Kojima: We don’t need to worry about pleasing investors

In an interview with IGN, Kojima talked about his career up until this point and the road ahead. Despite the ugly breakup with his former employer Konami, Kojima has no regrets about how he spent the last 30 years.

“The me that stands here now is the product of the past 53 years of my life. Everything I experienced over 53 years; movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, games I’ve played, people I’ve met and the 30 years spent in this industry, have formed who I am. Not one of these things has been without purpose, including my experience creating games at Konami.”

To Newsbeat, he said:

“I worked for 30 years at my previous company. I had a lot of experiences there and I’m very appreciative of everything I gained from that experience.”

Kojima is now the head of his own independent company, and that gives him a lot of freedom during the creative process.

“I have more freedom now because the final decision comes down to me. This company is not listed on the stock exchange so we don’t need to worry about pleasing investors. We can just concentrate on making good games.”

Kojima doesn’t want his company to be a studio that just relies on sequels.

“We don’t want to be a studio that re-uses assets, ideas or just makes sequels all the time. We want it so every time someone plays one of our games they’re getting a new experience.”

He’s trying something new with Death Stranding too, something unlike anything people have played before. For Kojima taking these kind of risks is important, explaining how the bands everyone remembers are those that adapt and evolve trough the ages.

“They might lose some fans along the way, but they bring in new ones, that’s the kind of approach I want to take with my new game.”

Speaking to Nikkei, Kojima said:

“When you are in a large company, you have to sell new products every once in a while within the framework of the company’s budget, and a lot of time is taken up with coordination between different departments. [..] We are not a company. We are a studio. I won’t hire more people for the sake of developing multiple games at the same time. We will dedicate our efforts to a single title at a time.”

To read the full interviews follow the links in the source section below.

Source: IGN, Newsbeat, Gamespot, Nikkei

  • Holy… sh….

    • Hm, it probably had a mistake and he’s fixing it.

    • It’s back.

      • The information there is amazing as hell.
        Python Selkan will destroy themselves with this stuff. 😀

        The thing about different universes… This concept in general is innovative as hell. Physics, sci-fi and multiple universes.

        • Python&Selkan come up with some really cool stuff, though sometimes they reach a point where it’s a little bit cringe for me.

          • They are good at spotting things and making videos, but sometimes the attempts to tie it to MGS, Konami, Silent Hills etc seem a bit forced.

          • Ryan Yoder

            It’s Gray Fox!

          • “Colonel, that ninja is Gray Fox!”

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          A lot of gameplay potential with that as well. Mmmmm…

      • Full Options

        Very inspiring material. Kojima is always shaping entertainment like if it had to be some kind of kernel connecting arts, sciences, politics, love…
        We all know it always works, it always rocks !

        • Johnno

          I’m surprised Yong didn’t reach the obvious conclusion that Death Stranding, and all Kojima’s talk about strands, imagery of ropes and interdimensional travel and mathematics, and people having connections etc. obviously points to a branch of speculation called ‘String Theory’ which tries to hypothesize how particles connect to each other through time and space. That’s probably what all those ropes we see are. Mads and Norman interacting with particles and objects and living creatures through ‘strings’ which has thematic elements of puppetry and puppet masters. Likely the babies we see are the infant versions of Del Toro and Norman which act as anchors to where they are from, and losing your ties to yourself leaves you stranded in the land of the dead.

          • Full Options

            Mmmm… good spot… Superstrings… I guess Yong asked and followed his brother’s synthesis / effort to simplify the explanation for the average audience, without hereby enough time to develop all the context and major theories on the subject.
            He did a quick parallel with Interstellar though, which is a great but a bit naive (on purpose of course for the audience if you don’t want it to fall asleep, they well succeeded at that) and romanced movie barely dealing with the subject…

            Yeah, insist / play with aligning the ropes concept and superstrings in the DS context is definitely a cool theory playground… ;D

  • When DS comes out and it’s not related to MG in any way… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/456170d8a1bd9d5f966dbc90b8bd3db8d766596bcea23c89db30adf2baf70b5a.png

    BUT WAIT, there’s more – A new adventure awaits us and I would’ve never thought I’d be this excited. I mean as a small brat I was hyped for pretty much every damn game, but now this, is really something else.

    I really hope this industry will have more amazing people like Kojima (and his friends) in the future.

    • It’s a shame Kojima’s career at Konami had to end this way, but we can be very glad he will continue to make AAA games, and one advantage over the previous situation is that he has more freedom now, as he said in the interview.

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    I think Kojima went a bit too far this time with the marketing for this game :/


    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      I don’t get it??


  • Gatsu

    Kojima kaminandesu <3.

    I think it's awesome that he's taking risks and doing games differently than many others.

    • Full Options

      It often sounds like he is the only one that have a so global and complete vision of the power / possibilities of this medium.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah I agre :).

  • About time.

  • Jav

    I just read that hideo doesn´t likes the sexualization of the female characters in games. Lol.

