Number of owned nuclear weapons in MGSV – August 4 Update

Here are this week’s numbers and graphs detailing nuclear weapon ownership in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since the last update, numbers went up on PlayStation 4 and down on PlayStation 3. Xbox One went up by 8 while Xbox 360 went down by 7. Steam saw a big increase bringing the nuke count to far above 9000.

The current numbers, as of August 4th, are as follows:

PS4: 1894 (+4)
PS3: 816 (-33)
Xbox One: 203 (+8)
Xbox 360: 349 (-7)
Steam: 9252 (+148)

Since last update:
Number of nukes went up
Number of nukes went down

Source: Metal Gear Official Japanese Twitter (1,2)

  • Jav

    Can I see any nukes if I go to that tab?

  • Full Options

    WOwUoWOOWOOOO !? Eh.. Never trust an XBox… Even a One… Nah just kidding… xD
    It is like the more they publish stats, the more people are producing Nukes…
    So the point is that humans are morally immature .. Ok, but we got the point 2 years ago already… Don’t get it… Do they even know if they want to maintain MGSV or not ?
    Taking all this time, they should better have worked on a substantial reward otherwise this will look quite ridiculous in the end…

    Edit : And Steam just behave like nothing was done to counter-strike any kind of hack..

    • Mr.Pony

      The more one talks about something, the more people will react to it. With the news of this update the number will go up a little i think but eventually when they abandon the support for it (with the launch of Survive) and just maintain he servers i hope we will get there. As for the PC the anti-cheat thing clearly didn’t work at all…

      • Full Options

        Yeah, Steam grows at a constant rate of barely 200 nukes per f.ckn week !? … Such a lust for nukes…

  • Limit Break

    This is just… depressing.

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