Metal Gear Solid movie to span multiple time periods?

In an interview with website Den of Geek, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who will direct the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, talked a bit about his ideas for the project. Directing a big movie like Kong: Skull Island helped Vogt-Roberts get a shot at this franchise, and according to the director, producer Avi Arad had a good understanding of what he’s going to do with the story.

“It’s like, fundamentally, Metal Gear is about the cycle of pain and it’s about this f*cked up weird family soap opera, and it’s about ideologies, and it’s about characters and philosophies. And it’s about playing with tone and it’s about so many different things. But a lot of those things are conceptual ideas. So I was able to go in and say, and have that moment to say, ‘Here’s what it needs to be, if you don’t want to do this version, just say so now and let’s split paths.’ But with Kong being what it was in a post-Logan, Deadpool world, they all kind of said, ‘Okay.’ Let’s make the version that I have pitched.”

It seems that the movie at this point isn’t a certainty yet, but Vogt-Roberts does believe they’re currently headed in the right direction.

“Right now what we’re trying to write is the craziest, punk rock, Kojima, rock and roll, like ‘holy shit they’re going to try to make that movie that does this in that many time periods?!’ Like it’s special. Whether we can execute on that script, whether we can get it made, who knows. But right now, I truly believe that the target is in the right direction, and so we’ll see what happens from there.”

Interestingly it sounds like the movie will cover multiple time periods and not just focus on one point in the series’ timeline. The Metal Gear timeline spans a century and several generations of characters, and fitting even part of that in a single movie seems like a challenge. It seems like Vogt-Roberts is well aware of this but still wants to try and pull it off.

Metal Gear’s complicated timeline as explained by the official MGSV guide

To read the full interview, follow the link in the source section below.

Additionally, on Twitter, Jordan Vogt-Roberts said that the movie is not designed to be a retelling of a particular game, but instead will ‘likely share heavy thematic and story elements from a few games mixed together in a way that attempts to respect the canon’. He added that he can’t say much more about this because it would get into a very cool device he’s using for the movie. He concluded: ‘My way into the film is very punk rock and Kojima but that won’t make any sense until you see it… I’m fighting the good fight every day.’

Source: Den of Geek, Jordan Vogt-Roberts Twitter

  • No Place For Hayter

    Sounds interesting, I don’t have hope, but it would be great if it turned out 🙂 wait and see. Also obligatory, Fuck Avi Arad

  • Lex Radu

    Sounds like a mix of “Pulp Fiction” and “Cloud Atlas”

    I’m in!

    • vic boss

      Is cloud atlas a good movie ? I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages but haven’t found the time to see it yet.

      • Good is a matter of opinion, but yeah, it’s worth a watch. There’s some interesting ideas in there.

  • Maybe they could use a similar structure as The Godfather 2. Tell two stories at the same time that are relevant to each other. That way they could tell the story of MG1 / MG2 and MGS1 at the same time, and in this way explain the history and relationship between Big Boss and Solid Snake (and perhaps other characters such as Gray Fox, which Jordan wanted to include). If they pull it off well it could work.

    • Mr.Pony

      On principle yes, having the Big Boss Saga, or early MG being told as The Godfather 2 or trough flashbacks could work, but it could also fail. I think this aspect will depend on the second story they tell, if they try to tell the entire Big Boss story along with the main plot of Solid Snake, I think it will feel cramped up, there are some many fine details they they would need to tell, on the other hand, telling the early MG story could work since it way more simple than the story of Big Boss.

      • Yeah, it could fail, but it’s better to take risks and fail than not to try at all and just make a simplistic and forgettable action movie.

        • NegaScott128

          I think taking a calculated risk is a good thing, but this just seems far too ambitious for its own good. It feels like Roberts can’t decide what part of the series he wants to adapt, so he’s trying to do all of them at once. And since there’s no way a studio like Sony would put out a 3-3.5 hour movie in an unproven series, there’s no way the film will end up being a coherent story, and it’ll just end up hurting the series.

          • Yeah from the interviews it sounds like he want to make a movie about the Metal Gear franchise, rather than just one of the games. But maybe that’s the right approach. How the hell he’s going to do this is another thing… 😛

      • NegaScott128

        I think the crucial difference is that, when Godfather 2 used that structure, you already knew who Don Corleone was, so all his scenes had significance and weight that they simply would not have without the context of the earlier film. Telling both the backstory and the main plot at the same time without context would be difficult, and from the sounds of it, Roberts is even more ambitious, possibly trying to cram 3 or more storylines into the film.

