Metal Gear movie director explains how he introduced his writers to the series

In an interview with Glixel, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the Metal Gear Solid movie, talks about how important the series is to him and how he managed to become the one to bring it to the big screen.

Roberts explains how, when looking for writers, he would take them to his house to give them a tour through the series.

“I basically took them on this weird journey where I brought them over to my house and I designed this weird course where I would load up the original Metal Gear and I would have the writer play that for a while, and just teach them this idea of stealth gameplay.”

After playing for an hour or so, he would show them Metal Gear Solid V, so they would see the beginning of the franchise with MG1 and the end with MGSV, both ends of the spectrum.

“Then we would jump back to Metal Gear Solid on a PlayStation. […] You get into some pretty powerful cutscenes right away, you’re thrust right into the gameplay right away, and people were able to get into that. Then I would jump to Metal Gear Solid 2. I actually found that was almost the sweet spot for a lot of people. You weren’t fully in control of stuff, you didn’t have to independently move it around, and so it was just really interesting watching non-gamers, and seeing where modern games became difficult for them.”

This way, Vogt-Roberts tries to ‘teach’ what Metal Gear is about, as it’s not something that is easily explained.

“Obviously, it would be amazing to find a writer who very intimately knows Metal Gear. Metal Gear is something that is so beloved by so many people and yet, even if you Google the plot of Metal Gear, it’s almost impossible to find a self-contained video or summation of that storyline that isn’t 30 minutes long.”

Another characteristic of the series (as opposed to for example the Batman comic that has been handled by different writers over the years) is of course the fact that from its inception it was heavily influenced by a single voice, that of Hideo Kojima.

“We’re talking about an auteur and someone who was able to excel at the highest level in terms of both gameplay and creating something with a cinematic quality.”

Vogt-Roberts continues: “He was able to push forward this wave of cinema within games and fuse those things together, and for me, that’s why I chased the movie. I mean, I chased it.”

He goes on to explain how he did everything he could to be able to do this project.

“I was sitting in an executive’s room at Sony, and there was a Metal Gear Solid book on the table and I said, “Oh my God, you have Metal Gear?” And they said, “Yeah but that’s not for you,” more or less. I went to my agents and I was like, “You guys don’t understand how important this is for me, how much I love it, how much I love the tone, the characters, the idiosyncratic nature of what these games were and what they mean to me, and there’s no greater project that I would rather embark upon.” I told my agents and managers that I want to do this movie.”

He proceeded to create a book that would detail his vision for a movie adaptation of the series.

“I spent three months of my life putting together this massive book that basically broke down what Metal Gear is, why it’s important, the problem with video game movies and why they haven’t worked – getting into the active experience versus the passive experience, what these games represent, what Kojima’s voice is, and also distilling what I thought was the essential part of the story. […] So I made that book and it just started going up the ladder, meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting, and eventually, I got the job.”

The director realized that the greatest challenge was still in front of him – translating the series into a movie that works, while avoiding all the pitfalls game movies usually end up falling into.

“I remember the day I got it, I was so overwhelmed – just because I’ve now been through the process of making a giant movie like this and it’s incredibly hard and there are so many things that can go wrong. There are so many reasons that movies like this end up bad. You really have to have the right team and you have to shepherd it in the right way and you need to understand the core of what you’re really talking about, the core of why these games work – why they resonate, what people take away from them, and to me, there was just nothing greater that I would rather try and fall on the sword for and protect than Metal Gear. It’s funny, when that first got announced, I think a lot of people were like, “Who the fuck is this guy?” Straight up, “We don’t know this guy. Who’s this guy who’s going to touch our favorite property ever?”

Vogt-Roberts hopes that the positive reception to the tone of Kong (which mixes different styles and is at times serious and at times goofy) will help to give people some faith in the project.

Recently the director got to spent some time with Kojima, someone who he considers his hero.

“It’s been one of the more surreal things in my life getting to know him, befriending him and working with him as a colleague, in addition to constantly having to sit across from someone who essentially I identify as a hero and an icon. He’s everything you want him to be when you talk to him. The way his brain works and the way he approaches his projects and, I think, all of media – you understand why he’s such a seminal figure in the game world and, in my mind, far beyond that.”

Source: Glixel

  • Forcing a writer to play video games for a short period of time is not a great thing IMO. The writer needs to be excited for the project to begin with. That writer should be interested in the Metal Gear universe in the first place… If you don’t know the franchise, you will have issues writing that amazing story that was written by Kojima and other writers like Tomokazu Fukushima or Shuyo Murata.

    I’m not looking forward to MGS movie. I love my MGS games the way they were written and directed by Hideo Kojima. Video game movies fail spectacularly these days. Ask Duncan Jones and it’s Warcraft movie for $160 million. He was the same guy as Jordan and worked with Blizzard Entertainment.

    • Lex Radu

      No, it makes a lot of sense, not knowing the grander scope helps the writers focus on the task at hand, to get the feel, not the overarching story.

      You shouldn’t think “Franchise” when making a Movie, they are doing it right!

      • So far he said that he is inviting multiple writers, so a lot of them basically do not understand the concept.
        This is the same situation that was Warcraft movie that failed spectacularly and in the end Duncan Jones with another writer wrote the script that was horrible.
        Jordan does not understand what he is doing. We were there before, he is not experienced and he did only one good indie movie and Blockbuster movie which was a typical Marvel movie: User score and reviewer score says everything about it.

        • Lex Radu

          Would you rather have the writers played o minutes of a Metal Gear Game? I didn’t think so!

          Warcraft was a pretty good Movie, i would actually call it the best Video Game Movie so far, it had a few problems with the human characters.

          Duncan made 2 great Movies, and those 2 are amazing mostly because of their script, and he ddin’t have a lot of experience yet, he made like 5 projects, Jordan however made a dozens of other smaller project, from “Funny or Die” stuff, to TV Show episodes before he approached his 2 feature length Movie, which turned out mostly great.

          So yeah, i believe Jordan is a better Director than Duncan Jones, Duncan had good intentions, but it looks like he isn’t a “hands on” Director like Jordan.

          • NegaScott128

            Duncan Jones is super hands-on. The problem with Warcraft is that it was too cluttered and confusing, with about half a dozen “lead characters” on different sides of the conflict that became difficult to keep track of. Jones wanted to include everything he loved about the game, even when it didn’t make sense to include it. He was too much of a fan to take a step back and analyze what needed to be cut.

          • Lex Radu

            That was his mistake, and i hope Jordan know to no make that mistake too, to include only the necessary, to have everything matter in the Movie, and to focus.

