Kojima shares Decima engine lighting and texture images

Today Kojima shared some images on Twitter that show off the capabilities of the Decima engine, using the rendered meeting room and the background of the TGA teaser trailer. In the shots we can see some of the environments with and without textures, and also a textureless Mads Mikkelsen that Kojima showed during PSX.

“Kojima Production’s meeting room reproduced by DECIMA engine that was introduced at PSX on 12/3.”

“This ones are the background shots from the teaser trailer running by DECIMA engine introduced at PSX. Only the lighting and the texture.”

“To Mads-fan, Here’s Mads w/ lighting & w/o texture that only our dev team can see. He’s so precious even w/o texture. I’ll keep coming.”

Kojima also tried rendering some shots in black and white.

“Just had to do BW version.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Photo realism through the eyes of a Decima.

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    Is it just me or is it strange that Konami has not released anything to do with ‘Metal Gear Survive’ since TGS 2016? Almost as if they wished to stay quiet about it due to the backlash it got.

    • Well if you think about it a lot of the promoting for past MGS games came from Kojima (Kojima Station, and his Twitter mainly). And for some reason Korekado stopped tweeting a while ago.

      Konami seems to be conservative for the marketing of Survive, they’re there on the usual trade shows but other than that… but maybe they’ll ramp it up once we get closer to release.

      • Not just Kojima. There was marketing for it besides him. MGSV:TPP was in Russia at it’s own gameshow and remember Triumph Motorcycles partnership in the UK? There was a team for a marketing behind it.

        Also, I believe that Konami does not promote Survive because they can’t sell it to a new audience. The old MGS fanbase kinda know about it… The only problem that most of them is on the fence and kinda expect more explanation and other stuff about the game, team and everything else.

        Konami should show more gameplay footage for the game. It does not require more then that.

        • True but a lot of the buzz outside these official partnerships and deals came directly from Kojima. You can see with Death Stranding that Kojima still gives us small updates every now and then (like these images today). We hear more about Death Stranding than about Survive, despite the latter one coming out two years earlier.

          • Full Options

            Hideo Kojima was board member so pretty free to communicate the way he wanted. I easily understand if nobody would dare a single tweet because without Boss upstairs, those decisions are far above their all respective paygrade now. The strategy of the directors look rather obvious (at least to me), they clearly can’t communicate a single word without apparently driving the fanbase mad.

  • Full Options

    Still so amazed at the mesh acquisition quality of Mads..

  • NegaScott128

    Those black and white shots look great. I kinda want DS to have a black and white mode, maybe with some small bits of color here and there (i.e. the handcuffs, the red lighting on the Skeleton Warriors).

  • John

    “He’s so precious even w/o texture. I’ll keep coming.”


  • This is the same engine used in the game Horizon Zero Dawn. Konami’s greatest crime was not letting Kojima take FOX with him.

    • Full Options

      On the other hand, Kojima has part of Fox Engine team / architects and among the most talented ones which is even far more valuable that the engine itself. I think it is going to be very interesting for them to train on and develop Decima, they’ll probably spot perf hits here and there and address them Koji-Pro style ! ;D
      Being confronted to another heavy code base can also be very challenging and fruitful when your mind is saturated with another one.
      Despite possible engineering tasks that Koji-Pro can address for them, Guerrilla has now as well a top-notch “rendering QA team”, able to spot / raise problems with according solutions. Must be really exciting for both teams !

  • Gatsu

    This all looks so damn amazing ;O…. <3

  • Lex Radu

    Looks good, but unfortunately nowhere near as real as Fox!
    The Good news is that the Engine is constantly evolving, so maybe Fox looked the same in its first year of development, and hopefully like “The Medic”, Decima will become Venom Fox, the Phantom of the Big Boss itself, Fox Engine!

    “I’m Fox Engine, and you are too!”


    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      I think it looks better than FOX
      SHADOW FALL was an average game but the lighting blows FOX out of the water imo

      • Not true at all. While the city was amazing to look at in Shadow Fall.
        It had issues with a forest where lighting and shadows were not that great tbh:


        • Full Options

          What do you think about the photo-realism of Decima compared to Fox so far ? ;D
          I hope they won’t struggle too much in sustaining a decent framerate in 4K with a quite fair AA if scenes are too detailed… fingers crossed !

          • Character models are much more detailed than in MGSV, that’s for sure but again MGSV was designed for last and new gen consoles and it was out in 2015. Still, it was very impressive.