        Ideally, an adaptation should both work as its own film and encourage people to pick up the source material, acting as a gateway for new fans. What I’m most concerned about is that, in order to hit a 2-2.5 hour runtime (if not shorter), the film will end up sacrificing too much detail and context, and end up becoming completely incoherent unless you already know the source material. Which would ultimately just drive people away from the series and hurt its reputation, assuming Konami hasn’t already driven it into the ground by that point.

    • Lex Radu

      Or better yet, like Pulp Fiction!

  • Full Options

    Would be so awesome !!!

  • proceeder

    Looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    I’ve had a great time with Solid Snake and David Hayter, occasionally with Big Boss.
    Heck, I even liked Phantom Pain’s ending, both the in game one and the one Konami stole.
    But, I don’t wanna watch Snake get dragged through the mud in movie adaptation.
    If this story isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.

    • Lex Radu

      It’s proof that Jordan is willing to try something new, to not adapt the plot, but the story, not make a fan service extravaganza, but explore the themes, and what Metal Gear is about.

      Is not about Big Boss or Solid Snake, or The Boss, is about generations misinterpreting the will of a figure, of a Legend, for some a Hero, for some a Terrorist, about the Truth behind Legends, how they were remembered vs who they actually were.

      So no, after some thought, at first i was concerned, but now i realize what Jordan meant in this interview, and i’m more excited than i have ever been, especially seeing people concerned, it shows that is not what anyone expected, and i’m all for trying something new!

      • proceeder

        Thanks for the response.

        This attitude of bringing one’s own take on the story reminds me of Ghost in the Shell’s movie, and the interviews with its director.

        Sure, there’s a lot in MGS. Even Kojima himself said he hadn’t thought the coherency through by the end of MGS2.

        But, I’m impressed with MGS’s characters. Be it Solid Snake, Big Boss, the Boss, Otocon, Naomi, Meryl, Ocelot, Liquid or Raven.

        And he wants to present his own take/spin on that!?

        Well I’d say I have no interest in seeing it. Since these were already well-written & well-established personages.
        Just my opinion.

        • Lex Radu

          Ghost in the shell wasn’t that bad, it only has pacing issues, editing issues, in rest, it was pretty good, that is a solid B Movie!

          • proceeder

            Well, I can respect that. We seem to have different taste & look for different things in our entertainment media.

            However, I urge you to watch “Ghost in the Shell: Shadow Complex”.

            Compare it to the movie adaptation & see if there’s anything lost, be it character development or exploring an ideology.

            That’s what I fear would be lost in a movie adaptation.
            Characters developed over more than 9 games, each with more than 8hrs of story telling.

          • Full Options

            Yeah all ingredients are there, but it feels hard to get the original atmosphere of the anime.. Definitely pacing issues. Some scenes are way too rushed despite their importance. Maybe with some extra rushes not exploited in the final movie, they could issue a better cut..

  • Destro Hu55ein

    They better do snake eater, Chris evans as big boss. Make it happen dammit

  • Full Options

    Due to the quantity of details needed to be included and in an ideal world , the franchise would deserve some opuses treated as long as Pete Jackson’s LOTR, but the bill would obviously not be the same at the end, and MG has a quite modest reputation if compared to LOTR…

  • Gatsu
    • The game looks very interesting, if only they’d announce a physical release!

      • Gatsu

        It’s not as physical release ? I bought it on Steam so I didn’t know. Actually I didn’t even know it was coming to Steam lol xD, so it was a nice surprise haha! I thought it was only for PS4.

        I really recommend it though, even if you mostly like to get physical copies. It’s only 30€, which is good price :). Took me about 14-15h to finish the story.

        • It’s not physical because Ninja Theory published the game themselves. But the game really deserves a physical version alongside the digital one.

          • Gatsu

            Yeah, I wish every game would get physical and digital release. I don’t want games to change only to digital.

          • Exactly, giving gamers the choice is best. It’s okay if physical is a it more expensive, that’s only logical. Then gamers can decide themselves if they think it’s worth the extra cost or if they want to stick with the digital version.

