A look inside the new studio of Kojima Productions

The new Kojima Productions studio has finally been unveiled, as Kojima opened the doors to several gaming outlets and gave them a tour around his new workplace.

Upon entering you walk through a hallway that seems to come straight from a science fiction movie. At the end of the hall you are awaited by a large figure of Ludens, the company’s mascot. The idea is that you leave the outside world behind for a while and enter the world of Kojima Productions with a ‘clean’ mind. Kojima: “You’re leaving the world you know, and entering somewhere completely different.”

There’s also a capture studio used for 3D scanning with photogrammetry, a technique the game makes heavy use of.

Inspired by Media Molecule, Kojima wanted to create a place where everyone comes together and can discuss thing with each other freely, in an informal manner. He created an open space with a kitchen / lunch room for this purpose. In the spirit of the spaceship analogy, Kojima calls this elevated counter the ‘command center’.

And here is a look at Kojima’s office and desk. His office is one of three personal spaces, but they all have glass walls to promote openness.

Kojima concluded his interview with IGN using the following words: “We have built our spaceship, so in our second year the spaceship can lift off. That’s where we are now.”

You can watch BBC’s video by clicking here, and IGN’s below.

Here is another video of the hallway entrance:


The hallway with the lights turned off:

Source: IGN, BBC, Famitsu

  • Matrixcity

    Noice. Thanks Boss!

    • Matrixcity

      In Kojima we trust.

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        “Kojima, kaminandesu” – Kojima is God!

  • It’s all cool until that hallway turns into something like P.T.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      “Don’t touch that dial now. We’re just getting started.”
      Such a chilling quote.

  • Impressive. My comment is probably a huge bias but this is the most expensive and great looking studio I have ever seen. Every penny spent with a thought.
    Looks really nice and shiny. That Ludens hall is from a Starship enterprise that’s for sure.

    Kojima, best of luck to you. I hope your next project will be great and it’s sales will be enough to sustain it’s beauty.

  • Full Options

    The studio looks awesome !
    Ahhh… Tech, tech, tech, tools, tech… I needed more technical details than philosophical or cafeteriacal, though… At least a couple more shots about their desks and the crew… gimme some techie technical tech tools details / screenshots, please ! ;D
    But that’s ok, at least we also have the exact location of the spaceship, now… Marker placed ! xD

    • Hey Full Options why don’t you apply there, then you can be our insider! 😛

      • Full Options

        😀 I applied already to the Japan Studio almost immediately (~15 Dec 2015)…
        Was likely not selected probably due to insufficient game dev industry foot-print if not the lack of business-level japanese speaking…
        But did not gave up, specially since I learned they are better recruiting foreigners in your beloved Amsterdam subsidiary…
        I may try to apply at Guerrilla and / or KP at some point.
        What’s sure is that by any miracle I was selected, you would obviously understand that I may not be able to communicate more than only small hints and not as often, if I want to keep my position… ;D

        I am definitely considering an application, but a lot of superstars usually apply to such positions… Not simple.. My background is more indy than purely academic, which is often penalizing during the selection process. I need to sell my field experience but it is often hard when you were not involved in at least 1 or 2 smash hits, but that’s perfectly understandable… Unless you really meet somebody technically really open, they logically prefer to short-list known dudes…

        • Would be awesome if you were accepted. And yeah, obviously you couldn’t give out information if you worked there. 😛

          • Full Options

            The very dream of my life, in fact.. ;D
            And bah, if selected, I guess a couple of discreet twitter PMs could easily pass through just to let this awesome place get ready in case of possible big Koji-moves… ;D
            You deserve it by far !

          • Full Options

            Forgot to mention that they actually responded something like a month later, with a very polite and not really negative answer. They “asked” for my permission to keep my details on records… Ya know, probably their way to very politely decline.
            In the mean time I discovered through one of Ken’s tweet, the business-level JP speaking quite mandatory pre-requisite, so was not even expecting an answer, but Japaneses always answer.

    • The studio looks so good. I want to see shots where developers are hard at work for Death Stranding. These videos and shots makes me happy about Death Stranding future.

