The Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle with Fulton Warheads will be added to MGSV next week

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is getting a new weapon type added to its arsenal early next week. On April 18th you will be able to obtain the Fulton Warhead-firing FB MR R-L FLTN Falkenberg Multi-Role Recoilless Rifle as part of the FOB rewards.

A recoilless rifle designed to Fulton extract targets struck by its specially-developed warhead.

This item was originally supposed to be part of the update from May 10th of last year, but got delayed until now. So starting this Tuesday you’ll be able to shoot some warheads at soldiers without feeling guilty about it.

Source: MG Official, MG Official (JP), Konami

  • Eugene Voldo

    MGS news? ON MGS FAN-SITE OF ALL PLACES?! What madness is this?!
    That’s actually pretty cool. I remember when a lot of people thought that Konami will drop MGSV support weeks after its initial release. And yet here we are in 2017 and Konami is still supporting V. Good company!

    • This is just one rocket launcher… It’s not really a support.
      Look at CDProjektRed and it’s Witcher III support.
      The difference is day and night.

      • Eugene Voldo

        Well, if it was EA you would have paid a hefty price for this rocket launcher. CDProjektRed are cool dudes, every Witcher fan knows it, expecialy after amazing post-release support of Witcher 3. But that doesn’t make Konami’s efforts meaningless in any way. Actually for me it’s a sign of a really bright future for MG series. Good guy Konami!

        • EA right now is fixing it’s broken game – Mass Effect Andromeda for example. Enhancing animations and other issues for free. They have a long list of fixes for the future.

          Not that I’m complaining about MGSV support, but more than rocket launcher support with content would be so much more interesting. I’m a huge fan of MGSV and something like NG+ would be great.

          • Yep, New Game + would be really welcome, but sadly it’s unlikely that is still going to happen. The team is already busy with Survive.

          • Eugene Voldo

            Well, sad story time – we have NG+… and it’s called Chapter 2. And to this day I just can’t bring myself to beat it 🙁

            Actually, going deeper into disscussion about NG+, I’m must say I’m not a fan of replaying open-world games, even with NG+. It’s too time-consuming and not really interesting. I’m not going to say that it’s a waste of time, but I had played MGSV for like 120+ hours (85% progress) and nope I’m not going to replay it again.

            But as a matter of fact, I have beated MGS1 like 4 times. More focused and linear experience is the king. At least in my eyes.

          • Well the idea of New Game + is that it would cost less time as you don’t have to grind and upgrade as much. It could serve as a way to play through the story again without having to invest too much time in the other stuff. That’s why it would be a welcome addition to MGSV.

          • vic boss

            Don’t you think that it would be to easy for us if MGSV had a Ng+ without grinding and upgrades , I recently started playing it again slowly on another account and it is awesome to not have the resources as it’s harder, if I had everything like I do on my account idk I just find it too easy with all the resources already available.

          • Yes it would make it easier, but that goes for any game that offers NG+. You’d still have the option to start over instead. In MGS4, you can carry your items over to a new save and it makes it easier to, but to compensate you could choose to play on a higher difficulty.

            The problem right now is that there isn’t really a way to go through the story again without starting completely over. Peace Walker actually had the same issue. But in the case of MGSV there are some events (cutscenes) you can only unlock once.

          • Gatsu

            ME:A isn’t broken though :P. A broken game is something that doesn’t run at all.

          • Alexandra Butman

            “Broken” in terms of the gaming world doesn’t always mean that it doesn’t run at all…it means that it was not at all ready for release, which ME:A was not. And not in the “this will never be finished because of internal company issues” like MGSV – MGSV’s animations are complete and really good…ME:A’s animations, I hate to say it, actually pain me to watch. No excuse for that in a AAA game in this day and age.

          • Gatsu

            There are many other games with weird animations too, but people seem to have forgotten all about them lol. I haven’t encountered all the problems some vids or reviewers say of the game.

      • Sure it’s a small thing but it’s good to hear something related to MGSV. The last update was from August of last year.

  • Solidus

    I’ll Ruin this news with the development cost:

    3,000,001 GMP
    1,500,001 Precious Metal
    1,500,001 Fuel
    Combat team lvl 9001
    R&D lvl 9001

    Usage cost: 1500 MB coins and a pre order of Metal gear survive

    • MrVux007

      You forgot to add “transportation specialist II” as a requriment xd

    • JC Hamner

      The bad part of this is I thought you were being serious until you got to the staff requirements.

  • John Rhogan

    Ten to one it won’t be available for those who are not able to participate or don’t want to participate in FOB events.

  • Jav

    I keep watching bad games receiving dlcs, missions and things like that. Tpp deserve more missions. Even if they are just secondary.

    • Yeah, there was DLC planned (Mission 51) but as we all know that never happened (most likely as a result of Kojima and a couple of other important people leaving).

      • Mr.Pony

        A side-op creator would be the best thing they could add, something like you select the area of the mission, type of mission and enemies present in the area, that would be so awsome.

  • Ricardo Oe

    I suppose that gun in MGO would be cowardice.
    But possible, if it is a single shot would be cool.

  • Full Options
    • Is it a permanent drop?

      • Full Options

        Really smells like it in all cases… They also dropped TPP alone to 19.99$ at the same time.

        • Mr.Pony

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bundle of GZ, TPP and Survive when that launches for 59.99

  • Mr.Pony

    well…better late than ever…I guess… according to data miners this is the last weapon missing and with that only two more cammos are left before there no new rewards for events, and everything just cycles backs

  • NegaScott128

    Semi-OT: The writer for the MGS movie (Jay Basu) is gonna write a Labyrinth spin-off directed by the guy who directed the Evil Dead reboot and Don’t Breathe.


    • Lex Radu

      Sounds good

    • Full Options

      Dunno if I remember well but I think they did this master-piece (Evil Dead) with only a 60 K$ budget, like going to the butcher to buy cow blood so they could fake real blood. Some frame per frame sequences are just amazing. Evil Dead is a pure Horror movies root in its style.

      • NegaScott128

        The original’s a classic, yes. The remake, though, is mostly just bland. It tries to be a new take on the series, but it keeps throwing in references to the old films that clash with the gritty tone.

        • Full Options

          Hmmm… That’s sad. But original Evil Dead is itself an earthquake in the field of horror movies (I think Rick Baker himself was involved but they don’t make it clear anymore..).

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            The second was better.I want mah boomsticks.Just too bad the colonial marines didn’t use them on mah race the internecivus raptus.Fight over in 5 mins . Game over man

          • Full Options

            The second was of course awesome (love it) but the very first was realized just for fun with a 60 K$ budget by some special effects friends. The original first one look also more classical and so artistic.. The suspense is quite intense and the make-ups are just stunning. A real masterpiece given when it was realized and the modest budget.

    • Lex Radu


  • Cool list. Can’t agree with everything but we need more of this for Kojima’s team to learn how to do it right.

    • Eugene Voldo

      My ranks are:
      1. MGS1
      1. MGS1: DS version. Yep, it was amazing in every way.
      2. MGS2
      3. MGS3
      First three games are really special, but MGS3 is weakest of them all. There were a lot of worthless survival mechanics, camera angels were awful, whole fight with Volgin was shit and that’s pretty much it.
      4. MGS5. Open-world structure and lots of basebuilding sutff. I hate it.
      5. MG Acid. Love every minute of it. But it had a few problems as every ambitious PSP game.
      6589. MGS4. You know it’s easier to say what MGS4 does RIGHT instead of what it does wrong.

      999999999. Peacewalker. PSP limitations, basebuilding, small levels, awful bosses and long loadings. Worst game in the whole series.

      PS. To be fair I hadn’t played first games (MG and MG2). Only started MG1, but dropped it pretty much after my first death.

      • NegaScott128

        There was a DS version of MGS1?

        • Eugene Voldo

          whoops! It was gbc. Somehow I thought it was DS. My bad!

    • The idea of ranking these games just seems wrong. They are all good in their own way, for different reasons. Ranking them would feel very artificial.

      • That’s why I said that I can’t agree with this list. It feels wrong for many reasons.
        These games (main one’s) are true masterpieces and they do all of this so right in it’s own way that you can’t really rank them as you said. It feels very artificial.
        but again, he said that this is his personal list.

      • Full Options

        Some technical criteria are very superficial, for example Portable Ops. That’s obvious Yong never tried to sustain 20fps with that much geometry on a PSP having only 32 Mb of RAM out of which you could use only 24. Portable Ops was a wonderful project given the precariousness of the platform’s libs/SDK at this time.
        Besides it was perhaps a little harder to play but not impossible at all and actually quite addictive to me.
        It actually let me see “MG in the palm of my hand” dream come true. ;D

        • NegaScott128

          He also ignores that Peace Walker also ran at 20fps on the PSP. And complains that MGS2 is too derivative of MGS1 and that Raiden is annoying, both of which were kind of the point of MGS2.

          • Full Options

            Yeah, Raiden “annoying” is the cherry on the cake… xD

      • MrVux007

        Indeed,they allready did their job by achieving the masterpiece quality.

        This is why I avoid ranking masterpieces in particular order in my best of all time game list,cuz that would simply downplay the significance of other masterpieces.

