Actor Christopher Randolph on what he likes about Huey in MGSV

In a recent interview with OneofUs.Net, Christopher Randolph, who played both Otacon and Huey in the Metal Gear series talked about what he liked about both characters. He states that Otacon is closest to his heart and he feels like his story could be expanded upon on the future (maybe even in the form of his own game), whereas Huey’s story is kind of a ‘closed loop’. As Randolph voices both characters, father and son, one of the things to figure out is how the differentiate the two.

“It was really interesting to kind of reverse-engineer a character based on the character’s son.” Randolph explained. “In Peace Walker he was as much a narrator as anything else […] There was a lot of sort of explaining circumstances in Peace Walker, and you got to know him a little bit. But then when we got to Metal Gear V, you began to really learn about him.”

As opposed to Otacon, who can mostly be considered a good person, Huey is more of a morally gray character.

“It’s really interesting to play a character like that, because you can go back and forth about, is he good, or is he bad, or what’s going on, and what did he really do, and what did he not really do… And it’s funny because you do these games in bits and pieces over sometimes a couple of years. So I was never really sure if he was good or bad, which I think is great. I think that’s the way to approach a character no matter what. Because nobody thinks that they’re bad. Nobody, even serial killers, they have reasons for doing what they’re doing. So you really can’t approach playing a character with that kind of judgement on it. And I think that’s one of the things that made it so good in Metal Gear V, is there’s this ambivalence. Is he good, is he not good?”

Huey was eventually expelled from Diamond Dogs after being accused of various crimes. As he is lowered towards the ocean, he still keeps insisting that he did nothing wrong, and that Kaz, Ocelot and Snake are fooling themselves at his expense, making him look bad. Earlier, as proof of this self-deception he points at DD, exclaiming:  “You named him D-Dog, but it’s obvious – anyone can see that’s a wolf!” This to him is an example of the way the Diamond Dogs are deluding themselves and creating their own convenient reality, and that they are hypocritical when pointing to him as a villain. The Diamond Dogs, in turn, feel that Huey has convinced himself of his own convenient lies. In the end, Snake decides that Huey is not one of them, and he lets him drift away from Mother Base. Diamond Dogs has no place for dissidents. It must have a single will.

Source: OneofUs.Net, YT

  • No Place For Hayter

    Should have just killed Huey, the guy honestly had it coming.

    Of course you can’t cause of his kids, still sucked to have a build up and no real solution other than “Bu bye delusion a-hole” lol.

    Either way, damned interesting thoughts from Randolph 🙂

    • Eugene Voldo

      >Of course you can’t cause of his kids

      that’s actually the biggest flaw in all prequels. When you don’t plan story-arcs beforehand and do prequels just for the “SAGA” sake you usually end up with this kind of situation. Logic says that Huey should die, but canon says otherwise.

    • Alexa Danielle Bresee

      i think it makes sense that venom chose not to kill him, as venom was clearly struggling with his role

  • BurntFM

    I don’t know what to think about Huey after MGS5. I mean, in Peace Walker there was enough to flesh him out as his own character, but he basically was that era’s Otacon. Then I start to think about Hal’s story in MGS2. Hal thinks the reason for Huey’s suicide was Hal’s affair with Huey’s second wife. Reasonable for Hal’s questioning of his morality and regret he feels when thinking about Emma. However, that scenario makes everything he had going on in 5 inconsequential. His obsession with building ultimately, weapons of war, helping Eli hijack Sahelanthropus. His “holier than thou” smugness when it comes to criticize Diamond Dogs while retaining his twisted morality. I like to think that that day in the pool with Emma, Ocelot’s prediction came true. “One day he’ll see through the lies he’s built up. Realize what kind of man he really is. What goes around comes around. Can’t run from yourself forever.” Huey, at that moment. Realized that he cannot escape from himself. It’s tragic but can’t think of the character as a “good person” like the Bloody Baron’s story in Witcher 3.

    I don’t know. My cousin brought a 2 liter bottle of Moscato and I’ve been drinking. lol this made sense in my head at the time.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yep. Love Ocelots comment. I was all like “I can’t kill you, but you will kill yourself, GET REKT!”

      Another weird thing with prequels, giving additional reasons to things that which are already explained and reasoned out…. Even the end of TPP does the same thing, giving reasons to already explained and reasoned things, never really liked the act of partial retcon via additional information when there clearly, there was not meant to be.

  • Full Options

    Ah, Huey… I would have shot one RPG-7 round at his little orange lifeboat… xD
    But that’s okay, now…


    First : Great acting by Christopher Randolph.

    I think Huey maybe is not character You will like after what he did to Snake and Kaz but his story is really really great.

  • Johnno

    New Low Roar album coming. Is the next trailer for Death Stranding going to feature it?