          • Full Options

            I am like you guys, plus I don’t like the idea of limitation of disk space on the console, involving more disk / file management efforts. Not to mention that the system also needs a certain amount of free disk space for running games. I don’t like the idea of worrying about that too..

            It feels also safer since if the drive is down, you can still boot your game immediately with physical and a blank new drive, without having to re-download and install all the stuff.

          • Full Options

            Maybe part of the reason was also that the title is rather short, making it a bit more difficult to present it as AAA’s collector packages and stuff..

          • Maybe, but there are plenty of short games that had a physical release (some done by a publisher like Limited Run Games, including titles such as Firewatch and Dear Esther which only take a few hours).

          • Mr.Pony

            I’m sure that they will have a game of the year somewhere next year, the game is being pretty well received.

          • Full Options

            At least some cool prizes if not big GOTY, to encourage all indy studios to follow the same perseverance.

          • MrVux007

            Don’t see it as a overall GOTY winner (by the total number of GOTY awards) but it will definitely win some!

        • Full Options

          Without any specific exclusivity / agreement and given that the game was developed with Unreal 4, they can technically target most consoles and mobiles, almost out-of-box.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      On my 8th playthrough. Nearly 50 hours of playtime. If I say anymore about my love the game I’ll end up writing another essay. I feel like it’s blend of narrative and game design should be studied in game schools.]

      This game fucked with me like no other piece of media. I was in near tears by the end and had dreams about the game 3 days in a row.

      • Full Options

        Glad the game matched your expectation, JJ. ;D You are the very one of us daily dying for its release. So for 8 playthrough, this must be a piece of software !! 😀
        Now that they tuned the engine around it, it should be easier for them to issue a lot more content in the near future.. ;D

      • Gatsu

        Yeah I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one, who thought it remind of Guts! I wanna play it a looot more <3, the ending gave the feels…

    • MrVux007

      Definitely gonna get it, but as Nyx said it’s a shame it has no physical release.And might I add (from what I saw in uncompressed footage) it has graphics/animations that would put to shame some big AAA game franchises.

      But first I need to finish up with UC:Lost Legacy.Been watching the comparison video of the reveal vs retail and IMO surprisingly it does have improvements in some areas(most noticeable one is the lighting.

    • BurntFM

      I really like this game. I beat it yesterday and I’m going right back in to collect all of the runes. It’s a great “hero’s journey” type of tale.

      • Gatsu

        I’m gonna do a 2nd playthrough also for the runes I missed.

  • davisss

    Kojima better have some contribution to the movie or else it would flop since kong island wasnt much to me

    • BurntFM

      I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but let’s never forget expectations VS reality: A director’s plans for a movie Pre-Production VS the movie the director makes

    • NegaScott128

      What exactly is this “device” he’s using for this film? I assume it’s the multiple storylines thing, but how would that involve “future proofing” for future films?

      As an aside, I do think one of the benefits of having the series basically finished before the films get made is that most of the continuity issues can be avoided, thus clearing up some of the clutter of the series canon. Like, they don’t have to do some weird mental gymnastics to explain why Naomi called Dr. Clark a man in MGS1, because now we already know she’s supposed to be a woman. So you can just rewrite that section so Naomi refers to Dr. Clark as “she,” and then not have to fix that issue in future films.

    • Lex Radu

      Hmmm, that sounds interesting.

  • MrVux007

    Damm, saddens me to hear that a legendary Jerry Lewis has passed away today.That man trully had a complete love towards comedy and filmmaking.

    • Full Options

      Wow.. shoot, he was a legend…
      RIP Jerry. 🙁

    • Lex Radu


  • Lex Radu

    Well well, now that we know the Movie will most likely span across multiple Eras…we might as well just start the “SPECULATION TRAIN”

    All abord the Train.

    Now our fist stop is…Story, and from my window it looks like it will cover the entire saga starting with the formation of the Cobra Unit, till the Guns of The Patriots incident, and it will focus on the chain of events launched by the death of Joy.

