Kojima discusses his global approach to game design: “As for technology, Europeans are the best people when it comes to video games.”

In an interview with Sugoi Japan conducted in November of last year, Kojima talked about his new studio, his ambitions and Death Stranding.

Kojima explained that when the PlayStation came out, Europe and North America became more important markets, with the markets in Japan and Asia being small in comparison. Because of this, Kojima tries to create games that have a global appeal.

I’m currently working in Japan, but ‘DEATH STRANDING’ is for the global market. I’d prefer being a global chef over deriding myself as someone isolated in Japan.

It’s simply not my way to be a hermit and only work with the people of my own country. I try hard to venture out and meet people and companies abroad, and everyone welcomes me. If you’re scared of making mistakes simply because you are an outsider, then this is not the job for you.

There’s a massive global market waiting out there, so I want to take it head on and make them say “This is amazing! It’s great!”.

Kojima demonstrates this international focus by mentioning the partnerships and friendships with international actors and colleagues, including American actor Norman Reedus, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and the Dutch game designers he’s working with at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam: “As for technology, Europeans – especially Northern Europeans – are the best people when it comes to video games.”

“Mark-san and people of Guerrilla Games. Thank you!”

What is Kojima’s overall goal with his new studio? As we know, the mission statement that can be found on the website is about ‘those who play’, ‘From Sapiens to Ludens’. During Comic-Con 2016 Kojima shared a logo movie featuring the studio’s mascot Ludens.

With the KojiPro logo movie that shows Ludens walking on a barren surface in space, the intent is to show us like travelers on the Enterprise bringing “play” to new places, and building society on that foundation. I am a creator, so I am both both Ludens and Faber (maker). I want to encourage players to eventually become makers. I want to cultivate new creators whereby someone may think: “Hey, this game changed my life. Who made this? Oh, so it’s a guy called Kojima. I want to make something too.” This is the kind of connection I want to work hard to achieve.

Kojima has been working in this industry since 1986, meaning he has been creating games for 30 years. It seems like he just cannot stop making them and trying to surprise the world with his creations.

For the past 30 years I’ve created video games, and though it’s a grueling task, I just can’t stop. I thought that working alone may give me a way out, but I just can’t seem to run away from it. Even when I am cornered, there’s an urge in me to keep creating something more exciting, new and something the world has never seen before. This is probably the reason I’m still doing this at the age of 53.

I’m now 53. My limits as a game creator are only about ten years ahead, but I’m not thinking about how to prepare the next generation or anything like that. I’m only fixed on what I can accomplish in the next decade, and how I can utilize everyone I know [laughs]. But I’m sure there’ll be people who’ll still pursue me, and I’ll give them a chance because that’s the connection from Ludens (players) to Faber (makers).

You can read the entire interview (2 parts) on Sugoi Japan.

Source: Sugoi Japan

  • Eugene Voldo

    >Source: Sugoi Japan

    Not so sugoi, according to Kojima :/

    • Kojima is the source of the sugoi here, and he’s from Japan:

      “If the objective of SUGOI JAPAN is to share awesome Japanese content abroad, then Kojima Kantoku – who has already won countless hearts all over the world – is the best creator to speak to.”

      • Eugene Voldo


  • I always assumed it would be the Japanese. But Kojima knows best.

  • PrinceHeir

    Nice interview!

    I think it’s because the JPN market is no longer viable when it comes to console games. Even my Sensei, when we talk a lot about Japan, they are really behind when it comes to global perspective. She wishes they would open up more and explore more things. It’ll definitely open their viewpoint much more than just being in Japan only.

    Kojima calling shots from everywhere XD

    • Full Options

      they are really behind when it comes to global perspective

      Very true and agreed by most Japaneses that had the opportunity to travel and compare. Many of them that never left the archipelago are indeed very formatted and less open until they travel for example for working purposes hereby grabbing a different and more complete perspective about their own country. Once they gather such experience, they become the extreme opposite, a lot more blossomed, often criticizing their country for formatting them like that and fully enjoying their new vision, striking Japanese bad reflexes everywhere it applies while not neglecting and perhaps better appreciating all the great aspects of their so refined culture.

  • My only concern in this that 90% of game devs in Japan are with the old Japanese mentality right now. Let’s be honest here. Japanese game industry in general is not in a great shape right now.

    Some games like Bloodborne/Dark Souls works with the old Japanese development where everything is heavily scripted and the game is designed in the old fashion way and it works. While something like Final Fantasy XV has not that great open world. It looks nice overall but it has no complexity, cheap respawns and design is from 90s. Look at the The Last Guardian development hell and how it turned out.

    USA/EU on the other hand since the start of the 7th gen started experimenting with teams that work together and one developer has multiple tasks and other things, multiplatform engines, sandbox game designs and other things where cybersport is rising.

    Hideo Kojima is the only one with Julien Merceron tried to build a team where you can use the best things from the East and West. Multiplatform engine/Sandbox gameplay with intuitive control scheme. Look at the PC port, it was freakin brilliant compared even to Western devs that sucks ass (Deus EX:MK, Dishonored 2 ports this year were god awful).

