The 15 best Revolver Ocelot quotes

Ocelot is without a doubt one of the most important and cherished characters in the Metal Gear series, making an appearance in nearly every installment. You never know for sure what he’s up to, and manipulating people into doing his bidding is his expertise. There’s always some greater plan going on behind the scenes that only Ocelot (and sometimes his closest allies) are aware of, as he helps steer the events in the right direction with cold blooded confidence and composure. Here are some of his most memorable, best or most entertaining quotes.

“You’re pretty good.”
from Metal Gear Solid / Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater /  Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots / Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This is a quote Ocelot has adopted from Naked Snake. On their first encounter, Ocelot takes down a group of GRU soldiers, and then tries to defeat Snake in a hand to hand battle. Snake proves to be the superior fighter when he bests Ocelot and throws him to the ground. After lecturing him, he does go out of his way to compliment him on his ‘fancy shooting’, concluding with the phrase “You’re pretty good.”. Ocelot remembers this line, and repeats it to Solid Snake years later, when he first faces him during the Shadow Moses Incident. It would become one of his most characteristic and iconic phrases, and they are in fact his final words before he dies in 2014. They are usually accompanied by a hand gesture that’s supposed to mock Naked Snake’s CQC stance.

“Alas, my finger must have slipped…”
from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

What do you say after you have just shot the president of the United States? Well, if your name is Ocelot, there’s the answer. Clearly, Ocelot doesn’t mess around, and whoever stands in the way of achieving his goals had better watch out. His fingers tend to get slippery.

“So it has come down to it. We’re going to launch that nuke, and ride it all the way into history.”
from Metal Gear Solid

This quote is great if only for the Dr Strangelove-esque images it brings to mind; picture Ocelot sitting on top of a nuclear rocket, shooting across the Alaskan sky, with a majestic aurora in the back… Anyway.

“It doesn’t feel right to shoot an unarmed man… but I’ll get over it.”
from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

After Snake and EVA try to escape using the WiG, Ocelot quite literally crashes the party, and dumps Snake’s weapons into the lake. The two battle it out using CQC while EVA frantically attempts to take off. But when Ocelot loses the fight it doesn’t take long before his favorite revolver ends up in his hand. “It doesn’t feel right to shoot an unarmed man…” he admits. “But I’ll get over it.” Yeah, no doubt. EVA quickly tosses Snake a weapon and the two simultaneously pull the trigger several times – but both guns are empty. After that Ocelot proposes to have one more showdown, before the two part ways.

“Excellent speech, my friend. Gift of the silver tongue! They say it’s the mark of a good officer… and of a liar. Americans are too in love with the sound of their own voice to speak the truth.”
from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Leave it to Ocelot to make an insult sound so poetic. After marine commandant Scott Dolph finishes his speech about Metal Gear RAY, Ocelot arrives on the scene with a slow clap, and calmly struts towards the commander, his spurs tinkling. His ‘compliment’ quickly turns to an insult, and you just know someone is going to die soon – and it’s not Ocelot.

“Don’t confuse me with those uniformed fools!”
from Metal Gear Solid

Aside from its literal meaning, ‘uniformed’ can be seen as symbolic of the fact that these soldiers are (in Ocelot’s eyes) mindless pawns who just take orders and do as they are told. Ocelot is quite the opposite, as is evident from the ever extending line of superiors he has been betraying for his own end goals. Or rather, who have been used as puppets in his game, making them the ones doing his bidding unknowingly. Confusing Ocelot with one who you can order around and expect to shut off his own thinking, would be a huge mistake.

“Once you create a character and put it out there in the public mind, it warps and twists with every baseless rumor. And before you know it all people see are phantoms. In my case it works out just fine. I’m plenty used to working under aliases.”
from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Ocelot has mastered the art of manipulation by assuming different roles and using them to steer others into the direction he wants them to go. Usually his true intentions only become clear at the end of each game. With every alias he embodies a different role, whether it’s Major Ocelot, Revolver Ocelot or, in this case, Shalashaska. He knows he can manipulate people by having them believe certain things about him and his intentions. This quote also refers to the overal theme of MGSV, of the relationship between reality and the concepts that have taken shape in people’s minds, wether it is about the legend of Shalashaska or that of Big Boss.

“This bitch is wearing perfume!”
from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

During operation Snake Eater, after Ocelot manages to grab EVA, there are some surprises in store for him. First of all, it turns out he’s holding a female spy, and secondly… the bitch is wearing perfume! Who could forget such a quote? Later in the story this gets a follow-up when Tatyana’s scent gives her true identity away, though not because of the perfume, but because of the gasoline from her bike.

