Metal Gear movie director wants fans to be able to say: they did it, that’s my Metal Gear

During an interview with website Collider, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the Metal Gear Solid movie, was asked for an update on the project. Vogt-Roberts answered they’re currently working on the script, not an easy task for a franchise with such a unique tone.

Luckily there are amazing producers on it, but that’s a property that is so pure and important to my soul, because it’s something that I grew up on, that I would love to shepherd into the film that it needs to be. I think it’d be a massive film, I think it’d be an incredible film, but it needs to be done in a way that completely honors what Metal Gear is because it’s a classic and it’s a seminal work not just in video games, but in media.”

The director notes how it’s interesting that Metal Gear had essentially one voice behind it all those years.

“For decades now Metal Gear Solid has essentially had one voice. So you’re dealing with a highly, highly specific property that’s idiosyncratic to one persona and one person’s point of view.”

Vogt-Roberts believes that the main thing they need to get right with the project is the tone.

“I think right now the more important thing is let’s nail the voice, let’s nail a story that makes sense. You look at the scope of the Metal Gear world and you go all the way back to the ‘60s and before that in the lore, and then you go to the more contemporary games in the near-future and stuff like that, you’re dealing with decades and decades and decades of characters. You’re dealing with like okay how do Snake and Boss interact, how does Zero and all these people interact with each other? How do you pick and choose the cyborg ninjas and the sniper wolfs and all these people and have them fit into a narrative that makes sense?”

Before thinking about budget, he wants to make a movie Metal Gear fans would be able to enjoy.

“So first and foremost beyond thinking about budget, I wanna find the version that someone like you who’s like a superfan of this property would say, ‘They did it. That’s my Metal Gear. That’s my shit.’ Beyond it being a video game movie, beyond the difference between active experience and passive experience and why people haven’t been able to translate an active experience into a good passive experience in the shape of a film, beyond that question to me it’s not even about being a video game movie, Metal Gear is an important story, an important set of characters. So it just needs to be approached right now from how we nail that, and once we nail that then budget questions will happen, then those things will happen down the road, but right now I’m just working with incredible producers and trying to make a version that you or a Metal Gear megafan would be proud of.”

You can listen to the interview in the video below, or see the entire transcript by clicking on the link in the source section.

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Source: Collider

  • NegaScott128

    I said it in the other article, and I’ll say it again here: I love that he’s so passionate about the series, but I’m still not convinced he can pull off a film this big. Not everyone can make the jump from indie movies to big blockbusters. Wait for Skull Island to see how he handles a larger budget, and then we’ll see if he’s up to snuff.

    • Exactly.
      My opinion is negative on this one. But I’m even more negative on this one. I have been burned too much by Hollywood already and I’m tired of it. I’m honestly sick of it. Metal Gear Solid is first of all my favorite game of all time that fused storytelling, stealth gameplay and boss battles the way it should be. the game, codec and storyline was designed specifically for the Playstation 1 hardware.

      Metal Gear dos not require a movie because it is already very cinematic and storydriven and has the best story in video games told mechanically. Period.

      Movie is just a cash in. I will repeat again, I was burned too much and Hollywood does not stop. Recently they showed Ghost In The Shell trailers and god it’s so horrible that it makes me almost mad.

      I don’t believe in Jordan Vogt-Roberts. He does not have any experience in movies. Even if the Skull movie will be good, I won’t approve this director.

      Metal Gear is a espionage techno thriller. Kong is a monster movie/adventure.

      • NegaScott128

        I think saying “Skull Island is a monster movie, so he can’t make a spy movie” is kinda foolish. The same skills that apply to making a monster movie can apply to any genre, regardless of how different it seems. Look at someone like the Russo brothers, who went from episodes of Community to making one of the best comic book movies in recent memory. They took skills that you wouldn’t think would transition from comedy to action, and made it work.

        What I’m concerned about is the jump from indie movies and TV shows to big-budget blockbusters. That, to me, is a much harder jump to make. Going from relative freedom with a small crew to less freedom and a massive crew, all under a stricter deadline, can be very difficult, and not everyone can make that jump. For every director like the Russo brothers, you get a dozen Josh Tranks. Considering the lack of any rumors of production problems on Skull Island, along with Kojima’s apparently positive relationship with Vogt-Roberts, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about the film. I’m not getting hype yet, though. Hype will only come is Skull Island is good and the movie actually enters production, instead of languishing in pre-production like it’s been doing for over a decade now. Only then would I consider getting hype.