          • Warcraft movie was a disaster. It was not a good movie. It was terrible and cliche fantasy flick.
            He was also a hands-on with it and worked with, I repeat myself again with BLIZZARD entertainment. He worked with guys who made these games which is much more than just writing a book and explaining something to writers. He worked on it for a few years.

          • NegaScott128

            “Also, Jordan is not a better director than Duncan. They are all at the same Okayish level. They have not produced a single masterpiece or something really that exciting. They have no experience and they are new to the industry.”
            I see someone’s never seen Moon.

          • It’s a good movie but very niche one. It’s not a blockbuster level of awesomeness. Not a lot of people heard about it.
            Let’s not pretend that indie movies is something “Unreal” these days.
            This latest trend of giving out a lot of money for not experienced directors have not created something fantastic. Just because you had one interesting indie movie does not make you very experienced director.

            Movies like Warcraft shows that issue.

          • NegaScott128

            “It’s a good movie but very niche one.”
            So fucking what, Golgari? Does that mean it doesn’t count?

            “This latest trend of giving out a lot of money for not experienced directors have not created something fantastic.”

          • So fucking what, Golgari? Does that mean it doesn’t count?

            It counts as an indie movie and nothing else. Duncan Jones after it’s success got a huge budget and Warcraft franchise. Result:

            Guardians of the galaxy

            …is not the best example. That director in the movie industry is since 1996 being as a writer/actor. He is experienced in this field.
            Compare his experience to Jordan or Duncan and there will be a difference.

          • NegaScott128

            Then how about Tim Burton? Or Christopher Nolan? Or the Russo Bros?

            There are plenty of directors who went from indie films to big-budget blockbusters. Duncan Jones does not represent the every indie filmmaker.

          • Tim Burton makes movies since the 80s, Nolan experience is from the 90s.
            The Russo Brothers have not a lot of experience and their blockbuster movies were not that great either until Civil War. ant-Man and winter Soldier were just… okay…

            So yeah, you need experience for this stuff.

          • NegaScott128

            “Tim Burton makes movies since the 80s,”
            And in the 80s, he went from Pee-Wee Herman to Batman. Guess what? It worked.

            “Nolan experience is from the 90s.”
            He made one movie in the 90s. With an even lower budget than Moon.

            “The Russo Brothers have not a lot of experience and their blockbuster movies were not that great either until Civil War. ant-Man and winter Soldier were just… okay…”
            They didn’t even make Ant-Man, and the general consensus is that Winter Soldier is just as good, if not better, than Civil War.

          • Lex Radu

            And how do you suppose they get more experienced, if you’re against them getting big projects, like the Meatl Gear one?

          • Because Metal Gear is even hard for game creators. The only one who can make a really good movie about Metal Gear is non other than Hideo Kojima himself.

          • Lex Radu

            I disagree there, Hideo has zero experience with Live Action Movies.

          • Lex Radu

            “This latest trend of giving out a lot of money for not experienced directors have not created something fantastic.”

            Isn’t that a good thing, giving the underdogs a chance to show how good they can be, instead of giving it to the already great Directors, who could instead be spending that time making something new that would evolve Movies in general?

            “Just because you had one interesting indie movie does not make you very experienced director.”

            Which is why they are giving a huge task when clearly unprepared, to test their limits, to see what’s the best they can do under Pressure, to see who would trully survive as a Director in Hollywood.

            It’s an initiation process, and we get to see it as it happens, which can lead to Horrible or Good or Great Movie that all have 1 thing i common. They are all a unique experience, and bad experiences are necessary too, to teach the audience what is Good and is Bad!

          • Lex Radu

            Moon was amazing, and so was Source Code, but the reason those 2 Movies are like that, is because of the script, not the Directing, the Directing is Good, but not Amazing, and that is because Duncan is still learning, and wish him the best, i’m looking forward to whatever he does next.

          • Lex Radu

            “He worked with guys who made these games which is much more than just writing a book and explaining something to writers. He worked on it for a few years.”

            Which is the big mistake, those people are not experienced in making Movies, but Games, so of course it went south, Duncan or the Studio didn’t make sure to get the right people for this Movie, they didn’t think of it as a Movie, they instead focused way too much on making it look like Warcraft, instead of making it feel like Warcraft, it should have been a ballance.

            And no, i diagree, Jordan is much better Director, unlike Duncan, he has a clear vision, his presence as a Director is felt a lot more in his Movies compared to Duncan’s, he did some really amazing stuff in God when it came direction, the Blocking was on point, which unfortunatelly is the other case for Duncan, i mean his Movies look like made for TV, and i’m not talking about the effects here, but the way he director the actors, while Jordan’s, even Kings of Summer looks nothing like TV.

            Those are just a few of the reasons Jordan is the better Director of the 2!

    • NegaScott128

      I get where you’re coming from, but it’s gonna be hard to find writers in the industry who regularly play games, let alone are intimately familiar with the continuity of a 30-year-old series that has spanned multiple console generations and has one of the more complicated and confusing plots in the medium. Besides, it helps to have an outsider’s perspective when it comes to adapting something to film, since they won’t have any attachment to specific characters or moments that a fan might. While a fan might say, “We really need to keep the Hind D fight! It was really awesome!” a non-fan might look at it and go, “This doesn’t need to be here. It doesn’t really further the plot, and we have to get this under two and a half hours.” When you have no nostalgia or attachment to something, it’s a lot easier to take a hard look at it and realize what is and is not important.

      • Lex Radu

        You said it better than i did above.

  • Lex Radu

    Given how he made them play to get the feel of the Solid snake Saga, and how helf the need for TPP too, calling it “the beginning” i’m pretty sure it’s more than safe to assume that this Movie will no doubt most likely start exactly where The Phantom Pain left of, and it will be a story of how the pride Big Boss and Venom led to the destruction of Outer Heaven.

    it would be the verry definition of “There is only room for 1 Snake” it will show why and how!

  • Lex Radu

    Updated: Given how he made them play TPP to get the feel of the Solid Snake’s Saga, and how helf the need for TPP too, calling it “the beginning” i’m pretty sure it’s more than safe to assume that this Movie will no doubt most likely start exactly where The Phantom Pain left of, and it will be a story of how the pride Big Boss and Venom led to the destruction of Outer Heaven, by the hands of Solid Snake.

    Yes, i hope and think that Solid Snake will not be the main character, that’s the mistake most VG Movies make, making the player the main character, which ends up in forcing the hero to take part in action scenes just to make the Movie more entertaining.