“Metal Gear only has room for one.”
from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Can you guess who will be the one to plant his ass in the comfortable seat of the US Army’s latest piece of weaponry? Hint: it’s not the guy who decided that partnering up with Ocelot was a good idea.

“I fought wars in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Eritrea and Chad. Among the Mujahaddin guerrillas I was known and feared as ‘Shalashaska’. I was trained by the Russian GRU. I am not one of these KGB slugs.”
from Metal Gear Solid

With Solid Snake strapped to the ‘rotating bed’ during the Shadow Moses incident, Ocelot sees an opportunity to go over some of the highlights from his impressive resume and let his prisoner know exactly who he’s dealing with. Shalashaska is a name spoken in both fear and respect by his enemies during one of the many battles he was involved in. This quote really helps in establishing Ocelot as a character who has a long war history and knows the battlefield inside out, and who’s more than a simple sidekick to Liquid Snake. He is not someone you should underestimate.

“It’s easier to live a convenient lie than a painful truth.”
from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

After retrieving Huey Emmerich from the clutches of Skull Face, Ocelot steps into his old role of interrogator. He intends to find out what Huey has to say for himself after being held responsible for the destruction of Mother Base in 1974, but Huey refuses to acknowledge his mistakes and sees himself as a victim rather than a perpetrator. He insists that he was forced to do Skull Face’s bidding, and that he was always on Snake’s side. “You know the hardest man to break?” Ocelot asks. “The type who’s fooling himself. That takes time. It’s easier to live a convenient lie than a painful truth.”

“You were hamming it up as the tragic heroine thanks to the script that The Patriots wrote for you. Pure self-indulgence, absorbed in your own misfortune, you couldn’t get enough of the drama.”
from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

When Ocelot has an opinion on someone, he doesn’t beat around the bush. This particular tirade is aimed at Fortune, a character with a very bitter and fatalistic view of her own life, ironically due to the inability to end it and join her loved ones who have all been taken away from her. Ocelot is amused by how well she played her part on the stage created for Raiden, without even realizing it. He decides to tell Fortune, who he refers to as a convenient ‘pathetic wretch’, exactly how he would characterize the situation.

“The moment any truth is passed on, it starts turning into fiction. The problem is, fiction inspires people more than facts.”
from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Ocelot describes to Snake how the story about Big Boss’ legend has spread around the world, taking on a life of its own. As with his own nickname, Shalashaska, the meaning of the word changed as the story was retold and passed on, until it became detached from what it originally represented. However these stories have a power of their own, the power to rally people, to inspire them, and so they become their own force. And it’s a force Ocelot knows how to exploit.

“Your plan was invalidated even before execution, Solidus.”
from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Ocelot loves to mislead people. What he loves even more is to tell them just exactly how profoundly he was able to mislead him. In this particular quote he just gives it to Solidus straight by telling him nothing he has tried to accomplish over the course of the game even had the slightest chance of succeeding. Why? Because it was all part of a much bigger plan, involving, of course, Ocelot. And that is never good news, at least not for anyone other than Ocelot.

“Plain name… but I won’t forget it.”
from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Ocelot and Big Boss (or Naked Snake at the time) develop a strange relationship during the course of Operation Snake Eater. At first they are enemies who fight each other at every opportunity, with Naked Snake trying to provoke Ocelot, and Ocelot reacting in anger. But later on Ocelot’s resentment for Snake turns to admiration. They keep fighting each other, but for Ocelot it’s more like a game, a rivalry in which he tries to equal his idol. He does so by copying Snake’s moves (CQC) and following his advice (using a revolver). At the end, his ever growing admiration for Snake makes sure he will remember his name, regardless of how plain it turned out to be. This quote reflects their relationship: Ocelot mocks Snake’s real name, but at the same time acknowledges the fact that the man made an impression on him, and has earned a place in his memory.

Needless to say, this is just a small selection of all the memorable lines Ocelot has uttered over the years. But these phrases show the various facets to this character; he can be intelligent, relentless, arrogant… and always manipulative, using people like pieces on a chessboard. All while remaining frighteningly eloquent.

  • Today is Ocelot’s birthday. He was born in Normandy on June 6th 1944. He would’ve been 73 today.

  • Nyx, how can you avoid the awesomeness from MGS4?

    • MGS4 isn’t included because that wasn’t really Ocelot, that was Liquid speaking through Ocelot.

