Metal Gear Survive Hands On at E3 – better than expected

Metal Gear Informer was invited by Konami to try out Metal Gear Survive at E3 2017. Carlos Fregoso (aka crimsonfox) played the game for about 20 minutes and walked away more pleasantly surprised than he expected. Check out his impressions below.

With everything that’s happened with the Metal Gear brand the last couple of years, It’s hard to accept what’s going on at Konami and what’s happening with Metal Gear Solid as a franchise. When Metal Gear Survive was announced at Gamescom 2016, like pretty much everyone else I was wondering what the hell the thought process was – and how Konami came up with Survive as a solution. After playing Survive’s 4 player co-op mode I think I understand it a bit more.

Like I said in my review of MGSV when it released (along with everyone else that played it, for that matter) the gameplay is solid. With Survive the team have built upon it in a new way. The control scheme has changed up a bit to fit with the new mechanics as well. In the co-op mode you basically fight waves of zombies while defending a worm hole generator. You defend the generator and yourself by building fences and walls of sand bags. Setting traps like the now classic Fulton Recovery Device and shock mines that stun zombies in groups or on their own long enough for you to put them down. You can craft more items such as turrets and big slippery mats that make zombies trip up and slow down for better crowd control when the game gets too chaotic. As you complete rounds you get side ops that pop up where you can collect resources like metal and wood to craft more defenses and even be rewarded with D-Walkers equipped to mow down the hoards. 

While trying to be fair and unbiased I actually found myself enjoying this mode and the revamped melee combat. Now close range weapons have reticles that you can use to aim at the heads and legs of the zombies to do the desired damage. There are weapons you can swing at medium range, heavy weapons and super heavy weapons that you can use together in combos once you learn how to utilize them. 

The enemies also have a nice variety, and trying to juggle them all when they all group up is a good balancing act. Some variants are big walking blobs that explode when they die and some have heavy armor that require more explosive weaponry to take down. I can imagine playing this game with friends and really enjoying it after a few rounds of getting used to it. The crafting of weapons and equipment is a cool addition to the game as well. You craft items using resources collected from breaking boxes and earned through short side ops in between rounds.

If Konami would have released this as a new IP I think many more people would be more for it. The co-op portion of Survive is definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoy experiences like the Call of Duty Zombie mode, the Hoard mode in Gears of War or co-op experiences in general. The real big decider will be the campaign in SURVIVE. No additional details on this mode were revealed, although it was said there’d be “more info soon”. For what it is and what we’ve seen so far, SURVIVE is good co-op experience that adds something different to the amazing MGSV gameplay we all love. 

I’m left more interested in SURVIVE as a whole after playing this portion of the game. Let’s hope Konami keeps the vibe fun and over the top and don’t try to make the story too serious or deep. If we accept it as what it is, a silly spin off survival mode, I think people will enjoy it. It won’t change your life, but it’s definitely better than I ever expected it to be.

Metal Gear Survive will release early 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

  • Richard Gruber

    Um why did they not announce anything special about the Anniversary? The movie? The next worthy cannon story? Survive is dumb.. Kill it…

    • Announcements regarding the 25th anniversary were made later into the year, on August 30:

      So it could happen later, not sure though.

      • Richard Gruber

        That was 5 years ago… LOL… Still not one bit of info… and now were at the 30 year anniversary!

        • No, you misunderstand. 5 years ago on August 30 2012 they had an event for the 25th anniversary. And this year they could have an event for the 30th anniversary around the same time. Just speculation though.

          • Richard Gruber

            Sure.. I Suppose… But I feel like they missed a huge opportunity not using the largest games platform of the year to show off anything…

          • No doubt. It would be a real shame if they don’t do anything for the anniversary.

        • Mr.Sixes

          “Not one bit of info” *Director selected, pre-production has begun and actors are probably being approached*

    • Not wanting MGSV co-op….

    • Mr.Sixes

      As Metal Gear’s offical 30th anniversey July 13, 1987 I don’t expect to hear much yet.

  • Mini gear

    Nice review amigo, wonder if they’ll release a public demo to get more people into it with the long wait ahead, it does seem like a different fun time

  • King of Disgust
    Kojima got to see this and the other oat studios flicks in advance . S.Weaver ftw ! Loved it until the district 9 ripoff ending

    • Mr.Sixes

      OATS is made by the guy behind District 9…..infact he probably got Weaver because of the fallout over his Alien movie being cancelled which would have had her return as Ripley.

      • King of Disgust

        Oh really I had no idea about that :).thanks capt obvious

        • Mr.Sixes

          Rip off implied it was stolen… Not sure how a guy can rip his own story off

          • King of Disgust

            Blomkamp loves to recycle his stories

          • Mr.Sixes

            yeah and a lot of people do.

