Here is Hideo Kojima as a LEGO figure, again

Remember when film studio Warner Bros created a Hideo Kojima LEGO figure back in 2014? Well, the new LEGO Batman movie just came out in Japan and Kojima wrote a short comment praising the film.

“Saw my 2nd time THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE in JPN dubbed. it’s almost 80th anniversary of BATMAN. It depicts deeply on his aloofness & his birth trauma. Only LEGO movie could have done for showing BATMAN’s real nature. Masterpiece!”

As thanks, Warner Bros once again turned the famous game director into a LEGO figure – but this time complete with facial hair and sunglasses, just as he appears on his Twitter profile.

LEGO Hideo in 2014 and in 2017

Kojima is a big LEGO fan, and he even used the famous colored bricks to visualize the environments during the development of Metal Gear Solid. But even when he cannot use his job as an excuse, he often purchases new sets and eagerly shares them on Twitter.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Tribeca can’t stop hyping Hideo Kojima. Expect really good stuff from there. Our god will show us the future.

    • MrVux007

      Hopefully we will see more of Death Stranding.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Logan,this is what life truely looks/feels like

  • Gatsu

    Epic looking lego 😉

  • NegaScott128
  • Jav
    • Yeah not sure where they got that information from. There has been no official announcement. That said it’s very likely the game will be shown at E3.

    • Gatsu


    • NegaScott128

      Great, Atlus is gonna take the site down now because you posted the box.

    • Edward Wokhands

      Dammmnnn, I’ve only ever played Persona 2 but I’ve really been looking forward to playing this. How much is this compared to the standard/steelbook edition? I hear that the steelbook is the same price as the regular edition? I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for this.

      Have you played Persona before? If so what did you think?

      • The first print of the game is the steelbook, there is no regular edition yet (at least that’s how it is here in Europe). The steelbook is the same price as a regular game, this one is 30 euro more (90). So for the additional 30 euro you got the collector’s box, plush, duffel bag, sound track cd and the art book, and of course you also get the steelbook. Never played a Persona game before, but did play Tokyo Mirage Sessions which is inspired by the series.

        • Edward Wokhands

          Wow, when I read “duffel bag” I was thinking like a tiny bag that goes with the plush maybe… I just checked your videogameshelf and it’s a real bag!

          That’s really a great deal, I’ll definitely go for the collectors edition. That art books looks really cool too. From what I’ve played previously (I just checked, I played 3 not 2) if this is anything like 3 then dear lord we’re all in for a treat. It’s such a unique world and idea. I love the school/every day life sections. They really help with getting to know the characters. I hope they improved on it or at least kept it the same. The reviews are looking good at least. Have you played any of it yet?

          • No, not yet. Will get P4 Golden for the Vita though.

            And yeah the bag is pretty big, you can carry it around your shoulder.

  • Lex Radu

    Why does the new Kojima LEGO looks like Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne?

    WB, what are you trying to tell us?

    • Specialized infiltration suit.
      In addition to the noise-dampening soles that
      eliminate the sound of footsteps, this suit features
      a high-strength aramid weave that offers superb
      damage resistance.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      They are trying to tell to go to an optician and get your eyes checked.Cataracts can make you blind dude

      • Lex Radu

        Sans Lingua Franca made me blind!

        Damn you, Skull Face!

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet
    • Tom Brearley-Smith
    • Source?

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        I don’t speak Spanish otherwise I could have
        Told ya

        • Ah, games with a * means ‘likely to appear at E3’. So those are just their guesses, it seems.

          • Full Options

            up2Play mentioned this as their source :

            The info could be accurate but the pictures do not look legit because a lot of companies with their titles would be missing then. Yeah it looks like guesses..


          • Yeah, Latest News Explorer says these titles are ‘likely to appear’ for a reason, as opposed to officially confirmed.

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            DS doesnnnnt havvvve the *

          • Metal Gear Survive doesn’t either and Konami has made no such announcements so far, so it makes you wonder how accurate that list is.

          • Full Options

            Regarding Konami, given that they planned Survive’s release this year, I would be really surprised to see nothing at E3 because they’ll attend the event.. We can never be sure but I am pretty convinced we’ll have a decent update.

          • Yes there’s a very good chance it will be at E3, but there hasn’t been an official confirmation so far.

          • Full Options

            You are right, but the last official statement was “some point in 2017”. Unless they issue a delay statement in between, they can not rent a booth at E3 without any Survive content if they show-cased a gameplay footage at a previous convention, that would be really incredible.