      • Look at it this way: if the movie is going to happen no matter what, isn’t it best off in his hands? At least he seems to understand the franchise, the main issue with video game to movie adaptations is that it’s just some shallow version of the game brought to the cinema.

        Still, it seems like an impossible job to translate Metal Gear into a 2 hour movie. And to make the fans happy on top of it.

        • Nyx, I have a proof and example that understanding the franchise is not enough for this stuff.
          There is a small company, prolly you never heard of it xD… It’s a small studio… With 4000 developers… Called “BLIZZARD” Entertainment. They have historically one of the best games of all time. They care about their games and can develop them for 10 years just to make sure they are perfect at launch.
          So they took their biggest property for the movie – Warcraft. Made panels about it a lot of times at Blizzcon with hundreds of fans:×353.jpg

          and you know who was the director? Duncan Jones. Duncan Jones is a son of David Bowie and Kojima knows him.
          He also is a huge fan of Warcraft (he is also a Metal Gear fan) and plays it every day and he understands the lore and everything about it and was the same passionate person like Jordan.
          This movie had multi-million marketing campaign with blizzcon panels. Fans were excited… Even Blizzard was behind the movie. They said that it will be the first movie that will be amazing, blah-blah-blah, excitement. Oh my god… Yessh! I, myself was excited about it. Blizzard makes a movie with Hollywood. Huge 160$ million budget. Famous actors. What can go wrong?


          Basically people who never knew about the game thought it was garbage, because it had a lot of references to the game and what fans thought of it? They thought that it was TRUE to the game but as a movie it FAILED spectacularly. This is 2016 year. But it made a lot of money. What Hollywood said?
          Hollywood: “Well, derp.. we made some money.. let’s do more of these Warcraft movies! Fans will love em for sure!”

          Jordan even compared to Duncan has not the same experience in movies. Excitement means nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Even if Kojima would be behind the movie.

          It’s very complicated. Honestly, I am much more excited about Konami’s pachinko MGS games than any MGS movie. With pachinko machines I will get beautiful mo-cap data cutscenes.

          Nyx, it won’t work. Games and movies are too different and the only reason Hollywood is doing this, because it makes them tons of money without any thought. Metal Gear Ip is great for milking. You can make so much sequels with it, because it has so much characters that you can milk to death. You have fantastic settings set in 1999, 2014… 60s… Hollywood wet dream of settings and world building.

          Nyx, don’t be too excited.

          • But it’s going to happen anyway (at least, it seems like it), so we can only hope for the best. It doesn’t matter wether fans want it or not, but at least it looks like they have a director who sort of understands the series, which is a good sign. It won’t be like the games, as he said in the interview, but it still might be something that’s at least passable.

          • At least passable is not worth it. We don’t know if it will be at least passable.
            I hope only for one thing that this movie will be canceled. Hollywood damaged a lot of properties and it can’t stop doing it. Money talks.

            I would rather have Netflix series. Castlevania so far is on board.

          • Full Options

            okay how do Snake and Boss interact, how does Zero and all these people interact with each other? How do you pick and choose the cyborg ninjas and the sniper wolfs and all

            It feels like the guy speak like the regular fanbase, with the same tone, excitement and centers of interest I almost daily read in conversations down here.. ;D

          • Except that it doesn’t. Hey… I don’t trust Jordan. How about you? I trust you more when it comes to MGS conversations.
            Now go and make us a movie… you are a fan.

            “Now Go! Let the legend come back to life!”

            Just because he knows who is Zero and the Boss does not mean absolutely anything.

          • Full Options

            Ok, Golg, maybe I am wrong, but I sense the Force in this beard.. 😀

            You are right, that does not prove anything.
            We’ll see what’s next…

          • I’m not saying that you are wrong. No, not at all.
            It’s just you need to be careful for these guys.

            I don’t sense any force from him. Maybe he is honest or not. I heard the same thing for Warcraft and other properties. Hollywood burned too much for me to sense any force out of these guys.

            One thing for sure that they are going to make a lot of money out of the MGS franchise. Without a doubt.

