Kojima on his current game development process: ‘there is no doubt or waste’

Kojima Productions is currently hard at work on their game Death Stranding. While we haven’t had many concrete updates over the last few weeks, this week Kojima did give some insight in his current creative process.

Last week I was working mainly on the game design, this week going back to focus on the scenario development.

In a follow up tweet the game director explained how he is involved with the many different aspects of game creation on a daily basis, and how every step along the creative process is valuable.

I do game creation everyday. Writing, setting, making specs are done at my desk while doing game design, direction on site. More specifically while checking game in progress, the models, background, lightings, movements, camera, sound, effects on daily basis, I make orders where to fix, solve problems with ideas for better results. There’s no doubt or waste.

We may see more of Death Stranding at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month, or at the E3 in June.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, 2

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Enlighten us sensei

  • Johnno

    Beauty & The Beast Unit confirmed for Death Stranding.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      For the love of God, don’t rape us. 0.0

  • NegaScott128


    Thoughts? I pretty much agree with him on all counts. The new movie is really faithful to the visuals and to certain scenes from the 1995 anime, but overall the story is just too conventional and forgettable to really hold up to the rest of the franchise.

    • After this amazing essay, I have so much respect for Kojima because Ghost In The Shell is my favorite anime movie and TV series of all time and I agree everything about what he said about the movie. This essay proves why I like him so much as a person who understands stuff that I enjoy.

      but I want to add something. As I said before, GITS trailers were already awful and showed not the best dialogs and cinematography. Not to mention that the director behind this movie had experience with one mediocre movie… And this is another proof that we don’t need MGS movie from Jordan. Gits is a good example why making MGS is very dangerous.

      But again, this essay I repeat is freakin’ amazing and I recommend everyone to read it. “I can’t feature this comment” as a moderator for Disqus because it is against the rules for this article about Kojima. 😛 But people should read it. It’s good.

      • NegaScott128

        It really shows what truly matters when adapting a revered franchise to film. It’s not enough to just re-create the “iconic moments” in live-action. You have to understand why the original was so good and try and translate that to film. Trying to simplify the original’s themes to make them more marketable just makes it more forgettable. If you simplify GITS into a Bourne knockoff, you just have a Bourne knockoff with some pretty visuals. And I think GITS 17’s financial failure is proof that that approach isn’t working. Sanding down the hard edges and putting a big star in it won’t make your movie a guaranteed success.

        • MinimalistGeek

          I completely agree.

          Adaptation’s shouldn’t be about just recreating moments from the original work, but to capture the overall core aspects, and translate them into a different medium/era. GiTS movie suffered from simply trying to be really faithful without really understanding what the series is really about, and why the ideas/philosophical concepts of the work worked in its time.

          I am not sad though since i expected this movie to be a generic hollywood action-fest without any real depth of the main series.

    • BurntFM

      great read. During the Kojima Station days(R.I.P.) Kojima’s movie corner was always the main part of the show for me because I learned about so many movies, I would not have come across if not for Kojima’s show. I have a sense that now that he broke free from Konami, he’s living the life he always wanted.

    • This is pretty interesting:

      “If the “ghost” is the spirit, theme and other essential elements of a given work, then the “shell” is the media and methods used to represent it.”

      Sounds a lot like how Kojima works himself, which makes sense of course.

  • BurntFM

    Solid! I have a good feeling this summer will bring substantial information about the game. I gotta get my hype memes ready for that. lol

    Also: I’m so exited for the brand new Gorillaz album Humanz April 28th can’t come soon enough

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Andromeda is my fav so far.Demon days and the fall are my fav albums.Man Albarn is so fucking good

  • Gatsu

    I’m glad he makes these tweets to keep us updated :). I wonder when we’ll see some gameplay of DS.

  • Full Options

    He must pull the cr.p out of his team, haha… Let’s hope they’ll encounter as less as possible technical caveats, so he can fully express his ideas on DS…

  • MrVux007

    And the top it all off…he only sleeps 4 hours a day.

    You know your friend is a jerk when he sends you these kind of gif-s …
    and he knows i’m yet to touch the bloody game.


    • The guy who made that GIF was actually invited to visit Guerrilla Games’ studio. Here are some more: https://twitter.com/SunhiLegend

      • MrVux007

        Yep,he sent me those too…tho they are really beautifully done they are a real torture to me.

        Damn,this game is so good looking,cant imagine how will it look like on my screen when i play it.

        • It looks simply stunning, especially for an open world game. Makes you excited for seeing the Decima Engine in Death Stranding.

          • MrVux007

            Makes me excited for gaming in general.We are 3 and half years into this generation and we already have stunning looking linear/open-world games.Now imagine what we will see in next 3 years of this generation.

            As for Death Stranding i have little worries about the game,i already know it will have stunning visuals and mind-blowing story like the previous Kojima games.

            The question is,will he make gameplay equal to or better than MGSV one…cuz he raised the bar really high on that one.

    • I will say though that this moment is scripted in the game. Everyone who will visit this place will see the same thing over and over.
      Not that this is something bad, but they have not created a full Eco-system. I hope that they will improve that in their next game to make it more alive and less scripted.

      • MrVux007

        I don’t know if its a random thing or scripted,still damn impressive to my old eyes.
        But yea,hopefully they will make improvements in their next Horizon game nonetheless .

    • moto hellogoto

      Oh my goodness that is a pretty game.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I have infinite respect for that man. Miles ahead of our time.

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