          • Yeah, maybe we’ll get an announcement somewhere in the coming weeks. Perhaps next month?

          • Full Options

            Mmmh… Do you sense a defective announcement ?? Nah.. That would be the very last nail in the coffin. They are gonna ship this sh.t and it better be good despite all the surrounding defiance, otherwise I won’t have any heart neither anymore… ;D

          • There’s no reason to fear a cancellation.

          • Full Options

            Hah… The slightest doubt could ruin my year… I feared you had something officiously weird… xDxDxD

          • Full Options

            Not sure how reliable the source could be but some sites started to relay segmentnext web site affirmation that Konami will bring a playable demo, which in fact was not really hard to guess… Really wondering what we will see in it..

          • Yeah they provide no source so maybe it’s just speculation? According to Konami it’s not from any official announcement. So who knows… but as you said Survive could very well be playable at E3. Either way Konami may make an announcement soon.

          • Full Options

            Probably speculations, indeed. In all cases, if there was nothing at E3 this year, that would mean another possible problem.
            If the release is maintained for 2017, E3 is obviously the ultimate promotion platform. It would be really weird and unseen to try to sale the game the same year without showing a sample at E3. Ready to closely analyze every single detail of this demo here, if any ! 😀
            If only they could hint at some former characters apparition or MGS element so we don’t feel more disoriented by what was previously shown …

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Lots of news outlets have reported mg survive.Makes you wonder whether you’ve been keeping up with new affairs

          • What do you think? 😛

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Well ea won’t be at e4 so it is fake
            Case closed

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Well. EA wont be at e3

          • Gatsu

            I thought E3 often keep most of the appearing games hidden, to surprise people.

            RDR2 is surely going to be there which the pic dont have.

          • Rockstar usually isn’t at E3, right? But that doesn’t exclude RDR2 from being shown, of course.

          • Gatsu

            Oh you’re right about that, I forgot they dont usually go there :).

          • But the game could appear at either MS or Sony’s conference. It’s a big deal after all.

          • Full Options

            R* may show RDR2 at E3 under the Take-Two interactive’s umbrella which are registered as exhibitors this year.

          • Full Options

            The pic has RDR2 under Take-Two Interactive. ;D

  • Alex

    We should probably keep a heads-up for the inevitable Kojima cameo in one of these Lego movies. Possibly Ninjago with all those Metal Gear esque machines.

  • Gatsu
    • BurntFM

      Scenario development huh?
      Here’s one. You’re in the jungle and need to rescue a scientist. You only have a knife and a gun. What do you do?

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        Use the knife as a dildo?


    So they revealed the tech behind the new Xbox. Basically PS4PRO but for Xbox One with a bit more power… Interesting times we live in.
    But honestly nothing groundbreaking. The same Jaguar CPU, not RYZEN or VEGA technologies… So it’s not really next gen, but at least some titles will do native 4K.

    • Full Options

      You got it. Either one invest in the same GPU manufacturer’s R&D, and the other one simply purchase it, or the other way around.. (!?)
      It feels cheap to see console actors enslaved by their GPU’s but AMD is “marketingly” well placed since ATI acquisition even if they could craft APU’s all by themselves.
      The CPUs can really perform as well… Jaguar is the direct proof of it..
      I mean, a CPU and a GPU inside the same chip stays a Central Processing Unit… xD Like if the APU just stand for “accelerated”, where did I lost my “central” then ?? Where is my CPU ? xD No CPU anymore ??
      Just a bunch of registers are stored in the “GPU area” of the CPU but the CPU sitting at the same place has very capable vector units just accessing the same RAM, so an APU is a CPU with so called GPU-like SIMD / MIMD registers that modern CPU’s already have to me… 😀

      • Jaguar CPU is a problem. Bottleneck is expected though they say it is overclocked which I don’t believe in that because it is a console hardware, not a PC.
        These upgrades are pointless marketing stuff. All of this comes to the developer in the end. You can make incredible Death Stranding on inferior PS4 Pro and it will be beautiful.

        • Full Options

          Well, you are pretty 1^127 right not to believe that because a console’s OS is far more stable since it does not have the zillions (unwanted btw) libs to run next your game ;D
          I don’t really understand as well why overclocking should induce bottlenecks without more precision. Perhaps extra cache-misses but PC’s would suffer it soooo more, then…

          These upgrades are pointless marketing stuff. All of this comes to the developer in the end. You can make incredible Death Stranding on inferior PS4 Pro and it will be beautiful.

