Report: Kojima – Konami troubles continue

Update: Nikkei has published an English version of the story.

A new chapter in the Konami – Kojima drama presents itself. According to Japanese news outlet Nikkei, translated by website Kotaku, Konami wasn’t too happy about Kojima’s comments on Metal Gear Survive when asked about the game last TGS. Speaking at the event, Kojima said something along the lines of: “I’m not involved at all, and I don’t know anything about it. Personally speaking, Metal Gear Solid is espionage to me, political fiction. I don’t think zombies would appear in such a world.” This comment seems to have had consequences as Kojima supposedly received a letter from Konami last fall, saying: “You are unfairly sullying the reputation of our company.” According to Nikkei, Konami probably wasn’t too pleased about the crowd’s laughter following Kojima’s comments.

Kojima and Shinkawa commenting on Metal Gear Survive during last year’s Tokyo Game Show

There are also some reports that state Konami is refusing to pay part of Kojima’s departure fee, though Konami has refuted this. And as if that’s not enough, another report states that Kojima Productions is having trouble getting health insurance for their employees through the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association, where apparently Konami is a big player.

Lastly, it is said former Konami employees are not supposed to say they previously worked at the company when applying for a new job, and Konami is telling large game companies to be careful about hiring them, as well as telling Japanese tv stations to disregard them.

Neither Kojima Productions nor Konami has responded to the reports.

Source: Nikkei, via Kotaku

  • Oh yeah guys, Silent Hills is Death Stranding. Of course. Come on guys, we need more speculation and PythonSelkan videos.
    Of course more troubles. Kojima Productions is having issues getting decent Health Insurance because of Konami but no, Hideo Kojima and Konami ruse cruise continues.

    Will you guys finally understand that it’s over and in a bad way? I’m talking to the people who tried to convince themselves that all of this is Kojima’s secret plan.

    • It’s hard to believe just how petty some of the management is. Really sad.

      • It’s so sad, I don’t even understand how such large company can do something like this.
        That is insane. You spend 5-6 years working on a huge game and suddenly all your portfolio means nothing.

        If Konami is refusing to pay to Kojima, that is just insane.

        • Yeah, is it really worth it to destroy your entire reputation as a once beloved videogame company over something like this? They complain about Kojima sullying their name but are too blind to see the damage the’ve done (and continue to do) themselves.

          • On top of that, this news comes from E3 hype where they need to show us Metal Gear Survive.
            Negative PR all over the place.

            But now I’m mad as hell. Now I’m really mad. Harassing former Kojima Productions is just crossing over the red line.

            I’m not buying Konami’s game anymore. I don’t care. This is it for me.

          • Yep, very bad timing for Konami. That company should really rethink their strategy going forward.

          • Full Options

            Seeing who are behind the sticks, I suppose they are not doing that bad in fact…


          • Mr.Sixes

            *positing record profits …game probably didn’t cost that much*….uh what?

          • MinimalistGeek

            Yea….. I was planning on giving Survive a try, but fuck it.

            Fuck Konami for being little bitches, and fuck anything they put out.

    • Eugene Voldo

      Never be unpaid fees over :'(

  • Eugene Voldo

    Well, like I always said, Kojima should just say “no comment” when someone’s trying to get his comment about anything Metal Gear related ever. Even if he would say “Wow, I was blown away by MG Survive! Best game ever! GOTY!” Konami is not going to thank him in any way. Because like every big company in the world Konami wants to contol all the information about its unrealesed games. And that’s why Konami’s managment surely doesn’t want to see any, bad or good, comments from ex-MGS director. It’s a common sense.

    • Perhaps but Kojima’s comments on Survive were actually very tame, especially compared to what you read about it online. He also went out of his way to clarify that this was just his personal opinion. Konami apparently got mad because the crowd was laughing and cheering, but that was their own fault because their reputation was already down the drain thanks to their prior decisions.

      • Full Options

        Konami apparently got mad because the crowd was laughing and cheering, but that was their own fault because their reputation was already down the drain thanks to their prior decisions.

        They were mocked by the public from Japan to a complete world wide scale in almost every single show this past two years and the cowards are pathetically trying to let him carry the can. They are pointing only this TGS edition, where Kojima was honestly pretty soft…

    • Eugene, that was just Kojima’s opinion at some show. When it comes to Konami, he does not want to talk about that.
      Some fan asked him a question. He is a Free Man and he can say what he wants. He is not a Konami’s employee. Kojima and FORMER KOJIPRO MEMBERS are not Konami’s slaves.

    • Cemre Karso

      So Konami is the embodiment of Zero?

    • Daniel Tomasic

      Oh I agree he SHOULD be able to say what he wants. But we all have to decide personally what free speech is worth. I could tell someone they look silly today and they SHOULDN’T punch me in the face, but I have to expect that they might.

      • Eugene Voldo

        It’s not about freedom of speech. It’s more about professional ethics.

      • Well, but this is a large company, they should be able to act a little more mature, you would think.

    • Lex Radu

      I can’t see it!

      • Changed it to an image.

