Here are some photos of Metal Gear in Concert

Recently the first two Metal Gear in Concert performances were held in Japan, on July 30th in Osaka, and on August 2nd in Tokyo. During these concerts a live orchestra conducted by Nicholas Buc and with vocals by Donna Burke performs music from various Metal Gear games. Below are some pictures of the Japanese event, showing both preparations and the actual show.

“A true Olympic finish. Huge thanks to Konami for our Gold, Silver and Bronze bionic arms!” – Nicholas Buc

There are plans to bring the concert to North America and Europe as well, but so far there aren’t any specific details as to when and where this will happen.

Source: Metal Gear in Concert Twitter (1,2), Donna Burke Twitter (1,2,3), 達樹 Twitter, Nicholas Buc Twitter

  • Jav

    I was thinking Mg survive could be just a test for a future coop metal gear with the boss and her friends.

  • Mr.Pony

    One would think that they would have used the CGI Pachinko cutscenes from MGS3.

    [off-topic] It seems that someone managed to mod MGS Integral on PC to run on modern hardware and at 1080p.

  • Mr.Pony
    • Eugene Voldo

      She was a traitor. A dirty one I must say. She double crossed everyone and after all that she got the nerve to say something about loyalty. It was a bizarre scene. Almost like Judas Iscariot saying something about friendship till the end with Jesus.

      • What? She did it to keep the world in balance.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Well, I didn’t and still don’t believe her word. I think she lied up about “world in balance” part to threw Snake off the balance and easily kill him. And if you think about it her story just doesn’t add up – it’s like she tried so hard to make it look lie she was just a victim of global powers colliding. So I think she was a traitor.

          • So what was her goal then?

          • Eugene Voldo

            To destroy the whole world. To avenge her child. And some other stuff I dont remember. So Snake is the real hero here and a true patriot at the same time.

      • Mr.Pony

        Someone needs to go back to PW and MGS3

        • Eugene Voldo

          No facts, remember? 😀

          • MrVux007

            You have a funny way of using “There are no facts,only interpretations” quote my friend,since The Boss-es segment of the MGS3 story wasn’t covered with mystery/clusterfucking like Big Boss-es story was in MGSV.

            But I can’t say you are wrong since I would end up a hypocrite since I too use that quote.

    • Lex Radu

      Have Patty Jenkins directing it, and i’m in!

  • MrVux007

    Guys have you seen Guerilla Games and Kojima Productions recent Decima engine improvement/presentation?

    Really impressive stuff

  • Gatsu

    I wish I could have been there omg >_<…

  • Gatsu

    Now where’s that next PythonSelkan video.

  • King of Disgust

    Would a psychological horror claustrophobic mgs game featuring Yaeger in Mozambique during his childhood work?
    But then I doubt censors would permit a child killing machine

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