    Second stop is…Plot, and as you can see up in to distance we have 1 Snake and 1 Major Tom fighting over who trully understood The Boss’s Will, f**ing up the entire world in their contest of “Snakes Measuringt”, while the winner will be the third one, the son of The Snake who never spent a day with The Boss, but understands her ideology better than anyone else…while also blowing sh*t up in the pross, and saving the world and sh*t, all observed and documentyed by the 1 handed will life creature known as Ocelot, mostly spinning his Revolver for no reason to show how cool he is, which got him the name, and that brings us to our next stop

    Third stop is…Storytelling, we can see even further now a technique made famuous by Qutntin Tarantino with his Movie pul Fiction, and that is having multiple intertwined Stand Alone yet connected Short Movies, which tell a bigger story in non Chronological Order.
    The Connection between this short films will be our Main Protagonist, and that is…(drums)…..Nope, none of The Snakes, it will be Ocelot.

    People seem to confuse the visual storytelling point of view, with the storytelling point of view, to be fair i also did tha and thought that is the Snakes’s, seeing how we get to experience what they are going throught, their strugles, their pain, their loss, their evolution throughout multiple Games, we get attached to the characters, and that makes us overlook the true Star of all the Show, Revolver Ocelot.
    If you think about it, he is the one from who’s point of view are the stories told, he is the one, he is the fron and center figure in each of them, he is the one that interacted with all of our Snakes, and we always meat him in the first act, he’s always there to confront our Protagonist, he is always the one that looks the best in al the stories, the one that always wins, and we always end with a him reporting the events through a phone call, it’s like what we are seeing are just the stories he blows out of proportions to make himself and The Snakes look good, and that are way too over the tp to be all true…and that is what they are
    That would justiffy all the Crazy over the top things from the series, seeing how these are just stories this guy tells, fixing any continuity error since…Ocelot probably most of the time he is lying to make the stories sounds much cooler than they already are, he is professional Bullsh*ter, he is a Triple Agent Spy, he has to be The Best liar in the world, and as wwe all know, the Best liars tell The Best Storier.

    It would be the best way to make Metal gear perfectly work as a Movie, make Ocelot The Main Character of this, the one who has seen ti all, and each time tranzition to the short films while he is telling these stories to someone, stories full of continuity errors, of contradictory pand convoluted plot lines that wen put together dont’t make any sense whatsoever, cause they are half true, they are blown out of proportion because of his love and grattitude for both Big Boss and hi Son, Solid Snake, he is their biggest fan, we wants perople to think they are these legendady Soldiers who saved the world multiple times, even if the person on the other side of the line doesn’t know who these people are (who in a mind blowingly classic Kojima plot twist, we find out all tyhis time it…Kojima, that way making his Cameo..or us The Audience) he doesn’t care, he just wants to continue their legacy.

    Now our forth and last Stop is..Casting, which will come in form of a reply to this comment, seeing how this is already hella fucking long…it’s not a comment anymore, it’s an entire freakin article here.

    • Lex Radu

      Casting: Considering how these are just Stories Ocelot Tells, there is no need for casting consistency between each short film, so we will be having multiple Actors play the same Character for each time period, actors that some may look nothing like the other actor that played it previously, but look the part to play this cretain version of him/her, except for Ocelot who has to be the same guy in every story, a guy that can look both young and old as sh*t with the help of Makeup, and maybe evn a little bit of CGI, which brings us to our first casting:
      Also, these actor won’t have a lot of screen time, so no one would be expensive, since they will not have huge screentime, not like Ocelot, who has to be…

      Revolver Ocelot – Johnny Depp

      Wanna have a highly Recognizable Character for being Unrecognizable that will basically sell the Movie to the mainstream audience of all ages, from young to old?
      If there is an actor that can do all that and that can make a Character be Believeble and Entertaining while telling these Non-Sensical-Over-The-Top-Batshit_Crazy Storie, it’s Depp, he has the right amount of Crazy and a whole amount of Tallent, he can be Show-Of, Charming and Terryfying all at the same time, and he barelly agend a day, which means that with the help of Makeup and with a little bit of CGI like he did for the latest Pirates Movie …

      …using that for both “The Virtuous Mission” and “Operation Snake Eater” Depp will be more than capable of playing a convincing Ocelot in all the Eras!

      Honorable mentions (Ocelot Only) Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Jared Leto

      Young The Boss/The Joy –

      Besides looking like The Bos,, If you watched either Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, then you are familiar with her, if not, then let me just say this, she is a really good actress (See “The Machine 2013) and she can is quite physical for her Characters, which is required to play The Boss, to make the audience Believe when she does all the CQC Moves, and above all that, she is most likely cheap, seeing how she’s labeled as a TV Actress, this could be her breakout role.