    • Full Options

      What do you mean ? 007’s prod can play around the theme and when it’s Hideo, it becomes sexualization ? cmon…

      • radun

        There’s always a vocal minority that gets more and more fixated on a certain “thing” and blows it out of proportion, like “Raiden is a whiner”, or “nanomachines”, etc. This time it was “Quiet is just there for the tits” which is of course completely untrue for any non brain-dead person that actually pays attention to the narrative

        • Full Options

          Correct, and even if there were not much narrative, since more than half a century, Commander Bond benefits of an average of 2-3 pretended sexualized “Quiets” per movie then (xD), and when we give one to Venom, everybody raise the shield…(?!)

          For example this Ursula shot, letting a lot of women identify themselves to her, wanting like her to be able to wear a bikini without any kind of good or bad appreciation..
          What suddenly turned us so puritan in the years 2K !?
          Is becoming like totally frigid our very next step ?
          Nah, mates, without me… xD


          • radun

            Haven’t you heard that, to be ‘politically correct’ is the latest rave these days?

          • Full Options

            Yeah, just sick about how some try to poorly format our new generations… And smile at how they fail actually.
            Those sensual touches in movies and now games actually contributed to woman emancipation more than anything, and this new pretended ‘politically correct’ way of thinking try to convince masses that they should be told how to think…(wtf)
            Or to put it more simply, treating people as severely retarded…

    • Lex Radu

      How did you came to that conclusion, sire?

    • I think he said he doesn’t like it when the character doesn’t have a backstory or something like that

    • radun

      There’s always a vocal minority that gets more and more fixated on a certain “thing” and blows it out of proportion, like “Raiden is a whiner”, or “nanomachines”, etc. This time it was “Quiet is just there for the tits” which is of course completely untrue for any non brain-dead person that actually pays attention to the narrative.

  • Just wanted to say that Ludvig Forsell is awesome:

    • Hopefully they’ll release a soundtrack for DS.

      • Pfff… Of course they will. They always did.
        I really like Ludvig Forsell. Metal Gear was always a special case for me when it comes to soundtracks. Things like this is why I think Metal Gear games have the best soundtracks.

        Atmosphere is just there. You listen and can feel it.

        • Lex Radu

          The DS Trailer track alone is better than all of Ludvigs work in TPP, i can tell you that!

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

            What Iove most is how the sound was used. Like as the camera got closer to the surreal the louder and less distorted the music became, and the opposite effect happened as the camera goes back to the “familiar”/safe area. It just makes the scene so much more atmospheric and creepy. Such a simple concept that I don’t think an game has done before (at least not how Kojima did).

            I swear, it’s just these tiny ass things Kojima does that make you realise he’s a genius.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Why does Mads’ face remind me of MGR?

    • Full Options

      Perhaps this half-shaded charismatic face pose we happened to see and enjoy so often ?


    • Lex Radu

      Spoiler: Mads is Evil Raiden!

    • Lex Radu

      On a more serious note, now that you mention it, Mads is as much Raiden, as Big Boss is Solid…get what i’m saying.

      In a reality where Raiden is Solid Snake, he would be the “inferior genes” clone of Mads.

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait for sure!

    • Lex Radu

      Was sure confirmed for Death Stranding?

  • kuaikukia

    I more interest on some thing new rather than some generic over and over sequel. This is one of those developers I trust that will make my mind blown

  • Full Options

    MateZZZ, we don’t need to worry about the address neither… ;D
    I started a quite cool and entertaining space-ship intel / quest in order to determine the USS-Enterprise’s location with Google street-view, and check what I found (was very fun), you may hang around the Koji-neighborhood here :


    You may also google “Shinagawa Season Terrace” for more shots of the inside and outside (sometimes 360°). If you check the street view time feature, you’ll notice that this flat looks recent, it was built these 3 past years… ;D
    The exact address could then perhaps be :

    Japan, 〒108-0075 Tokyo, 港区Konan, 1−2−70
    [Marker placed] xD


  • Ok guys, a little bit small but interesting informaton about Mads and DS:

    This is a Doctor Strange fan screening in Tokyo. He said there that he met Master-Monk (wut? xD) Hideo-san and worked for a game about an hour. LOL. Only one hour… so Kojima let him go to this event and after that he probably went back working on a game again.
    So he actually worked for the game… Probably additional 3d Scan and maybe they started recording some dialog’s for the game.

    • Full Options

      THX, quite cool interview… gamedev progress ….

  • PrinceHeir


    Dark Horse is finally publishing Berserk Volume 38 in English this July 2017

    Order here 🙂



    • Gatsu

      Thanks :), yeah I read about it yesterday. Volume releasing had a 3 year break or something xD….

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    I dunno about you guys, but I reckon the kind of fans that Kojima might “lose” are the fans that want Kojima to make s’more Metal Gear and Metal Gear alone. If that was the case, then, Kojima making more Metal Gear (e.g. the WWII game starring The Boss he talked about back in 2012) would become less and less enjoyable trying his best to appease these kind of fans instead of making a success from something else, e.g. Policenauts, Snatcher and (most recently) Death Stranding.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      This comment makes no bloody sense at all

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    I think this is one of Yong’s best theory, seems very probable that some portion of this game atleast takes place in Normandy France.


    • Also remember that Kojima already went location scouting in Normandy a few years ago (although it might not have been for this game at that point): http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=13289

      • Full Options

        That graveyard… MGS3 prequel ?… Origins of the Boss ??… ehh…

        • Yeah that was the most plausible theory back then. Still kind of hurts…

          • Full Options

            Hopefully Boss wrote down few lines and maybe the other .sses kept that on track since they would not have to write down anything..