    New Kojima Productions in my opinion now have a lot of issues. They need to make a triple AAA game for the current gen technology console + open world + 100 developers at max with modern graphics where something like Naughty Dog/CD Projekt Red/Rockstar works with 100-300 developers and something like Ubisoft with 1000+ devs without any focus though…

    • Full Options

      I think you got it completely accurate regarding JP dev status, Merceron, etc..
      Merceron was sharing the same feelings last year.
      One little thing regarding possible issues for new KP :
      Before the announce of the alliance with Guerrilla, I was a bit worried about whether how he may manage to pull something consistent with a restricted team and a that short period..
      Was like : “maybe with a totally new, light but addictive concept ??… Sound risky…”.
      When he shared about a more conventional open world project before Decima’s announce, I was reinsured and worried at the same time because, as you said, such project require a bit more HR / assets.
      So now seeing this warmful cooperation with Hulst, yet in deep tech concerns regarding lighting, realism and stuff, I feel more reinsured about our chance to have a great complete experience. The situation is perhaps not yet as optimal as if they were at Konami, the good old days, but still… We can sense a lot of positive energy and motivation.
      The only thing that preoccupy me now is then the release window, because given we know that he simply won’t/can’t release any crap game, properely polishing all this may involve obvious delays, depending on the overall size of the project. Say that at worst he’ll inject 80-100 M$ and over 150 at best, it is going to be really interesting to evaluate how new KP performs without Konami… I am very confident because he is far to be alone.

      • Speaking of JP devs, have you heard? Scalebound was just cancelled. Apparently things aren’t going well with Kamiya, and he’s completely stressed out.

        • Full Options

          Ow, shoot… No, did not know that… 🙁 Whole Platinum should pay a visit to Boss and Andy !! ;D (would be awesome)
          This JP dev hecatomb all these years is simply incredible. They always built the best, neatest games for so long..
          Some european studios are also in very bad shape… for example I am more early and not really that fan of Crytek anymore, but who could imagine reading such articles about devs not being paid and stuff ??…


          • Mr.Pony

            Even tough JP Devs have been falling apart I think that they have been realizing it these few years. Stuff Like Dark Souls has been a wake up call for them, even Capcom seems to finally have received the message and took chances with the new Resident Evil. Platinum is a very weird studio for me, they either put out good games or just plain bad ones.

          • Full Options

            I agree, their strategy often appear saw tooth like.. Perhaps torn between their traditional vision and the western market reality which tend to take over also JP art and traditions in their games, whether for stories or production technical methods.. The smarter ones manage to survive by mixing visions instead of sticking on one side or another..

        • Mr.Pony

          There seems to be some really resentment between Platinum and Microsoft. Microsoft has been scrubbing every piece of information from their platforms according to some news sites (anyone having dejá vu yet?) which in itself isn’t weird its just its the first time they have gone to such trouble because of a cancelled game. Games likes Fable Legends and Phantom Dust weren’t treated with this degree of scrubbing.

        • Venom_Sina

          One of the games that I was waiting for and again…
          First P.T. and now this. I think I should stop playing games 😛

          • Full Options

            I think I should stop playing games 😛

            Chert-o-pert again I sense in you…
            Reminder for others : “Chert-o-pert” in Farsi = BS xD

        • EXACTLY!. EXACTLY what I’m trying to say in that post.
          Platinum Games tried a game/Action RPG game similar to Dark Souls with smart AI buddy in the open world in the most multiplatform engine of all engines – Unreal Engine 4.

          And they failed. I remember when it was first shown. The game barely ran at 15-20 frames per second.

          That is exactly what I’m talking about. Japan right now has old mentality of game development which shows in the past years…

          Report says: “This put the game behind schedule, and coupled with other issues affecting its engine tech, ultimately led to Microsoft’s decision to cancel the title.”

          they did not even knew the engine’s limits. That is ridiculous.

          • Full Options

            8-16 bits 2D JP games were way more neat than european and US games for various reasons.
            I think the first one is that shame is the worst for a Japanese fellow, so they proof-read their code way more. Now with 3D, a lot more is involved in all fields so their scheme is less sustainable with small teams.
            Not saying that all european or US studios were all working like pigs compared to JP back in time but most were… xD

            This old japanese mentality is not that bad according to me because it comes from a very noble will to keep everything clean.
            Problem is that big studios are hard to create and maintain in Japan yet because of cultural differences, locking them out of better communicating their way of thinking or understanding western ones (e.g. it is far easier for a european dev to adapt to an US studio than it is to adapt to a Japanese one).
            In other words, there is way more occidental HR in this field than native JP. Japanese society is a bit more hierarchical but with proper assets, it could perhaps still work.

            Back to Platinum, it is hard to imagine that they fell in an optimization booby-trap like that, but not impossible.
            However, when they say “This put the game behind schedule”, it reminds me purely their will to make it as clean as possible.
            I mean they pioneered real-time constructive geometry in a game with Rising, and were pretty successful at optimizing all this on schedule (for example real-time cutting everything is still a hot and very difficult topic nowadays).
            We don’t have all details here, but UE4 can also be a very strange beast to optimize.
            Besides… “Microsoft decisions…”… ya know… xD
            I can’t believe they ignored the engine limits the way it is described here but you know that in this field, there are millions other traps you may not properly anticipate, it can happen to the best coders, KP included.
            I usually take too global technical inputs with extreme caution here, this sound more like a Microsoft-friendly POV, we need a more clear Platinum bell ring in this affair..

          • Maybe Microsoft demanded the game had co op? Just speculation, but…

          • Full Options

            Mmm, it seems Platinum is also busy with many PS4 exclusive titles… Dunno, could be technical indeed or political..
            Platinum was first ok to delay it a bit more.. Sounds weird..
            Maybe M$ was not happy with that much PS exclusive titles and delays for Scalebound.. (speculating too here xD)
            This perhaps goes further than technical difficulties. Studios are often ready for big delays, but cancelling it !?


        • Full Options

          Nyxus, remember this little chat ?? What do you think about this ;DD 6hrs ago…


          • Hm, Minami left PG last year, right? Wonder what he’s up to now.