    • Full Options

      GZ is NOT open world, Yong !? Yet another misunderstanding through the triviality of the expression. That’s why I prefer to stick to the technical possible definitions like “out-of-core real-time data extraction” or “level streaming”.
      If world simulations were to be defined as “open worlds”, then all older MGS levels like MGS3’s jungle areas (for a clear example) should be called as well “open worlds”, like a chain of little camps omegas, with pause between levels to load the next area.
      Omega camp fits in PS3’s RAM which is a pure and beautiful miracle. Calling GZ open world does not give justice to this technical challenge.

  • MrVux007

    It’s like they know I’m coming home tommorow. ^^

    Shame I don’t have much interest in FOB missions.(keeping my S++ staff safe)

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    Looper vibes
    And fuck the Jedi
    Won’t miss em
    Grey jedis like Luke ftw

    • Full Options

      Thanks for sharing, mate !

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      With all due respect, funny how you say “Looper vibes” when it was directed by the same guy directing TLJ, Rian Johnson.

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        It’s just the shot of Rey training

  • Aleezy

    Makes me want to play ground zeroes again.

  • This was on Dutch tv tonight, but they also uploaded it with English subtitles. It contains some Kojima as well. 🙂

    • Full Options

      Quite rich document !!

  • AeroGre

    You know what, I wonder if theyre ever gonna bring mgs4 to the ps4 or even bring the rest of the series to pc. Would be cool to go thru mgs4 again with 60fps

    • MGS4 has never appeared on any other platform than the PS3, so it’s probably a difficult game to port (or there are other reasons, such as the Sony references in the game).

    • Full Options

      MGS4 is dedicated to CellBE. It should be fairly easy to port it to other platform unless Konami think otherwise. They may not just because it would scare them to even investigate in it (they are right), but I think they should do it. Konami is usually cool at code but always slow at porting their stuff. Strangest thing is that they did not yet realize they can target multi-plat easily even after TPP..
      They just never do it.. Even when Boss was there.. They are very slow at that..

    • NegaScott128

      As Options and Nyxus have said, MGS4 was built around the PS3 hardware, so it might be really hard to port it to another platform. I could see it happening, though, if they think there’s enough money to be gained. 4 isn’t exactly considered the series peak in the same way MGS1 and 3 are, for example, and those titles would be in higher demand for a port/remake. Since there’s such a high demand for an MGS3 remake, I’d expect that over a port of MGS4. But, given it’s the series’ 30th anniversary this year, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Konami does a collection of some sort. Maybe a port of MGS1 a la FFIX, or even 2D retro-styled remakes of MG1 and 2.

      • AeroGre

        So Im guessing the highest demand for a port would be the legacy collection on pc, but maybe thats still not enough to make konami consider it. Oh well lol I suppose I can still deal with the 15fps on Act 2

        • NegaScott128

          With the Legacy Collection, you’d have to port at least 3 games to the PC (assuming they cheap out and just repackage the MGS1 and 2 PC ports from back in the day), one of which was built for a very specific and complicated architecture that would be quite an ordeal in its own rights, let alone when combined with the other games. I think that would probably be the least likely option, considering the sheer amount of work involved. Honestly, I’m expecting Survive to be the only sign of the 30th anniversary, given how shitty Konami’s been in the past few years.

      • Full Options

        Problem is that the Cell has a very different chip architecture compared to other CPUs, aside also being a PowerPC like old Mac’s, boosted with SPEs (kind of mini-GPUs inside the CPU).
        As well, due to low levels of RAM + VRAM, they may have heavily tailored the engine to dispatch processing everywhere possible between CPU, SPUs and the GPU, involving for sure many tweaks and timing hacks suitable to the specific bandwidths between the various PS3 processing units.
        At some point some games can almost be seen like real operating systems for consoles. I am afraid MGS4 falls a bit in those sort of difficulties to port across other targets.
        Either they rewrite the parts which dispatch / execute jobs over the Cell+RSX or almost rewrite a PS3 emulation if they don’t want to mess around all the fixes they implemented but in all cases, the project look a bit too pharaonic at first glance. 🙁

    • Lex Radu

      At this point, seeing how Konami handled the series since Kojima left…i think MGS is dead, Konami will most likely do no other game soon!

    • Lex Radu

      And also they are too lazy to even port games, so yeah, no, and that is sad!

    • Eugene Voldo

      Do you really want to play MGS4 again? To suffer through all this absurd stuff like nanomachines, Big Mama, that stupid monkey, Ocelot who was Liquid who in reality was just Ocelot who only THOUGHT he was Liquid etc? No, i’m not against MGS4. MGS series was always about absurd stuff. Maybe I even buy it with a good meaty price-cut. But I want MGS1-3 remastered far more than just MGS4.

      • Lots of people would like to replay MGS4. If they can’t stomach absurd stuff they’d have abandoned the series at 2.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Well, to be fair they’d abandoned the series at 1. As I said, MGS series was always about absurd stuff, but MGS4 absurdness was sky high even by MGS standards. It was… how do I say it? Retarded I guess? It was an attempt to explain things that you DON’T want to be explained. Like a lot of mystical things in Steven King’ novels. Even more, KP tried to tie all loose ends and make them meaningful as a part of continuous saga. And they failed. Failed really hard. That’s why I don’t like MGS4.
          Oh, and the whole beauty squad? Awful. Awful cringeworthy stuff. Like “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!”

          • Sorry to hear you feel this way. But it really isn’t any more absurd than MGS2. A mad bomber on rollerskates? A vampire who can walk on water? A guy who ‘lives on’ through an arm? If that is okay, so should the absurd stuff in MGS4.

          • Eugene Voldo

            No, as I pointed out early I’m not against MGS4. Sure I dont like it, but it’s still Metal Gear, so I’ll replay it eventually if Konami makes PS4/PC version.

            Now about the bosses. In my eyes beauty squad was uninteresting lump of hot bodies and nothing more. Don’t even remember their names. But on the other hand how can you forget about a guy who lives thought an arm? Or Fatman? or Vamp? They were amazingly fleshed out villains. That’s the difference.

          • The Beauty and the Beast Unit aren’t fleshed out as characters for a reason, because they had their humanity stripped from them. From a more practical standpoint, MGS4 already had a lot of characters which is probably why they decided to focus on them. You can see the same thing in MGS3, where the Cobra Unit members don’t really have a backstory because the game is all about the relationship between Snake and The Boss.

          • BB Corps was also fleshed out, but they are not villains. They are first of all regular Super soldiers. This is a significant difference between BB Corps and villains of the series.
            Kojima did not tried to create more villains because it would create more problems for the future. Kojima wanted to end MGS saga with the old characters. BB Corps were also soldiers that represented fanservice from the first game too.

            It was also a small horror element that makes things weird where player requires to shoot at the beautiful woman or do something with her (Depends on the player ofc). That’s a small 4th wall break.
            After that Drebin explains a horrible story about her. It’s not the best thing ever, but it was there to make things more simple for the player. Stealth-action gameplay-Boss fight – Move on to the next Story.
            Kojima did not wanted to create new stories in it. He wanted to end it.

          • They tried to explain them because fans wanted a good sci-fi out of it. So you got yourself more LORE.
            It’s not mystical. MGS is first of all a techno-thriller. If you don’t like this genre I don’t understand why you play MGS at all.
            All of what MGS4 did makes sense.

            Absurdness of MGS4 comes from it’s alternative world to our world. In fact every Metal Gear in comparison is the same thing. As Nyxus said about MGS2, I can talk about MGS3 for example with ghosts, Volgin with electricity, guy that has bees in it and so on.

      • Hey, there is a good explanation about Ocelot and it was a fantastic explanation. I have no problem with monkey and nanomachines storyline. Nanomachines meme is blown out of proportions because it makes sense in the game about nanotech in general which was a theme in this game.

        I love MGS4. In fact, I like it more than MGS3 in terms of the story (just me personal thing because I like all MGS games from Peace Walker to MGSV). It was much more refined game too with it’s octo-camo suit and great controls.

        • Exactly, those complaints about nanomachines are blown out of proportion and as you said, it makes sense they play a large part due to their thematic relevance. MGS1 was just as much about genes as MGS4 about nano machines.

          • These are not complaints imo. This meme was born from people who have not understood MGS4 storyline at all. In fact, it was very dynamic and clever. Narrative design there is superb. Kojima told the most complex technothriller storyline in 17 hours or so. That is an achievement.

            I really enjoyed nanotech stuff in it because it makes sense. MGS4 was in 2014 year where nanotechnology started to be a thing. Kojima told that story in 2008 year and he was right in the end. Since 2013 nanotech started to be implemented in the military environment as a control mechanism.

            Nanomachines are one of the technologies that moved genes forward. It’s a result of huge corporations that wants to have it’s own small armies that they can control.

            MGS4 is my absolute favorite.

          • Yeah and MGS4 has very much about the human element being overtaken by something that is not human at all, machines, cycles, systems, ‘a world without substance’, so in that regard the nano machines are a really effective way to drive this point home.

          • Also, MGS4 imo had the best boss fights in terms of mechanics and Fun factor. Crying Wolf boss battle to me is the best sniper duel ever. Much better than the End or Quiet’s mechanics wise.

            It is more dynamic than The End’s battle and much more complex than Quiet’s sniper duel.