          • King of Disgust

            For example?

          • Mr.Sixes

            Hideo Kojima
            Metal gear 1, mgs1, mgs2 & mgs3 all feature a guy infiltrating a remote base taken over by terrorist, finding out he’s got a connection to the terrorist (usually familial connection) and having to fight that terrorist group leader in a one on one duel using only melee options.

          • King of Disgust

            That only applies to mgs 1 and 2 and even then they feel different
            Chappie,Elysium,Lizard terminators/Rakka and district 9 don’t despite having different layouts
            For example D9 is documentary style

          • Mr.Sixes

            They feel different but are the same storyline, including mgs3 with the boss

      • King of Disgust

        Weaver has been collabing with Blomkamp after Elysium got made

  • King of Disgust

    Oh trust me crimsonfox you wouldn’t need to craft weapons to kill those crystal unicorn zombies thing :). Your awesome new manbun is enough

    • Man pony tail. You just made him very angry.

      • King of Disgust

        If I counted the number of times he pissed me off I would be a trillionaire.
        I asked ” So I’m confused . Is Eli or Mantis controlling sahelanthropussy? ”
        He replies and he’s like ” Stop spoiling people and email me at *****
        Like dafuq was that
        Some other guys even tells me I’m really into spoilers

      • King of Disgust

        Anyways me he’s atleast as sexy as this sexy mister universe bodybuilding contestant that attract ladies like a magnet with his sex vitamins

  • If you have any questions for crimsonfox he’ll be in the comment section later, so ask away!

    • Full Options

      You mean he gave it a shot ?? 😀 If yes, GREAT !!

    • Full Options

      Very cool to have Crimsonfox as an insider !!
      @crimsonfox questions :

      – You described weapons weights so regarding that, do you feel like the game will let craft a much wider range of weapons than what we saw ? I mean do you feel most TPP equivalent type of weapons will be somehow un-lockable this way ?

      -Can you give us crunchy details about the map’s limits and the differences you noticed with TPP’s Afghanistan ? For example, could you approach the destroyed mother base ?

      – What do you think about the new medical part of i-Droid and how did it possibly impacted your gameplay ?

      – Regarding enemies AI, did you cross roads with Skulls-like behavior regarding speed / movement and stress it could induce ?

      – Did they modified or included new reflex-mode type of feature or is it still as is ?

      THX !!!

      • The melee weapons are where it gets crazy. There’s all kinds of stuff to play with lone in MGS V. I’m not sure how crazy the guns will get though.

        The map we played on was basically the section of the Afghanistan map where the mission “a hero’s way” takes place. It’s also littered with random debris from Mother Base. It’s a big enough map. But there’s not that much to run around and see. In this multiplayer mode anyway. I can’t say what the campaign map will be since they weren’t ready to talk about that yet.

        The medical stuff is fine. It kinda reminded me of the healing system in MGS 3. But it’s in real time like crafting items in The Last Of Us. So you have mind your surroundings. Or tough it out and wait in between rounds.

        None acted like Skulls exactly. We didn’t progress to far so I don’t know if any of them have more advanced attacks. But the ones I saw they have exploding fat blobs, done that were faster some that were slow but stuck together in groups. And the AI is fine. They’re basically just zombies trying to get to the generator. If you’re in the way then they’ll attack you. From what I saw it ain’t that deep in that regard.

        I don’t know if reflex mode is in the campaign. But it’s not in MP. Only real new mechanics are the defense building things I already talked about. And reviving downed teammates is another feature. But it’s kind of a basic expected feature. Also if you die and your team stays alive you revive automatically in 1 minute.

        Thanks for the questions. I hope the answers help!

        • Full Options

          Thanks for the questions ? 😀 Well, millions thanks for all the precious answers helping a lot to have a better picture of the game and what they wanted to show so far !
          Reading you and guessing their habit, I am now more confident they’ll provide rich sets of weapons and hopefully as much as possible different kinds of enemies to neutralize.
          Heavily wondering about solo but was super-cool to have more details about MP, thanks to you.
          And the info regarding medical tab, like the fact that you have to check your surroundings was very crispy / appreciated. 😀

    • Johnno

      Hey, just wanted to pass on the heads up that Nikkei have posted the English account of their story on Konami, Kojima and Ex-Kons.

      This is major news on what Konami are really like!

    • Mr.Sixes

      I heard on the game informer show that there’s a screen regarding “What is going to be in the full game” before the gameplay kicks off and in other previews that “dense” single player campaign is going to be in. Can you recall any details from that screen?