      Young Naked Snake & The Twin Snakes – Grant Gustin

      Just like Caity, Grant is a relatively unknown TV Actor, and this is why he is The Best Choice, no one expects him to pull this of, but i do, based on the way he acts with himself playing a different character, he has that thing you need to be able play both Solid and Liquid, if you don’t believe me watch this:

      Above all that, he has the Charm of young Naked Snake and Solid Snake, he can be Funny, he can be a Bad Ass, but he can also be emotional, he is overall an underrated Actor.

      Peace Walker Big Boss – Hugh Jackman

      Do i need to say more? No. but i will.
      He is a Fan Favorite, hell even a Kojima Favorite, and he is Big Boss, PW Big Boss, however…

      MGSV Big Boss/Venom Snake – Kiefer Sutherland

      MGSV was basically an Audion Tape for The Role, i mean he was proposed to Kojima by the Produce of the Movie, and the fan response for his performance is pretty fucking good, so i’m calling it now, he is our Big Boss

      Roy Campbell – Byan Cranston

      He has already proven capable of playing a mentor figure to our Character (fucked up mentor, but doesn’t matter) his presence would bring that Autory and wittynes of Roy, and he looks the part.

      Zero/Cipher – Hugh Laurie

      For those who don’t know, he is British, and he can seem the nicest guy, the Movie Buff, but also a hipocritical A-Hole, and also be actually The Villain, he is a great Actor, probably The Best on the list so far, and he has a screen presence like no other british actor!

      Meryl – Emma Stone

      Wanna flash that “Oscar Nominated x” in the Trailer, this is your Chance
      She may not be the best choice, but she would be Box Office Draw besides Depp and Grant, and besides, she is am amazing actress.

      EVA – Amber Herd

      Most likelty big after Aquaman, people will love her, and it would be interesting to see her interacting with her Ex, with Depp, and knowing the behind the scenes drama would make the scenes between Ocelot and Eva a lot more intense that they would otherwise.

      And Last but not Least….

      Huey/Hal – Ryan Gosling

      Who better else to make the most coward characters, the funniest, i mean, he is the perfect choice to play the Comedic Relief, his Charisma is uinque, and he is also a Box Office Draw, and would aslo be funny to see him interact again with Emma Stone as Meryl.

      • Lex Radu

        Now, who are yours?

        • Full Options

          Would put Cate Blanchett as the Boss…
          As you said, Depp as Ocelot and Emma Stone as Meryl (Meryl !) would be very convincing.

          As oldo Snake somehow narrating us the story ( starting with “war has changed…”) and why not, having some other interesting sequences, I would pick… Mah ! Kurt Russel, of course !
          And Jeff Bridges as liquid Ocelot in case of possible boxing duel..

          I think Volgin would definitely rock if played by Dolph Lundgren.. 😀

          • Lex Radu

            That i forgot, Dlph is now old enough to play Volgin, and still badass enough to do it (have you seen him in Arrow?)

          • Full Options

            Not yet in Arrow ( I’ll watch it), but yeah, either physically or perhaps because of affinity with such roles, Lundgren IS Volgin !

          • Lex Radu

            As for Kate, she already reaching 50, and she is way to regornizable for the role, and lakcs the energy that Caity Lotz has!


            Besides, Caity would also be able to play young Joy.

          • Full Options

            Got you but her gaze is just 1:1 Boss’s… Dunno why her face / insurance reminds me the character so much… ;D

          • Lex Radu

            That is true.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Big Boss: David Hayter.
          Solid Snake: David Hayter.
          Boss: David Hayter.
          Liquid: David Hayter.
          Raiden: Kiefer Sutherland (well, I have to include him to make some big bucks at the box office).

          It will be like “Being John Malkovich”, but with David Hayter.

        • Ishmael

          Tilda Swindon as The Boss. Nobody would fit better.

          • Lex Radu

            That’s actually a great casting.

    • NegaScott128

      Considering we have absolutely no concrete info about what the movie will actually be about, I think speculating is kinda pointless. It could cover the whole saga, or just Big Boss, or just Solid Snake, or some combination of the two, or even neither of them. There’s simply no way to tell.