            The fact that it has a lot of enemies in it. Open world environment with a snow makes things great. The atmosphere is just there. Music is awesome. She also sometimes hallucinated the presence of a wolf nearby. Due to these hallucinations, she would often bay loudly like a wolf and because of that hint you can search for her with gadgets or without them.
            I can talk a lot about this battle. My point is that MGS4 when it came out was Next Gen/Mindblowing and of course it is a WORLDWIDE MASTERPIECE.

          • Full Options

            Kojima always sticks to ultra-high-tech backgrounds. Often latest ones and nanobots were kind of less understood concepts at this time. Giving an extremly advanced but not that fictive picture of the battlefield as a matter of fact.
            Another example is what he is trying to do with Death Stranding… Even with all his fantasy, he always document well his idea so the mix stays at the edge between science-fiction and real-world… Including goo, quantum physics or astro-physics notions is pure Koji-signature. He is truly a sci-fi addict, part of why we love the dude ! ;D

  • Mr.Pony

    Still better than Survive i guess

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    Off topic, kinda:

    I hope DS has a boss battle like this in the game –

    I want a Norman Reedus vs Andrew House, Kojima, Hermen Hulst and Del Toro 1v4 scenerio

  • Full Options

    OT-reminder : Boss keynote speech in 11 days (04/29 – day 2) will be at 5:30pm to 6:20pm (EST)… I suppose they’ll air it live somewhere on YT, maybe on the Tribeca Film channel…

    • Hallucinatory Hideo!

      • Full Options


  • ObsessedGeorge

    Comrades!!!!! It’s been too loooooong! How’s everyone doing?

    Wait, when was the last time that they released a patch? What’s the point of releasing this patch now? How about fixing anything MGO related, or adding anything new to it?

    • Last real update was in August:

      They’ve been working on MG Survive so that’s why there hasn’t been any updates. Not sure what they’re planning when that game is done though.

      • Full Options

        Perhaps they upgraded the network components for both Survive & MGO, to deliver a MGO update integrating some of Survive’s gameplay features hereby better requiring Survive’s purchase ?

        • Mr.Pony

          If that was the case i believe that they would have announced the existense of the features when they first showed the gameplay of Survive, it seems the kind of thing you would want to promote right away.

          • Full Options

            Agreed, although on the other hand, I would try to minimize as much as possible network infras instead of having to maintain arenas dedicated to V’s MGO and Survive’s… Dunno honestly what they are up to. We’ll for sure have more clues at E3.

    • Gatsu

      Heyyy Georgie, my bro ! I’m doing fine thanks, just been mostly occupied with work, games, drawing and traveling ;). Oh and I also bought astronomy telescope, which I will use more in the summer and also a digital camera on last weekend. Just some new hobbies :D.

      Suuuuuper hyped for E3 :D!

      How’ve you been 🙂 ?

  • Lex Radu

    New Video by Python&Selkan.

    • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

      What a load of bullshit

    • The problem with this analysis that it is not Death Stranding analysis, but Silent Hills analysis. It’s 20% of info about DS we already knew about from YongYea and the other 80% is just another Grey Fox level of bullshit but with crazy PT/Silent Hills involvement for the DS.
      Some of the stuff are clearly absurd when he talked about the two engines. You can really see that these brothers do not have technical experience to talk about these things.
      Great editing, some interesting ideas and thoughts… but it’s not a DS analysis at all. 2 hours of something we already know.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, I am afraid those two engines won’t really stick together as smoothly as when you stick 2 lego bricks. xD

        Pretty PT centered indeed but quite fairly complete DS recap though.

      • Lex Radu

        They do go overboard at some points, but that is the fun of speculating, creating the craziest theories you could imagine, they are very creative in that aspect.

        Besides, they have been right already about TPP, so i believe them believing in this, and so do i.

        The Rebrading makes a lot of sense, in the past few year Konami was nothing but Kojima Production, Hideo became vicepresident, Konami decided to not make Games anymore, Kojima decided to stick to Games, so they split, Kojima got to keep the name “Kojima Productions” while Konami is doing what they are good ad, gambling.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima also has the rights to Metal Gear and Silent Hill, and Konami is only allowed to addapt them in another medium than Video Games.

        This would explain why we haven’t heard anything about SuVive after that Gameplay, Kojima wasn’t happy with it, so he told them to cut it off for now.

        TL;DR: Why all the Drama
        Simple, Kojima wants to make Death Stranding without everyone asking for another Metal Gear, leaving Konami (with the rights and everything, but we don’t know it yet) is a good way to take that break!

        • No man. This is not just re-branding. Konami owns Metal Gear rights and uses it for Pachislot/Pachinko machines and they are selling MGSV as their own game. They get all the profits from the game. Not to mention that Konami still owns “Kojima Productions” license.

          Kojima’s new studio is not really KojiPro. They registered it as Kojima Productions “Co., Ltd.” which is different in katakana of it’s last name. In Japan it is basically a completely different studio that has nothing to do with Kojima Productions.

          About SurVive. You will get that info in E3 2017 for sure.

          • Lex Radu

            1 thing for sure, we will find out really soon who is what, and when is where!

          • NegaScott128

            We already know all that. It’s just that some people, like PythonSelkan and (apparently) you, just can’t get over the Konami situation and insist that Kojima’s pulling some kind of ruse even though it’s blatantly obvious that he isn’t. I get it, I wanted Silent Hills too, but this kind of thing happens all the time. Creators leave, companies screw people over, franchises wither and die. It already happened with Silent Hill and Castlevania, and it’ll probably happen with Metal Gear too. It sucks, but that’s the situation right now. We can only hope that Konami hires the right creative team for MGS and the games are still good, but considering they decided that the first post-Kojima game should be a co-op zombie shooter, I’m not getting my hopes up.

            I have no doubt that Death Stranding will re-use some abandoned concepts from Silent Hills and maybe even other MGS games, but it’s not gonna be connected to either of those series.

          • Lex Radu

            No, i’m more than OK with this theory being wrong, but at the same time DS and SH share too mani similarities to not be the same Game, and it makes sense.

            Theory true or not, they did find some things that we missed, like Ludence being underwater at the beginning, and then when the pole started glowing, he was teleported on the moon, and SurVive looks like is happening underwater too.

            Now either they are right, or Konami just stole that aspect, and made their own Death Starnding with Survive, or so they think.

            Either way, it’s a great time to be a Kojima fan, we should embrace all these theories, it’s what the internet is for, no one is taking them serious, is just screwing around conecting dots to pass the time, just like it was with TPP, it was fun!

          • NegaScott128

            “No, i’m more than OK with this theory being wrong, but at the same time DS and SH share too mani similarities to not be the same Game, and it makes sense.”
            No they don’t, and no it doesn’t.

            Survive isn’t even happening underwater, the only environment they’ve shown off is Not-Afghanistan. Literally nothing you’re saying makes any sense.

          • Lex Radu

            “Survive isn’t even happening underwater”

            Look at the light and fish floating on the freakin sky, this is underwater, no questions, and it looks like the work of Kojima, this is the kind of detail that Kojima would use to foreshadow the truth, it’s obvious and subtle at the same time, a very Kojima take!

          • NegaScott128




            Survive is not connected with Death Stranding, or Silent Hills, or anything else. Kojima left. It’s over. Fucking move on. It’s getting sad now.

          • Lex Radu

            I wasn’t talking about that anymore, dude, i was talking about SurVive, about this aspect that could only come out of Kojima’s head, that no one from Konami would be smart enough to think of something like that.

            Can you focus for a moment, and stay on the subject?

          • NegaScott128

            What’s even your point? You started off going on about how the KojiPro intro video starts out underwater, and how Survive looks like it might be underwater too. What does that even mean? What does either of them being underwater have to do with anything? Lots of games take place underwater. Did Abzu rip off Kojima? What about Soma?

          • Lex Radu

            A few actually.

            I will refear to the DS Dimension as “Earth 1” and SurVive as “Earth 2”

            Are you following? Good

            1. The Plot Twist is that the soldiers in SurVive (Earth 1) haven’t traveled at all to another dimesion, they are actualy dying underwater, they are in Limbo, and the real goal of the game is to move in the afterlife.
            2. The “Stick” Ludence has in the “Trailer, is an interdimensional travel device, that he used to teleport from whatever Earth he is on underwater (Upside Down, Earth), to the Moon.
            3. Ludence somehow found his way on Earth 2, and then he teleported back to Earth 1

          • NegaScott128


            Again, why does the KojiPro intro video (which, according to Kojima, has nothing to do with Death Stranding) and Survive both being underwater/having water-based visuals mean they’re connected at all?

          • Lex Radu

            Because they both share 2 themes, Interdimensional Travel and Death, and they could be sharing the same Multiverse!

          • Lex Radu

            Because they both share 2 themes, Interdimensional Travel and Death, and they could be both sharing the same Multiverse with infinite “Earths”, and 2 of these Earths could be the MG and Silent Hill universes.

          • NegaScott128

            Why do you think that? Why would Kojima be connecting his new IP to an old IP he’s both tired of working on and is owned by a company that he left amidst great controversy? Outside of some common visual elements (which could easily be coincidence) and shared themes (which are both fairly broad and common themes and also complete speculation on your part)? If you actually think about the logistics of the situation, it makes absolutely no sense. The only way it could make any sense at all is if you assume that Kojima’s been participating in a massive ruse for over two years, faked the entire Konami controversy, cancelled his own proposed Silent Hill game and disappointed both millions of fans and several close personal friends, intentionally gimped his final Metal Gear game just to keep up with said ruse, and pretended to leave Konami while still secretly working there. Oh, and Konami’s totally fine having its named dragged through the mud, and Sony’s totally fine playing along with this ruse too.