      Also, I do kind of hope they set a story with a more somber tone with moments of levity, mainly because I think it’d be good to flex the story muscles and show what we can expect tonally and structure wise different from TPP.

      • Every thing I saw was specific to MP pretty much. Of course Konami talked about the campaign “coming along great” but they didn’t give any details to me.

        I feel you on the campaign. But I’m afraid it’ll get screwed up unfortunately. I’d love to be wrong though.

        • Mr.Sixes

          It’s being lead by the producer of rising so if nothing else expect something so balls out over the top it might be fun campaign wise

          • I think their best bet is to keep it over the top and try to be fun.

            What they decide to do after SURVIVE is when I’ll be super critical.

  • Great preview. The last sentence is great.

    I think people will enjoy it. It won’t change your life, but it’s definitely better than I ever expected it to be.

    • Thanks dude, it’s hard to say something all the other previews haven’t already covered. So I just gave my opinion other than going into mechanics and stuff that are covered else where.

  • Jav

    They could have used this time and effort to make missions with snake and no zombies.
    And people will buy it.

  • Gatsu

    Awesome that you get to be there Carlos and great preview <3 !

  • Full Options

    BTW LOL, check who is holding the game pad the most natural couch / crisps / cola style… xD

    • I had to pull my chair back. Being that close with arms on the desk was weird haha.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, their stools were looking pretty awkward / uncomfortable from the photos we had, possibly explaining your DualShock Sniper pose.
        xD The other ones look straight / stressed as for some kind of an exam, I would not have used the table neither, our own legs are far more comfortable and stable for such situations.. xD

  • Mr.Pony
  • SholidOnline

    Is it a stealth game though? No. Plus, #FucKonami.

    Sorry to be so blunt, I just hate this having the name Metal Gear given it’s setting. Zombies. And no Metal Gear so far, but that doesn’t matter to me.

    • No need to be sorry. We have our opinions also. But at the end of the day it’s Metal Gear news and we’re reporting like always. And trying to be as honest as possible in what’s posted.

      Like I said in the article. It would have been cool as another IP. But, it is what it is.

      • Hey crimsonfox did you keep an eye out for whom J-San might be by any chance?

  • BurntFM

    I’m glad somebody from MGI got to go to the event and experience the game, If some people enjoyed it. Cheers, but I still don’t feel compelled to even try it.

  • Alex

    I don’t think fun factor was ever in question, any MGSV mod would be insanely fun. Its more about the context of everything else surrounding the game.

  • Nekkedsnake

    I’ll consider a purchase once it’s in the bargain bin. Otherwise I’ll just stick with MGSV. I’m just not into whatever crap Kocknami does these days.

    • This reminds me of Resident Evil logo for some reason.

  • King of Disgust

    Am I the only one who thinks devs should stop sucking the dicks of idiots like ZOE QUINN,SJWs from tumblr and neogaf and edgy 4chaners
    Like I have no problem with diversity but forcing feminism unto devs and games is disgusting
    He was an idiot to apologise . You don’t have to apologise for your views and not being a complaining sjw bitch

  • When Kojima first explained Death Stranding to his team, “no one got it!”

    • Gatsu

      ;D I’d expect nothing less from Kojima <3.

    • King of Disgust

      That last line is something only an arrogant person would say . Kojima could make up the most complex idea every . But so could I . And it’s his skills as game designer and his team that are responsible for the quality of the game . So yeah team is genius and so are you but that is dickish to just say you thought it up

      • Eugene Voldo

        “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” –
        Albert Einstein.

      • That was a joke. Just re-watch the video and you will get it. He tried to make fun of himself actually at E3 Coliseum Q&A session.

        • King of Disgust

          Haha ok

        • King of Disgust

          I totally made a retard out of myself with this rant , didn’t I?

  • Mr.Pony

    So E3 came and go and Konami didn’t announce anything for the 30th anniversary of the MG series, do you still think they will announce anything to celebrate the date?

    • Eugene Voldo

      I think they will. And I hope they will ultimately troll MG community by adding in a trailer of a new project one simple phrase – “Never be game over”. BAM! Internet will explode!

  • Lee O.

    The biggest tragedy would be, if the game is actually great, but no one plays it.
    It looks fairly decent for what it is, great even. If I were a Zombie-guy, I would even buy it, but I am not at all interested in Zombies and barely in online co-op and so far there has been nothing in this game to get me excited in any way. If there is a crazy fun story mode, that might just change.
    For what it’s worth, kudos to the people developing it. They are in a pretty uncomfortable position. But here is hoping for a “serious” Metal Gear game down the line.

  • proceeder

    Go to Hell.

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  • Biggy

    “Better than expected, said No One Ever”

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