    The best example for that is the last Hitman Movie, Agent 47 given his nature, should have been the Antagonist of the Movie, not the Hero, he should have been the guy you see only a few times, but you fear and feel during the whole Movie.

    Now, in Metal gear’s case, the main characters should be Big Boss, and Venom, the plot should be focused on them, on their conflict, on how they use Solid Snake to backstab each other, which will lead to the death of both of our Main Characters, by the hand of Solid Snake.

    Pride kills, what goes around, comes around, and there is only room for 1 Snake, these are 3 of the messages that this Movie has to deliver to be a True Metal Gear Movie, to be true identical in Story, but Unique in Plot!

    *drops mic*

    • NegaScott128

      I think showing MGSV was more to show the evolution of the series and give the writers a basic understanding of why people like MGS. He even starts out with MG1 and explaining what stealth games are. So I don’t think showing them MGSV is necessarily an indication of what the film will be about.

      Besides, a Big Boss/Outer Heaven movie would be a terrible place to start the franchise. You’d need tons of exposition to explain who Big Boss is, who Venom is, why they started Outer Heaven, who Zero is, who the Boss is, what the Patriots/Cipher are, why Zero and Big Boss split, etc. It’s too deep into the series continuity for a general audience to understand what’s going on, which is why I think using the film to tell a new story set in the same universe is a bad idea. The series has gone on for so long that there’s almost nothing left to cover, and what little there is left would require a lot of backstory for a general audience to understand. The only possible original movie that wouldn’t require tons of exposition is a movie centered around the Boss, but without the context of the rest of the series, all you’d be left with is a WWII movie with a guy who shoots bees at people.

      The way I see it, there’s two options for an MGS movie: either you go super faithful and adapt each game into its own movie (probably splitting MGS4 into two movies and leaving MGSV/PW as a TV show), or you take bits and pieces from all the games and combines them into a new story, like a comic book movie does. Personally, I think the latter option might make for a better film, since just cutting out stuff from the games to get them to 2.5 hours would probably result in bad pacing and plot holes. But, who knows, maybe Roberts and Basu could make that work.

      • Lex Radu

        The reasons i’m assuming that, is because he only made them parts of the Solid Snake Saga.

        As for the Venom vs Big Boss Story, you won’t need exposition, you will introduce these character, tell us they goal, and give them an obstacle, from that point on you explore their character, and you show with actions and dialogue why they are doing what they are doing, the audience doesn’t have to know the whole conflict of The Boss and Zero, it should be glipses of that, yes, Cipher should be mentioned, but it shouldn’t be clear why is he at war with both Cipher and Venom, and why he chose Solid to do the job, it should all be revealed at the end in Metal Gear fashion, and not with exposition, but with a plot twist.

        I just don’t want the Movie to be 2 hours of a guy doing cool moves, inflitrating, and fighting bosses, if i want that, i’ll play the Games, but if i want to see the other aspect of the Story from a new perspective, i want it as a Movie.

      • Lex Radu

        “or you take bits and pieces from all the games and combines them into a new story, like a comic book movie does.”

        Here’s the thing, Jordan already said that it won’t be that, that he sees Metal Gear as 1 Big Story, and not as a Comib Book with individual stories, so that that would be a mistake.

        The Best way is to tell the exact same Story from a New Perspective, this way we see, for example what Big Boss felt when he was killed by Solid.

      • It’s a terrible idea to show off Metal Gear 1 that does not show stealth gameplay really well. It is very arcadish these days compared to modern stealth games. Writers or non-gamers won’t understand that.
        Showing off MGSV is alright… All of this does not make any sense.
        This is the same thing with Warcraft movie… In the end director and some unknown writer did the job and it was horrible.

        • What do you think of this part:

          “I spent three months of my life putting together this massive book that basically broke down what Metal Gear is, why it’s important, the problem with video game movies and why they haven’t worked – getting into the active experience versus the passive experience, what these games represent, what Kojima’s voice is, and also distilling what I thought was the essential part of the story.”

          • Nyxus, these are just “cute” words for us. Duncan Jones did the same thing with Warcraft movie and he was the same guy with not a lot of experience.
            Video game movies often assume that the audience wants, or is interested in, the game’s lore and background and directors say that all the time. In fairness, this is out of fear that fans will criticise lore changes, alienating a key demographic.

            But games reveal lore progressively over tens of hours of gameplay, whereas movies have a fraction of that time.
            This tension risks creating turgid exposition and convoluted story lines. But we are talking about the Metal Gear Saga here which is amazing and convoluted in it’s own area that makes it more difficult to any writer and director.

          • Yes but these are more than words, he actually did all of this (assuming he is telling the truth, but why wouldn’t he be). He does seem genuinely passionate about the project and wether it translates to a good movie is another question, but it’s a good sign at least. Of course, there are always difficulties with translating games into movies, like you said, but that would be the case with any director, not just Vogt-Roberts.

          • Full Options

            Golgari, I think what can also save this movie is that Metal Gear has a very deep and original story compared to most other games adapted to big screens. Besides MG was made by a Dude that always wanted to fill a gap between movies and games.
            If there was one game standing real chances to be successful at being adapted, I would mention MGS.

            Now you are right to not hype anything here, however Jordan look clean in his approach of confronting his colleagues to the games. Also the way he grabbed the project feels really positive for us.
            I trust him in trying his best to satisfy the widest range of fans.

          • radun

            Which brings us back to WHY Nolan’s Dark Knight was a “good movie” for anyone that saw it, regardless of their knowledge of the Batman comics.

            Because It was a well made, well acted police story ‘first’ and a Batman movie ‘second’. The lore & gimmicks were kept to a minimum, with only the universally identifiable elements kept as plot devices.

            The MGS movie needs to have a VERY clear idea of what it wants to be. They really, really need to focus on the characters as much as possible ad keep the setting as non futuristic as possible, imo.

          • Lex Radu

            “these are just “cute” words”

            What part from he wrote an entire book about it did you miss?

          • So what? Good for him. Does that makes him a good writer or a director? Of course not.
            Duncan Jones worked with the entire Blizzard Entertainment for a movie that understand the game and you don’t need to explain them anything. So what?

            It was a horrible mess in the end. A disaster.

          • Lex Radu

            Warcfast’s story is nowhere near as great as the Metal Gear story, especially considering that the Metal Gear Story was made by Kojima thinking of it as a film, while Warcraft wasn’t, so this is why Metal Gear can work much better as a Movie, because it was thought like one when it was created in the first place.