            Do you realize how fucking stupid that sounds? Why would he do this? What purpose would it serve outside trolling people? What company would agree to having its reputation ruined just for the sake of some employee wanting to fuck with people?

          • Lex Radu

            Now that you put it this way…yeah.

            Don’t forgew that this guy created a Fake CEO for a Fake Development Studio, and kept that secret for a while.

            As for Konami, they are not making Games anymore, so they couldn’t care less, after all, Kojipro was more or less most of Konami.

            And if he left, doing the Multiverse thing would be nice wink to the fans.

            Let’s not forget that a while ago Kojima said that he plans to do something that has never been done in Gaming, soemthing taboo, and that if he fails, he will leave the industry, so i think this is that thing, 2 Games from different Producers being conected to one another.

            This has already been done in Movies, like the “Civil War” and “Spiderman: Homecoming” being one, 2 studious same universe, but has never been done in gaming.

          • NegaScott128

            Creating a fake studio while still only employed by one company isn’t that hard, especially when you don’t have to actually create a new studio. All he needed was a logo and some t-shirts. Right now, Kojima is running an entire independent studio, with actual offices and merchandise. It’s a totally different situation.

            Konami is still making games. PES is still coming out every year, we just had a new Bomberman, and Survive still exists. And they made plenty of games outside of Kojima even while he was there.

            The “something taboo” was related to MGSV, and it was either scrapped entirely due to the Konami situation or was something from Ground Zeroes. I’d say the whole “Paz rape tape” is pretty taboo.

            Spider-Man Homecoming is still produced by Marvel Studios, though. It’s co-produced and distributed by Sony, but Marvel Studios was clearly involved from the start. Heck, it’s not even a first for the MCU. The Phase 1 Marvel films were all distributed by Paramount except for Hulk, which was distributed by Universal. Despite this, not only was it connected to the Avengers universe, Robert Downey Jr. even makes an appearance. That’s three studios working together, and it happened in 2008.

            What you’re suggesting is that Kojima is going through tons of legal hurdles (either to create a fake studio and publish through Sony while remaining at Konami, or to get Konami on board for his multiverse idea), created the concept for Survive so that this multiverse concept would work (instead of just, like, writing Death Stranding so it connects to the regular Metal Gear universe and not this afterlife/parallel dimension crap), is lying about being involved with Survive to preserve a twist (which, okay, yeah, he would totally do that), and is doing all this… just to “wink at the fans.”

            You know an easy way to wink at MGS fans? Just have a box in Death Stranding, and have Norman Reedus say a line commenting on it. That’s all you need, and that’s probably all we’re getting. The “Death Stranding and MG Survive are connected” thing sounds cool, but if you stop and think about what would actually need to happen in order for it to be a reality, it completely falls apart.

          • Lex Radu

            Yes and No, a rebranding could make sense, but yeah, there is a difference between possibility and probability!

            I thing i am sure, is that SurVive is what Hideo meant with revisiting Camp Omega, and that instead of SurVive being the bonus for playing GZ, is instead being sold as it’s own thing.

            Point is, Survive’s premise, the backbone is pure Kojima, everything we see is an unfinished Kojima produc that if the split is real, Konami will release it like that, unfinished.

          • Man, seriously stop.
            Survive and all of this crap has nothing to do with Kojima. Kojima even told before that he has nothing to do with it at the Tokyo Games Show.
            Survive is just a 30$-40$ experience with zombies and nothing more that is made by the guys who are left at Konami and they have nothing to do with Kojima. They are doing Survive for now because they don’t have a full team of experienced developers that can start developing New MGS experience.

            Also, Kojima does not want to talk about Metal Gear anymore. He is not interested in it. He is interested in completely new universe with new actors, characters and storytelling. Because he is a creator. He is famous and he wants to be known for many games, not just Metal Gear or previous projects.

            Silent Hills/PT/Metal Gear/Snatcher/Policenauts/whatever has nothing to do with Death Stranding. Absolutely nothing. It’s a new game from a completely New Studio under Co.Ltd registration as an indie developer.

          • Lex Radu

            “even told before that he has nothing to do with it at the Tokyo Games Show.”

            He said the same thing about “The Phantom Pain” and look how that turned out.

            What i’m saying is that either ruse or not, SurVive could be made by Kojima, and couldn have been unfinished, and was supposed to be the “Camp Omega Return” and now Konami is seling it how it is, not even bothering to give it any depth in its gameplay!

          • Full Options

            Besides the very clear behavior of both Boss and Yoji at TGS, pretty mocking Survive, which is to me a clear sign that wounds were not completely healed, there was also this painful Ken’s tweet that quite drastically confirmed the f.ckin split among the tons of previous evidences. I must admit that until TGA 2015, I had a lot of troubles to realize, even through the news we received before.


          • Full Options

            Either way, it’s a great time to be a Kojima fan

            Always a pleasure ! ;D

  • UPDATE 3: A conversation with legendary game creator Hideo Kojima, moderated by Geoff Keighley, Producer of TGA.

    They updated this for the third time. Guys, trailer or something is happening. Expect some REAL stuff there. Like huge stuff. Hu-u-u-uge! Yu-u-u-u-uge!

    • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

      We hoped the same for comic con.We got a huge holographic whale.Anyways

      • and it was awesome. It was a mascot promotion.

        • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

          That sounds even shittier that way mate . I would call it a Holographic whaling with a flag spear on Saturn ad .

          • It’s a logo. they made it so that you could recognize Kojima’s future works. Remember “Leo the Line” logo for MGM movies? Ludens KojiPro movie is something similar.

            But if you hate it, I guarantee that for Tribeca he will have some nice things to show or fans will be angry.

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Leo the line is just a 5 second iconic shot of a lion roaring but it was not hyped and is subtle.Kojima hyped the fuck out of it and called it a trailer.Does he and Ayako even know what the fuck does a trailer mean?

          • Full Options

            Bro, shooting a trailer is far more time consuming for just PR instead of the real stuff. He is doing his best to keep us up to date regarding the company and his new project. If he want to post DS in time, he just can’t take too much time preparing stuff around. One trailer a year is yet awesome.
            If he could present a demo at E3, it would be incredible (looks still too soon, unfortunately), but giving you a full trailer instead of the mascot sequence would not have helped at all in this matter. ;D

          • Lex Radu

            I don’t think is too soon for a gameplay demo, it has already been almost 2 years, and someone emntioned that 300 people are working on this, so i think DS will come in 2018/2019, before 2020!

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            120 maximum according to Kojima

          • Full Options

            He is referring to a recent Mads interview. Perhaps he was including some Guerrilla folks… But even if not sure, that sound plausible. Maybe he chose to do a bigger project than what he was thinking at the beginning..

          • Lex Radu

            120 was, not there are 300.

            Things can change!

          • Full Options

            He could surprise us indeed this year but it is safer to expect just a trailer possibly at best including some slight gameplay footage than a packaged fully interactive sample demo. Who knows.. I think next GDC should be juicy if they decide to attend.

          • Full Options

            I would not be angry (E3 around the corner), but I think he’ll drop us some cool fresh meat at Tribeca. Even at least some new Yoji designs would rock.. Let’s hope we’ll have new animations !

          • Full Options

            Were ya just disappointed because he showed nothing more ? You love cinema dude, at least admit the whole mascot clip is like perfect, even if too short or not related to anything but KP ?

      • Full Options

        Ur not complaining aren’t you ? ;D

    • Eugene Voldo

      I bet my DD motherbase we will get nothing big. I expect soemthing like “Hey guys, did you see that first trailer? Let’s watch it again and talk about things we have already talked about in the past”. But on the other hand E3 2017 is coming. And I bet KP will be there to show something as you said “hu-u-u-uge”.

      • If that is true what you said, I will be a little bit angry.
        The reason I think there will be something because Geoff Keighley will be there, Tribeca promotes Kojimas as their biggest reveal, Tribeca had awesome game trailers and announcements and Kojima already talked about the trailers in Australia. He can’t talk about them again, you need to show us the future.
        E3 2017 will be h-u-u-u-u-uge!!!!

      • Lex Radu

        I think we will get a big reveal, and i’l also predict what will be revealed, in 3 versions:

        1: Logical
        2: Overreaching
        3. Downright HL3 Confirmed


        1. Emma Stone will be revealed to be part of the Cast:

        a) The Reveal will be made with a new Trailer.
        b)The Railer will either use a Low Roar, or David Bowie’s “Blackstar”

        2. A new location and elements of the plot will be shown, along side a glimpse at Emma’s Character’s motivation


        1. New Trailer called “Faiths” will reveal Gal Gadot, Emma Stone and Stefanie Joosten as:

        a) Gal will play Nona – spins the thread of life
        b) Emma will play Decima (like the Engine) – measures it
        c) Stefanie will play Morta – ises her scissors to cut it
        d) The Trailer will not be a Trailer at all, will be a 1 minute teaser Clip, like the “Kojima Production Mascot Movie”

        2. They will either look Beautiful, or dowright Creepy.

        3. Kojima will confirm a Gameplay Demo for E3

        Downright HL3 Confirmed:

        Death’s Standing’s full name will be revealed as:

        S I L E N T H I L L S/5:

        • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

          While Kojima is a Gadot fan I doubt he would cast her.Stefanie can’t act.Choice’s between stone and blunt.
          See what I did there ?
          Okay that was a shitty pun

          • Lex Radu

            Kojima did retweet a lot of Gal Gadot stuff, not just WW Related, a lot of her stuff, most from his personal Japanese account.