          • Kojima actually wanted his team to create a Boss game without him, but they didn’t dare. 😛 But that was before he left.

          • Full Options

            FoxEngine is rock-stable…

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          XD Still makes more sense than the head transplant theory.

          • Full Options


      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        The plot thickens…

        Assuming the game does take place in Normandy: he probably used his last visit there as inspiration.

        • Full Options

          Yeah, it feels like that… The United Cities of America though…
          We still need to figure out this, even if a lot of things are matching with Yong’s standpoints..

    • I haven’t watched it yet so idk if he points this out but:
      Operation Cobra, part of Op Overlord (Dday), took place in Saint-Lô, Normandy, France

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        Maybe DS is related to this in some way. Just thinking about this games’ plot makes me giddy, so many elements that really shouldn’t work together but through Kojima’s genius he made it work, judging by just the trailers alone. If it has MGS4 amount of cutscenes (8-9 hours) nicely spread over an open world I’ll probably try to marry the game. I’m gonna stop fellating my hype now 😛

        • radun

          It is very, very unlikely that Kojima will go back to the old style of storytelling. What he did with V is a big step forward in the “visual” storytelling style, which is what any director should strive for, regardless of the medium.
          And just look at how much information we can gather on DS from just a few minutes of trailers. It’s the homogeny between narrative elements and gameplay elements that he will surely focus on.

  • Orion Pax

    what does he mean that he desn’t have to please nvestors lmao, sony pays him for all that for a reason

    • Full Options

      Nobody has real details about their agreements. What’s sure, is that having the title PS4 exclusive have a quite substantial cost. Sony paid for that, so there are chances that Koji-Pro has no real debt to Sony in fact… Besides, DS will be system seller, so Sony will sell PS4’s as well, and finally Koji-Pro is also giving to Sony a quite positive visibility towards the gamers scene. This has a cost as well..

      • Orion Pax

        oh we actually have a lot of details, Sony owns the Death Stranding concept in every way possible, they own the name, they own the publishing rights, they own the engine that the game is developed on, Kojima and his studio are 100% in Sony’s pockets, one would argue that Sony closed Guerrilla Cambridge to route some more money to Kojima’s studio, Kojima and his studio works for Sony, they are making a game owned by Sony and for Sony, make no mistake here, Kohima answers to Sony as much as he answered to Konami

        • Do we have an official info that Sony owns the rights to Death Stranding? I don’t remember that. I remember that even on SIE site we saw a Q&A about the possibility of a PC version that was later deleted by mods.
          Just because Sony funds the project till the marketing campaign does not mean that Kojima answers to Sony the same way Kojima answered to Konami.

          Guerrilla Cambridge closure has nothing to do with Kojima. They have not produced any substantial hit for Sony for some time.

          • Orion Pax

            yes Sony owns the Death Stranding ip, where were you when the news about Sony trademarking the name “Death Stranding” were coming out?? here you can see the official document that clearly states Owner = Sony Interactive Entertainment, not Kojima Productions http://cdn3.dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/DeathStranding.jpg

            the death stranding pc comment was made(and deleted) by a sony forum manager or something like that, a.k.a. a nobody, Kojima or any representative of Kojima Production or SIE WWS never metioned Death Stranding being a console exclusive or coming to pc, they always said exactly “ps4 exclusive”

          • Never saw this. Ok…
            This is actually interesting… But again, it says Sony Interactive Entertainment America. May you link an original link to this?

            Thanks in advance.

          • Orion Pax

            official full trademark application https://trademarks.justia.com/871/07/death-87107685.html

            it says Sony Interactive Entertainment America because that’s the american application, in the european application it says Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, in Asia it says Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia etc.

          • Thank You. That’s is really interesting.
            Well, PC release so far is basically nothing at this point.

          • Actually in this press release it’s referred to as a ‘console exclusive’: http://www.sie.com/en/corporate/release/2016/160614a.html

            However in a press release published on the same day they simply call it PS4 exclusive: http://www.sie.com/en/corporate/release/2016/160614b.html

          • Orion Pax

            don’t put too much weight in press releases from Sony

            seems like Sony has a 3rd party messaging problem with which game is exclusive and which is console exclusive, they recently listed Nier Automata as a ps4 exclusive when it’s also on pc so it’s a console exclusive and the devs even said that they’re looking into making a xb1 version, even Shawn called it a ps4 exclusive multiple times on stage at their events when it is clearly not

            and also their PR called Persona 5 and Nioh console exclusives when they are playstation exclusives as far as we know

            Yakuza 0 in region 1 it even has console exclusive on the box like Street Fighter 5, but in region 2 it says Only On PlayStation on the box and the devs came out and said that it is a ps4 exclusive and it will remain like that, i man you can literally look this up and see the US retail copy saying console exclusive and the EU copy saying Only On PlayStation, that seems like a real fuck up for the PR guys, you can’t take for fact anything coming from Sony PR

            it seems like there’s a conflict between Sony Europe and Sony America in their messaging



          • Full Options

            Yes, they bought it and it was definitely not for free. As HK said, he had to choose between various editors but Sony was the one he was the most comfortable with. In other terms, one that made him the most technically and financially serious and comfortable offer.