          Beautiful, buddy… Specially with Boss & friends in charge !!!

    • NegaScott128

      I think the hardware is really impressive. Richard seemed suspiciously pleased with the specs, and I’m not entirely certain the reporting is gonna be objective when Microsoft paid for him to come out and look at the hardware and game Digital Foundry and Eurogamer a huge exclusive. But just looking at the specs, it does seem to be more powerful than the Pro, and assuming the info regarding Forza running at native 4K and 60fps is accurate, it sure does seem like a big power boost. Of course, this all means nothing unless Microsoft can get some good exclusives, or if the price is something absurd. Considering the Pro is already $400, and this seems to be quite a bit more powerful than that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up selling it under production costs. But the games will still be a problem, because outside of Halo and Gears of War, the Xbone just doesn’t have a lot of exclusives. And unlike the last gen, those franchises aren’t big enough to carry the console anymore.

      • Plus the mass market will usually go for the cheaper option. And Xbox One S is probably going to be a LOT cheaper than Scorpio.

        • NegaScott128

          Maybe. We still don’t have concrete sales numbers for the PS4 Pro, so it’s hard to compare its sales against the standard/slim model. It also hasn’t held up over all console generations: the GameCube was cheaper than the PS2 and Xbox at launch, and the PS2 was more expensive than the Dreamcast, yet the PS2 was the highest-selling console of the generation by far. It did apply last gen, though. The PS3 was the most expensive console, and it sold less than the 360 or Wii.

          • Full Options

            They are jailed by the game park. All is in devs hands because they aim at targeting as much plats as possible. They can chain 5 or more GPUs, the devs want their games to be played everywhere, not just on the most powerful system.
            I love the Cell and with all the due infinite respect to Kutaragi Sensei, but the Cell was a pure console suicide even if it is a magnificent architecture. Intel or AMD was yet the way, IBM / Sony / Toshiba fucked up with Cell by trying to innovate in a too impatient industry. Cell was too hard too code over for game devs because the Cell is kind of a more pedagogic platform CPU.. So although this taught devs to consider drastically different hardware in a fast changing future..
            Sony did that with E-Motion engine and thought it would work as well with Cell but things are changing too fast, so backed back to more PC friendly CPUs, yet for facilitating dev tools to run on PC+PlayStation rather than barely Gekko+PlayStation..

          • Actually the PS3 sold more than the Xbox 360. But you’re right, there are other factors as well. But the strongest console isn’t automatically the most successful. and the same will go for the Scorpio. As Golgari pointed out, Microsoft’s problem is more at the software side.

          • NegaScott128

            Where’d you find that? Everywhere I looked said the 360 sold more.

          • Hm, hard to find up to date numbers, but there were reports a few years ago that the PS3 surpassed the 360.

          • SholidOnline

            Whatever happened to staying on topic on this site? MS has nothing to do with Kojima anymore.

          • NegaScott128

            Yeah, tell the guy who runs the site what to talk about. Good plan.

          • SholidOnline

            That’s why I mentioned it to him.

          • That has never been required here. You can talk about what you want in the comment section.

          • SholidOnline

            I’m just saying this because of unrelated topics being removed here in the past, and just how it attracts people in while others with actual Kojima comments may have no attention at all.

          • This has been the policy for several years, and it seems to have worked so far because the community is still rather active. There isn’t much new information on Metal Gear and Kojima at the moment anyway, so moderating very strictly doesn’t seem necessary. Generally comments only get removed if they are aggressive and hurt the pleasant atmosphere on this site (which doesn’t happen often, luckily).

          • Gatsu

            You can discuss Kojima all you want, but we’re free to chat about other stuff too. It has always been like this.

            There’s only so much you can chat about a single topic or Kojima after weeks/months/years.

            I see no problem with chatting about many other stuff.

            Or can you come up with something good and interesting about his lego for a lengthy discussion?

          • SholidOnline

            I wasn’t trying to sound aggressive, it’s just like what I said to Nyxus. People on topic, or at least talking about Kojima and/or Metal Gear, lose attention due to other discussions. I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I’m just trying to make a suggestion.

          • Are you sure that is the case? Aren’t people not more likely to lose attention when the community is completely dead because there isn’t much Metal Gear / Kojima news to talk about now? This way the community can be kept active until new intel arrives (probably E3). 🙂

          • MrVux007

            This was in 2013 and keep in mind that Microsoft stopped sharing numbers on XBox360 for quite some time now.

