Someone is making a Metal Gear animated short, and it looks awesome

An aspiring animator by the name of Mitchell Hammond is currently working on an animated short based on the original Metal Gear on MSX. A few days ago he posted a work in progress video showing (there’s no sound yet).

Hammond started the project in December of 2014 but can only work on it in his spare time. The style and attention to detail are awesome though.

Here are some screenshots that show the creation of one of the animation’s backgrounds.

And here’s another shot in the making, of Solid Snake himself.

And here are some more images with comments by Mitchell himself.

“Panorama for the opening shot, as you can see the center of the fortress is drawn with a curve to help the illusion of the camera tilting up to emphasize scale.”
“Panorama for the first main area of Outer Heaven’s first floor. In the game this is one wide, long hall. I wanted a single long shot to get across the size and spatial awareness of the facility as well as a sort of introduction to the atmosphere and detail of the animation.”
“Our first glimpse of Big Boss’ lair. Here’s the transceiver from the original game and next to it is a satellite relay device. Next to it is a General PCT-50 MSX monitor with a Snatcher cartridge in the MSX2 keyboard slot. This will have more importance by the end of the video.”
“Early sketch of Big Boss. As you can see, he no longer has his horn, but there is a little bit of a bump under the stitching. More on that in the future.”

For reference, here’s a screen of the original game from 1987 on MSX. You can see that the animation is hitting the right notes in terms of color palette and overall feel.

When finished, the full thing is planned to be somewhere under 4 minutes long. If you want to support the project be sure to check out the Patreon page.

Source: Blogspot, Patreon

  • Lex Radu


  • This is incredible. YongYea should promote these guys. This is so cool.

    • PowerPlank

      if this go to konami before releasing the animation, they will some way stop the guy from continue.
      sry about my english

  • Batzi

    That’s exactly how people thought TPP was going to end.

    This is beautiful! Hope they release more!

  • Mr.Pony

    Was about to post about this. This is amazing work, can’t wait to see a full thing, let’s hope Konami doesn’t do some cease and desist on this tough. Maybe if Castlevania takes off well on netflix they could make a Metal Gear animated series and hire this guy.

    • and maybe we will get Metal Gear 1 remake on the FOX Engine… Ohhhh, that would be so awesome.

      • Mr.Pony

        If they did, it could be a good way to introduce a subplot that in turn would become a new plot line for after MGS4, since MG1 remake would be kind of short as a game. There Konami you get this freebie, now make it happen.

      • Full Options

        MG on FoxEngine… Me going to the game store on day 1 :

  • moto hellogoto

    Would be fantastic if he could get Hayter to voice any lines by Snake/BB.

    • Clawson_J

      Somebody tweet this to Hayter!

    • InternecivusRaptusStrikesBack

      No! Hayter should not voice any of those two . He’s way too old and his voice is way too cheesy now

      • ObsessedGeorge

        He can speak with normal voice as he did in MGS. He toned it down and put more grunts to it later like in MGS4 and Peace Walker.

  • NegaScott128

    This is really cool and all, but by putting this stuff out there, he’s only making it more likely that Konami will issue a C&D. The same thing happened with the MG1 fan remake, the MGS` fan remake, the sequel to the MGS Philanthropy fan film, and on and on.

    • So where is the line for Konami? They seem to have no problem with fan art, for example. Some people are actually selling Metal Gear fan art and Konami is okay with that. In any case, let’s hope that won’t happen.

      • NegaScott128

        That’s the thing: we have no idea where they draw the line. They even endorsed the MG1 remake before shutting it down. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a 4-minute animation would be a problem, but Konami is so crazy right now that I can honestly see them issuing a C&D.

        • With the remake the problem was Konami Japan. The US department actually supported the idea. But maybe it was because that was actually a game so it could be seen as competing directly with Konami’s own products, which isn’t as much the case with a short animation movie.

          And for example, this guy was allowed to not only create Metal Gear art but also even sell it in the form of a book:

          • Mr.Pony

            In copyright there are some things that are easy to spot as to be subjected to a C&D, which goes for Logos, music and dialogue. In most cases, if you use this without change, that will cross the line, but then there are grey area stuff, for example i could reproduce the dock from MGS1 but as long as i made it look different (textures, color palletes, starting point) i would be able to get away with it. This because that level design is rather generic if you think of it (square area, with other squares on it resembling the boxes piled up). On the other hand if i reproduced the helipad, even by changing textures and so on, i might not be able to get away with it, because that area is much more recognisable. This is where it becomes tricky to define the line. The more iconic a level design is then the more difficult it will be for anyone to reproduce it and not get slapped with a C&D. This also applies to other assets, from buckets on the floor to a full Metal Gear Rex.