          • Orion Pax

            they didn’t buy anything, they hired him

          • Full Options

            Maybe, maybe not, but in the absence of any official development, we can only stick to the fact that Sony does not own KP otherwise, stay sure they would state it everywhere.

          • Orion Pax

            nobody said they own KP, they don’t

          • Full Options

            xD, ehm..
            You just said it :

            they didn’t buy anything, they hired him

            Ok look, nothing is black or white and I admit we are on both quite opposite interpretations, but at least consider the possibility of having the truth somewhere between those two.

          • Orion Pax

            yes, they hired him to make a game for them, what do you not understand? Sony didn’t buy anything, they hired

          • Full Options

            Oh, I see… You meant they “hired” so subcontracted Kojima Productions ?… Then we have a consensus here… ;D
            We just need to agree about how much they gave to hire Kojima Production like that then…

          • Orion Pax

            how much they paid him is irrelevant, what matters is the game’s total budget, i don’t think that it is a set budget, for example when he wants to hire a known actor like Mads he tells Sony “hey i want to bring this guy in, here’s how much it would cost”, and Sony tells him “ok here’s the money” and so on, there was a leak saying that Sony pretty much pays for anything he asks, and that is pretty obvious from his tweets with the gifts he gets from all the Sony divisions, that’s why his comment doesn’t make sense even more, because Sony seems to put a lot of money in him so if he fucks up or takes too much time then the harder he’ll fall

          • Full Options

            how much they paid him is irrelevant

            So would be our whole little chat then.. 😀

            he wants to hire a known actor like Mads he tells Sony “hey i want to bring this guy in, here’s how much it would cost”, and Sony tells him “ok here’s the money” and so on

            That’s not that simple, Sony have a clear marketing cooperation. To put it more simply try to answer this question :

            If you were Sony how much would you pay being advertised under the form of BBC and other top mainstream media headlines such as :
            “Sony backing up video game master mind”
            Can you imagine the outstanding value and visibility provided to Sony by such communication ?

            there was a leak saying that Sony pretty much pays for anything he asks

            They are d.mn right to do so and better stick to it like hell.

            with the gifts he gets from all the Sony divisions, that’s why his comment doesn’t make sense even more

            His comment does not make sense to you because you don’t trust him. This comment precisely get all its dimension as soon as we trust him. Sony trusts him because he never failed at delivering the best games for 3 decades. They know he won’t “f.ck up” because they believe in their choices. Hideo is therefore not accountable to any investor because that’s Sony’s job now. He would be accountable to Sony if he didn’t had their full confidence but that’s not the case.
            It is just a matter of trust.

          • Orion Pax

            he fucked up MGS5TPP, just saying

          • Full Options
          • The game was a critical and commercial success.

          • Orion Pax

            yes, that’s what happens when you fly all the reviewers in an expensive location and let them play only the finished part of your game for their review http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2015/08/24/metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-style-review-events-are-part-of-the-problem/#23eb849c26a0

          • We know how the boot camp worked.

          • This is where you make a huge mistake. MGI was at the boot camp. It has nothing to do with “expensive location”.
            Metal Gear Solid V was and still is amazing to this day.


            Critics enjoyed it and people too.

          • Some more examples (Steam, PlayStation Store and Open Critic respectively):

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85c0f84fbc4af96f2a7b3b79f181587453a74fd21a15cde8a496502fdd8383a9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1beec96043be18f17968267161523cba9fb1121c9f1aae682d5b6b961819ef85.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30bb9f8ade20623906926eb2d23f43399ba339a6c902c25aec2a59d215b2adb9.png

            Of course it’s fine if you didn’t like the game, but don’t act like everyone who did is corrupt and has been bought out by Konami, or that Kojima factually screwed up while the evidence points at the opposite.

          • Orion Pax

            looks like they didn’t enjoy it that much after all, i mean you would think that a game enjoyed by critics and fans would have more goty awards than a new IP, a lukewarm sequel and a game from a franchise that nobody really cared about

            2015 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS

            The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 257
            The Critics’ Picks – 169
            The Readers’ Picks – 88

            Fallout 4 – 58
            The Critics’ Picks – 40
            The Readers’ Picks – 18

            Bloodborne – 31
            The Critics’ Picks – 23
            The Readers’ Picks – 8

            Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 29
            The Critics’ Picks – 28
            The Readers’ Picks – 1

          • Full Options

            At least, if you feel like the game is incomplete then why are you mad at Kojima instead of Konami, in first place ?
            Don’t blame Kojima just because you wanted to play more of TPP. You are after the wrong target, if any..
            It feels like you stick to the Koji-Diva theory, but tell me, if Kojima is a diva, how do you explain they pulled up a that big open world game / truly innovative gameplay with only 80 M$ then ?

          • Orion Pax

            do you honestly tell me with a straight face that Kojima is a saint and Konami is the devil? it’s obvious that that Kojima did something to piss Konami off, sorry that i’m not a blind sheep, i don’t know that happened at Konami, and i won’t throw stones until i know

          • Konami was restructuring and focusing on the mobile market. It goes beyond Kojima. The closed Kojima Productions LA and many people have quit. Not just Kojima, and he wasn’t the first either.