            As for Jordan, making that book doesn’t show me how great of a Writer &/ Director he is, i already know that from “Kings of Summer” and “Kong”, what this shows however how much he loves and respects this series, and how much dedication he has to get the right people to do the things he lacks at.

            Tarantino once said that all you need to do to become a Director, and make your Movie, is to have a clear vision of what you want the Movie to be, and hire the right people to put your vision on screen for you.

            That being said, looks like Jordan has a clear vision, so this will be great.

        • Full Options

          Mmm.. Sorry to play the nostalgic grandpa again here (xD), but I think it is important to have a 2D view of the very start of stealth gaming history for them, to better explain the context in which Kojima pioneered this gameplay. Such simplification can help non-gamers to better understand the hide-and-seek concept behind and then transpose it to 3D, along understanding the past technical limitations and how they were solved through decades. I think it can help those dudes to better catch the seriousness of the project they are working on.

          • If these writers are not gamers they won’t understand that. If they are casual Mario Kart gamers they won’t understand that either.
            Many “”Hardcore Gamer’s”” these days can’t understand the difference between open world games and sandbox gameplay and that they are different and systems for these games are absolutely not the same.

            Metal Gear 1 is outdated. As much as I like the game, it’s not the best game to show off “stealth” gameplay or how “Serious Jordan is”. Do you really think that writers are That stupid and never watched espionage movies and do not understand the concept behind espionage/stealth? Showing off 1987 game to the writers won’t make them excited about it or won’t show what Metal Gear is about at all.

            to understand what Metal Gear is… First of all you need to play the game yourself from start to finish and actually like the stealth gameplay and it’s experience.

            Writers do not care for that. They want to be paid for their job and be done with it. It’s not really the best job in the movie industry. Writing a script is hard as hell. Writing a video game script is equivalent to hell, writing a Metal Gear script is …

          • Full Options

            I fully understand your point. I just wanted to add that in this case, schematizing things can help them a bit like in some technical papers like this one for example (see figure attached) using quadtrees (2D) to better explain octrees concept even if the target audience could understand. It just allow to decompose more clearly the subject.
            Was just saying this in that sense.
            As you said it yourself, if not HC, they are for sure going to need really clear demonstrations.
            Showing them from MG and making them understand all the chapters that were produced afterwards may also better allow them to appreciate the volume of past efforts on the franchise… … and yeah, that we’ll all beat the crap out of their asses in case they fail this one… xD (ok that last one was a bit excessive)


        • NegaScott128

          Yeah, because writing a script that adapts a RTS game with tons of different characters and two different armies each with their own internal politics is exactly the same situation as adapting a linear story with one lead character, right?

          Warcraft failed because Duncan Jones wanted to include everything, even when it just made the movie hectic and cluttered. Hopefully, Roberts has a little more restraint.

          • Yeah, because writing a script that adapts a RTS game with tons of different characters and two different armies each with their own internal politics is exactly the same situation as adapting a linear story with one lead character, right?

            That was done before with Lord Of The Rings movies. There is already an example of a great book adaptation that has the same lore, races and politics. It had great and experienced director, writers and stuff.

            Warcraft failed not because he wanted to include everything, but because it had terrible script, terrible acting, terrible actors, too much exposition and in general it was a terrible cliche video game movie.

          • NegaScott128

            Lord of the Rings is also a single, linear story, and they had three 3-hour movies. Warcraft is split across two campaigns, has even more to keep track of, and it had to be done in one two-hour movie. Lord of the Rings also focuses almost exclusively on one side of the conflict. Sauron’s army gets very little development, and the only real character on Sauron’s side is Saruman. It is not the same situation at all.

          • Warcraft is also a single, linear story. You can tell it from one perspective and from another. You can do that with Lord Of The Rings too picking one side of a story.
            Warcraft is not just an RTS, it is also a MMO game with Expansion sets that has a lot of stories that you can tell from one perspective. From the original storyline to the latest stories that includes WoW: Cataclysm where everyone fought the dragons together. Or you can take Lords Of draenor story that is also works from one perspective. You have so much stories that can work.

            So what if they made three movies? Blizzard entertainment plans on making sequels to Warcraft movie too. Does it matter? First Lord Of The Rings movie is a masterpiece. First Warcraft movie is a horrible mess. Simple as that.

            It’s the same thing. Also, Lord Of The Rings had 90 million budget for each film, Warcraft movie with it’s horrible CGI, actors, writers and cinematography had $160 million and Blizzard entertainment as supervisors. A disaster. Complete failure.

          • NegaScott128

            You are not listening, Golgari, and it’s starting to piss me off.

            They attempted to adapt the first game into one film, without cutting nearly as much as they’d need to in order to make it work. Either cutting the number of main characters or focusing on one side of the conflict would have helped make the film less cluttered and easier to follow, but that didn’t happen. Lord of the Rings adapted one story (it was supposed to be one book at first, but was split by the publisher) into three movies, and gave each film the length it needed to tell the story without getting confusing or cluttered.

            World of Warcraft has nothing to do with this discussion, because they did not adapt World of Warcraft. They chose to adapt the first game, so that’s what I’m comparing it to. I’m not comparing it to a movie that doesn’t exist.

            To say that Warcraft has “horrible” CGI is just dishonest. Uneven, yes, but not horrible. Toby Kebbell’s character looks great, but other elements look rough. It is certainly not horrible, though. Gods of Egypt’s effects are horrible. What you’re describing is it not being up to what you expect out of modern blockbusters.

          • Gods of Egypt is not even worth mentioning here. Warcraft “CGI” is horrible because they used too much chroma key compositing and it not worked that great. Some of the scenes with the gryphon felt unnatural. For me if I see that is something off, it is horrible. Of course compared to Gods of Egypt it’s great.

            World of Warcraft has nothing to do with this discussion, because they did not adapt World of Warcraft. They chose to adapt the first game, so that’s what I’m comparing it to. I’m not comparing it to a movie that doesn’t exist.

            But the first game had simplistic story for a movie. It was super simple compared to the LoTR book. First game story was very basic.
            Read here:

            or here

            PS: All of them comparing it to the LoTR btw. I’m just saying that you can compare them.

          • NegaScott128

            “Gods of Egypt is not even worth mentioning here.”
            Why not? Because it puts into perspective what truly “horrible” CGI looks like?

            “But the first game had simplistic story for a movie.”
            Then why did you even bring up WoW? If you think the first game would make for a suitable film, then why bring up the other games at all?

