Close Up: Death Stranding 12″ Single

Coincidences are a funny thing. If Hideo Kojima hadn’t walked into a small record shop – recommended to him during a chance encounter – while visiting Iceland in 2014 for location scouting, and if they hadn’t been playing LOW ROAR’s track at that exact time, this product probably wouldn’t have existed right now. Charmed by this band’s music Kojima ended up using two of their tracks for his Death Stranding trailers. The song ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ was used for the E3 2016 trailer, and ‘Easy Way Out’ was featured in the trailer at PlayStation Experience later that year. During the latter event Kojima also announced a limited edition single on vinyl containing both tracks.

First some details on this single. It was sold through web store Mondo for a price of $15, though it is currently out of stock. According to the product description, it is pressed on a 12” 180 gram vinyl, clear with heavy black splatter.

The artwork on the album jacket is created by Randy Ortiz, and it features a hand with what looks like the ‘strands’ that will play a role in the game somehow.

On the back of the jacket are some more details. There’s a PlayStation logo, a Kojima Productions logo and a Mondo logo, and a list of credited names – the artist behind the music and record, and trademarks associated with Death Stranding.

The art seems to be mostly inspired from the setting of the first trailer for the game, with the black sand beach on what appears to be Iceland. Considering LOW ROAR is from Iceland as well this is fitting in more ways than one.

The record itself looks really cool. The black spatter almost make it look organic, or like something from a science fiction movie.

It has ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ on the A side, and ‘Easy Way Out’ on the B side. Below are the two trailers that featured these tracks.

I’ll Keep Coming

Easy Way Out

To conclude, this is a nice collector’s item. The presentation is great, from the jacket to the record itself, and both tracks are well worth listening to. Since the company selling these items, Mondo, is based in the US, the shipping costs for those living outside America can be a bit high though. But we do need to compliment the company on their customer service: the jacket was slightly damaged, however they immediately proposed sending a replacement jacket free of charge. Currently the item is out of stock.

The single was also sold at the PlayStation Gear store outside of the convention centre during E3 2017, and will likely be available at future events.

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    Mmm. This reminded me that I haven’t shared this with you guys yet:

    A fan mashup of I’ll Keep Coming and Easy Way Out; called “Ties That Bind”, and probably my favourite song of all time. Easily the best fan remix of anything I’ve ever heard – sounds familiar to the original works but still manages to have a unique voice.

    • Full Options

      Looks weird but fun.. 😀
      I prefer I’ll keep coming stuff over Easy way out though. Not sure why, both are great songs..

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        Yeah I feel the same. Just in general I prefer I’ll Keep Coming to Easy Way Out. But as you said they are both great songs.

        • Full Options

          Yeah, as well, “I’ll Keep Coming” really matches great Norman’s trailer whereas “Easy way out” sound more melancholic and detached over Mads trailer. I think this last trailer sound just awesome with Ludvig’s game track..
          “Easy way out” makes it more like a simple music videoclip than “I’ll Keep Coming” does over Norman’s shots. The first trailer with Low Roar is full of magics, poetry, dreams-like feelings…

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

            Also I’ll Keep Coming makes me think of Kojima’s perseverance and determination as a game designer. “Eym Bakh!”

          • Full Options

            1:1 same here… xDxD
            SSST… ALO… ALO EBERY WAN … EYEM BACH !!!!!


  • Full Options

    Thanks for this detailed close up ! ;D
    Glad it landed on your Koji-carpet !!
    Did you just received it ?

    • The first order about a month ago. The replacement jacket arrived last week, but then came the E3. 🙂

      • Full Options

        Replacement jacket ?? Was it damaged during shipment :/ or is it something else ?… However it looks very cool.. ;D

        • No problem! Yeah luckily the store sent a replacement immediately, good costumer service!

          • Full Options

            Yeah very cool from them. Plus you have 2 jacketS now, then..

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    Off topic: I have probably watched this trailer for Hellblade an unhealthy number of times –

    I am most impressed with the writing and general atmosphere, which was (apart from the games’ combat system) my main concern – was worried that the prose would be too thick and overt like most games/anime (mental health is a concept that needs to be presented as nuanced as possible), but I found the ideas presented in this cutscene alone to be quite a thought-provoking base to build a narrative. Hopefully this stays true for the entire game.

    • BurntFM

      Very excited! I followed the Developer Diaries and am amazed as to how this game was realized. I respect Ninja Theory in their vision and what they might accomplish with this game if it’s successful.

    • Mr.Pony

      I think everything looks fantastic in terms of narrative and such but i’m not yet convinced on the gameplay itself, the combat looked a bit stiff. Hope I’m wrong about this one and Vampyr, because both look very promising, its just the question of how it actually feels playing them.

    • radun

      Let’s hope the game will unfold all these things through gameplay and visual storytelling and not spoon them to you like in this trailer.
      This “narration” style of storytelling has been done to death and is getting so old.

    • Full Options

      Wow… The coolest thing with indies is their passion.. The atmosphere look really artistically inspired. Given the motivation we sensed during the production, the title will hopefully be mind-blowing..
      The price is quite low… Any clue about the size of the game ?
      I had the feeling it was looking more or less a big stuff.. However we’ll have all answers soon.. ;D

    • Gatsu

      Looks so fantastic!

  • Venom_Sina

    Nice Close up, Nyx. Thanks.
    Off Topic: There’s a Konami sale going down on US Playstation Store. Nyx, I think it doesn’t hurt if you cover this one. I think it’s a good time for newcomers to dive into this amazing universe:!/en-us/konami-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-KONAMISALEG

  • Gatsu

    Damn this was a nice closeup Boss <3! I wish I would have that .

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