Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty now available for NVIDIA Shield

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD has been made available for NVIDIA Shield, a game computer that runs Android games via streaming. It seems to be a port of the HD Edition previously released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game is now available in the Google Play Store, you can check out the trailer and product description below.

Technological data on the nuclear-armed walking tank, Metal Gear, leaks onto the black market. The legendary hero, Solid Snake, sets out in pursuit of a tanker carrying a new Metal Gear prototype. But Snake falls into a trap and is believed lost along with the tanker at the bottom of the Hudson River. Two years later, terrorists seize control of the Big Shell, an oil spill cleanup facility. Responding to the crisis, the government sends Raiden, a new recruit within the special ops unit FOXHOUND, to infiltrate the Big Shell and rescue the US President.


• Hours of gameplay: Includes the full MGS2: Sons of Liberty experience, along with all of the VR Missions.

• Features a rich story featuring Solid Snake and other characters from the Metal Gear Solid saga.

• Optimized to exclusively run on SHIELD TV at 60 fps in 720p.



• SHIELD game controller

• 4.0 GB of storage.

• The game runs at 720p HD resolution on supported displays.

This version supports Google Play Achievements and cloud saves with Google Play Games sign-in.

(Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Also, here are some screenshots from NVIDIA’s official website.

Apparently, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD will also be coming to NVIDIA Shield at a later date.

Source: NVIDIA, Google Play Store

  • Mr.Pony

    This is either a very bizarre choice of way to release a port, (since new gen consoles and PC dont have a proper release) or just to show how Konami is preparing for that mobile push.

    • They did the same thing with Rising:

      But yeah, seems so random.

      • Mr.Pony

        Rising I understand, it released on everything else first and finally on this. The fact that this is on Google Play does it mean it is playable in any way with an android tablet or a cell via stream? Because if that’s the case it would go along with their strategy for more mobile games.

        • Not sure, it says in the requirements you need a Shield TV though.

      • Offered By

        So, something happens within Konami. They want to go the mobile route completely, but Shield support feels so random at this point especially when we are at the Gamescom days.

        • Mr.Pony

          Exactly, it’s so weird…Maybe they are kind of testing the waters

          • Maybe Konami president wanted to play something on a shield… there were no gam… Ok.
            This is what we get without a proper PR person. Some random announcements.

          • Konami is looking into it for us but it seemed like they did not know much about this whole thing either (at least not the person behind the official Twitter). But we might get some more details because they requested those from the PR team.

        • Seems to be a port of the HD Edition (the one on PS3 and 360). Of course there’s also the Vita version but that one runs at a lower resolution.

    • Eugene Voldo

      It’s quite likely that NVIDIA offered Konami some kind of assistance in porting MGS2&3 to Nvidia Shield. Konami agreed and that’s how Nvidia Shield got this games. Nothing random here, only business interests.

  • Lex Radu

    Now give us MGS3!

  • also it might be interesting what changes they did to the game… like removing “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” since that was part of the HD version logos…

      • Eugene Voldo

        No! No-no-no! This just can’t be right! Konami is a greedy unscrupulous company which exist for the sole purpose of destroying Kojima’ legacy!..

        I really hope everyone realized by now that Konami is a good company. They do what’s best for their business.

      • NegaScott128

        That’s… weird. Think it might be a mistake?

        • Nope. Before anyone thinks that Konami can take “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” sign away, that is not possible unless they want to screw with the game code and somehow eliminate the whole pic. It’s not a text, so Konami won’t even bother with it.

          • NegaScott128

            It doesn’t seem that hard. Just open the logo in Photoshop, erase the text, and save over the original file. As long as it has the same file name and is in the place the game expects it to be in, it should be fine.

          • Well, yeah, you can do that. How about other stuff that is in the game? Konami won’t bother with it.

          • NegaScott128

            I mean, I knew they weren’t gonna remove his name from the credits or anything (after all, his name was all over MGSV outside of the logo), but if they’re going to all this effort to port MGS2 to the Shield, why not take the extra 5 minutes to change the logo?

          • Full Options

            Not sure on which version it is based, but they certainly don’t want to mess around re-compiling anything or at least, as less as possible stuff, so this could hint at the fact that this port was perhaps less painful than we could imagine.

          • NegaScott128

            Judging from the logo, it appears to be based on the HD Collection version, which was also the version that added “A Hideo Kojima Game” to the logo in the first place.