      Also, looking forward for a tech discussion with you.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, this is pretty re-insuring to have them in a likely so peaceful atmosphere.
        They are going to build awesome stuff.

        As for our future tech discussions, I really can’t wait to deeply analyze with you all the details they will share !

        Have you notice that Guerrilla will give 3 talks accross 2 sessions at next GDC about the Horizon’s flavor of Decima ?
        One about tools / export and another one about specific GPU procedural instancing method.. Can’t wait !

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          I’m most interested in hearing about their procedural tech. I don’t think I’ve seen a game that assembles not only its world but AI, effects, sound and “gameplay elements” etc procedurally at run time, at such a high quality as Horizon. Of course this requires us to take Guerrilla at their word here, I’ll hold my breath until GDC before I make blanket statements on the complexity of their system.

          I remember Witcher 3 used a decent amount of procedural tech (in terms of world design I think it was only used for grass and folliage). But I think most impressive was their use of a procedural system to generate cutscenes for non-mocapped cutscenes, which are then fine tuned by hand pretty easily by even non-animators.

          Maybe something like this is what they refer to procedural “gameplay elements”. Either way, interesting. They better upload the full conference(s) to YouTube 😛

          • Full Options

            You got it quite right. Back in the early 90’s, we referred as procedural anything evaluated at run-time. Was essentially sound and later on 2D textures, before 3D geometry and more nowadays.
            Those jobs are still far more expensive for processing units, compared to streaming already baked computation off-line. Although, way agreed that it feels always more elegant / clean to know that your system generate any kind of asset on the fly.
            Maybe we reached a level where we can afford using that much processing budget to do so. In all cases, if we don’t have enough horse-power, we can always later on “backup” ourselves with streaming off-line previously processed data.

            I’d say that the perf ratio between streaming vs evaluating stays at a solid ~10-20 times faster… But obviously several orders of magnitude higher regarding mass-storage costs..
            But if they managed to load-balance their resources in order to have it all just using everything (keeping all perfectly “hot”), instead of too much / not enough… Could definitely do..

            Other concerns that should be taken into account is backward compat with older architectures.. You can always plan more easily if only targeting latest embedded systems. If Guerrilla has only to worry about PS4 on some titles, then it make things way easier to dedicate the engine to a that clear target, and potentially improve more dynamic approaches of such…

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Wow, a professionlal video by IGN. The music along with the shots and the monologues is amazingly edited. I wish Kojima Productions all the best and hope to see Death Stranding become the masterpiece that it is destined to be!
    We are Homo Ludens.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Not to change the subject or anything, but I find that odd considering IGN gest a load of flack for praising ‘Call of Duty’ almost every year and they gave Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby a 7.8/10 and one of their complaints was “too much water.”

      • This is neither the place nor the time to have this discussion, but if you actually read the ORAS review the complaint is perfectly sensible.

    • Jav
  • Lex Radu
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      “We are Diamond Dogs”

  • Lex Radu
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Haha! Brilliant! XD

  • That hallways is literally what people see when they die

    • Then you know you’ve entered heaven.

      • Then…you’re free…

      • Lex Radu

        Outer Heaven!

  • Gatsu

    Such a beautiful studio <3 ^____^.

    • Lex Radu

      I see Ludence on Moon.

    • Lex Radu

      Either way, i think we will be getting a Gameplay demo at E3 this year!

    • Calm down, it’s just a desktop xD

    • Full Options

      My mind is now playing tricks on me but dunno why I can’t avoid feeling like it is Ludens / EVA in the center, on the mascot planet but from an unseen angle… The palette could really match… The little dark area left side of possibly Ludens, feels like it could be the KP flag as well… ;D

  • MrVux007

    Guys i’m having a deja-vu here…that meeting room…the red chairs…the table…(mashes X for flashback) http://metalgearinformer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/choose_pic.jpg

    Not much to say right now,its the same “ol same ol”,which is good,except for that one pen that i nearly broke from all the bloody paperwork i had to go thru in last 6 days.29 days until the end of my contract,and as much as i like to say to my friends that last month or so “flies by”,just to show off…it couldn’t be far from the truth.The truth is no one truly realizes how easy their life is when they actually start working “the work”.As the French would say “rien ne sert detre vvant sil faut quon travaile”(to all the French folk sorry for butchering your language),which means “Being alive serves no purpose if you have to work”.Ill let that sink in.

