Hideo Kojima to receive Industry Icon Award at The Game Awards

Geoff Keighley has announced via Twitter that Hideo Kojima will receive the Industry Icon Award at this year’s Game Awards on December 1st. Kojima was prohibited from attending last year’s award ceremony by Konami’s lawyers, resulting in him not being able to accepts MGSV’s awards. But now that he is no longer under Konami’s contract, he’ll be able to attend the show and receive his award.


The official website reports:

Legendary Game Creator Returns to The Game Awards Stage For A Very Special Tribute

On the heels of the nominees announcement for The Game Awards 2016, organizers for the game industry’s biggest celebration today announced that its highest honor, the “Industry Icon Award,” will be presented to legendary game creator Hideo Kojima. Kojima will attend the live ceremony on December 1, 2016 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to receive the award.

Kojima, known for his work creating the “Metal Gear Solid” series, was unable to attend the 2015 ceremony, where his latest game, “Metal Gear Solid V,” was nominated and won the award for “Best Action/Adventure Game.” His studio, Kojima Productions, is currently working on its next project, “Death Stranding,” starring Norman Reedus.

“Hideo Kojima is one of our industry’s most accomplished and innovative storytellers,” said Geoff Keighley, creator of The Game Awards. “When we started work on this year’s Game Awards, my first priority was to make sure we honor him properly in front of his peers and fans.”

The Industry Icon award recognizes individuals who have made an inedible impact on the video game medium. Past recipients include Ken and Roberta Williams (founders of Sierra Entertainment, which published “King’s Quest” and “Leisure Suit Larry”), and Bretty Sperry and Louis Castle(founders of Westwood Studios (Command & Conquer, Red Alert).

The Game Awards will air live from Los Angeles on Thursday December 1st at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT.

Source: Geoff Keighley Twitter, Official TGA Website

  • This is an industry Icon Award from the last year:

    I hope Geoff will make something similar for our lord. Also, this proves that no DS at the show. Expect DS only at PSX.

    • Well, if Kojima flies to the US to collect the award this could be an indication that he will also be at PSX for Death Stranding.

      • He will be at PSX. That’s not even a real question if he will be there or not. He will show us and tell us more about the game. I guess a bunch of interviews are also coming.
        He should come to TGA with Mads Mikkelsen T-shirt xD

        • Full Options

          I am probably mistaken, but I bet you a beer we’ll have crispy stuff at TGA as well. xD
          You know, if the two events were at least separated by 2 weeks, maybe, but here Boss is probably coming with a major update, 2 days is too close. Coming at TGA, “gimmee my statue and see you in 2 days ?” After the last year public boo drama ? Nah.. I think TGA public and guests will have a quite anti-last-year Koji-triumph if you want my opinion (I am aware I could be totally wrong, but still..).
          At least we could have a “here is a small preview of what you’ll see in 2 days”.
          In all cases, if we have really nothing, 2 extra days won’t be a so big deal to wait for..
          Mmmh, gettin hot ! 😀

          • Alex

            I think the tribute they have planned will have enough feels and mindshare to keep people satiated. And surely he will make a PSX plug during his speech.

          • Full Options

            Same sensations here. Even if a simple award is not supposed to be packaged with extra work / project contents, he ilkes to surprise us. There was no HideoTube since a while neither so he knows that fans will be glued to the ceremony, and specially after what happened last year. Chances are indeed low to have consistent material but not near to zero neither.
            Even a single new Yoji character design shown during possible surrounding events / visits / tweets would make me satiated.

    • Alex

      The first tribute they did for the Sierra couple was absolutely amazing and made me gain profound respect for people I was too young to know about. They’re like Kojima’s predecessors and originators of interactive narrative, so I have no doubt Geoff intends to knock Kojima’s tribute out the park.

  • Mr.Pony

    Off-topic: Guys remember that one mod that was supposed to be an MGS1 in the unreal engine and that Konami put the brakes on for copyright infringment, so it became sort of a walking Shadow Moses simulator? It seems that the mod is done, and the guy behind is releasing it trough parts. Haven’t checked it myself but it looks pretty neat! https://www.facebook.com/ShadowMosesUnreal/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Kojima will finally get the praise that he so rightfully deserves. It will be eyecandy!