          • Full Options

            Interesting, thanks for the update, I did not know that…
            Just searched but could not find tracks of where he is working now…
            Well, if he is looking for a job, I believe he may find a couple of opportunities… ;D How about KP board of directors ?? 😀

    • EditoMZ

      I think you are half right and the way i see is that half that turned the game industry upside down, Japanese developers are not supposed to be the same as western every country have their own feeling to communicate in the way they think it’s good, you don’t see complexity in games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne and i will ask are you a game developer i suppose no so complexity sometimes is not something we can see but believe me it’s there that’s why you won’t see a western game like NiOh, Nier, Bayonetta, etc… It’s not about being complex or simple sometimes it’s hard to accomplish good results with simple formulas… it’s about liking the games or not…

      • That is not true. Western devs tried games similar to Dark Souls/Nioh – Lords Of The Fallen. It’s not a problem to design a game for Western devs similar to these games, does not make them automatically good though.
        Dark Souls complexity is a design from the 90s. It works there, not because of the tech, but because game design actually works.
        Let them design for example an Action RPG title with the open world environment on the multiplatform engine… oh wait….

        Scalebound just cancelled. Woooooo…

      • Full Options

        Stay sure he does not ignore complexity of game development.
        A pretty passionate fellow as a matter of fact.
        Tastes heavily vary even between game developers..

  • BurntFM

    *Checks to see where CD Projekt Red is from*


    Yup. Checks out.

  • atomicjuicer

    Kojima rocks. Can’t wait for his new game

  • Vulcanproject

    Europe also makes the best cars and cheese. Wine isn’t bad either.

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Lol so true

  • Full Options

    @mrvux007:disqus Let us know when you can if you slept your way to the top with the Joker-nurse =O, the flu is quite deadly in our country…


  • Lex Radu

    Hypothesis Time : I think the first Trailers are dreams, nightmares about what’s going on with Norman’s Character and the Character Del Toro is place holding, but seen in a metaphorical way, given how it compared to the second Trailer it feels a lot more surreal (not that controlling skeletons with cords is real)

    The reason i’m thinking this, is first of all the simple fact of having Mads Mikkelsen in the Game, and the fact that Kojima loves the Hannibal show, and you watched it too, you know what i’m talking about.

    There is this guy Will Graham who works for the FBI, he comes to the crime scenes, he closes his eyes, and he rewinds time in his head in that location, putting himself in the shoes of the Criminal, and then we see Will as the Criminal doing the Crime while he is narrating everything he does in order to interpret the crime scene!

    Now he also has some nightmares quite similar to the first DS Trailer structure wise, i mean the baby disappearing and invisible prints “walking” those are nightmarish things, and the Biomechanical tank connected to skeletons int he “United Cities of America”, same thing, they both feel surreal.

    TL;DR: OK, now that you herd…read what i had to say, here is the conclusion to my Hypothesis.
    I think the Game takes place is a somehow present day, and that Norman’s Character is a Detective.
    As for Mads Character, i think he is Norman’s Partner at “Bridges”, but that Norman is suspicion of Mads character, hence having those Nightmares!

    The reason i think it is in present, is this picture, looks pretty present day to me, , it also gives a strong “Love interest” vibe, this doesn’t imply “Surreal” and we all know how Kojima likes to mislead us, and it wouldn’t be a life, what we saw will be in the game, just not “The Game”


    What do you guy think?

    • Full Options

      Regarding the black liquid, It seems HK seriously inspired himself from the grey goo (aka black goo) theory.. A programmable matter made of nano-machines linking the physical and non-physical worlds.
      Mads is controlled / enslaved by this matter…
      Perhaps this matter is unable to infect a variety of humans like Norman or Guillermo, hereby chasing them down to jail or kill them if they can’t control them.

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        Yeah. It’s an interesting premise, despite the little we know the plot. It seems like the black matter is slowly but surely becoming everything; both sentient and inanimate. That’s quite a terrifying prospect. Imagine exploring a world where everything is slowly becoming alive and wanting to kill you, even a passing creepy ass baby doll can come alive at any point and give away your position. I assume it transcend our physical dimension and can also manipulate space-time to a degree (like how water is summoned to carry the baby past Del Toro and into the grasp of the Mads Strands).

        I’m very interesting to see how it all ties together (crappy pun intended) with Norman, Del Toro and Mads Strands. The stuff we saw at e3 looks very different but still similar to what we saw at VGA. Tonally both trailers look about the same (the VGA trailer is a bit darker via implication), but plot-wise I get totally different vibes. What does Mads have to do with the 5 floating guys? Is he one of them? What’s up with the ghost handprints and babies and whales and–? Who knows?

        Da hype…

        • Full Options

          Some rare humans left could have found a way, somehow be “patched” (;D) to resist to this black matter / virus, otherwise Guillermo or Norman would logically get infected in no time with nanos.

          What does Mads have to do with the 5 floating guys? Is he one of them?

          Could be severely mistaken but the more I think about it, the more I believe that Mads could have initially been a good person and that this dark matter controlling him could simply share the same program than the floating dudes..
          Norman is the One that can fight the dark matter ! .. :DD


          Da Hype is so real… Can you imagine us around the launch date ?? ;D

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

            Norman is the one?

          • Full Options

            ;D You know I was just deliring, at least the One on top of the cast right now… Can’t wait for answers !! 😀


          • Lex Radu

            It wouldn’t be the first time he worked with Mads!

          • Full Options

            Fishburne would rock !

