Ludens Statue by Prime 1 Studio has a price and a release window

The half scale statue of Ludens, Kojima Productions’ mascot, now has a price and a release window. It will release between January and March of 2018, and will cost 254,772 Yen (around 2200 USD).

The polystone statue is 159 centimeters tall (including the spear, 108 centimeters to the helmet), and 54 centimeters wide. It’s LED lights are powered by 1 AA and 2 LR44 batteries. The statue is limited to 150 copies, with a serial number on the box and on its base.

Below are also some new official pictures for you to enjoy.

Source: Prime 1 Studio, Mamegyorai,

  • Solidus

    Merchandising! Merchandising! We’ve got death stranding the action figure, death stranding the t-shirt and death stranding the flamethrower!

    • Merchandise does not hurt anyone. It only makes the studio and brand stronger.

      • Solidus

        It is funny though that we got a figure of quiet and venom snake before we even knew who they were. I understand it, but I think it’s a joke to get a statue of the mascot for a company that has yet to release what it’s meant to. A game.

        • Full Options

          On a pure legal hand, new KP did not released a single game, that’s right…
          However people working there are not crafting their first game neither, so I believe it is not really fair to speak about them just like about any noob game studio.
          Things are a bit more subtle. They are somewhere between a studio that never published and the best ex-game studio on earth, without exaggerating, so can’t be classed purely and simply on one of those extremes…
          Here are the former KP ones that are officially confirmed with the new KP co, Ltd. so far but they are probably a bit more. With a little research on them, I believe you’ll agree that they crafted a little more than zero games…

          Hideo Kojima (Founder / CTO / Producer / Script / Etc..)
          Yoji Shinkawa (Art Director)
          Ken-Ishiro Imaizumi (Corporate Director / Producer)
          Ayako Terashima (Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant)
          Shinji Hirano (President)
          Akio Sakamoto (Technical Director / Lead Graphics programmer)
          Yasuhiro Kawakami (Sr. Cinematic Artist)
          Jackie Tan (Game Designer)
          Chihoko Uchiyama (Sr. Character Designer)
          Masaki Saito (Game / Level Designer)

          • Lamp123

            You forgot Ken mendoza (not sure what he does, other than translator for kojima lol) and ludvig forssell ( audio director and composer)

          • Full Options

            Thanks, nice shot, he was flashing right in front of my nose all this time but forgot to add him… xD Just added Ken with his probable affectations (same than when he was at KDE international Development).
            As for Ludvig he for sure works with KP now, however his linkedin profile just not mention it so we can’t be sure if he is a 100% KP audio director, or just executing some tasks along with possible other studios.. Added him anyways ;D

          • Lamp123

            oh it’s on his twitter page. 🙂

            Ludvig’s twitter profile says “Composer, Audio Director at Kojima Productions.”.

          • Full Options

            Ha, great !! confirmed then.. Gonna follow him, btw..;D

        • Some people want these things before the release.
          Ludens is a studio mascot, not a videogame’s one so far. No one is selling Norman Reedus naked butt so far.

          These things does not make a lot of money, they are more for PR, toy enthusiasts. KojiPro fans are strong worldwide so selling these things is not that big of a deal.

          • Full Options

            yeah, 2200 x 150 = 330 000 K$… minus Prime 1’s cut… It is just peanuts… Nothing more than only to yearly pay 2-3 devs…

          • Solidus

            I concede defeat, I’ll be on the cynic’s table, without a Quiet figurine because it sold out before the game came out.

  • Full Options

    “between January and March of 2018”
    That late ?? Hmm, does it means that some elements in it could spoil parts of DS ?
    Does this date could be related to some important announcements regarding DS (like the release window, or other major infos regarding the story..) ??
    What’s sure is that we may receive tons more details in-between… Can’t wait !!

  • Jav

    The “I will buy it to support kojima” comments are coming.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah or ppl just might buy it if like to collect cool stuff like this :).

  • Lex Radu

    Faintly…i’l goooo…
    To purchaaase…head oooooon
    Soon i’ll come arooound…
    Brought, and never fooound…
    Wanting for the shipmeeent…
    Sent, but not delivereeed…
    Buried on the crooooowd….

    But i’ll keep buying…
    But i’ll keep buying…
    But i’ll keep buying…
    But i’ll keep buying…

  • I want to share this tweet with fans. The reason I’m doing this is because in the previous news topic some people said that 2016 year was a bad year and I will say the opposite. It was a good year for Kojima Productions fans. The studio is established and we received major updates in a short period which is not actually an industry standard. We got a lot of information about the game even though development just begun. It could be completely different situation and I’m happy how things ended.

  • stocchinet .

    I dare anyone to put one of those horrible things in his living room

    • BurntFM

      couldn’t afford it anyway, if it was in my living room it better pay some rent. lol

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Wtf are you smoking?

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