            Also her role and Stefanies wouldn’t be huge, she would appear either at the beginning, or the end, Emma as Decima would appear a lot more.

            Also, having Wonder Woman play another Godess like character is the kind of casting Kojima makes, and Stefanie because she seems to be Kojima’s muse.

            And Gadot, just like Mads, has a big physical presence, and a pretty expressive face, all the ingredience for a small, but impactful role in Mo-cap form.

          • Full Options

            There is also this Morgan Mala… She’s a cute model. I bet Boss scanned her this other day.. Dunno.. This kind of salute / “at your commands” pose.. Like ready for the mission… And Boss’s look on this picture..
            Something tells me he’ll use her mesh, he is re-tweeting her quite often too.



          • Lex Radu

            We have seen 3 Male Characters, maybe the rest of the cast is female.

          • Full Options

            We’ll have for sure few more of both genders, but yeah we need first(s) female role(s) in the next update !

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      It’s gonna be great! 😀

  • Full Options

    OT : All this parallel dimension look so messed in terms of all kind of features (inverted rainbow, etc..) that it makes me wonder if it is not all happening inside a computer system instead of a parallel dimension (could be the same result), were the black goo is a virus infecting and controlling many kind of other programs (who could also be the souls or “ghosts” of other humans enslaved somewhere and plugged to the system like in Matrix), and what we see would be then a graphical representation of this matrix. Whether this story’s world is “real” or a simulation would bring us back to the question about “is real life a kind of upper computer simulation or something else” ?
    And if yes, who is coding this system ?

    • Lex Radu

      Maybe that is the twist.

      • Full Options

        Maybe not, wondering what about quantum physics, black-holes and stuff… Depending how accurate is the simulation, maybe those laws on the Norman’s tag are indeed the only way out

        • NegaScott128

          You could say that they’re…

          …the EASY WAY OUT?!?!


          • Full Options

            xD right, my bad ! ;D

        • Lex Radu

          Or maybe those ecuations is how Decima works, is what makes this version of Decima special.

          I could be that the Kojima Modiffed “Decima” is at this point 50% Fox Engine features, recreated by the Fox Engine team that is now pretty much all working at Kojima Productions. :)))

          • Full Options

            Decima will for sure benefit from experiences of KP dudes, but in smaller isolated areas of the code, still needing to be improved. The engine is yet very mature. It would be useless to drastically modify the tool-chain. For example, graphics engineers can right away work on shaders accuracy and performance with few of their secret tricks they happened to show us in some conferences, regarding lighting, texture management or so.
            That, yes. They may also profile Decima to isolate the last areas of code still struggling and work with Guerrilla in addressing those perf hits. But for example, I doubt that much is needed in areas such as the various editor interfaces, or other really mature features.
            Their best bet is to directly work on top of what Guerrilla did, and slowly refine Decima with some tricks they discovered while developing Fox, but not touch the features that are already mature.
            So back to the percentage as an example, imagine that on both Fox and Decima, 80-90% is already robust. Would you not focus on improving what’s left instead of doing major changes to the architecture for stuff just not written the same way, but yet performing as well as on Fox ?

          • Lex Radu

            Yes, i would!

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      I think you are on the right track. You know what the strands remind me off Visual programming languages.

      Maybe the world of the “homo luden” is a computer simulated world ie. a video game – a world where game mechanics are not required to be forcibly blanked out of the players mind by the game devs in order to sustain immersion, but they are as literal of an entity as the protagonist.

      Can’t remember where I first heard this comparison be made, probably on reddit – but there are some possible examples of this fourth wall being torn down by Kojima in the VGA trailer:

      Something you do a lot in games is equip and unequip items. These items often seem to appear and disappear at a whim into thin air, usually accompanied by some sort of equip/unequip animation. Maybe what we are seeing here is a physical representation of a game character unequipping an item.

      Also, as I kinda touched on before, the strands attach themselves to everything, and connect everything together – like programming code. But in this game the strands seem malevolent, as if it is corrupted and is re-writing the games programming as it goes along – like when a strand latches onto the baby doll and gives it sentience.

      There’s also the stuff Kojima said about giving “death” a new meaning, since death works completely different in games than in real life.

      I dunno, I could be completely off, but I do have a feeling Kojima is gonna destroy the 4th wall harder than anyone has in the industry, or even any industry as a matter of fact.

      • Guys, this is crazy. This is crazy even for our genius Kojima.
        Seriously, I just want a really good story and the new universe to talk about with fresh and deep new characters. Something that is real with atmosphere, sci-fi and stuff…

        I’m asking too much? xD

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          I feel you, man. He’s played around with the fourth wall so much in MGS, and based on how he’s aged and developed as game dev – now with new technology and a fresh new start… This game will be something else, I know that for sure.

          • Full Options

            He is going to nail it because he has no choice since we expect what he is next to, like always. Again, on MGS1, I was like “mmh, let see if he is still that different from others…” Since then I never ever doubted him, and never regretted it. That’s why seeing Raiden first was a fully understood prank.. The game was just all we wanted.

        • Full Options

          Introducing so deep simulations (story-wise MGS1/2) or nanoids that soon in a video game was as crazy. I bet the story will be as technically deep, as well romanced and stuff, like always.
          He’ll make all fully enjoyable, I am sure of that, I spent decades wondering how come he always take so much risks to rise us with so futuristic concepts… ;D

        • Lex Radu

          With Kojima is never just good, it’s always a mastrepiece.

          If this thery is true (most likely is) then DS is a story that is only relevant in Video Game form, wouldn’t work as a Movie.

          Also, we all use mostly strands when gaming, from controllers to Mouse and Keyboard, so it makes sense.

          DS will be an experience without a 4th wall to be broken, WE ARE what has stranded in the Game.

          Hell, maybe from the very beginning Norman notices that he is being controled, and that we have to take control of him, and make him the main playable character.

      • Full Options

        Node graphs are an awesome way to check code (pretty modern, mid 90’s…), maybe he got influenced by that too. When I saw those strands, I first wonder how they won’t end up physically in a pile of knots, hehe.
        A real life organic virus may not have this pattern… Like it duplicate and runs on his own replicating and infecting new hosts, but a chain of infected cells can definitely look like strands… That’s organic but for virus programs loaded in memory, those strands could be seen as bookmarks to addresses (pointers), so only touching each others through the system running behind, and not physically like cells infected by a virus.. This Boss is gonna drive me mad as usual… xDxD

        We are just speculating but break the 4th wall, he will… And in the deepest manner.. His destiny, it is… xD

      • Lex Radu

        Something tells me that the strands are actually the wireframes that usually conect objects in games.

        An otherwise “in development aspect” turned in to visual storytelling.

        • Full Options

          Yeah ! Segments connecting vertices are strands !
          Mesh Strandings !

  • moto hellogoto

    Hey guys just got my 1080ti yesterday. And I gotta say, playing Ground zeroes in 4k ultra is pretty sweet 😀

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Has anyone played with this update? Anything changed in MGO? I haven’t played MGO since last October, how are things in there?

  • NegaScott128

    I pretty much agree with Yong here. It doesn’t matter how many coincidences and perceived connections you find, the sheer legal difficulties and reality of the Kojima/Konami situation make it impossible for a Death Stranding/Silent Hills/Metal Gear connection.

  • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

    Fuck me
    Guys this is some really important shit.A guy found the full German speech from the TGA trailer and it’s a real speech made by a real nazi.And thus it was translated.So now we know what it meant.

  • PrinceHeir

    While waiting for some more DS news. Check out this MGS Cosplay video. That was a nich touch when they recreated the Twin Snakes scene with Gray Fox

    • Yuriko Tiger ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • NegaScott128

    Anybody got 50 minutes to watch a technical analysis of MGS2?

    They also put up the E3 2000 trailer at 60fps.

    • Full Options

      Cool video, very neat and complete, tanks for sharing. Really appreciated how he underlined the extreme sense of detail of Kojima’s team along great technical focuses. Very nice !
      Regarding MGS2 ports, the story repeated itself with PS3 and MGS4 as Kutaragi’s architectures strategies were always very exotic and ambitious, so hard to master for developers, the firsts years PS2 or PS3 were out. This obliged Kojima’s team to tailor their engines around both custom-designed CPU’s and GPU’s, usually making things harder to port on other targets.
      Porting MGS2 to other plats must have been so a nightmare that they did not even tried to consider porting MGS4.

      Just one slight tiniest microscopic thing : He starts the video saying that Konami was prolific game company from 16bits to 32bits systems, although MSX and MSX2 were pure 8 bits systems on which Konami was extremely prolific too in all gaming genres (action, adventure, beat-em-up, racing, other sports, etc..). They also published some titles on Atari 2600, but not as much as on MSX which was obviously a Konami’s kingdom, compared to other concurrent game parks on this platform.