          • Full Options

            Nah, bro I know you are not saying that, and I also may agree with your feelings even more than it seems.
            Like you, I became some kind of “St Thomas” of those BS. But I hope someday, one will manage to adapt a game to big screens…
            Between us, if this could happen with MGS, would be a big plus.. :3
            I know you are going to say it is a dead-end.. I hope we all be positively surprised, and if not, we’ll just turn the page, take the dual-shock and boot Mads + Norman to calm down, shooting machine dark skeletons.. xD

          • Full Options

            Golg, don’t be that categorical, keep in mind the different nature of Warcraft, somehow less bound to a story than MG can be.
            Warcraft is a Chess board compared to Boss’s interactive movies. Metal Gear Solids are literal game-movie hybrids, so the case is really exceptional here..
            Plus, MG was realized by the most movie-compliant game designer. I believe that helps, in the sense that all his games are also at least true CG movies… The only difference is that they are optimized for real-time rendering, which is even more charming.
            xD Watched few months ago MGS4 on Youtube and loved it..
            Restarted a whole playthrough right after.. xDxD

          • Warcraft has not the same kind of deep story, but it has deep lore in it with a hu-u-u-u-u-u-uge fanbase. It does not matter if it is Warcraft, MGS, Resident Evil or any other movie. They all suck for the same reason.

          • Full Options

            Roger that, but I think it is too soon for me to condemn MGS, even if I agree that the odds are strongly on your side.

  • Lex Radu

    I trust this guy!

  • Full Options

    OT : New Item on the Shelf of fame 😀

  • Full Options

    Most video game adaptations have poorly detailed underneath storylines to begin with, making it hatd to do something decent.

    At least, compared to usual game adaptation, the story is almost as rich as a novel, so seeing Jordan being such an HC fan makes me quite interested in the final result..
    Hopefully, Metal Gear Solid will become the most well adapted video game story.. Let’s hope !

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Speaking of video game adaptations having “poorly detailed underneath storylines,” could you say that about the Assassin’s Creed movie? I haven’t seen it myself yet, but I hear it got negative bashings from critics.

      • Full Options

        I was more general, not necessarily including all adaptations, but usually, even if the stories are fair, the adaptations are always too laboriously generic, always giving the feeling that the producer did not played the game a sec, or did not played any game in his life at all..

        As for Assassin’s I haven’t seen it neither so can’t tell, but yeah, seeing rotten and other critics, it looks quite catastrophic… Critics do not always reflect the sensation we have, tho, but when they are that categorical… I generally fear the worst..

    • radun

      I always considered Doom a genuinely good movie. Some cliches here and there, the production values could have been a bit better, but overall an excellent movie, well acted and well directed.

      MGS as a movie could certainly work, but not as something representative for the franchise, just simply a good action/scifi/secret agent movie. Something like Nolan’s Batman. It is a well written action thriller that happends to have Batman in it.

      • Full Options

        Exact same wavelength here… Doom could have been more polished, but was yet pretty fair and also really well sticking to Doom 3 atmosphere…

  • Johnno

    The easiest and cheapest way to get this started is by making a simple fun action film that adapts the original MSX game
    – Metal Gear

    If that’s a success build from there with sequels and increasingly larger budgets.
    – Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
    – Metal Gear Solid
    – Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty
    – Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater (prequel)
    – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (prequel)
    – Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain (prequel)
    – Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots

    I put the MGS4 adaptation last after the prequel trilogy so that all events and Big Boss’ story culminate there.

    I hope they wisen up and don’t jump into Shadow Moses right away. Rather start off with simpler cheaper films that build the franchise with the MSX titles and then it becomes easier for the studio to greenlight a suitable budget for MGS1’s adaptation. Plus this way the history of who Solid Snake and Big Boss are will be set and that makes for a less convoluted storyline when you do MGS1.

    • Full Options

      Haha, yeah, that would be cool although that would work if everybody had discovered the series in the same order. I am probably like you one of them, played MG on real MSX2 hardware, however we are a minority…

      MSX & MSX2 was not a that available platform in some countries.. Lol I had to head Paris (~900 Km to get the machines & games each time). ;D

      The big bang happened with MGS on PlayStation. I was excited before playing it, but less surprised by its originality than one could have been, by discovering Metal Gear from MGS.
      I then believe that most fans would not really understand why start with Petrovitch & Co and by empathy, if I were in their shoes, I imagine I would go like “why this little 2D game’s story I played quickly on an emulator ? MGS is millions times more visual ?”.. I think I would feel something like that.