      • Full Options

        AAAAhhhh………… ok …. xD

      • Full Options
        • Yeah at the very end he’s briefly back to being Ocelot. And that’s when he says ‘you’re pretty good’, which is why that quote is included.

          • Full Options

            xD Yeah, was just trolling trying to find a gif with his left harm fist closed and badass sunglasses saying ” why am I NOT Ocelot” and found this on gg image.. ;P

        • SholidOnline

          My favorite fight in my favorite Metal Gear.

          • Full Options

            For me, right before / after (not sure) REX vs RAY in the same opus. ;D

          • radun

            The moment they both injected each other with liquid senzu beans, i literally got up and played the fight standing. It was ‘that’ amazing!

          • radun

            yeah 🙂 i think it “activated” when you let him cqc-hold you…right?

          • Correct.

        • Mr.Pony
      • SholidOnline

        Actually, it was Ocelot having convinced himself to be Liquid… You’ll notice how he actually quotes himself at the end of MGS4 while using his fingers like in MGS3.

        • He was truly convinced he was Liquid though, he was under hypnosis to think he was. So even if it was just a role he was playing, in a way (although he did think he was Liquid), it’s still not really Ocelot speaking but Liquid speaking, you can also hear this by the things he says and the way he acts, which is much more like Liquid than Ocelot. But yeah, at the very end he is back to being himself again.

          • radun

            My impression was and still is, that Ocelot really “faked” being Liquid the whole time.

            He acted like Liquid would, but in the end he just used this “perception” the AI had (him being Liquid), to his (Ocelot’s) advantage. He was never truly Liquid, he just assumed Liquid’d identity on the outside, it was just a very long con.
            Apart from the usual clues, there are a couple of very brief instances (off camera so to say) where Liquid Ocelot looks like having a weight on his shoulders, and not as composed as we’d expect.

          • But if he was under hypnosis, wouldn’t he truly believe he was Liquid? Of course he was never really Liquid, but that would be more than just faking, or acting. One pretty strong clue as to this being the case is during the scene at the Volta river. Snake and EVA appear and confront Liquid, but EVA sees things are starting to get out of hand (maybe she got cold feet and wanted to abandon the plan). She throws the apple at Liquid-Ocelot and calls him Adam (this is significant because it is his real name). He picks it up, EVA observes it hopefully, but then Liquid smashes the apple, and you can see that EVA loses all hope. She tried to appeal to the real Ocelot inside of Liquid, but his persona is gone.

          • radun

            Yeah but, of course that scene would play out like that. He had to keep the act going, especially in those moments. I mean, what did Eva expect at that point? (though to be honest she was seriously wounded and as we saw a bit earlier, quite delirious).
            What i’m saying is that, yes, Liquid Ocelot was Liquid on the outside but always Ocelot inside. One of those moments i was talking about is at the very end (i think) of the scene you mentioned, after LiquidOcelot&Co kill everybody and leave on the boat, there is a glimpse of “Ocelot”, and his face is almost sad and very non Liquid-esque.

          • Yeah it’s never made absolutely clear to what extent he was ‘consciously’ Liquid or not. But either way for the sake of this article it seemed more appropriate to limit it to the ‘real’ Ocelot quotes. Wether he was acting or not in MGS4, he was still saying what Liquid would say, and not what Ocelot would say.

          • radun

            Absolutely, no debate here 😉

  • MrVux007

    “I love to reload during a battle, There’s nothing … of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber”
    The words to live by,am I right guys?

  • Machine Gun Kid

    “Brother! It’s been to long!” Mgs4 liquid ocelot, not really an ocelot quote lol oh well


    Such a great read. I agree with everything Kojima said and yes, Alien:Covenant is a huge disappointment. But the most important part is this:

    After all, a restaurant’s name and branding can persist – that’s merely a question of money. But what about the actual food? That’s something that money alone can’t solve. Only the living, unique, and irreplaceable master chefs can prepare the dishes that we remember. Capital can ensure the place and menu. But is there a way to keep the true essence – the flavor and service?

    That’s why Konami has no chance in creating the same unique experience such as Metal Gear Solid. Money is not everything. Master Chefs – The Original Kojima Productions could do it. Now, with Konami’s Unit “smth” I’m not sure about it’s future.

    • Provokateur

      Nope, Alien: Covenant is not a disappointment.

    • Eugene Voldo

      I must say it’s a myopic view on art as endlessly changing forms and contents. History knows a lot of examples when “irreplaceable master chefs” was replaced by another master chef resulting in surprisingly better dishes. For example: SH1 and SH2, Suikoden 3 and Suikoden 5. It’s like he’s saying “I’m the only one who can create this!”. In a way it is true. But only if he meant only one personal vision of any creation. But this specific vision doesn’t mean that another vision will be bad.