    • I like all MGS games but MGS2 is my personal favorite. This game was such a masterpiece for me. It was a game that I could not imagine that games will be so cool in the future. I thought at 2000 year that “this is it guys, nothing can be much better than that!”.
      It was the game that showed us the future of 3D in full capacity with realistic looking 3D graphics. Even today the game has impressive and smooth animation. Good looking visuals with amazing attention to details. It was also the first sign of a sandbox game of the future.

      I hope that Kojima won’t abandon sandbox features in Death Stranding. I’m not the biggest fan of pre-scripted events. That game design is old as hat and works only in games like Dark Souls/Bloodborne.

      • NegaScott128

        Well, MGSV was pretty open, and Kojima’s stated that Death Stranding will be an open-world game. Of course, we don’t even know what type of game it’ll be yet. Perhaps a more scripted, linear approach would work with DS. We’ll just have to wait and see.

        • It does not matter how open the game is. Is it a sandbox game or a pre-scripted open world game? That is the question.
          MGSV was a complete sandbox experience and it was awesome the way it is. You could complete the mission the way you want to without the game telling you how to do it right.
          GTAV in comparison has sandbox gameplay only when you don’t go on a mission, when you go on a mission it is a linear game in general.

  • JablokoMoloko86

    Hi guys.
    JablokoMoloko86 (Chiz1986noob) is back.
    We all miss amazing creations of Hideo Kojima. Because of that I created yet another tribute of Metal Gear Solid Saga. This video is for all fans from MGI and for Hideo Kojima. I send him this video in Twitter 🙂

    Please Enjoy Watching in HD for best effect.
    I put all my heart into this compilation. I hope you guys will like it. (please watch all).

    • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

      Oh shit. We got someone from the clockwork gang here guys. Plz tell me youre from the band moloko

    • Lex Radu


  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    DISCLAIMER: Huge theory post incoming, and it’s a weird one. Probably the longest thing I’ve written here.

    So I just watched Yong’s DS theory video “The World of the Living and Dead” and was pretty compelled by a lot of the stuff in it. His theory was a lot more “conventional” and literal than my thoughts on what the game will entail. It got me thinking as to how they both relate; can they both relate? Then I came across this old ass theory on reddit. Surprisingly this theory works very well with the whole “Living and Dead” idea + my idea of Kojima creating a game with no fourth wall.

    The idea centrally revolves around one of if not the oldest board game known to man (the game was created well over 2500 years ago, and it still is very popular up until today) – a Chinese game called “Go”.

    What is especially interesting about the game was that it inspired the 1940s novel by Herman Hesse called “The Glass Bead Game”, in which a home to an elite group of intellectuals play The Glass Bead Game: a game so sophisticated in nature its exact mechanics are never properly established in the book, as very few humans are intelligent enough to even comprehend its rules. The game is essentially about determining associations or connections between seemingly unrelated topics of a scientific, mathematical, artistic, philosophical or cultural nature. Reminds me a bit PT where gamers from across the work were all working together, using their different skillsets to piece together the true meaning of the game with bits of unrelated and seemingly random bits of evidence.

    Now what’s the Glass Bead Game got to do with anything? Well, it was actually the direct inspiration behind the 1987 Sci-Fi novel from Boris and Arkady Strugatsk called “Time Wanderers”, about humanity’s discovery of a species of post-humans called “Ludens”. So, in an indirect way the game of Go influenced Time Wanderers, which is a very clear inspiration of Death Stranding and Kojima Productions in general.

    So back to Go… Despite the utter simplicity of its mechanics it’s still regarded as one of the most complex games ever made – “possessing more possibilities than the total number of atoms in the visible universe”, in fact the game is far more mechanically complex than chess.

    I won’t explain all the mechanics but I will explain the ones that do seem to relate to DS.

    The concept of Life and Death are central mechanics in Go. The point of the game best described by wikipedia:

    the struggle for life can be solved by connection.

    The basic premise is that each player has an effectively unlimited supply of pieces (called stones), one taking the black stones, the other taking white. You are to then use your stones to form territories by surrounding vacant areas of the board. It is also possible to capture your opponent’s stones by completely surrounding them. This turns them into prisoners.

    Players take turns, placing one of their stones on a vacant point called a liberty each turn, with Black playing first. Stones are placed on the intersections of the lines rather than in the squares and once played stones cannot be moved.

    The black stone in diagram A has 4 liberties, in B it has 3, C it has 2 and so on. If in diagram D a white stone was placed in the last remaining liberty of the black stone, the black stone would be capture and taken from the board as the black stone will have no more liberties. The game is won depending on which player has the most amount of vacant point inside their own territory, and/or captured the most stones: one point for a vacant spot, another point for a capture.

    To increase the amount of liberties a stone has to make capture more difficult, you need to place your stones in points adjacent; either horizontally or vertically. When multiple stones of the same colour are placed together, they connect and become a “string/strand”: not to be viewed and treated as a collection of multiple stones but a single one; a single stone, a single entity.

    The white stones on the bottom form a string of white stones, the black stones at the top right form a string of black stones, and the black stones at the top left are single unconnected stones as they are placed in diagonal and not alongside.

    You’re probably wondering where is this all going, but trust me we are getting to the interesting mechanics: eyes, live strings, dead strings and undead/unsettled strings.

    Let’s start with the concept of eyes, this picture sums it up pretty well:

    Any string or group of stones which has two or more eyes is permanently safe from capture and is referred to as a live string or live group. Conversely, a string of stones which is unable to make two eyes,

    and is cut off and surrounded by live enemy strings, is called a dead string since it is hopeless and unable to avoid eventual capture.

    A string is declared as unsettled/undead when there is simultaneously the chance of that string getting captured, and the chance of the string becoming “alive” (can never be captured). It is possible a string may remain undead for the entirety of the game, but it’s state can change depending on who’s turn is it. Dead stones are also a thing, they occur when unconnected stones are surrounded (“killed”) by the enemy.

    I really don’t think it’s a coincidence that when surrounded by enemy, the awoken baby is unable to open both eyes. As Yong pointed out (or whoever first found out) when the trailers are played together you can see that as soon as Guillermo wakes the baby, the one in Norman’s hands vanishes:–noXOIDxJ–/c_scale,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/vvjzvzig77uyposzvpi7.gif

    Single stones and small groups are often sacrificed. In cases where a string is more than of sacrificial value, that string typically must make life in order for one to have a chance at winning the overall game..

    Maybe Guillermo had made his move, and it was the wrong one. The only way for him to survive was to create life, and he did; and fails. The baby is unable to open both eyes, meaning capture/death is inevitable. Terrified, he steps into the sewer tunnel and awaits his death at the hands of the opposing player. The opposing player expresses visible pleasure in knowing of his irrefutable victory over Del Toro, as indicated by doll he connected to.

    The game is about survival through the creation of new eyes; the creation of new life. But, by creating life an unprepared player may open themselves up to death, so the safer option may sometimes be to connect to another and expand your string from there.

    Generally each side will have at most 4-5 living groups on the board at the end of the game. There is a go proverb that says that “Five groups may live, but the sixth will die” which in a nutshell describes the need to emphasise connection between developing groups. The struggle for life can be solved by connection. Since each group needs two eyes, (and eyes are sometimes hard to come by) the alternative is to connect out to another group, thereby sharing both liberties and eyes.

    Also fun fact – PT seemed to have a lot of emphasis on “eyes” as well.

    “Gouge it out…”

    Final Speculation:

    So, here’s what I think the game will play like: I think the game will be an adaptation (it won’t be a 1:1 translation but close enough) of this 2500+ year old board game, and the 5 monolithic figures seen in the first trailer are a new species of humanoids, far evolved culturally through the means of play – Homo Ludens. What game do they play? Go or this adaptation of it. Some sort of technology allows the Ludens to simulate this game and partake in it as players. The reddit post that originally came up with this theory suggested that maybe the “stones” are other online players (or I guess bots if you’re playing offline), which is quite interesting indeed. Maybe the game will be about connecting to these “stones” (whatever they may be) and creating as much life as possible, whilst using “sticks” to invade enemy territories and defend your own.

    Anyway I’m going to stop now, at this point I feel like:

    Here’s the original reddit post that got me thinking:

    Here’s some more information on a game of Go – I did far from explain all the rules. Check it out, it’s a really good game.

    • I don’t know… This all sounds artificial to me. Not bad, just too much… I’m not sure that you can create a universe inside of a “Board Game” but in IRL. Everyone makes crazy ass theories but they don’t think about the people who actually want to enjoy the game and it’s story without too much craziness.

      All of the Kojima games were realistic in it’s approach and this is important distinction here.

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        Yeah I dont think it will be a literal board game created in universe, but in a meta sense. If true it would probably be presented in a way extremely similar to how Moby Dick was an alegory for MGSV’s narrative. MGSV wasn’t a literal retelling of Moby Dick.

    • Gatsu

      I played Go for 5 years, it’s amazing <3. My brother still play it and visit to tournaments.

  • Lex Radu

    So i finally saw Kong: Skull Island.

    I gotta say, Jordan Vogth-Roberts it’s a fucking Genius, his Directing is almost idendical to The Phantom Pain, from Blocking to Cinematography and Lighting.