            Mark Hamill : “And tonight, the Movie Academy Award goes to … Boss, for his Mov.. ehm.. his v..vid.. Video Game, Death Stranding !”…

            All under Guillermo’s applause… Now that would be a 4th wall nuke explosion ! xD

          • Lex Radu

            Perhaps Guillermo Del Toro is place holding Laurence Fishburne’s character!

          • Full Options

            Speaking Laurence, yet can’t wait to see him with Keanu again in the next John Wick, with perhaps little Matrix easter eggs…

    • The idea is cool, but now sure how detective game will work in the open world game. Maybe there will be some elements in to it, but not sure it’s going to be the game you just described.
      Besides, Kojima does not just watch Hannibal show, but he watches other movies with Mads. He is fan of everything where Mads in it so…

      but anyway, cool stuff though.

      • Lex Radu

        LA Noire is a great example of an Open World Investigation VG.

      • Lex Radu

        I know that, but once again, Hideo loves the metaphors, and out of all Mads work, Hannibal is the most Metaphorical, and also grounded of his work.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Based how surreal and weird Kojima’s other work is, I think this game will be simultaneously metaphysical and physical (like MGS2 without all the sequel baggage and having the weirdness cranked to 100). I think there really is a black matter that is slowly becoming everything, and the ghost handprints, Mads, Norman Fetus and dead whales around Norman are real, but like all his other work, he will use the abstract plot of DS as a canvass to explore other themes like connections between people, death and life, and (tinfoil hat) fatherhood and the dangers of messing with technology and science that is best left alone.

      Personally I would be a bit bummed out if the plot was like “hehe, he was dreaming all along”. Also, I don’t think it’s possible to make an open world game with stealth elements like Metal Gear when you play as a detective. I mean detectives don’t go around squat walking and choking out criminals, unless the game goes all Max Payne and you play as a vigilante ex cop. That could work? Anyway, cool theory nonetheless, got me thinking 😛

      • Lex Radu

        What i was trying to say is that the Trailers are not what the game is!

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          Maybe. The first trailer does look like a dream sequence when compared with the second one – probably because the narrative of the second trailer is a lot easier to follow than the first, as the first one seems like an assortment of images/happenings, whilst the second trailer has more of a coherent arc. Either way they are both trippy ass trailers 😛

          With Kojima, who knows?

          • Lex Radu

            2 dreams of 2 character, Norman dreams humanity loosing, and Mads dreams opportunity for control!

  • Speaking of Guerrilla Games: new Horizon trailer

    Is that John Cygan (Solidus Snake) at 1:04 or just someone who sounds a lot like him?

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Mmm. Didn’t see this appear, thanks Boss.

    • Sure sounds like him.
      But damn the animation at 1:07 is really bad 😐
      Other than that the game does look quite interesting actually, I had no real interest in this at first.

    • Full Options

      THX for sharing. For those still doubtful, Yoji’s mechas are likely in good hands.. 😀

      Yeah he sound so like Cygan, nice intel S++ marker placed !

      Since the engine is backin up Boss, I love any shot out of it. Could have even been poor ones (xD), but Horizon looks great. As for the gameplay, we need for sure a closer “Dual-check” on this title ! :DD

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        For anyone who wants to see how the game truly plays when out of the hands of the devs, here’s some unscripted gameplay from some random dude who played it at TGS –

        I’m so happy this game doesn’t have regenerating health, I know it’s a minor thing but for an RPG with tactical combat as the devs say, non regen health is a good sign the devs are confident enough in their RPG elements and combat mechanics to accommodate for it.

        • Full Options

          Yeah, most gameplay footages makes often the titles look a bit confuse in action even if they are not in reality. I need the game-pad to really have a standpoint…
          It looks great in all cases, I need to be more immersed in it to tell. 😀 late February, right ??

        • That’s so good. No health regen = Thrill + Satisfacition after difficult Boss fights/stages etc.

        • I’m sorry… I just love sandbox gameplay + Stealth. first day buy for me no matter wht reviews. Even if the game will fart at my face I still want to try it.
          Looks great, plays interesting, I hope that AI is for the animals is interesting and smart.

          • MrVux007

            There is a “leak”on 4chan the game story will take around 45 hours to 100% out of which 20 hours is the story along with the ending(which i didnt read about).
            The world size is about the same size as Witcher III Velen.
            I hope they kept their promise of not including fetch quest and keeping the quests(both side and main ones) interesting.
            If that is true i will gladly take those 45 hours over 100+ hours of meaningless fetch quests(Im looking at you Dragon Age and Witcher 3).
            Sourcer: http://www.gamepur.com/news/25487-horizon-zero-dawn-ending-leaked-needs-45-hours-100-completion-map-big.html

    • Gatsu

      Amazing trailer <3 !

    • Lex Radu

      I feel Kojima’s influence already, especially the thumbnail of the trailer, that wide shot, looks very Kojima like!

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  • Lex Radu

    It was at this moment, Kojima knew…he needed Mads for a project!

  • Lex Radu

    It was at this moment, Kojima knew…he needed Mads for a project!
    :))))))))))))))))))) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c7c80204136e0cf5bc72ded11d154b71adf909bb0f29d12ded23eb78aefa4d77.jpg

  • Full Options

    Mates, I am hill… Showing bad symptoms… I need a specific medicine / medi-kit I ran out of since last august…
    Small easy riddle : This specific drug is called…

    • Lex Radu

      Velocity 9

      • Full Options

        Could have very been but way much simpler, Lex..

        • Lex Radu

          Must be codeine!

          • Full Options

            Simpler… Last august..

