A look inside the new studio of Kojima Productions

The new Kojima Productions studio has finally been unveiled, as Kojima opened the doors to several gaming outlets and gave them a tour around his new workplace.

Upon entering you walk through a hallway that seems to come straight from a science fiction movie. At the end of the hall you are awaited by a large figure of Ludens, the company’s mascot. The idea is that you leave the outside world behind for a while and enter the world of Kojima Productions with a ‘clean’ mind. Kojima: “You’re leaving the world you know, and entering somewhere completely different.”

There’s also a capture studio used for 3D scanning with photogrammetry, a technique the game makes heavy use of.

Inspired by Media Molecule, Kojima wanted to create a place where everyone comes together and can discuss thing with each other freely, in an informal manner. He created an open space with a kitchen / lunch room for this purpose. In the spirit of the spaceship analogy, Kojima calls this elevated counter the ‘command center’.

And here is a look at Kojima’s office and desk. His office is one of three personal spaces, but they all have glass walls to promote openness.

Kojima concluded his interview with IGN using the following words: “We have built our spaceship, so in our second year the spaceship can lift off. That’s where we are now.”

You can watch BBC’s video by clicking here, and IGN’s below.

Here is another video of the hallway entrance:


The hallway with the lights turned off:

Source: IGN, BBC, Famitsu

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