    The Movie had 2 main plots, 1 was “Metal Gear Style” with Tom, unfortunatelly his character wasn’t half as charismatic as a Solid Snake would, but he was just as Badass, so i really hope Tom get’s the role of Solid and Liquid Snake.

    Now the second one was with Sam Mothoafukka Jackson, and his plot was like the “Predator” with with King Kong and other creatures, whenever they switched to this plot, it had my full attention, unlike the Tom plot, that side.

    Now my only negatives are the lack of 1 liners for Tom’s Character, he was set up like that in the beginning, so what happened there i don’t understand, and there are some things they set up at the beginning that we’re never brough back in the third act, like it should have

    Minor Spoiler: Beginning:

    At the beginning the camera moved and stopped on a minigun, and focused on it for a few seconds, with a chnage in the score.
    That was never used in the Movie.
    Sign of Re-Shoots

    Minor Spoiler Ends Here.

    I also loved how Kong was an actual Character with Emotion, Thoughts and an actual intelligence, intelligent enough to take a tree, and use it like a baseball bat, to beat monsters like a Gangster coming for his money back.

    Yes, Kong was a “Thug”, but a likeable Thug.

    TL;DR: Long Story Short, Jordan shoult TOTALLY do the Metal Gear Movie, he is the perfect choice, he did the best Movie he could with the script it was given to him.

    Now let’sa hope they fire that bolloywood writer, and get a real one to make a new script from scratch.

    • NegaScott128

      I remember hearing that Kojima wrote a script with David Goyer, which was then worked on by Jay Basu, but now he’s the only credited screenwriter. Which could mean one of two things: either someone just removed Kojima and Goyer’s credits on IMDb for some reason, or Basu/Roberts/Sony scrapped the Kojima/Goyer script and Basu started from scratch.

      I’m not sure how good Kojima’s script actually was, honestly. He created the series, sure, but he’s never written a movie before, and Goyer generally only works well when he has a strong co-writer. He wrote Batman Begins, sure, but he also wrote Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. At the same time, Basu’s written basically nothing, and what he has written isn’t great. Sony themselves seem to be in a rough spot in terms of big blockbusters, as well, with movies like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 having huge production problems. Finally, there’s Roberts. I get that you liked Skull Island a lot, but for me, it didn’t impress me that much. It was okay, but it didn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. So right now, I’m not all that excited for the MGS movie. It’s written by a mostly-unknown screenwriter, produced by a bad studio, and directed by an average director.

      It’s interesting to consider the potential casting of Solid and Liquid Snake. Since they’re both twins, it makes sense to hire the same actor for both parts. At the same time, though, not many actors could pull off both characters well. Solid Snake is very stoic and gruff, while Liquid is flamboyant and expressive. Maybe Tom Hiddleston could pull it off; after all, he’s played Loki in the Thor movies, who’s a similarly over-the-top character as Liquid. But he’s never played a role like Solid Snake before, and his performance in Skull Island wasn’t very impressive. The only actor that comes to mind that could probably play both parts well is Hugh Jackman; he got his start on Broadway, so he has experience going over-the-top like Liquid, and he played Wolverine, so he has experience playing a stoic soldier. But considering he just got done playing Wolverine, I don’t think he would want to jump back in to another potential franchise playing a fairly similar character. I think the best solution would be to hire two different actors for Solid and Liquid, and explain the difference as being due to the “recessive genes” or whatever. I mean, assuming it’s successful enough to become a franchise, they’re gonna have to end up hiring someone else to play Solidus/old Big Boss for MGS2/4 and a young Big Boss for MGS3/PW/V, so might as well establish that all the clones look different from the start.

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        If you enjoy skull island as an art house flick, you’re a fucking idiot

        • Lex Radu

          No need to use the F word, and insult people, OK? Good!

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            How about you stop giving me orders when I have not insulted anyone.Read my sentence again

          • Lex Radu

            You just gave “you’re a f**ing idiot” to @negascott128:disqus as an option, so that sounds like an insult, mate.

          • Lex Radu

            No one said you insulted anyone (altough you did, but that’s besides the point) just keep the F word for special occasions, like…Fuck Konami!

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Keyword here is IF . I did not anyone.Atleast a specific person

          • Lex Radu

            Again, besides the point.

      • Lex Radu

        Yes, i agree, that Movie wasn’t amazing, the script has problems (mostly Tom’s character) but what i was trying to say is that the Directing is top notch, and that Jordan was able to recreate in Kong the thing that Kijima did with the Metal Gear series, the thing that made it special.

        I’m talking about balancing multiple tones and feeling natural, just like Kojima in Metal Gear, Jordan knew when to be serious, when to be silly, when to be weird, and when to be emotional.

        The Movie isn’t perfect, but it sure as hell is something bold and unique that we have never seen, it’s nothing like Godzilla, it didn’t tookitself too seriously, the Movie was confident in itself, some risks paid off, some didn’t, but it took risks, and i appreciate that, and i think this is what Hideo liked about it.

        • NegaScott128

          See, I don’t think he blended them together all that well. Let’s look at the ending.

          First, everyone escapes the island on the boat and you see the helicopters in the distance. Happy ending, right? Except no, Kong sees the helicopters too, and the music gets all ominous and it’s implied that Kong’s gonna attack the helicopters and the characters are still screwed. First of all, it’s a weird decision to undercut the ending like that. Second of all, the movie had previously established that Kong wasn’t the bad guy, so for him to turn around and become evil right at the end is jarring and doesn’t fit his character. But none of this even matters, because right after that, we get heartwarming Super 8 footage of John C. Riley reuniting with his family. So we’ve gone from happy ending, to Evil Kong, and now back to happy ending which doesn’t even make much sense if you stop and think about it (who is shooting this Super 8 footage?). The Evil Kong thing had no purpose because the movie immediately undercuts the possibility that Kong did anything bad with the Super 8 footage. So why was it there?

          There’s a few moments like that throughout the movie, but the ending is especially bad in managing tone.

          • Lex Radu

            That’s a sign of Re-Shoots, and that’s a Studio and not Director problem.

            If we look back Indie Directors who turned out great after their first Big Budget movie being “meh”, like, let’s take ” David Fincher” for example, his first Big Budget Movie was not a masterpiece, but that wasn’t his faul, it was the script and the studio interfering, yet Fincher turned out to be one of the Best Director living today, and you cannot deny that!

            Point is, we should keep our eyes on Jordan, because he is clearly a tallented guy, and he is a “verry hands on director” as he said it, that at some point Skull Island was set in 1917, but Jordan changed that, and instead change the setting to 1970, sicne he felt that a Kong is 1917 would be nothing special, would be something that was done before, so he wanted to make something unique.

            Also WB wanted some of the scenes to be handled by the second unit Directors, but no, Jordan disagreed, and worked his ass of everyday on the set, and watched ever scene over and over, and took enough takes untill he felt he found the right one.

            Where the problems lie, is in the script and editing department.

            PS: Also, if you watch the interview, you’ll see that this guy is from our generation, he has what most good directors lack, he has passion for cinema, and he is a visionary, he knows what he wants his Movies to be, he takes risks.

            All i’m saying is, we are stuck with him making the MGS Movie, nothing will be changed, and we should be thankful it’s not someone like Michal Bay, or Zack Snyder (No matter how much i like Zack, he should stick to War Stories, and Batman related stuff)

          • NegaScott128

            There’s no evidence that the ending’s wonkiness is due to studio interference. In fact, from your evidence, it seems like WB gave Roberts a lot of free reign with the movie.

            Just because he’s not Michael Bay does not mean he’s a great director. Judging from Skull Island, it’s clear to me that he has a lot of room to grow. I’m not confident that the creative team in place for the MGS movie is going to make something great.

          • Lex Radu

            Anyway, you can relax, he said that it will be a while till they start making the MGS Movie, now he didn’t say this, but i think he wants to learn more, he wants to get more experience before he makes it, considering how much he loves the MGS Franchise, and how much he understands it, and aware that MGS is the kind of franchise that could go wrong verry easy if not enough care is put in to making it just right!

        • radun

          Ok, i just saw the movie. It was not BAD, just not cohesive. The director’s style is indeed pretty obviously inspired by MGS2 and V, but…it mostly copies the style rather than using it to, you know, tell a story.

          Most of the “dramatic” scenes are just badly placed and managed, and most of the “cool” slow mo scenes, do not blend as well as they should with the rest. The director has a problematic tendency to overuse everything. Kojima never, ever falls into this trap. There is ton of slow mo and coolness mostly in MGS2 and V, but it is used in a very stylish and natural way. It is a fine line that can easily be crossed, and Kong did it at every turn.

          BUT, it still managed to be a fun, watchable movie, and while there’s room for improvement, at least we have a certainty that the guy is a Kojima admirer.

      • Lex Radu

        Also if you watch the interview, you will see why he kept the unecessary things too, you’ll undersatnd the importance of moments like that in Movies.

        EX. The “Johnny Be Good” scene from “Back to The Future” has nothing to do with the plot, it doesn’t move it at all, nothing is changed, it’s the movie having fun, but it sure as hell is an entertaining scene.

        • NegaScott128

          I never even talked about scenes that had no purpose. I have no idea why you’re bringing this up.

          • Lex Radu

            Cause it’s one of the things brought up by critics.