      • I don’t understand why you really need this. We have too many consoles for this generation. Microsoft should focus on the games for it’s platform not sub-par technology. Honestly, PS4 PRO is also not a great idea but Sony really pushing it’s hardware with a lot of games to back it up at least.

        This one… Compared to Pro is more powerful but not that powerful enough and at what cost? It is based on the Jaguar x86 CPU. Expect bottleneck… Basically the same games with 4K checkerboard or native. The only problem that developers of the multiplats now need to develop for 4 consoles. 4 consoles is a lot and each of them has it’s problems.

    • MrVux007

      This is sorta like the whole PC vs Console debate we been having for well over 20 years now.
      Ever since 2009,the PC-s have pretty much been an objectively better option then their console counterparts,when it comes to graphics,but subjectively when you put everything in consideration,all the differences in performance and graphical quality it never was a huge difference and thus *subjectively* people preferred their consoles over a PC.

      But that wasn’t the main reason why they preferred consoles… did we see any great PC exclusives in the same quality as the console ones in recent 17 years? Not so much.(needless to say exclusives are not the only selling point of consoles,but its one of the main ones ofc)

      Now lets apply that logic to PS4PRO and XboxScorpio,but id i like to point something out first.
      I will be completely honest with you,tho i enjoy the benefits from my PS4PRO with the 4K resolution and better performance,the experience between it and the OG PS4 is minimal at best and im sure i would say the same thing about Scorpio.

      *the main point*

      They can release a godly console every year for all i care,optimization wont suffer much im sure,but in the end it really comes down to games.
      And so far i wasn’t really pulled to buy and XboxOne,let alone a Scorpio(when it releases) for that reason alone.

      They are both great consoles,and preference in games will determine which platform will be better for any user AND not the preference in HW power.(in most of the time ofc)

      • Full Options

        Heeeyyyy Vux ! Cool to see you. How the blue is going ? Did you visited Harley Quinn at the sick bay ?? ;D

        I may just add also obviously the capacity of console manufacturer to design platforms performing like big PC’s CPU / GPU (at least the moment the consoles are out) and at ~1/3 or 1/4 of the price, as another satellite reason why people appreciate consoles..
        Along of course typical execution stability induced by an OS fully dedicated to the game with minimal run-time libraries if compared to dlls sitting by default in windows for example.

        • MrVux007

          We were bit caught up in a storm near Australia,I’m sure it was mentioned on news,but we managed to get out on time.
          Maate,I’m so desperate now that Harley Quinn chick is starting to look like young Beyonce.

          On serious note,the charming nurse left the ship week ago since she fullfilled her contract.
          Speaking of which I will be over with my contract on 13.04. and will be home on 15.04.(9 hour flights suck balls btw)

          On the note of consoles,yea I mentioned there were other reasons why people prefer them,but as always you like to go with technical mumbo-jumbo …that’s why we love you 😉

          Anyways,I’m still bit pissy that other people on MGI allready finished games like nioh,Yakuza 0 n Horizon:ZD,while I’m yet to pop the plastic on the package of the games.

          How are things at work btw? Can we expect any big release from you or are ya playing the ol “gonna keep you waiting heh” trick like Kojima? :-p

          • Gatsu

            Great to have you back visiting us again bro ^__^! Hopefully most of the trip has been pleasant :D.

            Only games I’ve recently finished are Horizon and Berserk ;). If only I had more free time haha. I decided not to buy too many games for now and instead I’ll clear the older ones I have.

          • MrVux007

            Always good to talk with the MGI gents.

            I’m sure Horizon was fun,but I’m more interested if you started playing Andromeda?

          • Gatsu

            I’m around 15h into Andromeda and enjoying it a lot, but I took a break to finish Berserk game on Steam which I did yesterday :D. I’m letting my little brother to finish Andromeda using my account before I continue it :).

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Our pirate is back!

          • MrVux007
          • Full Options
          • MrVux007

            I’m trying to ascend to GIF godhood


            But this Hulk guy is kicking my ass

          • Full Options

            It seems you have to “aim high beyond capabilities” on this one… xD Try to take a rest and give it another shot !
            There this guy crafting some equipment that may help ya with this matter… Maybe you should give him a call…


          • Full Options

            Hey buddy thanks for the update. Glad you safely extracted you guys from this storm.
            Regarding the nurse who fullfilled her contract, you should have “fullfilled” her contract.. ;D
            And glad you are almost back in the shire !