          • Orion Pax

            yet Metal Gear Survival is coming, PES is still being made and they have a game for Switch

          • Your point?

          • Orion Pax

            that doesn’t look like focusing on mobile to me, if i was focusing on mobile i wouldn’t waste money on a franchise that does sell, PES, PES sells literally 10 times worse than its competition FIFA

          • Okay, everyone is wrong but you. Whatever you say.

          • Full Options


          • Full Options

            Konami pulled the plug at least 6 months before launch so in plain production.
            Some collaborators later on agreed the team was totally tetanized by this news, obliging Kojima to use words like “Don’t worry, we’ll finish our game whatever it takes”.
            They wiped out clean his name after 30 years of loyal success.
            They sent lawyers to prevent him for receiving an award !?..
            I mean what do you need more ? We don’t know what Kojima may have done to Konami, but we for sure have some clues about what they did to him.

          • Orion Pax

            any proof for that? official links?

          • Full Options

            Check Julien Merceron’s speech in Paris around the 20 december 2015 on youtube. It is in french though but I translated the mgsv related stuff somewhere on mgi :


          • Just because MGSV had some great competition in terms of GOTY worthy games doesn’t mean the game itself failed.

          • Orion Pax

            looks like they didn’t enjoy it that much after all
            2015 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS
            The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 257
            The Critics’ Picks – 169
            The Readers’ Picks – 88

            Fallout 4 – 58
            The Critics’ Picks – 40
            The Readers’ Picks – 18

            Bloodborne – 31
            The Critics’ Picks – 23
            The Readers’ Picks – 8

            Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 29
            The Critics’ Picks – 28
            The Readers’ Picks – 1

            i guess if you call amazing a game where the entire second half is the first half again and no story, no ending then yeah, MGS5 was and still is amazing

          • Now all of a sudden we’re talking about GOTY awards? No one even said it was GOTY, just that Kojima didn’t ‘fuck up’ MGSV as you said. And even if you want to look at GOTY awards, as if that’s the only way to measure a game’s quality, did you say that 28 people picked MGSV, over other critically acclaimed titles like Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne? So that hardly sounds like a fuck up either.

          • Orion Pax

            you said that everybody enjoyed the game, not me, MGS5 scored higher than Witcher 3, Bloodborne and Fallout 4, yet it couldn’t even touch their boots at the goty awards

          • “you said that everybody enjoyed the game” Completely false.

            The game was well received. Sure, not everyone likes it, fine. But in no way can you claim that Kojima ‘fucked up’ when his game has been met with such praise.

          • Orion Pax

            and that’s what i’m asking you, if “his game has been met with such praise.” where is that praise at GOTY awards? let me tell you where it is, it’s in the METAL GEAR SOLID part of METAL GEAR SOLID 5 THE PHANTOM PAIN, i wonder if the game would’ve been met with such praise if it named only THE PHANTOM PAIN without any connection to the metal gear solid franchise

          • MGSV has won multiple awards, from Famitsu to TGA.

          • This makes no sense.

          • I know where you got that list from. This comes from a blog that compiled a bunch of blogs and press together. The only problem is that you can’t compare Neogaf with IGN/GamesRadar at the same playing field, not to mention that this site completely ignores Metacritic and other things.

            Btw, this also shows that Kojima did not “fuck up” MGSV if journalists picked it as a GOTY.

          • Orion Pax

            not enough journalists picked it, apparently everybody loved the game right? well it looks like not that many actually, strange seeing how MGSV scored higher than Bloodborne, Witcher and Fallout yet it can’t touch them in goty awards, and that blog is not just “some blog that collects random awards” it’s because of that blog that you see 200 GOTY awards on The Last Of Us boxart


          • It’s just a typical marketing stuff you see on the box art. It does not say anything really (Witcher 3 GOTY edition art has similar stuff to it). You can write that it is the best game of the decade on the box if you want, it’s not a fact.

            What important is how the game was received by critics and users. The only problem that the game had and was heavily discussed in teh internetz was about a cut content which is actually not a big deal anymore.

            Kojima did not “fucked it up” and to this day IMO Metal Gear Solid V mechanically is the best game ever created, pushing the Stealth/sandbox experience/genre to it’s limit.
            Now compare MGSV to any game that is listed in the blog and I will tell you that these games combined mechanically are not even close to MGSV with it’s day/night cycles, weather, shadows, AI and living sandbox which is an achievement.

            P.S. Just for fun fact. As much as I like The Last Of Us, mechanically it’s such a broken game. The only reason it was praised so well, because of a well told story between a dad and a girl in a Zombie Apocalypse world and for some reason critics forgot about the gameplay.

          • Full Options

            xD they shaped the girl as Ellen Page and voilà… xD

          • I liked the game. But when the game was released it was hardly a very good game with it’s 4 zombie type enemies+humans. With janky shooting mechanics and weak stealth elements where enemy AI ignores Ellie. There are a lot of problems in that game. Like a LOT.

            but for some reason it was ok to ignore them, because eh… Naughty Dog is cool.