    • Full Options

      Mmmmmh, I have to slightly, respectfully disagree with you and Kojima on this one.
      I sense a little Cameron-addict style in his declaration which can not be really compared to Blade Runner’s Director’s. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Cameron’s action which manage to literally glue my ass to the crouch, however we should never expect any of such with Scott.

      To me, Ridley is quite more artistic than Cameron, period.
      And that’s an EXTREEEEEEME Terminator fan, speaking.

      For example another point I disagree with, that clearly depict the situation as well, is considering Fincher’s Alien 3 as a missed attempt… (!?)
      In fact, I know a lot of fans that consider this opus as a true artistic masterpiece even if the style is way different from Cameron’s and even if the audience received it poorly. Regarding Jeunet, yeah, some sequences were interesting, but the overall impression a bit to me (Winona is just performing awesome in it though, and the effects are just gorgeous)..

      Now back to Covenant, somebody expecting a kind of Cameron’s Aliens may have been obviously disappointed. I admit some possible weakness in the pace and the script which could be solved with another cut than the one chosen for the cinema. If finally not, I would be a little disappointed but so far from considering Covenant as bad as it is considered right now.

      To resume it like that, from the first Neo’s infections to Xeno’s birth I was completely focused / hypnotized. Past this moment we went in a more generic fight with a Xeno, but it was far to be that disagreeable neither (at least to me)…
      All this with a so awesome and usual Scott’s photography direction, made it really beautiful. However, I won’t try to convince anybody further.. 😀

      • radun

        It didn’t really sound like Kojima expected a Cameron style movie with Covenant. He was just giving the first two movies as examples of movies that have a strong identity.

        Let’s be honest here, since then (Aliens), the Alien movies (3,4,P,C) are decent but not great. Maybe the fact that they went on for so long is an achievement in itself…i mean, how many times can you tell the same story in the same genre?
        It’s been said countless times, Cameron was incredibly smart changing the genre to action, and he did it most likely because he didn’t think he could surpass the first movie with the same genre. And 20 years later, history has shown he was completely right; he created a classic scifi action thriller, while all the other sequels failed to match the original.

        • Full Options

          It didn’t really sound like Kojima expected a Cameron style movie with Covenant.

          I did not have specially Kojima in mind in this part of my comment neither. I did not meant Kojima was expecting a Cameron-style Alien. He explained various other reasons that did not really convinced me though.
          I think Aliens is then yet a too different direction even if it is the best sequel / prequel. It is a kind of Alien Shoot-em up, not as subtle as Alien..
          Kojima took a good example with Terminator and other movies, I simply thought he could consider a distinct treatment for the original Alien, rather than grouping it with Aliens in successful opus and indirectly grouping the others in the failed ones. I said that more in that sense when I said “Cameron-addict”. And I am really honest when I say Fincher’s does not deserve so heavy critics.
          Cameron’s Aliens was awesome but a lot of hardcore fans received it severely too, and time has proven they were wrong at least on many aspects. I believe we won’t reach a consensus with your chart. For me 3, P and C are of course not as powerful as the original Alien movie, 2 is exceptional and way greater but then we have to say that it is still far from 1.

  • Mr.Pony

    Best quote is till this one…


  • proceeder

    troy baker’s performance was pretty weak.

    • radun

      yeah, no meowwws 🙁

  • PrinceHeir

    Tbh, I didn’t like Ocelot at first. I always thought he was a generic villain in MGS1, but I’m glad they expanded his story from MGS2 and onwards.

    Still, his action in MGSV are quite different from what I imagined from him. Kinda weird how he knew about Liquid when he was a child and in the future he would try to convince himself that he is also Liquid(I prefer the actual Liquid taking over tbh).

    Oh well, still a fun character.

  • Lex Radu

    “Fight like a Man, Volgin!”

    • moto hellogoto

      When he said that my admiration of him increased 200%

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    “Sergei, looks like you were long overdue for retirement.”

  • NegaScott128
  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    All of these things perfectly sum up why Revolver Ocelot is my favourite Metal Gear villain (besides Volgin from MGS3, perhaps). He steals every scene he’s in and you just can’t take your eyes off him. We may have gotten less of that charismatic presence from MGSV from my point of view, but for the most part, a “pretty good” character.

  • Jason Major-Henson

    His best quote was “My arm!!!”…

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