          • Full Options

            Ho… Ho… this is the right medicine… That’s the exact same brand… help… I am d.. dy… ergh… ehhh…

            Edit : Ta-da da-da-da… Snake… Respond… Snaaaaaake !…
            Ta-da-DA !

          • Kojima recently hinted at the next HideoTube episode. But I think he is working on the game right now like crazy. Judging by the tweets the game went full production since Jan 1.

            Though you need to wait a little bit for RTX Sydney. In just 21 days Kojima is going to be interviewed there by Greg Miller. there will be some info about the game, that’s for sure.

          • Lex Radu

            Thanks for the info.

          • Full Options

            THX for the reminders, you are right, he is always eating all those sandwiches at his desk, and some few PlayStation® curries at “PS Pork”, if pronounced Yano-style. xD

            A new Tube would rock, but yeah, let’s give him some air to work peacefully on DS !

  • Lex Radu

    “He last has been seen him holding on a womb…enter and search the tunnel!”

    Did i get it right?


    It doesn’t reveal a lot, but it does confirm 3 things.

    1. Mads’s character speaks English
    2. Sometimes or some things need to be told to the skeletons to do
    3. Did everyone who ultra analyzed and broke down to infinite the trailer overlooked the most obvious part of the trailer?

    What do you think?

    • Lex Radu

      Option 2.

      a) It wasn’t Mads speaking, but perhaps someone speaking to Mads, hence the need to speak the orders, since he is Human…ish
      b)Well, if this is the case, then it makes the second point invalid, unable to stand on its own. (sorry, had to)

      • Full Options

        Regarding grades, Mads is perhaps more like a “Vador”, controlled by some kind of higher “Sidious”, that could be either a human king of villains or more simply having a digital form, a program loaded in the dark matter ?
        The german speaking lieutenant, feels a bit like some kind of other slave less important than Mads (to me), just belonging to this temporal dimension.

        • To me, del Toro seems to be the corrupt suit guy villain.

          • Full Options

            Really ? You mean repented corrupt then.. Maybe.. Perhaps he has his part of responsibility for what’s happening in this world.. It is true that his pin betrail his membership to United Cities of America… But the fact that he protect the baby from Mads makes him rather friendly to me..

          • Or maybe he is about to under-go a deal.
            I give you the baby, you spare my life/protect me.

          • Full Options

            Mmm.. Yeah, this could have been possible… Although I think Mads chase them specifically… If it was a simple deal, no need for Mads to behave in “prey hunting” mode like that with his soldiers, right ?
            Perhaps you are right.. The baby looks rather comfortable / familiar in Guillermo’s hands, though… Good theory anyways !

          • Mads definitely does know about del Toro being present.
            Maybe he is just making sure there aren’t any enemies or traps.

            About the Skull Soldiers going towards del Toro, they seem to disappear since we don’t see ’em in the reflection of Mads’ eyes in the last shot. (Hallucination?)
            I think you can make out a rather big shape, del Toro, standing in front of Mads.

          • Full Options

            Ok, but how do you solve the handcuffs problem then ? They look 1:1 the same than Norman’s… That brings him slightly to the right side of the force, don’t you think ? I still think Guillermo want to protect the baby. It feels like he stole it from the villains right after they took it from Norman or something… But yeah, maybe he stole the baby from Norman to give it to Mads & co.. Suspense…

          • Betrayal?
            To atone for his sins, he betrayed his organization but got caught perhaps. Maybe even together with Reedus.
            Anyways, if that’s not the case, surely they would have more than one of those handcuffs :).

            He/They managed to escape, possibly after “A Hideo Kojima Cutscene” happened hehe.

          • Full Options

            Escaped and stole the baby on his way out ? Could do..
            We’ll see… ;D

          • Well when I try to think about the plot real hard, I’m just like – Wtf is Death Stranding?!

            It’s difficult to tell right now.
            But what I truly think at the moment?
            It’s an evolutioned, twisted Metal Gear game

          • Full Options

            Well said !

          • Lex Radu

            The answer is here, his right hand is…was connected yet parallel to Mads, and his right hand is connected to Norman, and Norman’s left hand is…was connected to Hideo, and Hideo connected to Mads…and Mads to Del Toro!


          • Deja Vu… someone else said this yesterday I think, on a discord ruse server. Probably not exactly the same tho.

          • Lex Radu

            Well, i don’t follow…threads (ba-dum-tssss)

          • Full Options

            Wow, the rope… Now he very looks like Mads… ;D Good point… But he looks young (sry Mads)… Maybe they wanted to preserve the secret by making him less close to Mads at this time..

          • Lex Radu

            “But he looks young” So does Mads!
            Also, that grin in the sketch, that is Mads, come on!

          • Full Options

            You got me convinced (!), after all, in this drawing, they are in fact all sketched as little kids. Not only Mads is looking young, you must be right..
            As well, this is some kind of “Hollywood” KP sketch, yet with Norman and Guillermo belonging to the movie industry… If say Cerny and/or Andy were there, I would still be slightly doubtful, but yeah, this drawing looks like movie industry friends oriented..

          • Lex Radu

            And it makes sense for them to look like babies, since that is one of the themes in DS!

    • Lex Radu

      Interpretation 2

      enter and search the tunnel / enter the searching tower

    • That’s German tho.
      “Don’t just stand around doing nothing. I don’t tolerate that behavior. That means, everyone has to…”
      I think it was something along those lines.

      • Lex Radu

        That sounds like English, and sounds like Mads!

        • It’s definitely German. I speak German so I can confirm that.

          • Lex Radu

            OK then, so nothing new revealed i guess. Sorry for wasting your time guys!