      However, I have the same feeling than you and would have loved to see the movie series start and pursue in the same order than the game series, but again we are a minority so on a commercial success stand-point, MGS is likely a far safer bet for them.

      • Johnno

        Indeed if they’re aiming for a blockbuster then MGS would be the obvious market choice but as demonstrated by the interview, they’re having trouble packing everything in there and no doubt the studio will haggle over the budget for a game franchise where the genre of films haven’t exactly been huge moneymakers to justify the large budget necessary to bring MGS1 to life. It’s smarter to pitch a lower budget adaptation of Metal Gear, set in the jungle in the style of Commando/Rambo/Die Hard, which is primarily about one guy trying to survive to take out a robot superweapon. Done in an 80s style of one man army type protagonists that sell the audience on Solid Snake as a vehicle for future films with larger scope. A studio is more likely to greenlight this and a modest budget will suit this scope. After a successful run, bargain for the sequel with a now justifiable larger budget. Adapt Metal Gear 2. Then repeat for MGS as the final portion of that trilogy with the budget necessary to pull it off.

        • Full Options

          They look just at the script stage tho… I can well understand why they struggle, hehe…
          MGS1 should require a substantial budget to make it plausible but perhaps not that high depending how the script is built. If they think about their shots “intelligently”, they can suggest a lot of details, without having to craft too much of the environment elements proposed in the game.
          Of course all this is in the hands or the producers and directors… It depends how smart they are and on their professionalism.

          Let’s hope they won’t it up, whether they grab all the bucks they need to produce it or not.. ;D

  • Jav

    He is selling smoke.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      LADY SHUT UP!!-Colonel KFC eater

  • Gatsu

    I have faith in him and that he’ll do awesome job with the movie.

  • Full Options

    Guerrilla dudes paying a visit to the space-ship ! 😀

    • Yeah. Great news.
      Can’t wait to play Horizon:Zero Dawn. Sandbox RPG with Far Cry/Monster Hunter and Tomb Raider stuff.
      Judging by DigitalFoundry analysis it runs very well on my PS4.

      I hope these guys will help Kojima, they know about their own engine better than Kojima and his team.

      • Full Options

        Yeah that’s cool to have them around, it feels like the baby is progressing.

        There are normally less esoteric areas of Decima’s code base that KP can tap in-more directly, while training on the rest of the engine.

        For example, I would have in mind first the shading programs which contain only pure linear algebra, so it should be rather generic for them to work on those parts, whether the shaders are expressed in higher languages such as GLSL, CG, HLSL and even directly in the GPU’s ASM.
        It must be either the latter one or if higher level, I’d say GLSL since AMD = ATI for this matter.

        Regarding the rest of the engine, they obviously need to train on the main render loop function and multiple render targets strategy that should nevertheless look rather familiar to KP dudes, perhaps requesting them to study a bit how the geometry streams are organized and sent to the GPU (like xxx,yyy,zzz,xxx… or xyz,xyz,xyz,xyz.. or xxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyy…for the vertex pos, normals, tangents streams / stuff like that..).
        The input controller loop should look quite straight-forward too (eg. switch cases with probably messages such as PS_SQUARE_BTN, PS_CROSS_BTN..). They should be able to quickly study those functions and customize them for their precise needs.

        Probably the studying effort should more concern Decima’s scene management logics which could take a little time to master smoothly… Or also the Decima’s asset compression scheme after DCC exportation stages…
        As for code profiling tools, I bet both KP and Guerrilla use SN Systems ProDG Debugger & Tuner for CPU tasks and GPAD for debugging shaders on PS targets, along built in code profiling functions of Decima..

        But yeah, those dudes speak the exact same language and what’s fortunate is that Decima looks like an extremely mature engine, so KP has just to focus on optimizing it, more than investing in corrective maintenance efforts.

        Although if they read those lines, perhaps some KP fellows could say :”Hey, wait, easy to say… Guerrilla left behind a couple of messes to address as well, ya know !? It is not that piece of cake man !?” xDxD
        I am just speculating, but I am sure they are having serious fun all together ! 😀

    • By the way Kojima Productions is looking for programmers here in Amsterdam as well (to work in their satellite studio).

      • Full Options

        Thx-Nyx ! 😀
        Yeah, I saw this. They published those roles a little while after announcing they’ll have a space-ship in Netherlands…
        I’ll give it a shot for sure and even Guerrilla as well. I already have a way less exciting but quite secure programming job in terms of career so those decisions are heavy. 😀
        The selection should be very hard for a profile like mine.
        Will take my best shot.

