Unreleased MGSV music available to listen on composer Justin Burnett’s website

Justin Burnett, who is one of the composers for Metal Gear Solid V, has posted some of his work on his personal website, giving us the chance to listen to some previously unreleased music created for MGSV. You can play the tracks on his website (under video games), the full track list available is as follows:

1. Stand-Off in the lobby – 2:25
2. Helicopter Massacre – 01:51
3. Its Raining Firetrucks – 02:56
4. The Whale – 01:41
5. Quiet Helicopter Battle – 03:38
6. Huey’s Trial – 04:01
7. Liquid Escapes – 02:41
8. Prisoner Quiet – 03:52
9. Tank Battle Phase One – 02:25
10. Tank Battle Phase Two – 03:33
11. Sahelanthropus Revealed – 01:49
12. Battle Sahelan Full Action – 03:15
13. The Funeral – 4:18
14. Sahelanthropus Attack – 09:32
15. Sahalen Boss Battle Yall – 03:24

Source: Justin Burnett, via The Snake Soup

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