    Who knows, maybe he will show something new.

    Off topic but I just started playing Sherlock Holmes Crimes n Punishments on PS3 and there is a Captain Ahab and Pequod mention in the 1st chapter!

    On a side note, I found a wonderful Death Stranding video. Check it out if you want your head to melt. 🙂

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy
  • Alex

    “The collaboration between NextVR and The Game Awards gives viewers multiple vantage points of the show including a front row seat next to some of the biggest names in the industry. An on-stage robotic camera, built especially for the show, will move around during the broadcast to continually give VR viewers a new perspective on the awards and musical performances.”

    Sit next to Kojima in virtual reality ^_^

  • Ken is at the Boston Career Forum recruiting new people for the studio. Looks like there are some pictures of the studio on the wall.


    • Full Options

      Let’s hope they’ll grab talented Dudes ! ;D

  • Does anybody else think the Character for this MGSV Art looks like Mads a bit?
    Could it be that he was going to be the player model’s face?

    • Full Options

      Maybe the character Mads is playing but not Mads himself. The face shape are different. The other one is a bit more Jeremy “Ironish” to me.. 😀

      • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

        Jeremy Irons was an awesome Alfred.I also know him in another role.Forgot

        • Full Options

          Irons is awesome whatever the role ! And yeah, I know you are a great BatFan, for me Irons is the BEST Alfred we could ever dream about ! Kind of actor we feel knowing for a long time.
          The oldest one I remember was The Mission. He was also great in Die Hard 3 even if this one could have been better fine-tuned. Great moment with Eragon too.

          • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

            To compete with Michael Caine’s Alfred would be extremely hard but he nailed it.He got his inspiration from SAS men unlike the Tim Burton batman who was an ordinary Butler.In the comics Alfred is ex-MI6 I think?And he was definitely badass.I’m not just a huge bat fan but a huge DC fan.I’m a marvel fan too but the only comic I can remember to have read is civil war and secret war(The dr doom one) whereas I read tons of DC comics including the shitty ones like Rob Liefied’s horrible Lobo run.

          • Full Options

            Man that’s awesome you cited Michael Caine and I fully agree with you.
            Could not find why I was thinking about him, but you gave me the answer.
            Yeah, Michael Caine is just THE perfect actor. Did you watch Mr. Destiny, aside older movies ?? If not I STRONGLY recommend it if you like James Belushi and Linda Hamilton.. I was so glad to see him as the perfect .sshole in the more recent Kingsman… ;D

          • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

            Kingsman was amazing
            I low key liked the Mark Hamill cameo

          • Full Options

            Me too, too light stuff.

          • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

            Ah yes! Eragon!That movie was not exactly good but well…

          • Full Options

            Yah, was a kind of small packet of crisps, but Irons is fortunately pulling well the whole sh.t up. ;D

          • Full Options

            Mates Mr Destiny si tu l’as pas vu.

  • NakedSnake85

    Hello guys ! Long time no see.

    So there is a competition on ps4 this weekend.

    Winners get an MGSV : TDE copy.! Its a closed community competition.

    I ve decided to give away my prize in case i ll win one to one lucky subscriber of mine on youtube !

    So if you havent subbed on my youtube channel maybe this is the perfect time to do so ! The winner will be announced next week via video !

    Cheers !


    • Gatsu

      Welcome back bro <3!

      • NakedSnake85

        thanks man !

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

    So guys,speaking of the award I can only hope this time this show has some good vibes.Not all the negative shit and booing thanks to koooooonamii.So glad to see Kojima-San getting an award.He sure is an inspiration to me.A humble guy who studied economics become one of the best game designers in the mainstream game industry.So let’s spread positivity now that Konami is not putting their shit in our way.No more stupid NDAs.Only creativity and the love of gaming.Thank you for reading this long comment.And speaking of chill vibes, this song is amazing IMO.

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

    It?You’re right , buddy! Kojima is not a person , it is a god!(FANBOY ALERT!)