            Cmon “technical mumbo-jumbo”, was not that geeky this time..
            Regarding work ya pretty dense times here but not employed for what you would prefer at this time (an interface for chemists and few generic database cr.p for now).
            I would really love to get back to engines the week-end but it is so hard, I am so f.ckd up usually that I just drink / party with friends and sleep like a pigg. ;D

            I may check depending possible VR samples since I always wanted and could have a better window in creating something fancy rather than the far too complex AAA concepts I would like to work on until now.
            I have a friend who I created a company with in 1995 that is always ready but we need to sync.. He is also busy at various stuff as well.
            Stay sure I’ll keep you tuned if there are some sample to show. ;D

          • MrVux007

            My advice to you is to aim high,even beyond your capabilities.
            I know I did,and I still managed to blend in with the “smart” folk.

            “…drink / party with friends and sleep like a pigg. ;D”
            Well I wouldn’t advise sleeping like that next to your lady-“friends”.
            That would be waay to manly 😛

          • Full Options

            Aiming high beyond capabilities can have a serious cost specially in game development. The project I initially wanted to pull up was in few words a kind of GTA in space with a story line happening like in 300 years… I instigated this in 1999.
            At this time my programming skills were very average but was a quite complete modeler / animator.
            However I managed to build some interesting samples that I show-cased in Japan in 2001 at Nintendo of Japan and Namco… But the story is long. I was using Virtools Dev 2.0 at this time.
            My programming is a bit more mature now along the consoles knowledge thanks to SCEE 3rd party developer program. But so goes for my level of exigence which does not simplify things. I need help and time.
            My major caveat was generating landscapes procedurally. But I have a better picture a bit like if I was knocked out by a boxer once and approaching things a bit more wisely.

            It is not over yet ! And tools like Unreal are really well advanced enough to open awesome perspectives.

            And I prefer ladies that love Piggs ! 😀

          • MrVux007

            Honestly if I ever have kids,I will make them (or better yet force them)go to programming college,if anything they will fullfill my long lost dream and make a living along the way since that is the future.
            (My profession will die out within 35 years so that will be out of the question for them XD)
            As for you,I really hope one day I will see your name in the credits of development teams like Naughty Dog,Rockstar or even Kojima Production.

            I won’t comment on the risks,of aiming too high since I’m in different kind of business.
            But at a certain point in your life,be it few months from now or YEARS,you will have that stupid little voice that will say:

            “Do it”

            And that voice will grow irritating the more you ignore it.And when you finally decide to take action,that is moment you realise what you are really made off,what sort of man you are(well atleast in work)

            I already sated that voice few years ago,but ofc,when you get one thing,your mind automatically starts slowly thinking about the other thing,raising the probability of that stupid little voice return….such Is the human nature,we tend to dream a LOT.

            Which is understandable considering the average lifespan of people.
            Shiiit now I’m doing my philosophical mumbo jumbo

          • Full Options

            Younger they are, the more kids are data sponges.
            If you manage to show them soon enough that they have all the tools needed to build games they love playing with, you just won’t have to force them and they will arrive at programming courses at genius levels.

            Thank you for the good words. Integrating a famous studio like the ones you are mentioning would be awesome.
            Stay sure all I breathe for is having time to work on games.

            The problem I had is that I was a HC gamer as well (guess around which product I met you awesome buddies / community). Everybody around purposely advised me to craft small almost scamped games.
            I just simply can’t since you can easily guess what kind of level of quality I always aimed at.

            I went back to normal jobs to keep my company open. As you said, things tremendously accelerate and time flies faster than ever.
            If I had access to a consequent budget, I would not invest it in home savings and stuff even if safer but would straight away create jobs around a mofo title.
            What could be seen wrong in what I am doing is to stick to the idea of developing a game I would be happy to play with. That’s the trap, but it is still not negotiable for me.
            Either that or nothing.

            But I started my me-myself-and-I mumbo jumbo whereas I prefer by far reading your philosophical one. ;D

  • Well, at least you can thank Bioware for free marketing for the best game ever! HA! Good Job Andromeda! You did well. Your sacrifice was great for this.

    • BurntFM
    • radun

      wow, such subtlety. This is why working with actual (great) actors pays off.

      Many games strive for this, but they usually end up uncanny at best.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      If Mads is so expressive I think I would pay 1000 dollars to see anthony hopkins or Daniel Day Lewis mocapped but that would be impossible

  • BurntFM

    Sup guys. I hope I didn’t miss too much info. I got a few articles I missed that have to read.

    • Gatsu

      Good to see you here again ^_^ ! Not very much new info about DS yet.

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