            “LoTR is an industry standard on how you make a really great Epic-Fantasy movie.”
            I’d also say that it’s not the only way to make a great fantasy epic. The idea to have characters on both sides of the conflict was really interesting, and if they stuck with that theme, it would have probably resulted in a pretty good movie. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and we ended up with a movie with far too many different subplots to keep track of.

          • Why not? Because it puts into perspective what truly “horrible” CGI looks like?

            Ok. You are right here. 😛 For me Gods of Egypt was just not worth mentioning but in this discussion you make a lot of sense.

            Then why did you even bring up WoW? If you think the first game would make for a suitable film, then why bring up the other games at all?

            Because World Of Warcraft actually tells you that story in the game. There are dungeons and raid dungeons that are called “Cavern of Time” that actually tell the origin story for the players who never experienced RTS games before.

          • NegaScott128

            “Because World Of Warcraft actually tells you that story in the game. There are dungeons and raid dungeons that are called “Cavern of Time” that actually tell the origin story for the players who never experienced RTS games before.”
            Then why did you say “Warcraft is not just an RTS, it is also a MMO game with Expansion sets that has a lot of stories that you can tell from one perspective. From the original storyline to the latest stories that includes WoW: Cataclysm where everyone fought the dragons together. Or you can take Lords Of draenor story that is also works from one perspective. You have so much stories that can work.”

            You didn’t bring it up because it explained the old games, you brought it up because those other games have stories that could be adapted, even though that has literally nothing to do with the discussion. Why are you lying, Golgari?

          • Use blockquote. 😛

            You didn’t bring it up because it explained the old games, you brought it up because those other games have stories that could be adapted, even though that has literally nothing to do with the discussion. Why are you lying, Golgari?

            I’m not lying. I’m just saying that Duncan Jones and Blizzard entertainment have so many stories that they could tell in a movie that they don’t required to bring up the origin story and it will look similar to the LoTR storyline.
            I tried to say that they had so much material here that you can use for 20 movies.

          • NegaScott128

            Then why did you say that WoW summarizes the old games? You’re contradicting yourself.

          • Because Blizzard constantly working on it and update it so that all of the players can understand the stories from the first, second and third games with it’s expansion packs.

            Blizzard Entertainment first of all wanted to make this movie as a promotion for World Of Warcraft and that is important here. They don’t give Starcraft or Diablo adaptations if it’s not working for their current lineup of games.

      • It probably will be a retelling of MGS1’s story, maybe with some stuff from some of the other games thrown in.

        • NegaScott128

          I think it’ll be interesting to see how much they hint at stuff from the other games. After all, the series is essentially over now, and we have the benefit of hindsight. It also helps avoid some of the continuity issues that popped up later in the series. For example, there’s no need to explain how Naomi screwed up and reffered to Dr. Clark as a man – we already know from the start she’s a woman.

          I’d like to see some other references, when it’s appropriate of course. Like, when Otacon is talking about his family history with nuclear weapons, mentioning that Huey is paraplegic would make sense, considering that it also ties into the theme of genetics. You could also reference music from other games in the series; for example, Ocelot could have his MGS3 theme.

  • Full Options

    OT: Can someone ID this target ? Why is he not facing us ? I said he because it seems his hands does not look like girls ones.. Actor ? Former Konami techie ?

    • that is probably her twitter.
      I think she is a guest… But I don’t know…

      • Maybe it’s this guy (from that same Twitter profile)?

        • Full Options

          Interesting, heavy fan retweeting every single Koji-material.. Both Kojima and Ayako are following him in all cases.

        • Full Options

          That’s a probably a new staff member. Check the comment he just added to the re-tweet saying :
          “We are asking various questions from everyone, but if there is something to tell from me

          Our supervisor is the best

          that’s all
          Thank you very much”

      • Full Options

        I am perhaps mistaken but I think this hand belong to a man..
        Yeah probably a fan that want to stay anonymous if not someone else …

  • Fernando Benítez

    Hey, I’m a gamer, a LONG TIME Metal Gear fan AND a writer. HIRE ME!!!!

  • Mr.Pony

    At least he looks excited about the project, I’ll give him that. Now to see if that’s translates in a good movie.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    I’ve read the entire interview and DAMN.. Now I can say it without a doubt that Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the most suitable director for MG. Whatever story he brings I’ll be fine with, i’m just concerned with the cast now.

    • Lex Radu

      I’m not, the cast in Kong was great, this guy knows what he’s doing when it comes to casting.

  • Gatsu

    I’m happy to see how excited Jordan is about all of this and I think he is a really good choice to do this movie. He wanted to get this movie project for a long time.

    Can you guys below PLEASE use less salt and wait to actually see more info of the movie, before complaining so much? Have some faith.

    • Sorry, I was burned too much by Hollywood at this point to believe in him.
      He is telling the exact same things Duncan Jones said bout the Warcraft movie.
      They all have passion and hollywood also have a lot of passion for these projects because they bring money.

      • Gatsu

        What should he tell us?

        • For me, cancellation is the best he can do.
          I know that sounds a bit weird, but I’m not excited at all. If James Cameron or experienced Sci-fi director would directed it… My excitement for it would be so much higher right now.

          • Gatsu

            I think even James Cameron might fuck it up. Just because he has been making amazing movies for a long time, doesn’t mean he could do one of Metal Gear.

          • You are right. Don’t be angry at me Gatsu, for me Metal Gear is a very special franchise and Hollywood burned a lot of things I love. ;(

          • Gatsu

            Don’t worry bro <3. Something we can agree on is that Hollywood has the habit of burning many of my favorite stuff too ;D.

          • Isn’t it better to have an inexperienced director who really cares for the series, than a veteran director who probably has never heard about it and likely just sees it as another dumb action video game?

          • How about a director who has experience and knows about Metal Gear? It is much better than both of your options. 😛

          • Yes, but does one exist? An experienced director who knows as much about the series and is as passionate about it as Jordan?

          • I think it exists. A lot of directors like Hideo Kojima as a director.
            This guy likes Hideo Kojima –

            He has a good track record of sci-fi movies. He could easily make Metal Gear movie that I would want to see any day.
            That is because he has an experience within Sci-fi movies.

          • Okay, but there is still a pretty big difference between liking Kojima and really knowing something about Metal Gear. At least Jordan is aware that Metal Gear is more than just an espionage action plot, which is a good sign.

          • Nyx, Metal Gear is a franchise that is hard even for the developers to make… But we got here a director who wants basically to make things right with one of the most complicated video games of all time.

            Directors screw simple movies like Warcraft (the origin story that is very simple), Resident Evil, Assassins Creed which are not known for deep plot and stories.