  • Full Options

    Off-topic : We did not thought about her.. She could do as well, she looks gorgeous…


    • BurntFM

      I like her in GoT but she has not shown to be a good actress. Terminator genesys showed it,

      • Full Options

        I Don’t really want to associate her acting with the indeed cheesy script of Genisys, Terminator fans don’t really have real stuff to enjoy since T2. If you liked her in GoT, then maybe she is not acting that wrong but had stage direction issues in other productions ?
        If she is starring in Han Solo, she probably did well with the casting. I hope they won’t f.ck up this episode.

        • I honestly don’t enjoy this trend with… “let’s try some actors from TV series for our huge movies while they are popular and hot.”
          She is ok in GoT but her acting skills are not fantastic honestly. TV series does not require always A-tier actors to play, she is more popular because of her major role there.
          Genisys is a piss poor movie but she had a chance to prove something and she was not that great without her Huge Dragon and white hair. These impressions are important, just beauty is not going to cut it at least for me.
          Felicity Jones for Rogue One is hot as hell too, but she is less popular for now, but she proved her self with a lot of movies and two of them showed that she can act. Rogue One is her chance to move forward.

          • Full Options

            These impressions are important, just beauty is not going to cut it at least for me.

            Ok, but you can balance a bit more your point of view here. After all a video game is not produced the same way. The most explicit example is that Snake does not have Kiefer’s face neither, right ? You can decide to choose a face for various reason, does not have to stick to its body as well (remember Quiet ? Stefanie is definitely not looking physically as tough as Quiet). Could be marketing, but as well artistic… Dunno maybe Boss could decide he is happy with Emilia’s face, without obviously using her percap.
            I believe that just beauty could cut even for you. You are apparently at least ok to use her model but not her acting, it is just that.

            “let’s try some actors from TV series for our huge movies while they are popular and hot.”

            The choice is not only marketing oriented. In fact having popular actors helps TV potatoes to better identify themselves to the character too, so there is an undeniable gamplay added value even if slight. What about Norman then ? He was probably chosen for his great acting, friendship with Hideo, attractive physic, popularity.. But some Norman fans will also have a great experience controlling his mesh. Like some person could appreciate having Emilia in the story. Of course it is marketing but also about having fun.

            I am just saying that however I am not a Fan of her work (in the sense I don’t really know if she is good at acting or not), but her mesh would yet do for me. And apparently, by judging to you guys appreciations, it would be better to have Lindsay Wagner to perform the percap sessions instead of Emilia ? ;D
            If you guys kind of appreciate her in GoT, this means that she does not completely s.ck neither at acting.
            Again, I don’t have Emilia tattooed on my chest neither, no worries, I just posted a Boss re-tweet of a beautiful lady. ;D

          • Look at Norman Reedus movie portfolio. Felicity and Clark combined are not even close to his experience. Sure, he is populr, atractive and friendship but beyond that there is experience that is going to show some results in DS.

            Also, Quiet choice was more of an Shinkawa’s art design decisions that matched her proportions. She was also a great test subject for Mo-cap Fox Engine tech in JP. She is the only person that did mo-cap and face-cap in JP and she had few words in the game. She is not a great actor but she was the foundation of the Fox Engine stuff.

          • Full Options

            Also, Quiet choice was more of an Shinkawa’s art design decisions that matched her proportions.

            Quiet is a good example, that was actually my point.
            Norman has of course a way heavier acting portfolio, but Felicity and Emilia could be cast for the same type of purpose than Stefanie, instead of pure acting skills.

          • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

            Theory of everything is better than everything than everything in Clark’s career and TWD season 2-7

    • Jav

      She is a really bad actress.

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

    Stop what?

    • Gatsu

      What I mean is that Konami won’t stop him from going there this time.

      • Full Options

        They better lay low this time if they don’t want the whole planet to beat the c.rp out of their .ss… xD

      • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

        Yeah man. Feels so good ! No stupid lawyer.No stupid NDA.The moment of glory our boss has deserved since a long time.Maybe the writing of mgsv and mgs IV were flawed but his achievements are too much for just a few mistakes.

  • Full Options

    More shots about Koji-Pro booth with Ken in Boston :


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