          • Full Options

            Aie know… waz just trollin… xD

          • Orion Pax

            “What important is how the game was received by critics and users.” that’s what i’ve been asking you in the past 3/4 comments, if MGSV was received so well, where is that praise at the goty awards? i’ll tell you where it is, it’s in the mission 51 LOL, come on man, you can like a bad game, but don’t pretend that it’s not bad, we all know why the game reviewed so well, it was because of the METAL GEAR SOLID part and not from the THE PHANTOM PAIN part, every achievement that this game got it’s from the past MGS games and not on its actual merits

          • At first you said that Kojima “fucked up” MGSV… then you mentioned boot camp where critics were corrupt and bought by Konami. Now you are telling me that MGSV reviewed so well because of the past MGS games…

            which is not true at all man. Get over it. People ENJOYED that game.

          • But do we really know how much freedom Sony allows their partners? From Kojima’s comments it sounds like when he worked at Konami he had to convince tiger ups directly, with Sony that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sony is probably allowing him a lot of freedom because they’re counting on him delivering.

        • Full Options

          And Kojima accepted all that for free ? cmon..

          Kojima and his studio are 100% in Sony’s pockets

          Where did you saw that ? Where did you read KP was a SIE studio ?
          Look, let’s put it look like any contract :
          Koji-Pro is executing a task for Sony. Like in any business, the costumer (here SIE) pays 1/3 to 1/2 of the contract before a second third in progress, and the rest in the end.
          Whether the payment is in equipment, square meters, cash, engine or a cocktail of all those is not really a problem.
          Sony wants a say, Kojima heavy smash hit funded with >=120 M$ ? At least they have to put 40 M$ if not more on the table / in KP’s pocket before anything starts.
          As simple as this..

          • Orion Pax

            Kojima Production’s only game in development is a game owned by Sony, on an engine owned by Sony, the game is also published by Sony, produced and marketed, do you think that Kojima makes a game for Sony from his own saved money or for free just because he likes making games? it’s pure logic, right now everything that Kojima’s studio is doing is because Sony allows it, after they make Death Stranding for Sony and they get paid then they can do something else by themselves with that money, but as of right now, the only reason for Kojima Production being alive and developing games is Sony

          • Full Options

            do you think that Kojima makes a game for Sony from his own saved money or for free just because he likes making games?

            I actually spent 3 comments to explain you the exact opposite. ;D
            Sony is paying Koji-Pro big (like BIG) bucks for doing all that.
            Do you think Sony can come and tell HK to do whatever they want for their simple smiles ?
            There is more behind KP. First of all, its fanbase and Sony wants that. Second the knowledge of game production and according top-notch QA. A level of quality hardly reachable by any studio right now.
            And third, the crew, Yoji and all the former KP employee that would not follow HK if it was not him.
            All this is not free, very expensive and yes, even if nothing started. It happens all the time in business when you work with people having a great reputation.

          • Orion Pax

            of course they pay Kojima, they hired him to make a game for them, that’s what i’ve been saying from my first comment, Kojima said that he likes not having to report to investors, and i asked how? everything that he’s doing now is because Sony is paying him, he has no control over this, if the guys at Sony decide to stop giving him money then it’s over for him, so on the contrary, he has to respond to as many people and as much as he did at Konami

    • I think he is saying that he has complete control over the development, so investors don’t have any influence on it.

    • Lex Radu

      I guess that confirms that Sony isn’t paying him, and that Sony is only helping him with the promotion!

      • Sony has made a ‘significant investment’: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=27088

        • Full Options

          Sony is obviously accountable to their shareholders, but not KP. HK is just like the one who sold something to SIE.
          DS is Sony’s property, I am sure he sold it against very substantial assets. Of course Hideo owe the product to Sony, but if things fail, like any capital-risk investment / contract, that would be Sony’s problem to explain share losses to their investors and not KP.
          For example, when Sony buy a Studio and make it 1st party (like insomniac, etc..) , they pay hundreds millions, billion(s)..
          Koji-Pro is obviously somewhere between 3rd and 1st party..

          • KojiPro is a 2nd party developer. Insomniac is also 2nd party dev.
            2nd party developer means that you can work with the publisher for some exclusive titles and IP eventually can be owned by a studio or a publisher… that depends on the contract obviously.
            There are even some crazy shit when Sakurai works on the Smash Bros game with Nintendo with the agency-like studio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sora_Ltd. by a contract.
            Funny thing is, Kojima worked at the same condition like Sakurai for smash bros, except that Kojima’s dev environment was not that great. Contracts are a Japanese thing.

            Death Stranding contract is still unknown. At some point there was Q&A that said that the game later will be for the PC. Maybe it will happen, maybe not… Who knows.

            I think Kojima built the studio with his own money and DS project is fully funded by Sony. This is how I see the situation. I can obviously be wrong about it but again, Kojima said not too long ago that “Bad Robot Productions” was an inspiration for it’s independent studio. Basically Kojima wants to be independent as much as possible even if Sony will continue to throw money at him.

          • Full Options

            I think Kojima built the studio with his own money and DS project is fully funded by Sony. This is how I see the situation. I can obviously be wrong…

            You can not be any closer to the truth in fact.
            2nd party is a bit popular / familiar term, but reality often comes before we can officially name it. It is because how blurry some agreements can become specially when the 2 parties are happy to work together.
            Kojima is building DS with his own money because Sony paid him for very valuable product(s).
            More, in this case, I don’t even know if we are in front of a 1.5 or 2.5 party (xD) situation since KP’s MGS was PS exclusive until MGSV. Hideo IS Sony’s brother more than we can imagine, close friends, we just need to check how Andrew House respect him..