          • No problem mate

  • [Off-topic] Top 5 most anticipated games of 2017: http://www.videogameshelf.com/?p=4430

    What are yours?

    • Almost the same list.
      1) The Legend Of Zelda with Red Dead Redemption 2 (both are exciting)
      2) Horizon: Zero Dawn
      3) Ni No Kuni II:ROK
      4) Persona 5 (Hey Nyx, how you can’t be excited for That?)
      5) Resident Evil 7 with VR (without VR I won’t include it here on this list)

      Honorable mentions: Prey – technically a system shock game, but have my doubts on it.

      I did not wanted to include Super Mario Odyssey on this list because I thought that Real World gimmick was too much. NPC’s looked like from a PS2 era. Not sure that it is a great idea to make a Mario game with a real world setting. Something puts me off from it. Other then that, I’m looking forward to it + Splatoon 2.

      • Never played a Persona game before so not sure what to expect. But the series is supposed to be great.

        • If you are looking forward to Ni No Kuni II JRPG, Persona 5 is a must have. You don’t need to know about previous games btw. Each new game it’s own thing like Final Fantasy.

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        “Persona 5”
        Amen brother

    • Full Options

      Let me see… You mean if I am looking forward playing a R* game ? Let me think about it for a while… xD Well, yeah ! RD2 of course and Horizon for multiple “evaluation” purposes… ;D
      Will definitely check RE7 if the co-op mode is cool as a tradition to play it when a specific friend come to visit me from Paris.
      @golgari:disqus You look pretty excited by Persona.. I may check… ;D

      • I like the series. If you like the style of how it looks, definitely check it out. It’s a very good JRPG set in a modern setting in Japan with great characters. It’s very stylish and the most successful Atlus IP to date.

        • Full Options

          THX for the advice ! I’ll check what it is about.

    • Death Stranding surprise release :^)
      MG Survive
      Horizon: Zero Dawn
      Nier: Automata
      Ghost Recon Wildlands (Hope it won’t flop 🙁 pls ubisoft)

      • Full Options

        “Death Stranding : Ground Zeroes” and then “Death Stranding : The Phantom Pain” ?! xD Nah… KDE won’t mess anything up this time… xD

        • Death Stranding: A Developer’s End

          • Full Options

            *A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME

      • Ghost Recon Wildlands looks like a MGSV clone which is a good thing with bigger maps and overall level design is much bigger which is also excellent because it uses current gen tech possibilities.
        but it’s Ubisoft and I saw really bad control design in it. I mean it has stealth, but enemies don’t hear you enough while in MGSV there were a lot of sound design work for stealth mechanics.

        I really want to like MG Survive. I really do, but not enough info about it. Just not enough for me to be excited even though I’m a Metal Gear fan.

        • Full Options

          Survive could do yet on a pure gameplay point of view (most is done and stable, though). After all, Yuji & co are still there… From what we saw, the artistic side is honestly a real mess, I am afraid.. If I was a former KP and still at KDE, seeing HK and Yoji that denying sooo purposely the MG legitimacy to Survive, how would I react ? Would I make all my best to surprise Boss and his beloved fanbase with something truly fancy, or would I just spit in the soup, too bitter about all the mess ?
          I will test Survive for sure. Something tells me that the gameplay will be cool. However the missions and arch articulation will also come in the dance… Whether they manage to get cool words from Hideo or not, they’ll deserve it but if he stays that severe like at last TGS, if the game is that shitty, I will be completely devastated for the franchise and possible hope to have a decent future for Snake..
          Interesting, we are really going to embrace Konami’s politic regarding AAA, even if they yet showed 80-90% of their poor opinion on the matter.
          I am afraid they are too predictable…

        • Wildlands definitely won’t have the quality gameplay feeling MGSV has,
          but I like the concept.
          Only reason why I’m still looking forward to Survive is because we don’t have enough information as you said.
          It might turn out to be good, which I hope will be the case of course.

    • PrinceHeir

      Yakuza 0 My man!!

      Also Kiwami(Remake 1) is coming on Summer as well 😀

      We’re also having a poll on Gematsu. It has list all the confirmed games that are coming in 2017.



    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      persona 5
      AC EMPIRE(might release in 2018)

      Breath of the wild
      I also hope beyond good and evil 2 comes out

    • Lex Radu

      Lemme see….

      5. Next Assassin’s Creed
      4. Neir Automata
      3. Ghost Recon: Wildlands
      2. Mass Effect: Andromeda
      1. Breath of the wild

  • Jav
      • Jav

        I do not see the point in using the same tattoo as the actor.

        • Lex Radu

          A visual hint to what stranded in the world of Death Stranding.

          Our reality!

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet


    • Lex Radu

      Tattoo, and the reason it is there is to further enhance the fact that is an actor playing this character, not just voice, full performance.
      That’s also why both Mads and Norman’s Characters look exactly the same as them, even their hairstyle too, as if this was a TV show with a moderate budget, hence why the tattoo “slipped in”

      Other will say that it also shows what stranded in the world of Death Stranding, and that is…our reality, which wouldn’t just make thisa 4th wall break, but a forth wall destruction!

      The reason i love The Phantom Pain’s ending, is that it is unique, it is a 4th wall break that isn’t comedic, i have never seen someone do that, even in film, the 4th wall breaks so far we’re always comedic, not TPP though, and here looks like that 10000 times stronger!

  • Jav

    Yesterday I watched the neon demon. It wasn’t a good movie. Then I discovered the director is the same of the shitty only god forgives.

    • Man… I think almost all of your comments are negative…

      • Jav

        I love the movie the witch.