            We need gameplay and other stuff to see how it will look in the end at DS.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, right, it seems that no PS3 and 360 support will let them display a lot more triangles, hehe…
            This version of Mads is also perhaps not yet fully optimized neither.. Cut-scene optimized for sure but for in-game, they’ll probably decrease the level of detail in some cases (this goes for Norman as well). Perhaps I am wrong but Guillermo’s model feels slightly tighter optimized in the trailer than other characters…
            The skeletons soldiers are simply gorgeous but look quite heavy meshes like Mads’s…

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

            Glad I’m not the only person who thought Del Toro looked a bit more optimized than the rest of the crew in the trailer, especially Mads. It’s just off by such a small degree you can easily not notice it.

          • Full Options

            Now you remind me this, I remember you indeed memtioned it somewhere… You are right it is a very slight degree detail and it seems that some parts of the model are less optimized.

          • It’s because he was not fully photoscanned. I’m sure. Compared to other actors but still he looks fantastic. It does not matter really.
            Mads Mikkelsen looks by far much better but he is a proper actor and Norman Reedus enemy.

          • Full Options

            Your explanation is the most logical but Boss explained at PSX that they fully sampled him, if I remember well.
            Guillermo was probably sampled later than Mads so they were perhaps not completely done in working with this model before packing the trailer.

        • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

          Texture-wise Fox engine had so much potential
          See the teaser for silent hills
          Photo realistic environments and beautiful lighting
          It’s just Norman’s mesh that wasn’t good

    • Full Options

      Even being a huge groupie of the Fox Engine, I think I can’t fully agree.
      Decima is an extremely advanced, well tested, fully featured and industry proven successful Sony first party engine. Among all other satellite stuff, if all that is missing is various magic Sakamoto-San’s shading tweaks in order to reach Fox’s level of realism, it clearly already begun.
      Look at the shading of the hands of Mads… Despite Boss saying that all will look much better at the end, I am heavily struggling in trying to remember if I ever saw something as well shaded as that in real-time..


      • Lex Radu

        True, however what made Fox Engine Special, was the amazing Lighting, which looks like Decima is lacking!

        • Full Options

          There are many things that need to be addressed manually in video games depending the given scene (this goes for gameplay, AI, physics, UI, etc..).
          Hideo with this virtual meeting room is telling us between lines that they are going to fine-tune their scene lighting in the same way than when they were at Konami.

          Besides, thanks to Hermen Hulst IGN interview, we know now that Akio Sakamoto (lead core graphics programmer of Fox Engine for TPP, and technical director of Fox engine) is working with new KP. Sakamoto-San is pretty senior (with Konami since 1999) graphics programmer and behind this lighting technique, not alone of course, but pretty mastering most major implementations regarding Fox Engine’s rendering pipeline.

          Hideo also precised at PSX their will to bring this rendering quality to Decima in front of Hermen Hulst who was apparently agreeing.

          They know all that is needed to implement at least the same efficient techniques, but most of all, even improve them !
          Former KP did the R&D and discovered some incredible techniques but again, as soon as those cool methods are exposed in meeting such GDC, many studios can quickly implement them by simply listening to the talk. They are usually very cool between each others and easily share their stuff by simply describing how they did it, and even answering very advanced question in the Q&A sessions.

          Just check again this GDC 2013 talk of former KP. They are not sharing everything for time reasons mostly but are sharing way enough to let any studio give a shot at implementing the same thing. At new KP we have even better than that, we have the key dudes that did the job, from planning to the code behind what is exposed there :

          Don’t worry, the scene with the tank is extremely photo-realistic and awesomely lit if you check closer :


          • Lex Radu

            True, but again, it doesn’t look as good as the Fox Engine at GDC 2013, that softness in the lighting technology is missing here.

            Not saying DS will look bad, just that Fox Engine is an overall much better looking Engine!

          • Full Options

            I won’t try to convince you further, but that softness you are talking about is just bound to the type of lighting of the real Konami meeting room which also looks a bit warmer than the real new KP one. They use it as reference for fine-tuning the other materials. Try to focus more on the realism / plausibility of the lighting rather than atmospheric effects, colors, etc…
            If you really want to evaluate the lighting capacity of Decima, you have to check lighting realism of the trailer + meeting room, not only the latter one. Mads’s face /eyes or the skeletons are awesomely lit. I am sure you won’t deny to Decima this point.
            Personally, and I won’t ask you to agree on that but I never saw such high lighting quality in real-time, even in the Fox Engine.
            They could have reproduce the exact same lighting than the Konami meeting room easily but that was not the goal here. In order to work out their materials, they need a setting close to their actual real new meeting room.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    I think it’s written black hole on the m4

    • Gatsu

      I still haven’t managed to finish it ;), but I’m pretty near the end I think :D. Beautiful shots <3.

      • The ending is great. Make sure to sit through the credits.