          • Full Options

            If it is derived from the a console’s HD col version, it should be fairly easy for them to do that but would still have a cost, compared to leaving all as is.. But we are not even sure about their possible political motivation to remove the mention from older titles, because if you look at Konami’s portal, they even kept the mention on old titles, even if it is really peanuts for them to edit their web pages..



          • NegaScott128

            Promotional websites are almost always abandoned shortly after launch. They didn’t update them because they figured no one would even notice, because by the time the whole Kojima/Konami thing went down, the websites were already almost 4 years old, and were for games released on old systems. MGS2 on Shield is a new release, and Kojima isn’t even with the company anymore. It’s weird how they didn’t bother to “correct” the logo, especially when the trailer Nvidia put out has the logo without Kojima’s credit. So they clearly have a fixed logo, but they just didn’t put it in the game itself.

          • Full Options

            Those links are on the official MGS portal, when you click on Legacy Collection.

            Back to your initial questions, it is indeed technically peanuts to edit DIY those bitmaps and deploy them for anybody, even directly editing the bitmap in the resource section of the program, but if you want to do it in a professional production context, it can become a little more complex.
            Here is somehow how it goes :
            – Your artist issue the new bitmaps
            – Your devs integrate them
            – You have a new version needing to pass through QA / Technical Requirement Checklists (TRC) which I believe are pretty heavy at Konami (eg. the game is stable, the console does not burn, the controllers keep connected, the system does not crash because of your rom, etc.. can have a lot of checks like that).
            – Your release candidate is accepted so you can deploy.

            So here you see that even if the intervention was supposedly light, various services can still be mobilized with a substantial cost in order for the submission to pass through. That could look weird but that’s the way it is for big companies to make sure their software won’t cause trouble of any kind. They must pass through all those steps, even if the revision is insignificant, because the slightest change can involve unknown bugs they would have to patch.

          • Mr.Pony

            Plus, Konami knows that Kojima game still sells, and also knows that everyone will be checking to see if they removed the name, they certainly got a lot of backlash for MGSV.

          • Full Options

            At least it looks neither ethically nor technically in their interest to invest in such efforts. However, we know they can sometimes act really weird, so..

          • in late 2006, Konami edited all the previous MGS websites in order to erase the MGS main theme, they removed all the .wma streaming links…

          • Full Options

            Not really hard view like that but it will involve more expensive QA phases.
            Too expensive for slightly changing that small asset. Not worth it.

          • that might sound simple, but the games are encrypted in a way that doing even that is a pain on the butt, only MGSv can be modded in that way, or Rising (developed externally), but classic pre-MGSPW Kojima games are pretty hard to mod or even extract stuff from them (MGS2 pc took almost 10 years for some texture/character swap mods)

          • NegaScott128

            At the same time, though, they were able to add the credit for the HD Collection. If they were able to add it in, why can’t they take it out?

          • Full Options

            Encryption is not really the problem, you probably want to say compilation and resources linking. If they did a full port to NV Shield without messing around possible emulation, they then constituted a complete workspace ready to build the whole game where they can edit the resources in no time.

            On the other hand, if they decided to run a rom across some emulated hardware, then they would not need to compile the rom, but they would encounter the type of problems you were describing when tempting to modify the resources (not really encryption though, more address alignment due to the change of resources chunks size, etc..).

          • I was thinking it was just a lazy port, but after looking at the loading screen on the shield (thanks to a youtube video) maybe it has more to do with loyalty by whoever did the port job… if this was konami they just could have omitted Kojima’s name on the logo… apparently the port job had was done by nvidia themselves (thet might explain a bit why the game was released for nvidia devices) but I can be absolutely wrong

          • Full Options

            Mmmh… thanks for the link..
            Yeah, if NV worked on a clean port, it would have felt for them like trying to remove the signature from a Da Vinci painting or something.

            I think removing the name from mgsv was a so clumsy and odd move, but I believe even Konami would not dare removing the name from former games, or at least not from the roms, yet for financial reasons. MGSV was different since they still had a hand on the packaging while the crisis happened.
            But in the end, it looked so ridiculous since his name was everywhere in the software..

            I am probably severely mistaken but I believe it is Kojima himself that initiated the removal of the mention. Like “you don’t let me finish the game the way I want ? Then I won’t sign it” and the other asses, not really understanding the symbolics of what he was saying, simply removed it unilaterally from box-art to make a point, annoy him without realizing how wrong and clumsy this move was, which turned rather pathetic in the long run.. However..