            On a less serious note (but not too far from the truth), I think Sony actually wants Kojima to stay as free as possible otherwise they’ll face reactions of people like Del Toro, and everybody saw how bitter he can be if things trurns nuts…

          • MGS was not really “””that””” exclusive if you think about it. I mean… Sure, there was a Playstation feel to it most of the time. But game eventually got Xbox releases, PC releases… with exception of Metal Gear Solid 4.. because of it’s issues that had design for the specific console.

            Death Stranding could easily come to the PC, but it will probably never come to Xbox or Nintendo consoles. Kojima here wants to be in control… But with recent KojiPro Amsterdam he is also looking at the Guerrilla. Who knows.

          • Full Options

            ;D Ok, you are right, not “””that””” exclusive… But still quite heavily PS oriented.

            Death Stranding could easily come to the PC

            Hard to tell until we have more details about how the DS Decima’s depot may be dedicated to the PS4 HW.
            In all case, they better figure this out quick otherwise it may become more and more difficult to consider a possible port if they tune it too much.

            but it will probably never come to Xbox or Nintendo consoles

            +1 For respectively political and technical reasons..

            Kojima here wants to be in control… But with recent KojiPro Amsterdam he is also looking at the Guerrilla. Who knows.

            This antenna may definitely help to better share implementation efforts with Guerrilla, besides having more western mates touch.. I am very happy to have a Koji-subsidiary so close of me 😛
            Before KP LA and JP were so far… Here I have them at ~ a thousand kilometer, just right under the nose of Nyx btw (xD), to grab us some crispy stuff… :3

        • Lex Radu

          So looks like the deal James Cameron made when making the first Terminator!

          • Full Options

            Mmmm… I doubt Boss sold DS for a single buck… ;D
            Cameron was not accordingly as famous as Boss at that time..

  • Dear Aussies and MGI friends, get ready for RTX in just 5 days. Here is a small interview, enjoy:


    Kojima is coming and will be interviewed by KindaFunnyGames staff – Greg Miller. Prepare yourself. We’ll keep coming!

    • Lex Radu

      Greg … that lucky son of a … he is always interviewing Kojima!
      Glad for him though.

      • Gotta say I don’t like that guy for whatever reason

        • Greg was the most well known dude at the MGSV review event. He also was the only dude with the decency to say good morning to everyone (besides the folks running the event) No ego, he sat with Yong & I during breakfast was super polite talked about Metal Gear with legit enjoyment. He’s cool I’m my book, after I met him I became a fan and follow him & his company closely now. You should give it a shot.

    • Apparently it’s going to be 2 hours. I was listening to the Kinda Funny Morning Show. As I do every weekday at 11:00 am Pacific Standard time at Twitch.tv/kindafunnygames and Greg mentioned it. I forgot to tell @Nyxus about that detail. I love you bro! Don’t hit me!

      • Crimson, my bro. ❤ I LOVE YOU. ❤ I love listening to kindafunnygames too. I missed their podscasts though I never listen to them at twitch. I always watch them on youtube.
        highly recommend to everyone. they are very good at their journalism. Especially Colin even though I don’t always agree with him.

        So yeah, 2 hours guys. 2 Hours.

        • If I didn’t have them to listen to I’d probably take a cyanide tablet at work.

      • So it will be live streamed at that channel?

        • They said they weren’t sure if it’ll streamed on their page since it’s I’m Australia. But other people will post it. And they’ll post it on YouTube after it’s over.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      This is probably one of the best cutscenes I’ve seen in a game in years XDDD


      “CAn’t yOU see I need TIME TO thINK?”

      Oh God, that voice acting + writing + animations are killing me XD

      • …yeeaah seems like sidequest cutscenes will be really lame…
        Photomode tho: https://twitter.com/Guerrilla/status/826127140479434753
        Surely DS will have it too, right?

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          Not necessarily. It’s moreso that dudes voice acting that was laughably shit in that scene. Kojima is far too much of a perfectionist to let something like that make it into his game unintentionally, he’d rather cut content completely than stuff it in the game half done (see episode 51).

          Ashley Burch (Aloy) seems to be great (as usual) in Horizon though.

          Either way, Horizon looks like it will be a hell of a lot of fun XD

          • No I mean surely the photo mode will be in this right haha

            Cutscenes and VA will be 100 times better surely

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

            Haha, yeah. DS better have photomode, I’ll fill my hard drive with photorealistic pics of dead whales. 😛

    • BurntFM

      OMG I can’t believe I let this game out of my radar for a few seconds. It’s so close to release. It looks very cool.The whole look of the characters only makes me think of Hellblade and I anticipate it even more. Ninja Theory is on to something special. So I’m more excited for it.


      • Lex Radu

        Hellblade tone wise is closer to Kojima’s mind fucks than Zero Dawn!

      • Mr.Pony

        I’ve been following Hellblade pretty close but I’m not completely sold on the gameplay yet.