    • Lex Radu

      Yeah, it was a Movie he made for himself, not an audience.
      It is a visual masterpiece though, is the kind of Movie that you either Love or Hate.

      You could say that this is Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Sucker Punch”

      • Full Options

        I hope I won’t shock too much people but I think “Sucker Punch” was cool ! 😀

        • Lex Radu

          You didn’t, i love it, and the fact that whenever Babydoll does something that could be considered sensual and not for kids, the movie switches to an over the top very violent action scene.

          This movie is a statement about Hollywood, about how you can get away with violence in Movies, but if you show a nipple, you get closer to a 15 rating.

          I guess now we know why Hollywood and a lot of people hate Zack, he is unconventional, he is unique, Sucker Punch is a unique Film, an original Film.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, the friend that show me it was rather dubious about whether I would like it or not, but I truly enjoyed it from A to Z.
            Plus, I am literally in love with Carla Gugino <333 and a great fan of Scott Glenn, even if he as a small role in it. ;D

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Well, Drive is my favourite film of all time, so no matter what I love Refn.

      • Jav

        I’m going to watch it. I don’t have it yet. But I know that some people love that movie and some people don’t.

  • Full Options

    Off-topic : Never noticed there was a “HueHueHue” Koji-glasses model !? 😀


  • Full Options

    On-topic : =O / xD
    Mmm… was a bit orphan about the 0.0 participation of KP at GDC-2017, but there are a couple of promising sessions with 3 Guerrilla talks I may check regarding Decima’s tools (probably few shots of Boss’s new sandbox / current editor and assets export, even if not with DS material) and real-time surface procedural scattering on the GPU (should be about how they dispatch rocks, trees or anything that require noise, sounds cool..).


    • Lex Radu

      Thanks man. I believe they will present the Engine like Kojima did in 2013 at that GDC!

      • Full Options

        My pleasure.
        I am not sure about the duration of the sessions, but yeah, they will definitely show Boss’s new toys while covering these 2 specific topics.

    • stocchinet .

      My 61 scissors are ready

      • Lex Radu

        Are you the cesapeake ripper?

  • MrVux007

    This must be the best satire-video i’ve seen in last 5 years.

    (yes i still have mixed feelings about Metal Gear Survive)

    • Full Options


      • MrVux007

        “Cuz I’m motherfucking Hideo Kojima”

        • Full Options

          @6:17 is sooo epic !! xDxD

    • Full Options

      Man… I need to re-watch this… closely.. xD Still crying of laughs here…

    • Full Options

      They are raising a possible opposition between Hideo and Yuji.. But Yuji is part of MG, even if I am mad at his behavior in this MGS4 making of (real version, not parody).. Things are complicated, but Yuji is not with Boss anymore… I hope for him that Survive will be as decent as possible, though.. But he discussed Boss’s decision a bit to frontally with cameras. This is not acceptable.

      • MrVux007

        Yea,I never had much love towards Korekado but still wish him the best with his work.

        • Full Options

          If he had just complained in front of him during the staff meeting it would have been honestly ok, even if I find the sentence “you are endangering the product” way too “limit”.. But for me the cherry on the cake was when he starts a real polemic with colleagues, making fun of Hideo in front of us and in his back along with also making whole Konami look ridiculous at the same time without realizing it (they don’t need Yuji’s help for that , tho ;D). You don’t do that in front of cams !?
          Besides, the reason for this polemic was so futile, guys are complaining about replacing just one Sunny sound sample !? I understand it may involve a lot of efforts to re-sync the cut-scene and possible storage concerns, but come on, you don’t start a whole mutiny in front of us for just that !? xD

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      I may be exaggerating when I say this video tops most of the ‘Der Untergang’ (aka ‘Downfall’) parodies out there!

  • Kol Leqejza

    this interview is really bad. what is he even trying to convey?

    • Full Options
    • 1) He likes to work with developers outside of his country to make a product that is worldwide acceptable. For this he choose to work with Europeans. With Guerrilla Games studio that has an engine and western tools that he requires.
      2) Kojima wants to inspire other creators and filmmakers with his game to make great stuff.
      3) Kojima is old and works since 86 and he can’t stop making games because he likes to do that stuff. He could easily just give up or just go away at all after Konami and make nothing really. Maybe he could create a short indie movie or a book at best… But instead he created a studio for AAA development with indie staff.

      • Full Options

        4) He was the one asked for answers, not the other way around. He simply answered to Sugoi Japan’s questions the best he could, kindly sharing rich details from the origin of his style, to some projections for the future of gaming, as he sees it.

  • Hey GoodFellas :^)
    I thought I’d leave these here, since someone might be interested in buying or just seeing them 😀
    Pretty good! work imo

    Sorry if this is kinda annoying

    • Full Options

      Wow very cool artwork aside the cool idea !

    • Full Options

      Went just ROFL with The Fool and The Lovers… xDxD

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      “Oh, it’s beautiful” – Director Krennic

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      What I find really strange about this image is that there weren’t any references to MGS2. Maybe that’s just me.

    • Serpent

      Judgement is just epic. Left me thinking for a bit…

  • Lex Radu

    Well, this might be pure coincidence, and if it is, it is a great one!

    Well, if you play the Death Stranding “Low Roar” Version, and start playing David Bowie’s “Lazarus” (Music Video Version) instead of “Easy Way Out” and watch the Trailerthis way, and pay attention to the lyrics, you will see something, or perhaps some things, interesting things!
    It’s like Kojima made the Trailer for Bowie’s song, but decided to use Low Roar instead, since the Bowie version is too in your face, like Exposition!