            I don’t know Nyx. I’m not trying to be angry at Jordan or anything… I just don’t want this to be made. I don’t want another disappointment. ;(

            Most of the time when something is about Metal Gear, I’m excited… but here, not really.

          • Gatsu
          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Blomkamp is crap
            He recycles his plots
            Chappie was crap
            Elysium was crap
            District9 was only good even though it made me cry(Thanks to peter jackson only)
            Fuck blomkamp
            His concept for alien 5 was cringe worthy

          • Lex Radu

            His concept was actually great.

          • radun

            Kojima could very well direct a live action MGS. The only thing that i can imagine stops him is ‘himself’. I can easily see Sony pumping a few bucks ( 150 – 200 mil) into a project like this.

          • Gatsu

            I’m never actually excited of game movies, because they have failed so many times. But I still like to watch them and see if they manage to be good/entertaining.

          • Lex Radu

            So you want Jordan to not even try, to give up before he even starts?

            Even if Jordan leaves, the Movie still happens, for better or for worse, we don’t need that right now, we should stop trying to change the things that are beyond our reach.

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Cameron would turn the foxhound bosses into space bees.
            Nuff said

          • Alex

            We would have a much worse movie if James Cameron was forced to make it, for he knows nothing of it nor has any passion for it.

      • Your doubts are understandable, but Metal Gear is not Warcraft. As a series it might be better suited for a movie adaptation.

        • There are other examples… but this is Metal Gear field. This is the franchise that is my most favorite and this is something that is very precious to me. I hope you understand Nyx.

          and this is dangerous for the industry too.

          • Of course, and there is still a good chance that the movie will not turn out very good, but shouldn’t we at least give Jordan a chance? If anything, he is at least very passionate about the series, which is more than most game-to-movie adaptations could hope for.

            And let’s not forget Kojima himself gave Jordan the seal of approval:

          • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

            Why are you so cynical??
            Sony may be a bad studio but Jordan is a great director

  • Metal Gear community, just read this:

    Just read it. It’s a good article about video game movies and why they fail.
    Cheers and I love you all. Don’t be mad at me. 😛

    • Full Options

      Mad at U ?? What is this Mads Mikkelsen Marble Madness are you talking about ? R U Madagascar ? BTW Real MADrid vs Athletico tonight ! ;D

    • Gatsu

      I’m not really mad lol and we love you too :3 ;). Just a bit annoyed that people wanna destroy the movie project, without even seeing anything of it or about the cast. The game adaptions can always be good, there always is a chance for that.

      This somehow reminds me of MGSV voice change announcement. 50% of fans raged for a long time without actually hearing much of Kiefer’s work in MGSV. I understand that MGS is holy and changes or new stuff like a movie of it feels strange and like a bad idea, BUT it can work. So I just don’t see the reason why should hate it so much already.

      There are couple movies I’ve enjoyed the most like Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat.

      Peace <3.

    • Lex Radu

      Why would be be?

      We’re debating, it’s more than normal for 2 or more people to not agree on the same thing, to come with arguments to deffend their point, and to fight back against those arguments with more arguments.

      Some we love, some we hate, some we don’t care about, and some we secretly despise, just like a familly would.

      We are Diamond Dogs!

        • Lex Radu

          Just notticed that this is the base of the same theme from the ending, this song is chapter 2 in a nutshell, a verry long epilogue.

          If you count the story missions only, you get that length.

          • Lex Radu

            @Nyxus Or the more appropriate thing to compare to, is the second season of a 20 to 24 episodes per season series that was canceled, but shortly revived as a mini series of 6 to 8 episodes to end the story it started, to quickly wrap up the series.

            That’s how TPP felt.

            Shame you Konami for not renewing TPP for a full second season.

    • Eugene Voldo

      To this day Mortal Kombat is still the best video game movie. At least for me. And it was just a B-action movie. Yet it was amazing.

  • Lex Radu

    Now that we’re almost done measuring our dicks, let’s do the best thing we are good at.

    Speculate, of course, from everything from Cast to Setting, to Plot etc.

    I’m gonna star with my pick for a young Solid Snake, and the female lead (in case they are doing like that)

    I’m gonna go with a wildcard now, with a less known actor so Snake, but that would deliver us a new and interesting take, that will not be a Cardboard Box copy of David Hayter, but a Metal Gear 1 Solid Snake is his mid to late 20’s.

    Grant Gustin, he has the acting chops to do it, and this 2 clips alone show his range, and that he would be more than capable to play both Solid and Liquid when the time comes!

    Spoilers from the Flash in the Videos

    • Gatsu

      Ohhh can’t watch it yet xD, I still need to catch up with the episodes ;).

      • Lex Radu

        No problem, that is actually better, it means that you know what Grant is capable off as an actor.

        So, what do you think about Grant as young MG1 Solid Snake, could he pull it of?

        • Gatsu

          Hmmm I think he could, but not sure would he be the best for the role :).

          • Lex Radu

            i can’t think of anyone is his mid 20’s, who is now in his mid 20’s that could play a young and naive Solid Snake better than Grant would, and who would also have a clear enough schedule to take the role, who isn’t in demand, who would be excited to jump from TV to Movie status!

            We have a new Director, now let’s pick a non big Actor as Solid Snake, and the Huge A List as Big Boss, to be the Box Office Draw.

          • Lex Radu

            Having the “rookie” play Solid, and the “A list” play Big Boss, would be quite meta if you think about.

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Grant gustin? Lol no offense dude but that would be horriable. I just googled him. He belongs in one direction not playing solid snake lol

      • Lex Radu

        Have you watched those clips?

        • Machine Gun Kid

          Ok actually after watching the clips I still don’t think he’s the guy but it’s not as awful as I thought

          • Machine Gun Kid

            What about Henry cavill as solid snake? Not sure I like that either tho. Just starting to throw names out there

          • Lex Radu

            He doesn’t have the looks at all, plus, it has to be as i said someone in his mid 20’s.

            Besdies, this is just 1 scene, just an example of Grant Gusting’s acting, if you watch the show, you will see that he is pretty good actor, and with a good Director like Jordan, he would pull it of.

            Is he the best choice? No, there is no such thing as best choice, every choice will give you a unique performance, and i trust Grant after having seen him in more than 50 episodes of a TV show.

          • Machine Gun Kid

            Yea.Good points

  • radun

    All in all, seeing how this guy seem to sincerely admire Kojima, there is a real possibility that he would listen to any advice Kojima would have regarding the script. He [Kojima] could even be involved as a non-credited staff member and even have a say in some artistic on-set choices…It’s still a step forward from having the movie made “by the numbers” by a ‘Konami approved team’.