        • moto hellogoto

          Good luck buddy.

          • Full Options

            THX bro ! Much appreciated ! These Dudes are Premier League, even if they decline, it would be an honor for me.. xD
            THX again !

    • Even better:

      • Full Options

        Kojilla Games

    • Full Options

      *Liquid Kong

    • Lex Radu

      Why does Rex look like it is laughing?

      • Full Options

        Coz Kong is controlling him… Focus on Kong… Mantis-style… xDxDxD

        • Lex Radu

          If he is controling it, that’s not Kong…That’s Grodd!

  • Full Options

    New actor ?? Why Boss shows the cage setup for face acquisition ?
    For who ? Feminine one this time ?

    • Full Options

      Holy sh.t… Mates, not sure if it is the actress, but definitely looks like a girl !!!

      • Lex Radu

        I will take a wild guess, and say that is none other than…

        • Full Options

          Looks like a safe guess ! … 😀
          Could be indeed her !

          • Lex Radu

            You could say that about this casting, Hideo is being verry (puts shades on) Quiet!

          • Full Options

            + Stef lives in Tokyo… 😀 RE-YEAAAAAAAAAAAH !!
            We need confirmation though

          • Full Options

            Could also be this Guerrilla girl colleague, simply working with them on the cage’s calibration for imminent scan of an actress face…
            Blurring her face to avoid confusion about whether she would be in the game.


          • Lex Radu

            Nah, that looks like Stefanie, you can see her skin tone, it’s her!

          • Full Options

            Maybe you are right… But the jowl look slightly more prominent / less ovoid than Stef’s…
            I have no doubt Stef will be on board, but not sure if it is her right here…

          • Lex Radu

            I guess time will tell!

  • moto hellogoto

    I know exactly what I want to see with the fight scenes in the MGS
    movie. I want to see John Wick replaced with Solid Snake, headshots
    galore and quick take-downs of enemies. In the mgs universe SS is the
    greatest soldier so we should see spectacular skill in hand to hand
    combat and with weapons. I actually think John Wick and Solid Snake are a
    lot alike. John Wick doesn’t toy with his enemies but is very
    efficient, each move is precise and lethal. I think movie Snake should
    fight the same way. Don’t give us old kungfu style fight scenes, where
    snake throws a million kicks and his enemy is still standing, but give
    us an extremely efficient killer who knows how to inflict severe pain
    and damage upon his enemies in a quick manner.

  • Biggy

    Love it how he still goes to Kojima for advice on MGS. Take that konami!!!
    Long Live Hidro Kojima

  • Alex

    As a massive Wolverine comics fan, I am very happy about Logan finally showing the wider world what the character is truly all about, why he’s such a great character and what makes his best stories so great, despite the fact that it is not a direct adaptation of any one particular story and is instead a mostly original one inspired by all the great comic stories to form its own great story. For those skeptical of MGS being incapable of being adapted because of how large it is, Logan shows how to do it. If MGS can expose what makes it so great to the wider world similarly to Logan, it’ll be something very special. The R rating isn’t as important for the reasons he talked about, where as for Wolverine it was not just for the visual of violence, but for understanding how important and integral that said violence is to the core of the character’s stories and storytelling. Those claws rip people apart, there’s no ifs or buts about it, and you can’t understand his mental state of traumatic experiences if its sugarcoated. Wolverine’s stories are dependent on the R rating, where as MGS is much more dependent on the voice, philosophies, messages, etc. What Wolverine’s stories say and explore are important too but they can’t be explored without the violence. With MGS, the rating is dependent on where the script lands once they figured out all the kinks on how to tell a true Metal Gear caliber story in a 2-3 hour passive film. People should not be expecting exact accuracy to any specific game or worse, ambition to adapt the whole game series, as that would require an unlimited/unforeseen Netflix budget. What we as fans should be looking for is a movie that accurately represents what makes these game stories special; it doesn’t have to be as good as the games because that’s probably impossible without the brilliant interactivity interwoven, but it can be a masterful film we can be proud of standing next to the games. Once they have a script they feel comfortable can achieve that, than they’ll analyze how much budget is required to achieve that script and make a decision on the rating. But honestly, the R rating isn’t as important if they need tons of money which they probably will.

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