        • Gatsu

          Yeah I believe it is :), I’ve just been quite busy with stuff xD. >_<

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Since I don’t have a ps4
            I watched the entire playthrough
            Both ambiguous and the true ending made me cry in different ways
            All I can say without spoiling

          • Isn’t it time to get a PS4? 🙂

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            I’m.a broke idiot
            A ps4 slim costs like 450 dollars and the og cost 550 dollars here in mru

            Don’t even ask about the pro

          • Fair enough. 🙂

  • Felipe

    If you play on PC.. there’s nothing absurd in this images. But, it’s beautiful anyway.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      What are you even talking about?

  • netname

    i love Video… love love love… but…
    this engine compared to fox engine is extremely lifeless… and feels like old gen.

    i’m really sorry and sad for this word .. but i have to be honest…

    • Full Options

      Dunno if that can re-insure you, but at least one Fox Engine’s technical director (lead graphics programmer of TPP) working with Konami since 1999 is behind those shots. Please precise what’s wrong. If it is the floor not well aligned, it feels like typical scene physics tests related. Other than that the shading looks extremely neat (to me at least).

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      I don’t know what drugs you are on but I want some
      Afterall everyone wants to act a bit…ehhh stupid in their life , isn’t it?

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Bridges (organisation on toro’s head) vs Black hole(written on mads’ gun scope)
    Wormhole vs black hole
    A bridge between worlds vs a destructor of worlds
    The thread of connection between planets vs destruction
    Rope vs stick
    I think I got the meaning of DS

    • Full Options

      The bridges logo looks like a spider web with Washington D.C. at his very center. This spider web feels a bit dark… like a trap… Some guessed Guillermo’s character could be the president or an another important dude. Perhaps he is trying to save the last true human that is possibly not wired to a system that obviously went wrong… Matrix-like or something…
      Mads is probably an entity that is part of that system… Like some kind of agent Smith and Norman some kind of Neo.. Or Mads is like a terminator whereas Bridges has become somekind of Cyberdyne’s Skynet… ;D

      • Tom Brearley-Smith
        • Full Options
          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Matrix references aside, Kojima just so happens to adore the themes of the stick and rope, doesn’t he? It’s the new “nanomachines” and “parasites.”

          • Full Options

            Very curious to see what’s planned. Let’s wait for the next Koji-Tube now.. I hope we’ll also have few more details at GDC, aside possible juicy tweets…

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            I doubt that this will happen, but I’m really hoping for some gameplay at GDC 2017. All we have of DS so far are a couple of trailers shrouded in mystery. Speaking of which, I’m getting a pretty good impression that mysterious trailers are trademark of Kojima. Remember the ‘Moby Dick Studios’ trailer for MGSV from VGA 2012?

          • Full Options

            I doubt too. Despite having full Guerrilla’s engine support and perhaps their team to potentially show some features of Decima (e.g. Horizon stuff) at next GDC, chances are indeed low that KP will be included somewhere in their panels, but who knows…
            And regarding Moby Dick, of course, what a memorable episode ! hehe

      • Mr.Pony

        Has anyone noticed that in the trailer you can hear what seems to be German when the tank is going over the bridge? Also what is a web if not both rope and stick? it connects strings and serves as a weapon.

        • Full Options

          Not sure for German, maybe.. I am not speaking German, maybe Nyxus can confirm / infirm.

          “Also what is a web if not both rope and stick?” Haha good one, a stick camouflaged as a rope… 😀

          • It does sound like it could be German. But it’s hard to make out because of how muffled it is.

          • Full Options

            So muffled that I am wondering if I could even recognize if they were speaking French..

          • Mr.Pony

            If that it is german, plus the dead soldiers being american troops from WW2 would make me put the game as in north france or germany. The buildings (bridge mostly) looks like the ones you can found in small villages in north and south of france, so Normandy or Dunkirk maybe?

          • Full Options

            This location looks like a bombed city / village like many during WWII in Europe. But in this likely alternate “dimension” full of anachronisms, could be also somewhere else, we don’t have enough angles to be categorical about where all is happening.
            So exciting nevertheless !! 😀

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Could be Iceland
            Off Topic:That Dunkirk trailer was fucking awesome

        • It is German. He says something like “Don’t just stand around and do nothing. I don’t tolerate such a thing. That means everyone has to …” can’t make out the rest

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

    Some of these fan soundtracks for Death Stranding are great, if I had time I would totally edit a trailer with this song:


    At times it sounds a bit like a more hopeless and atmospheric version of MGS4’s love theme.

    • Full Options


      • Lex Radu

        …and terrifying.

  • Full Options

    I am sure you mates already spotted those shots of Ludens back to moba and disassembled here and there… ;D

    Edit : btw, Boss confirmed he is 1/2 scaled… Still look small to me but if Boss say so, it is how he sees it… 😀


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