    • Lex Radu

      That’s the thing i don’t understand about people still complaining, he has Kojima’s approval, Kojima has gone as far as to say that Skull Island is the more recent film that he didn’t only like, but inspired him, he called it a great Movie, and he had nothing but praise for Jordan.

  • Lex Radu

    Big Boss Casting:

    The way to have both Solid and Big Boss, is if we’re in the mid to late 90’s, so Big Boss would be in his 60’s, so we need an actor not older than 50, and younger than 60, and he needs to be able to play both a Badass Commander, and Soldier, and a broken soldier looking for revenge on the person that was once his idol!

    I honestly would keep Kiefer, but in case The Studio or the Director wants someone more physical, here are some of my picks.

    1. Ovious-Fan Favorite – Mads Mikkelsen

    He has the physique, he has the Voice, has the acting chops to pull it of, he has the look suitable for Big Boss, he is in his mid 50’s, and at that point he would already been working with Kojima, making him the obvious pick.

    2. Ideal Pick – Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    Now what can i say about Jeffrey that hasn’t been said already by people much better than me?
    Quite a few things actually, except having everything i mentioned about about Mads, he has a huge presence as an actor, he steals every scene he is in, no matter who he shares it with, he is extremely charismatic, he makes you love him (as the character) even when you should hate his guts, and he also looks a lot like Big Boss, and is verry underrated Actor in Hollywood.

    3. Studio &/ Produces Pick – Kiefer Sutherland

    In the end, it comes down to who sthe studio and the producer wants, and given how the producer of the Movie, Avi Arad proposed Kojima to get Kiefer as Big Boss, there is a probability that “MGSV” was more or less Kiefer Sutherland’s audition for the Metal Gear Movie, a pick which people would be more than confrtable with, and would also benefit both the Studio by not spending a lot of money on a Huge Actor, and Kiefer for returning to the best role of his career so far, and he already played the character, making the time gap between his casting to shooting the Movie much shorter, and he’ll use that time for creating the performance, to instead improve on what he already done.

  • Lex Radu

    Jordan said something really interesting here about Kojima”:

    “It’s been one of the more surreal things in my life getting to know him, befriending him and working with him as a colleague”

    Working with him as a colleague, is Kojima secretly, soon to be revealed as the Producer of the Film Franchise?

    That would be the best “F**k you” to Konami, they have no say in this, Sony has the Movie right to Metal Gear, knowing Konami, knowing how greedy they are, they sold the rights for a limited time, instead of borrowing them, so they can’t stop Kojima from making Metal Gear Movies with.

    Is Hideo Kojima gonna be the “Kevin Feige” of the Metal Gear Movies?

  • Lex Radu

    “In the process of hiring a writer for Metal Gear Solid – …I basically took them on this weird jour…”

    @golgari:disqus Calm down, to clarify it for you, it looks like this wasn’t the process of teaching the writers the series, but to test them, to see who likes the concept, and who would put work and effort in to the script.

    This was the casting process for the writers, not the training, and seeing how he said perviously that they are working on the script, we can only assume that at this point he chose the writers, and that the writer at this point know absolutely everything about the series.

  • Nekkedsnake

    I remember writing an article 4 years ago about which actors could make a decent cast for a live action MGS movie that I imagined Guillermo Del Toro would direct. I imagined Del Toro creating a Metal Gear Rex with the same polish as the Jaegers had in Pacific Rim as well. I mean he even calls them JAEGERS for godsake! Here’s the article I wrote:

    • NegaScott128

      del Toro would be a good choice, but I think we’re stuck with Roberts for the time being. Besides, almost everything del Toro’s been involved with has either been stuck in development hell for years (At the Mountains of Madness, Pinocchio) or straight-up cancelled (Silent Hills, inSANE). And everything else has been taken out of his hands (Hobbit, Pacific Rim 2, and now Hellboy). If anything, del Toro being involved would be a worrying sign, since it’s so unclear whether anything he attaches his name to will actually get made.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    It cost $185 million to produce skull island

    • Alex

      Sam Jackson certainly took a big pot of that.
      MGS like superheroes shouldn’t need celebrities since it can be sold on its icons.

      • Lex Radu

        I don’t think he was the most payed, most certainly most of the money went in to the effects, the locations, and the actor who played Kong and the Soldier, and Tom.

      • Lex Radu

        I think that the MGS Movie Cast will have 1 huge A List actor for Big Boss to be the Box Office draw, and a relatively unknown actor for Solid Snake.

        At least that’s what i hope.

        • Tom Brearley-Smith

          Do you suppose they would get unknown actors for such characters as Gray Fox or Sniper Wolf (if the movie is based on MGS1)?

          • Lex Radu

            Yes, i believe they would, and i also believe that this won’t be based on MGS1, but on MG1&2, since that would be the best way to have both Big Boss and Solid Snake, it would also act as the “Chapter 3” from The Phantom Pain.

            If you think about it, Solid, young Solid is a Rookie, so a realitvely unknown actor is the way to go, while Big Boss is the best Soldier, so a big actor with Experience has to play him, someone like Kiefer or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, someone who is in their 50’s to mid 50’s.

          • Tom Brearley-Smith

            Would you also need veteran actors to play characters like Madnar, Kio Marv or Roy Campbell?

          • Lex Radu

            Not necessarily, besides, maybe those character won’t be part of the Movie, we don’t know the cast yet, but i’m gonna assume that Big Boss and Solid Snake will be the main 2 characters.

            We might even get Venom, but that’s speculation teritory, i don’t wanna get in PythonSelkan’s zone.

          • Full Options

            I would have loved Richard Crenna as Roy Campbell…
            But he left us 14 yrs ago and even tho he would probably be too old nowadays.


          • radun

            Colonel’s appearance ‘was’ based on Crenna though. Nowadays that would have meant ‘legal action’ against Konami or some shit like that…

          • Full Options

            Yep, I know, like other characters used either in the games or their box-art.. I always have the nostalgia of Crenna since his First Blood bad-ass quotes to the sheriff..
            Like “I didn’t come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him.”… xD
            As for legal actions, yeah, similar BS happened regarding Snake copied from “Escape from New York” and those ass lawyers of canal+ (producers) wanted to sue Konami+Kojima but what made me laugh my .ss off was that John Carpenter himself defended Kojima so they keep their mouth shut on this one, hehe…

          • Haha yeah that was a good story:

            Kojima’s connections paying off.