        • Lex Radu


    • Eugene Voldo

      Actually, when people starting to take sides for me it’s clear that we will never know the whole truth about Kojima’s departure. My take is Konami did something wrong and Kojima did something wrong resulting in ongoing struggles for both KP and Konami.

      • We probably won’t. However one thing that’s very likely is that Konami’s shift in development focus and restructuring played a part in it all. Kojima isn’t the only one who left the company during the last couple of years.

      • Johnno

        Given how many employees are departing Konami to go with Kojima despite knowing how badly Konami will come after them (hence why they didn’t want their names public as KojiPro employees) tells me that the situation is more likely that Kojima is in the right and Konami is in the wrong.

    • Mr.Sixes


  • Lex Radu

    This is so funny. They are soooo playing with us like a damn fiddle!

  • King of Disgust

    So apparently the new assasin’s creed has a villain with a metal crocodile hat according to a 30 m…WAIT A FUCKING SEC
    p.s Excuse my language but the video had annoying german fucks killing civillians and has been taken down by ubi

  • Machine Gun Kid

    All part of the plan. Mgs6 will be announced by konami with Kojima and kojipro back at the helm

  • PrinceHeir

    WTF Konami. I’m not really into this Fuckonami thing, but they have been fucking a lot of things waaaay before MGS(Silent Hill? Zone of the Enders? Castlevania? Suikoden? Even took Hudson’s IP Bloody Roar down the drain)

    If the reports are true, seriously, how much of an asshole can you be to try deny them health insurance? Even worse deny them of future employee opportunities just because you fucked up?

    It’s a shame the Japanese government won’t do a damn thing about this. They’ll just shrug it off as a minor thing and will continue to make money behind the scenes any way.

    I wonder if Kojima thought of actually living here in the US? There are some of Japanese developers who went to US or other western countries like Sakaguchi(Hawaii), Nobuo Umatsu(NY) etc.

    • Lex Radu

      We have to keep in mind that Konami hasn’t officially said any of this, so it could all just be just a lie!

      • Please stop this nonsense!
        This is not a joke. This was said by the official moderate/conservative news media in Japan, by Nikkei.
        This Konami and Kojima issue is Real. Companies in Japan do not officially post this crap online.
        Developers are being harassed and this is not funny. It’s real.

        • Lex Radu

          …damn, my bad!

  • Mr.Pony

    “You are unfairly sullying the reputation of our company.” At this point they don’t need Kojima to say anything in order to sully their reputation, they have done it themselves. This just looks so petty on Konami’s part, like a kid…or Trump.

  • Gatsu

    I didn’t think I would say this again but…. fuck you Konami.

  • SholidOnline

    Konami is soooooo awful. I wish, so badly, that they would be shut down for their forceful, unethical decisions.

    And you must be talking about staff “formerly” from Kojima Productions. Kojima Productions is shut down. They’re either a part of Konami or they left.

    • Full Options

      I am afraid the new KP staff is concerned by this health insurance shit, which possibly could perfectly clarify the reasons why former KP fellows were hiding their new positions last year. If all this is true, Konami is almost a “Yakuzish” dictate.

  • Nekkedsnake

    Kocknami is comprised of a bunch of old petty little bitches…

  • Daburcor

    There’s definitely something fishy going on.

    This in particular
    feels like a misdirect. It feels like it’s a purposeful reminder of the
    bad blood between Konami and Hideo Kojima. Like it’s sleight of hand.
    The timing of the release of this article is just too perfect. The
    information in this could’ve been said/posted at any time over the last x
    amount of months, but is only coming to light now, when all eyes are on
    gaming and even Kojima himself?

    Hideo Kojima, a man whose entire
    existence, for better of worse, is currently defined by a decades long
    gaming franchise that is largely about the control of the dissemination
    of information. A man who clearly loves mind games. A man who himself
    said a couple of years ago that he was getting ready to pull a huge,
    risky stunt that, if it failed, could potentially kill his entire
    career, making it so he could never work again. Well, something like
    manipulation of the news could easily play into that.

    And I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any
    stretch, merely observant. Though, I do have theories about the game(s), they
    don’t really play into this post (on that subject, I will only say

    for now, because I want to see how many people will get there on their own).

    • radun

      Tbh, anything is possible, though ‘some’ things are highly unlikely.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    “You are unfairly sullying the reputation of our company.” what a childish statement .. lol

    • ObsessedGeorge

      They destroyed their own reputation by getting on Kojima and the world’s bad side! No one is to blame but themselves. Get lost scumbags.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Btw guys.. METAL GEAR ONLINE 2 is now available on PS3.. the PS3 doesn’t have to be hacked in order to play. You can just upload some files to your PS3 and you’re ready to go.

    • moto hellogoto

      Does this work with the legacy collection?

      • FoxTamerMGO

        No. Because The Legacy Collection didn’t include MGO2 files within MGS4. The one who created the server is facing some issues, mgo2 on OFW ps3 should be available soon.

  • Full Options
    • radun

      never gets old ^_^

  • Full Options
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      That face when you and your buddy is about to throw the hottest “FucKonami” shade of 2016.

      • Full Options

        Yo !

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