  • Full Options

    Now with Kawano, hehe… Boss is Sony’s very enfant terrible !!! 😀


  • Lex Radu
  • Mr.Pony
    • I’m more interested in Metal Gear Survive… 🙁
      What’s up with that game… Maybe I want more Metal Gear action…

      • Mr.Pony

        E3 would be the place to hear more about that I guess, if Survive is indeed coming this year.

        • According to Konami’s financial report that was released today the game is still planned for 2017.

          • Mr.Pony

            Wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out during fall or winter of this year, for what they showed, much of it are recycled assets from TPP

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Isn’t this similar to how ‘Far Cry Primal’ recycled some assets from ‘Far Cry 4’.

          • Mr.Pony

            They used the same map shape in Primal as in 4 but Survive seems to take that to another level, they used the same exact map, buildings, surroundings as in the “A hero’s way” mission in TPP, plus everything else looks the same as TPP from movement, items (with some new off course even tough, fences and such are assets from TPP).

          • That’s not a problem at all honestly. They sell it for a Ground Zeroes price. Survive is not a 60$ game, so it is expected to have the same buildings and map (Although there are some changes in the game if you look at the trailer).

            TPP is a great game, and I would love to play it once again. Zombies though is the only thing that makes me hate this thing… Another zombie game but with co-op.
            They could easily make something what Ghost Recon: Wildlands do right now. It’s not a math.
            If Konami wants to be back in to the action, they should communicate with it’s fanbase. It’s the strongest gaming fanbase ever that is ready to purchase another Metal Gear game.

          • Mr.Pony

            I bet that Survive will be 30$ to 40$, less than that i will be surprised. TPP is indeed a great game but they are labeling this as a different game which to me just looks a like a DLC mode. Zombies I’m on the fence, maybe more intelligent AI like the soldiers in TPP could be better, but still, what worries me is how the gameplay loop is going to grow boring way too fast. Infiltrate base, set beacon, defend against waves.

          • Venom_Sina

            I remember they said something like Survive being a thing that will complete TPP’s experience (not these exact words, but they mentioned TPP in their statement). Also they officially confirmed that Survive will be 30$.
            Konami is dodging a lot of things with this game and its marketing campaign. By bringing TPP in the middle, they easily dodged the questions and critiques about similarities and re-used assets between this one and GZ/TPP by simply saying that this game will be a part of TPP’s experience. Also the price is just 30$, so it’s like a DLC or something. At least it looks better than Ubisoft games from here 😛
            Personally, I will grab this. maybe not at launch (cause games are pretty expensive in my country), but I will do it. The price is really tempting. Another thing is that I can finally fire those guns that were useless in TPP 😛

          • Mr.Pony

            The thing is if they started marketing this as a big DLC instead of a stand-alone Spinoff game, no one would condemn them. People loved PW for the co-op and if they just sayed “Hey it looks like you guys really want co-op, so we are going to a DLC just for it” there wouldn’t be so much cringing around it. No one would care about reused assets and such, because it would be DLC, and that would be fine but saying that this is a different game and then showing reused assets, now that’s a problem.

            If the game is really what they just showed, then i’ll pass. Don’t really care for Co-op or multiplayer, unless there is a hook for single players, i’m out.

          • Ryan Yoder

            This is the first I’ve heard of Wildlands. Thanks! It looks interesting.

          • Lex Radu

            Hopefully they take their time, and at least release a finished mediocre game, and not a broken one!

            Konami, if you sell me s**t, at least sell me full developed s**t, i want no unfinished diarrhea of a game!

      • Full Options

        I am too, it seems another side-effect of the debacle is Konami also boycotting big dev confs / panels like GDC, whereas they were attending quite regularly when Boss was there..
        Not sure what they would actually have to expose, though but I suppose they could have try to improve Fox’s perfs here and there if they are not too bad players..

  • Kojima is never going to beat “Grush”

    • Full Options

      We do not always buy GOTY of such, anyways.. xD

    • Lex Radu

      I got a more revolutionary product, with revolutionary graphics, revolutionary story that only 1% of the gaming population will remotely copperhead!


      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        “If you have not thrown money at the screen by the time I finished this sentence, consult your doctor now.”
        Other than that, the following “Troiller” was rated H for Honest.

        • Lex Radu

          Wish that guy made an Honest Trailer for TPP!

  • Lex Radu

    I got a feeling that Metal Gear Survive didn’t!

  • Jav
    • Mr.Pony

      The Boss is disturbingly creepy xD

      • The Boss and Quiet are both creepy. Big Boss/Venom on the other hand somehow works… 😉

        • Mr.Pony

          Quiet looks cute, a bit forced but still cute. Big Boss is like “yeah another mission complete” and suddenly he remembers that MB blew up. xD

        • Full Options

          Venom works kind of great, hehe… And cool to finally see a smile on this face… Someone probably showed him pictures of the new Koji-Studio… 😀

    • Pic 2… absolute mad man

      • Lex Radu

        Pic 2…Punished Venom Negan

    • Venom_Sina

      I don’t know why, but I see Kiefer’s face in Venom’s picture

    • Mini gear

      venom in a casual day of war. getting outta bed, rifle in hand, ready to put balloons on everything, who wouldn’t smile.

  • Mini gear

    Ahhhh so good to see Kojima at his best, wonder how his games will be like now that he’s got only his worries and not thousands of business problems

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