know what I mean.

            My favorite boss fights are Quiet, The end and… hmm… and I think thats all.
            Those 2 fights were sooooo cool!!!
            Really, really great!

          • Full Options

            Yeah, I know what you mean. At least you fought with the older version of Psycho Mantis in MGS 1..
            TPP’s Psycho Mantis alone is probably too weak to fight, he can only avoid bullets, probably as strong as a kid. He is not a warrior. His only weapons are therefore to control something else and attack you with it. If you manage to touch him I believe a simple slap in his face with the bionic arm should do the job. 😀

            So you are a Sniping fellow, huh ? Hehe, yes, The End was extremely captivating, and “cloaked in silence” was also in the same spirit. Most of us (if not all) just love The End boss-fight.

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Oh! that fight in MGS1 was FANTASTIC! kinda hardcore somethimes!

            Floating boy was also protecting Volgin so that was a little fight with him too. And with sahelantropus too! He was there! I just remembered! WOW! I totaly forgot about that! TPP THE BEST!

            Thats right! Sniping fights in MGS are just perfect! Also movies about snipers are extremly cool! and snipers characters too!
            I wonder if Konami is working already on MGSVI. Maybe on next E3 or TGS some news.
            Kinda curious what they would put there.

          • Full Options

            So Adam, we might call you “School-Boy” as in John Rambo..

          • ADAMJENSEN13

            Hahaha! XD

  • Gatsu

    Oh wow…

    • Full Options

      Smells pretty awesome ! ;D

      • Gatsu

        Yeah :D!

    • BurntFM

      I’m still skeptical, I hope this movie is not just about the set pieces and special effects. I hope they crafted a solid narrative that carries the plot and is smart about exposition. I know it’s asking for a lot, but I came out of Doctor Strange feeling like they did just the opposite.

    • JJ

      Scarlett Johansen is playing the Major too vulnerably. The Major is a hard bitch. I don’t know. Pretty movie but I don’t know.

    • I’m disappointed in everything. Sorry Gatsu. I’m a huge GiTS fan but I just don’t like ScarJo as an actress and she is a bit too innocent for Motoko Kusanagi role. She does not communicate with me at all. Motoko is a strong woman but here.. I see only ScarJo.
      The next thing is cyberpunk setting. IMO they totally blew it. Too much CGI monks and other stuff that is not really appropriate for cyberpunk setting. Cyberpunk should be dirty like Blade Runner but here it’s more of a Sci-Fi then Cyberpunk.
      Cars are totally out of the place here. In the original Anime they used these cars because in 1995 you could not really design something appropriate for it’s futuristic time.
      Anyway, I’m not feeling it. Trailer is nice but the overall GiTS aesthetic looks fake.

      “We saved you, so you could save others”

      That’s a cheesy line belonging in a generic superhero flick. not Ghost in The Shell… =/

      • Gatsu

        No need to be sorry :D. I hope it’ll be awesome though.

    • Lex Radu

      Looks great!

  • Venom_Sina

    Off-Topic: Nyxus, your carpet and your picture again, same as the one I told you before; The Tokyo Mirage one 😛 It’s in 8:06

    • Well spotted! 😛

      • Full Options

        Carpet composition confirmed by R&D and intel team.
        This is Nyx’s Koji-Carpet Solid v1.0. Nyxus, did you set a ©opyright on your carpet ??
        If not, it is time to ! xD

  • LeGuy(CertifiedPoS)
    • Full Options

      Awesome. That cosplay is simply awesome.

      • Gatsu

        Life size sculpture, not cosplay. It looks incredible.

        • It sure does. It even has ‘real’ hair, from the looks of it.

        • Full Options

          The quality is so excellent that I thought it was one ! xD
          Did not read the comment.. xD

    • This is cosplay? Hard to believe O.o.
      He looks like an Action Figure. Impressive.

      • Isn’t it a sculpture? Life size. But yeah, really impressive.

        • Yeah it’s not cosplay, saw it on my twitter timeline a few moments ago but it disappeared, would’ve linked otherwise.

  • Time for some exciting news guys.

    Kojima is coming to Australia at RTX Sydney to speak with KindaFunnyGames Gregg Miller about “the future of game development and Mr. Kojima’s storied history as one of the medium’s greatest innovators.”.

    February 4-5.

    Expect something interesting. Oh boy.

  • Lex Radu

    Could this have been a premonition of Chico?

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