      • Full Options

        For older games, I think they won’t even take the name out of old titles box-arts for now anyways and even less from in-game menus. On Konami’s website MG section, they likely kept the mention for all the old titles included in legacy or HD col.
        Besides, and as we saw for MGSV, it is apparently harder / too expensive for them to take it out of the software as it may involve extra QA checks and other efforts.

  • NegaScott128

    Boy, I hope this means they’re looking at a Switch port. After all, it’s literally the same hardware, and it would be kind of a waste of resources to go to all that effort bringing the game to the Shield architecture and not also launch it on the most popular version of that hardware…

  • NegaScott128

    Sorry for the double post, but GameSpot is claiming Konami plans to also port MGS3 to the Shield TV.

    • Lex Radu

      Hell yeah!

  • Full Options

    Cool to see for another time that NVidia’s fellows consider Metal Gear games as some kind of reference for selling their hardware.. They must have fans in their board. 😀

  • rovgo

    I really hope that at some point they will just port the entire series to PC… I fear the day that my PS3 dies along with the possibility to play anything but MGSV. Having all games on PC should pretty much ensure that they live on “forever”.

    • Nelson Ladino

      My PS3 also die :'( and worst with MGS legacy collection disc inside.

      • radun

        sorry bout that man 🙁

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    • Eugene Voldo

      > It’s time for video games to achieve their Dunkirk

      But the film is awful from historical perspective. As a Hollywood flick, it’s good enough. But only good enough. And what’s the point in chasing Hollywood tropes and trends today? He says that “video games means that this new experience will be deeper than movies”, yet he fails to realize that video game industry had its own masterpieces like Ico, Shadow of Colossus, Mother 3, Dark Souls, Undertale where what he wants to achieve what has been already achieved. Why do you even need to become “The Great Espace” of video game industry? Is it not better to become a new Ico? Well, good luck to him anyway, but it looks like he wants to reinvent the wheel. Or rope and stick to be precisely.

      • Ico, Shadow of Colossus, Mother 3, Dark Souls, Undertale

        He is not chasing Hollywood trends. He achieved a lot with Metal Gear games already
        These games you mentioned have not achieved that goal. You still need to eliminate stuff to progress at something. Especially smth like Dark Souls.

        and I hardly can call Ico a masterpiece. This game is definitely not for everyone. Even Undertale or Dark Souls which I love to death. These games are not for everyone.

        and all of the games that you mentioned were hardly a system seller (Well, maybe if I will add Bloodborne to the mix which was a system seller).
        Dunkirk on the other hand is a historical movie, not a super hero movie and as he mentioned in the Rollingstone page, that movie was at the top spot at the U.S. box office in its first week and kept that position for its second week, while grossing over $102 million in that same period. That is impressive.

        Kojima wants to create a huge game that is remembered by everyone with new mechanics and storytelling methods. Well, he tries to do that at least.

        • Eugene Voldo

          Well, video games are not for everyone in general, because you need to actually play them instead of watching them. That’s why Kojima is not going to achieve that.

          >Dunkirk on the other hand is a historical movie

          It’s as historical as “Liberation” films from USSR :/

          >That is impressive

          Titanic was a historical movie too! So not THAT impressive 😀

          >Kojima wants to create a huge game that is remembered by everyone with new mechanics and storytelling methods

          I hope he will succeed. But something telling me that Sony isn’t investing big money in what you can call a grand experiment.

          • video games are not for everyone in general

            He is looking for a mass audience within gaming community and movie industry (emphasis on the major hollywood actors). I think after 30 years of experience he knows what he is doing.

            Titanic was a historical movie too! So not THAT impressive 😀

            Titanic is not a war movie. Dunkirk example was there to show that you can still make a lot of money with sudo-historic/war movies these days if you know how to make em right.

            But something telling me that Sony isn’t investing big money in what you can call a grand experiment.

            So far they are giving him the full freedom, hollywood actors he wants. Great next gen technology. They are supporting him to the max. He is a well-known creator. If Sony would not back him up, he would not make a first game with Sony.

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      After mgsv, I take all his hyping not really as seriously as I used to do . But then sony will give him serious trouble if he lies

      • radun

        Quite the contrary in my case. After V, i honestly think he will be able to deliver something truly ‘unique’ from mechanical and storytelling perspectives.

  • Michael Ray


  • “60 fps”. Noice.

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