          • Full Options

            😀 Koji-Mafia… Like true art has a mafia as well !! ;D

          • Full Options
          • Lex Radu

            1. MGS3 Big Boss was a copy of Snake Plisken (he was homaged in MGS2 before though)
            1. Now that you mention it, Solid Snake in MG2:SS looks exactly like Mel Gibson.

            That being said, Mel Gibson is old now, so he would still make a good Big Boss!

          • Full Options

            Yeah, when you started your reflection below I thought about him too. I thought also about perhaps Jeremy Irons as a possible Big Boss…

            There is also this 1:1 Kyle Reese box-art…


          • Lex Radu

            Given how the Movie is in the first phase of production, we have to think of someone whoo in 2 to 5 years will not be too much above 60.

            Jeremy Irons would actually make a better Cipher, Zero, old sick “Post MGSv” Zero.

            For Big Boss, Kiefer deserves the role, he gave Big Boss and Venom a more realistic performance, he showed in a few scenes A LOT of emotion with Venom, he haas to get the role, he is in his 50’s now, so he is old enough to not be too young for the role, like Hugh Jackman is.

          • Full Options

            Yeah Kiefer as Big Boss would so make sense after all this voice training on Venom…

          • Lex Radu

            Exactly, besides, Jordan made it sound like Kojima is involved in some way, perhaps as a Producer, so if Hideo recommends Kiefer to Jordan, i’m more than convinced that Jordan with no ezitation will do as Hideo says.

          • Full Options

            Kiefer is very Sony pictures compliant in all cases and was really touched by MG fans welcoming him everywhere, even in non-game events as he said. I am sure he would be more than glad. Would be so cool…

          • Lex Radu

            Actually, why is this even a question?
            Of course IT IS Kiefer who will play Big Boss, Kiefer also happens to have a clear enough schedule, and fans either love or hate him, so instant free marketing.

            Sony should be Stupid not to reach Kiefer for the role, it would also keep the continuity, making it possible for it to later (if good) be considered as an MGSV Sequel.

          • Full Options

            Possible but Kiefer schedule can also be very dense like any AAA actor. They have to sync with him / not always easy, but for sure Kiefer is the Key ! ;D

          • Lex Radu

            True, but again, the Metal Gear Movie is not a rush to be made.

          • Full Options
          • Lex Radu

            Now, if i was in Jordan’s place, i would make the Movie about the inciding incident of the whole Franchise.

            The Boss, i would make her thei main character, and the Movie will be about her, the Cobra Unit, and how she and John developed CQC.

            It would have everything, action, drama, comedy, it would be like Wonder Woman, meets a good Suicide Squad, meets Savong Private Ryan, meets X-Men.

    • Lex Radu

      Only that?
      It looked like it had an over 200 budget.

  • Lex Radu
    • Eugene Voldo

      So this means most peaceful guys have an Xbox One, while warmongers prefer Steam.

      • Mr.Pony

        More like cheaters than warmongers on steam really

      • Lex Radu

        you could say that steam is a Steaming-Hot 8423 Nukes!

    • Tom Brearley-Smith
    • Full Options

      Ouch, a little over-priced for a single cut-scene everybody watched on YT…

      • Lex Radu

        Maybe that cutscenes activates a mission downlaod…Mission 51!

        • Full Options

          Haha… What’s sad is that they went quite far in the development before finally cancelling it. Konami would have been smart to build something on top of those ashes…

          • Lex Radu

            Which leads me to believe that it wasn’t canceled, and that this is the reason we herd nothing of Metal Gear Survive, cause they have been working on Mission 51…i hope.

            If you think about it, achieving “Peace” with Chapter is soubnds like the logical way to get mission 51 as a reward, cause you will need Venom to have achieved Peace in order to look for Eli, and to forgive him, without peace, we wouldn’t deserve that.

          • Full Options

            Mmmh… I would not be so sure. Between Survive’s first trailer and the huge demo at gamescom, they clearly shown a strong inertia around the project. I am pretty convince we’ll have a lot more info about Survive next month at E3.
            I would love to be wrong but I am afraid they left mission 51 1:1 where it was.

          • Yeah nothing has changed regarding Survive. It’s still in the pipeline for a 2017 release according to their financial report released yesterday. So it’ll probably appear at E3 next month.

          • Lex Radu

            I guess we’ll have to wait till de 13th of July.

          • Full Options

            1 month mate !

          • Lex Radu

            Isn the Metal Gear 30th Anniversary on the 13th of July?

            I really hope they announce a proper MGS3 remake, like Square-Enix did with Final Fantasy 7!

          • Yeah that’s on July 13th. But keep in mind most announcements for the 25th anniversary were done a few weeks later, at the end of August.

          • Full Options

            Ha, MG birthday ? Sry, I thought you meant E3 starting 13th June.

          • Lex Radu

            Now that you say it, it would only make sense to announce that either SuVive or MGS3 remake exactly 1 month before its release.

            You’re a genius.

          • Full Options

            xD “genius” xD
            Perhaps Survive will show up sooner but I somehow frame it at least around October / November. Dunno, sooner would feel extremely fast / surprising, and less re-insuring for its contents / size. In all cases if Survive is maintained for 2017, they’ll drop for sure the release date next month.

          • Lex Radu

            Then on the 30th Anniversay we should be getting MGS3 Remake.

            We have already seen finished cutscenes from the MGS3 Remake (possibly) so actually SurVive should take more to make, therefore release after the MGS3 Remake.

            The reason i think is the MGS3 Remake, is because Subsistance was the one Game that had the first 2 MG Games in itself, making it the perfect way to celebrate 30 years of Metal Gear!

          • Full Options

            Careful mate don’t get too hyped or you risk to be heavily disappointed.
            The pachislot cut-scenes are not real-time rendered. The meshes are not even optimized an once.
            We also have to take into consideration, judging by the distance taken with Kojima through Survive, that Konami is perhaps not too keen about reviving any Kojima related old product. They so wanted to erase his name that they even likely erased Snake from the next title, so a MGS3 remake stays not impossible, but very speculative.

          • Full Options

            The production was looking so moving on the rares times we were updated that it was becoming rather obvious they would try to pull it out this year. I was not expecting a that long demo at gamescom, they are clearly 200% on it.
            No way they will avoid to promote it next month if Survive is still on schedule for 2017. 😀

          • Lex Radu

            I can’t wait to see an actual “Story Trailer”

          • Full Options

            xD if the story is too shitty, I hope they’ll at least stuff it with tons of missions.

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