            Plus to add to this mix, each country has a different set of rules when it comes to copyright. China for example has one of the most light rules when it comes to copyright, which is why you see all sorts of rip-offs and knock-off brands.

          • NegaScott128

            At the same time, the sequel to MGS Philanthropy was also shut down, and that’s just a fan film. It wasn’t competing with any Konami product, and the first film was released and even supported by Kojima. They’re really inconsistent in what they allow and what they don’t.

          • True. Still, that was a lot longer than this animation will be, so hopefully that will help.

        • Lighthearted28

          Copyright infringement can be instigated by virtually anyone, and it doesn’t matter who is suing whom, what matters is weather or not they have a valid case against any visually related fan art. As a whole I don’t think that Kojima has a problem with it “that is to say because he’s such a relatively nice guy and as far as I know a real fan of fan made tributes to Metal Gear Solid itself” but

          • NegaScott128

            And Kojima’s not in charge anymore. It’s all Konami now, and they’ve been very takedown-heavy in the past.

    • Lighthearted28

      Come on dude, have a little faith in this rendition… It seems to be very good and well documented by this guy; give him a chance!!!

  • Nanera

    I loved so much that i made a fan trailer for it…

    • Mr.Pony

      YES! Someone call netflix, i want an animated series so bad now!

    • ObsessedGeorge

      The music just made me shiver! The right choice of BGM!

    • Nanera

      As a request from Mitchell himself, the video has been removed.

  • Jav

    Loved it.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    I would rather the see a metal gear msx movie than a metal gear solid movie. Wait let me rephrase that to I want to see both as movies but would rather the metal gear msx movie. I think I’m talking circles around myself but I think you guys kno what I’m trying to say lol

  • Luke Covey

    With all that crouching, Snake must have some serious back problems.

    • MrVux007

      Actually crouching like that,strengthens your lower back and ESPECIALLY legs.

      Ofc avarage person will have muscle pain,like it would from gym training…but Solid Snake isn’t exactly an avarage person and he was close to 25 at the time,putting him in his top form.

  • Full Options

    Never 100% sure, but as far as your bro is not realizing a video game, Konami should fairly stay quiet. A bit like the dude that ended doing a Metal Gear museum with Unreal rather than completing his previously scheduled game.
    Congrat your bro for us, he is doing an amazing job. <33

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  • radun

    I’d say lay low until the project is done.

  • MrVux007
  • Lighthearted28

    This looks really Awsome in my opinion, and I hope that Mitchell plans to continue his work to the fullest extent so that we may all have the pleasure of enjoying this fantastic tribute to such a monumental and beloved Video Game Franchise!!!… As a Hardcore Metal Gear Solid fan myself I’m finding myself to be as gitty and exited as a High school Girl on Prom night who’s just been elected Prom Queen!!! XD

  • MrVux007

    What Big Boss was thinking.

    (but then again everything in this game series,even a smile like that can be interpreted in various ways)

  • MrVux007

    That smile. I think i know what Big Boss was thinking at that moment.
    (But then again,everything in this game series,can be interpreted in various ways…even a smile)

    • “My boy…”

      • MrVux007

        That was the second thing that went thru my mind! hahaha

  • Just a heads-up, Konami retweeted the tweet about this animation, so maybe that could be a good sign, meaning they won’t shut it down? (Although in the end that’s up to Konami Japan).

    • MrVux007

      Knowing Konami,nothing is for sure.

    • Full Options

      Definitely positive so far.

  • Gatsu

    That is so cool!

  • Gatsu

    Your brother is awesome <3 and we salute you both! Let's hope Konami won't shut it down.

  • NightShadow

    Since we’re on the subject. I would like to point out that I too made a fan animation.

    • Steel Wolf

      I really enjoyed that! i like the simple yet highly stylised animation.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Oh!? Cool, awesome to see someone related pop up in our little corner of the universe.

    I wish your brother good luck, we will support it….. without getting the attention of Konami, lol.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Looks cool, hope he finishes it 🙂

  • davisss

    Holy shit thats superb

  • davisss

    Sorry to barge in with the question but when it’ll be ready

    • Probably will still take a while.

  • Travis Pickle

    You must be very proud, his work is amazing I wish him all the best!

  • New video (Oct 14th 2017):


    WOW! That looks Awesome!

    Cant wait to see more!

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