    • I’m not sure about this. Not everything should be from Low Roar.
      What I liked about MGSV marketing and it’s trailers is that he used different bands and singers for the trailer promotion. It was brilliant.
      For Death Stranding he used two songs already from one band. I think that is enough. they are both epic though.

      Just my opinion on this.

      • Johnno

        Depends… What if Kojima is working on a much closer collaboration with them? If their music is used or sampled in the game’s OST and not simply just for trailers, then that way you get a consistent BGM with one band contributing along with Forsell doing the mixing and main game compositions.

        I could see Kojima loving to work with particularly lesser known bands for each of his future projects.

        • Not sure that it will work for Low Roar and Kojima. Low Roar is an independent band. They are not game industry composers and Kojima likes to make his games to have an amazing sound.
          I think it will be the same like with his previous games. Kojima will use his own composer – Ludvig Forsell and someone famous from Hollywood industry to work on the game.
          Low Roar nd other famous singers will be used for promotion.

          • Johnno

            There is the main composition music for cutscenes, and then there is the music for the gameplay scenarios.

            Theme music and cutscene compositions were handled by Harry Gregson Williams in the past. Whereas the in-game music, created to be looped and transitioned into other various pieces depending on the player’s actions and consequences are usually done by a proper game composer.

            In the latter case, that main game music composer will be Ludwig Forsell, who no doubt will also handle other atmospheric pieces for particular cutscenes. Low Roar could collaborate as part of typical soundtrack contributions. Their pieces either composed for the game for the theme song or particular cutscene/atmospheric pieces or an end theme. For example, like Akira Yamaoka did for the Silent Hill series, he created particular rock pieces while also being the general gameplay BGM composer. So Kojima could either license Low Roar tracks or collaborate with them on pieces specifically for the game, or tied to the themes of the game that are also released on their own Album. Or Forsell could mix and sample Low Roar’s music and sound into the gameplay BGM itself.
            This is not unusual for movies either that also use licensed music. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for example. Or in other more evocative ways. ‘The Arrival’ for example.

            Right now the idea of Low Roar collaborating is just my own speculation. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility considering Kojima released a special Death Stranding vinyl with them. He could also collaborate with other artists just the same.

          • Full Options

            Would be great, if not too expensive for them, to have a great compilation of singers and famous bands such as in TPP..
            Oldfield was rendering awesome over Snake..

          • Full Options

            PSX version was cool, but I felt a deeper atmosphere effect with Forsell’s TGA version of the 2016 trailer.

    • NegaScott128

      He’ll probably use one of the tracks. Maybe not at the conference proper, but perhaps in an alternate version on their YouTube channel, like with the Game Awards trailer.

      • Johnno

        I believe the reason it was not used for the Game Awards was due to broadcast licensing fees.

        Sony as publisher of the game will be more likely to pay for them or already has the rights to their usage as part of a contract during their events, whereas the Game Awards is a separate entity funded by sponsors and Geoff Keighley, and Kojima was just saving Keighley money by having Forsell compose a track for the Game Awards. Then released the Low Roar version during the year-end PlayStation event. It’s obvious that the 2nd trailer was originally cut to the Low Roar song.

        • Full Options

          Makes sense. Forsell’s version sound quite well tailored around the trailer as well though.

  • MrVux007

    IGN Huey character rating;
    7.8/10 too much piss

  • radun

    Yep, Huey in V is one of the most interesting character analysis in the series. Also the acting from Randolph is superb, his best work imo.

  • Full Options

    Off-topic : Interesting Kojima’s bell ring on Ghost in the Shell :

    All this also reminds, deeper than only cyborgs, some fundamental cybernetics principles, where the information is often depicted and used with two entities. The semantic, which could be seen as the information’s data itself (ghost) and its support (shell). Valid in many aspects, for example the software is the ghost and hardware is the shell. Or the cell and its nucleus. Always exciting topic.

  • Jav

    Off topic, my ps4 pro just died after one month 🙁

    • Lex Radu

      It was a good soldier, it was a True…Playing System (Play Station would be too on the nose)

    • MrVux007

      How did that happen?

      • Jav

        Don’t know. It just doesn’t turn on.

        • Well you still have warranty right?

          • Jav

            Something like that. I bought it online and they didn’t send me a bill. But today I sent it after writing with the seller.

  • BurntFM
  • Alex

    I don’t think its so much about a single will as much as it is him being too dangerous to have around (Even if he never did anything to MSF, the proof they found of what he did to Stranglelove and Otacon means they can’t keep him); many would argue too dangerous to keep alive, but Snake isn’t going to let them cross that line even if he does jeopardize DD. Big Boss was the only guy in the whole place level headed enough to not kill him. But I felt he had formed an Otacon-like bond with him too in PW so it would be hard to kill him; imagine if Otacon did something like this to Solid Snake, that’s what Venom faced.

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