  • Lex Radu


    So Jordan directed a Nick Offerman Stand Up Special, and this the title sequence he made.
    He filmed himself actually pissing at xyz fps on his own credit, his own name.

    Now if this isn’t the Metal Gear stamp of approval, then nothing is!

  • Amazing job SBH.

    • Full Options

      Yeah, great work SBH… Pachinko is Japan’s very plague… Seen it with my own eyes. Regulations supposed to fight this sh.t, won’t let them earn any gain directly but some lots they may exchange against money in some kind of “Pachinko-lots-conversion-shops”, sitting next those disguised casinos, and open 24/7… Just shifting the problem to the next streets or whatever.. So hypocritical… This is shame and shame is all but Japan. You enter those dull places, you can not see anything because of the cigarette smoke (I am a f.ckin smoker)… Entire barrels of cigarette ends are sitting outside those hells every night. A mediocre version of a casino that can harm people even more deadly.

      • Full Options

        They are doing it that neat (MGS3 Pachinko) because Japan has a real digital culture, but their wonderful ideas should never serve so weak purposes..

    • NegaScott128

      I can’t tell if I’m surprised that they didn’t remake the handshake scene or not.

      It’s so weird that it seems like they put tons of effort into it and absolutely no effort into it simultaneously.

      Also, those chibi segments just make me want a new Viewtiful Joe.

      • 0.00001% of the oldies will get to the ending. So I kinda understand why they have not even bothered with the ending.
        Surprised to see that not a lot of pachislots Konami have in Tokyo. I guess partnerships with the local pachislot publishers is expensive so they have them in different areas.

      • Full Options

        It’s so weird that it seems like they put tons of effort into it

        It is not weird, aside being really refined at everything they are even really refined at their worst things. Remember Japaneses played every single Metal Gear on the very first platforms, specially because it is a very pure product of their country. They are proud of it, this is why Konami can not really mess with its quality even in their pachislots.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      One of George’s best videos I think. What I found particularly interesting was Japanese gamers perception on the machines – they pointed out another layer of disrespect that just twists the knife even deeper. Oh Konami…

    • Lex Radu

      I’m still holding hope that Konami is actually gonna release an MGS3 Remake, and that what we saw here on Pachislot are just cutscenes from that, given how much detail was put in to remaking them frame by frame!

      • NegaScott128

        All they had to do was re-use the motion capture and camera data from the original release. It probably wasn’t that hard.

        • Lex Radu

          Exactly, it wouldn’t make sense to restore every texture on character models unless it’s for an actual Remake, so now i’m more convinced than ever that this will be one of the things we’ll get on the 30th anniversary of Metal Gear!

        • Full Options

          There is a substantial amount of mesh modeling and texturing effort on characters and some environments, but other than that, yeah, the bones and camera animations are 1:1 the same. The lighting of the scenes as well… Nothing complicated but can be still tedious…

      • radun

        I may be wrong, but MGS3 was the least successful game in the franchise world wide. It makes no sense to remake it. MGS2/4 are safer bets, but, again, any PS2/+ era MGS holds perfectly well.

        This is usually what you get from bringing more to the table than just pretty graphics and mainstream mechanics: you get timeless experiences, that will forever be enjoyable just as they are.

        Heck, i’m still playing Street Fighter 2: World Warrior daily on my smartphone. MGS series is the same.

        • Lex Radu

          That’s MGS3, not subsistence.

        • Lex Radu

          And Subsistence didn’t sold a lot more because it was just a special edition of MGS3!

        • Eugene Voldo

          You are not wrong. MGS3 sold worse than MGS2. And MGS2 sold worse than MGS1 which is still the best selling MG title to date (well, MGSV probably outsold it, but we don’t know for sure, because Konami is not too keen on updating MGSV sales figures). I think MGS4 sold better than MGS3, but still not enough to beat MGS2.

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        This is cgi tho

        • Lex Radu

          Looks like in engine footage to me!

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Whatever makes you sleep at night

          • Lex Radu

            Usually beer!

  • NegaScott128

    Okay, this is getting a little absurd. For those who haven’t been keeping track of Yong outside of the last couple videos, he like to scour Kojima’s Twitter account for any possible hints about Death Stranding. His latest video concerns this tweet:
    The presence of a Black Widow figure next to a Hannibal figure has led Yong to speculate that Scarlett Johansson is going to be in Death Stranding.

    So here’s the thing. Not everything Kojima tweets about is necessarily related to Death Stranding. Heck, for a while he kept posting pictures of his Godzilla figures. Does that mean Godzilla is going to be in Death Stranding? No. Similarly, Kojima has also tweeted about a bunch of random stuff, including what music he’s listening to, what movies he’s seen, and even Zootopia cosplay. What I’m getting at is that Kojima’s tweets are not always about Death Stranding, and in fact, the vast majority of them have nothing to do with it. Yong points to one tweet which featured pictures of toys that he says is related to Death Stranding, but that same tweet was captioned with Kojima saying that the toys were part of his work. It was explicitly hinting at a DS connection. This tweet is not.

    • Lex Radu

      Don’t forget who we’re dealing here, Hideo “HINTS IN PLAIN SIGHT” Kojima!

    • This past week had so much craziness when it comes to Kojima’s twitter. Tribeca festival is soon and should be discussed but NO. There is far too much meaningless content on Kojima’s twitter feed to over-analyse, of course… That is a priority for now. LoL.


    It’s Live Stream. There will be something new. Expect amazing stuff please.

    • Full Options

      Thx Golg, marker placed !

    • Gatsu

      Awesome! I can watch it live ^_^ :D, thanks Golgari!

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    The latest ‘Call of Duty’ game is revealed to return to its original WWII routes. What do you guys think of this? I personally appreciate the idea, especially since the past three games have taken place in a futuristic setting (the most recent being ‘Infinite Warfare’, which was down-voted into oblivion when announced), so this would leave a lot of people burned out by it.

    • RJRO

      I like the return to WW2 era, i would like even more if they make us fight not only on the allied side but also in the axis one. Maybe as a japanese soldier or a wehrmacht soldier IMHO.

    • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

      Unit731 or we riot , okay?
      Infinite warfare had a fucking great campaign but it belonged to a new IP and publisher.

    • NegaScott128

      If I were a cynical man, I’d say they were just ripping off Battlefield 1. But I know these games have about a 3-year development cycle, so maybe it’s just a coincidence. Maybe.

      I think it’ll end up as a step backwards. Not only are they explicitly going back to the setting of the first 3 games, but such a setting would require the removal of the added movement options of the recent games. So it’ll just end up playing like Modern Warfare again. I can only hope they add in other features to make up for it, because otherwise it’s just a downgrade.

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        Bf1 is ww1
        Fans wanted ww2 since 2015
        I wish sledgehammer continued the cod vietnam horror game
        Unless youre exploring the experimental weapons or horror side of ww2, it’s done to death. But I love things done to death

    • It is basically a remake of the old Call Of Duty games. Nothing new, honestly. We are in 2017 year and they are still making games about Normandy… WWII is not just Normandy.
      There was Eastern front which was huge, pacific wars with Chinese, Africa… Aftermath of WWII and etc. There are a lot of stories developers can tell, but they are repeating themselves with the same stuff.

      But I was never a big fan of the series anyway.

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        Unit 731 FFS
        Fuck Nazi zombies

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        I see your point. It would be really great if there were some levels in the game that took place in Stalingrad, Okinawa and Africa. But if not, we still have Call of Duty 1-3 + World at War for these settings.

        • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

          Waw had an amazing campaign

  • Gatsu

    This game blew my mind back in the days <3 and it still is so epic.

    • Mr.Pony

      Took me several play-troughs for my tiny mind at the time to the understand the whole “changing the truth by changing facts contexts” but when i did, god it was so worthy and mind blowing.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I still haven’t understood MGS2 100%! Some spots are confusing. It helps that English is not my native language. (New Order’s Elegia song intensifies!)

  • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

    Vivendi tries to takeover Ubisoft
    In other words a mediocre company that release one fucking great game,one okay game,one okay game, one meh game and three pieces of shit since 2015 is gonna get raped by a company that belongs in the toilet of train spotting
    Also their servers suck

  • Full Options
    • Gatsu

      <3 hell yeah!

      • Full Options

        Is Nyx ok ? Hope so..

        • On holiday, don’t worry! 🙂 Internet is slow here.

          • Full Options

            Heeeyyyyyy….. Thx for letting know !! 49 hrs left and we may see all this not that late at night !! Hope we’ll have enough goodies !! ;D

  • NegaScott128
  • Full Options

    Mmmh, it seems Koji-Pro tweeted a little mistake.. Careful buddies, it is on Saturday 29 – 5:30 PM EST and not Sunday as Koji-Pro stated in this tweet. I think they mixed things up because it will be indeed Sunday 30 in Tokyo Japan at 6:30 AM for them.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      The wait is truly painful. C’mon teaser trailer… Fingers crossed.

      • Full Options

        Less than 30 hrs mate, I hope we’ll have some cool fresh meat ! 😀

      • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

        Lol keep thinking that

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

          Right then, we’ll see tomorrow 😛

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            One piece of concept art would be enough to satisfy. If he reveals a new actress , let’s hope it’s not an awful one (*cough* Joosten*cough*)

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