Hideo Kojima coming to PlayStation Experience for Death Stranding panel and Meet & Greet

Hideo Kojima is currently visiting Los Angeles, where he will receive the Industry Icon Award at this year’s Game Awards on December 1st. After that he will make an appearance at The PlayStation Experience, where he will host a Death Stranding panel and meet with fans to give out autographs on December 3rd.


It wouldn’t be PlayStation Experience without a selection of exciting panel discussions from some of the top creators in the world. Here’s what’s on the docket for Anaheim!


Meet and Greet

For the first time ever, we’ll be doing meet and greet and autograph sessions at PlayStation Experience! Pack your rarest gaming memorabilia and get them signed by the following:


Source: PlayStation Blog

  • Batzi

    I am going to TGA and PSX! So FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Awesome!

      • Batzi

        Hopefully will be my 3rd time meeting the BOSS!

        • What will you have him sign?

          • Batzi

            Metal Gear MSX2. He signed MGS1 the first time and the second time he signed MGS2 novel.

          • Full Options

            “Metal Gear MSX2” Excellent choice my friend !
            I would be you, I would wonder if I would not ask him to sign the rom cartridge directly as well..
            Having him to sign a copy of Penguin Adventure would be also awesome (sad I can not find mine anymore)..
            You had a MSX2 ?? Then you must be as old as me or something.. For my MSX, I had the Canon V20 and bought the Philips NMS 8220 MSX2 specially for the rom you are about to make him sign. I don’t own MSX2+ though..

    • Aleezy

      Take pics please. If you can

    • Yooo

      Good luck big dog, hopefully you get to see him again!

    • BurntFM

      Right on! Have fun, and tell us if you find out more sweet details about Death Stranding.

    • Alex

      Report back with pics/details and enjoy. I know Keighley is gonna want to throw the biggest thing ever for Kojima. I was at the first TGA and the Sierra folks got a huge standing ovation.

    • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

      Good luck comrade!

  • Tong Ninja

    Any idea who the special guests are for the Death Stranding panel?? maybe Norman Reedus?? He’s probably busy but who knows haha.

    Very exciting news. Looking forward to TGA and PSX! 😀 😀

  • Alex

    I’ve seen Kojima before, and I went to the first PSX, but if Shinkawa is there too for autographs man….. Ill be a lil salty.

  • Punished Fox

    So.. If the first teaser was the ambiguous, crazy, nobody knows what the hell this thing is equivalent of the Moby Dick Studios trailer for TPP we can expect him to release the Garbage trailer equivalent here? Apeshit- even crazier stuff with a twist that kinda reveals what the hell is going on, but still not quite there yet… (?)

  • Quase Nada

    …lf only Kojima could work on Silent Hills again

    • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

      If only people forgot about it then we wouldn’t have posts by people pushing all the pain into our asses once again.
      This has nothing to do with Silent Hills.
      Silent Hills is dead.Bury it.

      • Quase Nada

        Nope, I’ll never bury it, and I’m talking about it because I love Kojima’s work and it would be fucking brilliant on a Silent Hill game. By the way, this post isn’t about a great discussion or some shit like that.

        Oh, and Metal Gear Surive is garbage.

        • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

          I don’t know what you are smoking but I want some
          No one mentioned metal gear survive here

          • Quase Nada

            I’m just following your logic, buddy. MGS Survive is garbage, so Metal Gear is dead, I’m gonna bury it huh huh

          • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy

            For now, metal gear is in a coma.
            Silent Hill was never liked by Konami in the first place.They started milking it because the second one made so much money.But the way they treat it shows they don’t know shit about it.

  • AlbertoBalsam/ShampooManLeguy
  • Full Options

    Mmm, got it now… He apparently indeed landed at LAX, but headed straight to Santa Monica it seems… Boys… The temperature is increasing… ;D


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