    (start at 00:11)

    (start at 00:00)

    If you even bothered to test my theory, that’s already more than enough, so thank you for it, and if you guys did, tell me your results!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      I have tested your theory and, needless to say, it was trippy as hell.

      • Lex Radu

        You did put the trailer on Mute, with Bowie on background, yes?

        • Tom Brearley-Smith


      • Lex Radu

        If i’m right, this tells us that the floating doll is from New York, that Del Toro’s character is a “King” and that the baby in the pod is related to Mads!

    • Full Options

      Impressive. You know that the mind is also filling the gaps as well for us but… YOU should have seen my face (o_O) when Bowie said “I have scars that can’t be seen” right when we see Guillermo’s scars on his head… xD
      I really properly sync’d it with the beginning of the trailer. 😀
      There are many other points that fits very well too..
      Yeah, maybe he considered using this song… The timing is also quite fitting…
      The song is very slightly shorter than the trailer, tho…
      Thanks ! very cool experience ! ;D

      • Lex Radu

        Yes, the song ends exact when the baby opens his eye, when in the Video Bowie enters the closet.

  • So performance capture is already going on.

  • Lex Radu
    • Full Options

      Lol, what a question !? 😀

  • Lex Radu

    Theory Question: Do you guys think “The Strain” is connected to DS, like, the strains that turn people in to Vampires is what ultimately caused the “Death Stranding”?

    • Full Options

      In all cases, all the conditions are reunited since HK always mix a lot of cool winks to his favorite movies and series, with often a specific emphasis with vampires, usually (cf. Vamp). Plus, The Strain is one of Guillermo’s babies so DS could definitely have some common elements, given that Guillermo is yet actually in DS, ;D… Maybe not too core elements as well and just tiny details here and there, but who knows… Hopefully, we may have even more reference to Guillermo’s work since these two are likely happy at sharing very fancy and trippy stuff together…

      • Lex Radu

        The reason i’m asking this is because in the show the vampires have white liquid in them instead of blood, so maybe the black goo is the antidote to the “Vampirism” that eventually starts the “Death Stranding”

        Oh, and these guys…they look pretty familiar, don’t they?


        • Full Options

          You think ? To me it feels simpler though. Like the black goo itself or more precisely the evil system software booted in it that is “vampirising” the planet.. That does not exclude great references to The Strain, nevertheless. Cool theory anyways, you are right to consider any possible combination, you the S++ theorist !

          • Lex Radu

            Or maybe this just shows that Mads is the Villain, not a bad guy, but a fallen Hero, like DC’s Black Adam, or, Hell, Naked Snake!

            Bad vs Good is all a matter of perspective.

            EX: Mads villain in Dr. Strange wasn’t a bad guy, he did what he believed will save humanity, neither was Zod in Man of Steel, he did all he could to save Krypton, to bring back to life those babies, he wanted to repopulate, to turn earth in to Krypton, even if that killed all the humans, it was the right thing to do for his race…we as humans would do just the same if we find a planet with Aliens!

          • Full Options

            Exact same feeling here. It feels like Mads is also purely enslaved by the goo. He could definitely have been a good guy before… Maybe we’ll have to bring him back to the right side.. Yeah, from the least I know about us humans, I imagine us largely capable of doing way worse..
            Like Agent Smith said before, “when you are done in consuming all natural resources, you spread to another area… Like viruses… You are a plague… And we are the cure…” xD


  • David Hayter has a Kiefer Sutherland avatar now on Twitter. Cue the theories? 😛


    • Lex Radu

      Wow. I love Hayter, but what is he trying to say?
      If he is trying to be funny, it’s a bad joke!

    • Full Options

      Snake showing up in Survive, with Hayter’s voice ?? Or Hayter involved in a prod with Kiefer ?? If none and as Lex said, just trolling around would be cheesy…

    • Lex Radu
      • It probably had to do with the inauguration.

        • Full Options

          Ha, I see, I should have done the math myself.. Do you guys think this move was rather pro or anti ? Probably anti, huh ? Still not really getting what Kiefer has to do with this, though..

          • It was Kiefer from ‘Designated Survivor’ in which he plays the president of the US (maybe Hayter is trying to say he would’ve preferred anyone over Trump). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/58a4e88bce0079b2dbe9bf1ca5721a72f591f7514960f375274dac66edbd1a69.png

          • Full Options

            Wow thanks for the info.. then probably soo anti, from what I see about this tv show (did not watched it) Kiefer replace a US pres that was taken out along with all the members of the cabinet… I believe David kind of wished the same to this new admin…

          • Yeah he doesn’t seem like the biggest fan. 😛

          • Full Options

            Lol, Yeah, he apparently not really fit for the job… xD

          • Lex Radu

            Oh, then it makes sense!

  • Lex Radu

    Given the WW2 influence on DS, looks like we have another possible meaning for “204863”

    A Jews Concentration Camp number, like Abraham Setrakian has in “The Strain”
    His is A-230385, which should put the “204863” conspiracy to rest, since Kojima does his hidden details easy to crack, and this seems like the most logical possibility!

    Now, if this is correct, then this means that Norman Reedus’s Character could be a Jew who died in WW2, and this number is how Mads’s Character is looking to identify Norman’s…but both are Dead, and Mads is hunting a ghost “Literally”

    I’ll see if i can find any database about the Jews who died in WW2, and see if Kojima took inspiration from that…or he just saw it in “The Strain” and thought to himself with Del Toro “This is cool”

  • Pingback: Kojima elogia gli europei: i migliori per quanto riguarda la tecnologia dei videogame - Gametimers.it()

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