Konami will be taking measures against unfair nuclear activity in MGSVTPP

Today Konami has released new numbers showing the current amount of nukes owned on each platform. Aside from that, they also stated they will be taking measures against ‘unfair ways of increasing nuclear activity via FOB’, meaning people who’ve been using cheats to build their nukes. This is good news as it made it even harder to achieve nuclear abolition with those cheaters taking disadvantage of the system.

As for the current nuclear weapons count, there was a decrease on PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, and an increase on Xbox One and Steam. Steam in particular seems to be suffering the most from cheaters, explaining the exceptionally large nuke count on that platform.

A few days ago Konami released graphs showing the nuke count on each platform during the first half of this month, you can check those out here.

Source: Official Japanese Metal Gear Twitter (1,2), Official English Metal Gear Twitter

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