      Personally, I think the two most likely candidates are either the Big Boss saga (MGS3, PW, and MGSV) or MGS1 with flashbacks to MG1 and 2 to explain the backstory. I don’t think Roberts is stupid enough to try and cram the whole series into one movie, especially considering he talks about setting up future movies in the tweets linked below.

      Really, the confusing part is that he both talks about combining elements from multiple games while also “respecting the canon.” Those two ideas seem contradictory: the first implies a somewhat broad strokes approach that focuses more on replicating the themes and ideas of the games rather than specific plot points, and the second implies a straightforward “one game = one movie” approach. If he’s combining story elements and themes from multiple games, then it’s not really respecting the canon, is it? We’ll just have to wait for more details to understand what he’s getting at.

      • Lex Radu

        Well, wouldn’t that both respect Canon and sep up for future Movies?

        If they arte stories, then after that, if the audience liked the Movie, the Other films will; be the actual events Ocelot told us all this time.

        • NegaScott128

          Except your proposed structure is almost certainly not going to be the one Roberts uses. It’s a big-budget action/sci-fi movie, not the English Patient.

          • Lex Radu

            And that’s why it is the way to go, it’s bold.

            Also, Cloud Atlas told its story similar, and that was a mix if generas in 1 Movie, like Metal Gear is!

          • NegaScott128

            I’d rather have a safe movie that’s good than an ambitious movie that sucks. I don’t give extra points for effort.

            Cloud Atlas was always one collection of stories that were always meant to be told together. MGS is not. Also, Cloud Atlas was 3 hours long, polarized audiences, and was a commercial failure. Not exactly the sort of movie that should be used as inspiration for a potential blockbuster movie franchise.

          • Lex Radu

            “I’d rather have a safe movie that’s good than an ambitious movie that sucks”

            And that’s why we don’t have a unique VG Movie, cause no one was willing to take risks, and try soemthing new, untill Jordan.

            And Yes, would would rather have an Amazing Mess, than a forgetable adaptation!

          • NegaScott128

            Except that, once again, MGS was never designed to work like that. Every game was meant to be its own separate entity, with its own unique themes and ideas. Combining them all into one movie will just lead to a confusing mess, which will only hurt the series’ reputation and turn people away. MGS does not deserve to be associated with a shitty movie. You might be happy with that, but I will not be.

          • Lex Radu

            No, if you make it clear from the first act that you, as the averege Moviegoer are about to experience some crazy story this “Clown” tells on the phone…which will be rtevealed in the third act that he is not exagerating his contribution to these stories, that he is indeed as Badaas as the stories he tells, then there would be absolutely no problem.

            If you know from the first 10 minutes that you are in for over the top SF Fantasy Pseudo History War Stories, and you cplain for them not making a lot of sense, then you are the problem.

            All this Movie needs to do is show that is knows exactly what is it, as long as that’s established from the beginning, people will either Love it, or Hate it, either way, people will see it if it looks like nothing they expected.

          • Lex Radu

            And Yes, The Trailer has to be perfect, it’s the only way for this Movie to have a chance to succeed.

  • NegaScott128

    OT: Boy, Shenmue III is not looking great.

    I’ve seen a lot of people defending this trailer under the grounds that “it’s a work in progress” and “graphics don’t matter,” and frankly, both of these arguments are a load of crap. The game is still scheduled to come out in, at most, 16 months. That the game has such stiff animation at such a late stage in development is seriously worrying, and that’s to say nothing of the disconnect between the character models and the environments. That is not an issue of development time, or even budget – that’s bad art direction, and that is extremely difficult to fix with so little time.

    And the idea that the graphics are unimportant is ignorant of the history of the series and the context the first 2 games were released in. At the time, they the some of, if not the most graphically impressive games on the market. That is what this new game should be held to, not the limits of a 20-year old system. I don’t care if animations of this quality were acceptable on the Dreamcast, because this is not a Dreamcast game. This is a modern PS4 game that will be compared to other modern PS4 games, and it is not up to those standards.

  • Mr.Pony
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  • Ishmael

    Bringing up almost the most important parts of the timeline in a movie that maybe has a length of 2 hours? This can only go wrong. Metal Gears Story lived from not rushing moments together and giving time to develop. It’s designed to be a video game. Speeding things up won’t work. His Kong film wasn’t good and it’s easy to predict this project will be a disappointment as well. Like it mostly happens when video games get movies. If this movie would never enter the cinema i would rather be glad.

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