    Now that a philosopher in me had its say,i hope that all the working folk here(and those who are about to start) have more easy times on their jobs.

    Time to watch last few episodes of Hannibal on Netflix…Mads charismatic smile has me hooked to the show.

  • Kojima’s roooooooooooooooooooooooooooollin’.

    • Seriously….fucking awesome. What a cool, well executed concept. Like… damn. That’s fucking awesome awesome awsome! I get excited for Kojima just knowing he’s being taken care of now. One of my life goals now is to walk that tunnel before I die…serious shit haha

  • NegaScott128
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      I ain’t even Mads. *no pun intended*

  • Some small but interesting news.
    KojiPro updated their site: http://www.kojimaproductions.jp/

    and it looks, god… Have you ever seen something like this? I remember smth like that with Blizzard Entertainment with World Of Warcraft cinematics. They do smth like this for their announcement site where part of the CGI plays at the HTML page.
    I love it. Looks very expensive and well done, though loading could be better.

    Look for ND site in comparison: https://www.naughtydog.com/
    I mean… Yeah…

    • Full Options

      Ho, I see…They apparently used the new html5’s “video” tag to embed a MPEG 4 short version of the movie (31 sec / 10.7 Mb)..


      Apparently, the loading of the clip is not optimal at the first playing / while streaming it, but runs smooth once fully in cache after browsing a little here and there… They also added the new recent pics of the studio.
      That rocks !

  • PrinceHeir

    That sony support is showing 🙂

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    Since people often refer to Kojima as the “Spielberg of video games,” what does that make Shigeru Miyamoto or Gabe Newel, for example?

    • Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius, but let’s be honest here. He has not developed games for a long time by himself. Most of the time he works as a producer and has tons of influence in Nintendo. There are talks of his retirement, but he is a genius, that’s for sure.
      Gabe Newel is not a game creator but a president of Valve. He worked for Microsoft before, so he is like Bill Gates of Videogames 😉

      • Full Options

        As Hideo says in the hilarious MGS4 making of parody posted recently by Vux,”That’s Spielberg who is the Kojima of Cinema” xD

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          Aw yeah. Totally forgot about that. XD One of the best MGS parodies out there.

          • Full Options

            xD Vux had me by surprise… Never watched it before and was like : xDxDxDxD… [cough, cough…] … literally crying of laughs.
            Yet when it starts with Hideo saying to the reporter, “hurry-up .sshole I don’t have the hole day… cmon now” xD

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Funny part about it was that some people on the YouTube comment section thought it was real when really, it was for shits and giggles.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, saw that too, Lol… In the vid yet Hideo is looking too young to comment on Survive like that.
            To me, the real making of is such a gem… Yet another reason why they should not have missed it in first place.. xD

        • Jav


          • Full Options

            Here you go (around 7:54 for the specific moment) :

  • Full Options
    • Looks like you may be right.

      • Full Options

        Pretty relax wear for a Pres… ;D Cool ambiance !

    • Full Options

      Cool, wondering if he can work his samples, flattening directly previous samples in Decima’s folders and remotely accessing a PS4 pro on the Koji-net to have a real-time output of the clip..
      Very possible nowadays and would be logic, but he could also more simply work on a raster and local version of the clip..

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  • Full Options

    In all this rush, I did not even noticed those 2 little cuties… Look like legacy PS4 Reference tool / Devkits (DUH-T1000AA), but they must have their PS4 Pro sisters (perhaps they look the same)… 😀



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  • The entrance hallway without the lights on looks kinda creepy.


    • Full Options

      And so the opposite when lit… ;D All staged for sure !!!

  • kuaikukia

    Damn, best game company office I ever seen

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