Ludens action figures can now be pre-ordered

Website Forbidden Planet has added three more items to their Kojima Productions merchandise line-up, three different statues of Ludens, the company mascot. These items, first revealed at San Diego Comic Con in 2016, are a figure by Figma, a Nendoroid version and a Deluxe 1/6 scale statue.

Ludens Action Figure by Figma

Kojima Productions, the company founded by the game creator Hideo Kojima, releases its mascot Ludens as a figma!The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability

The Ludens Figma Figure includes:

  • A spear flag with the Kojima Productions logo on it
  • The black flag seen in the teaser as well as the clear blue type seen in the Homo Ludens movie
  • A set of closed fists, open hands and holding hand parts
  • A booklet with the original line art of Ludens as drawn by the Art Director Yoji Shinkawa
  • An articulated figma stand, allowing a variety of poses.

Ludens Jumbo Figure by Nendoroid

Ludens, the company icon of Kojima Productions, will be released as a Nendoroid Jumbo!

First revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2016, this will be Ludens with a Nendoroid twist. Based on the prototype seen there, the paint has been adjusted as well as new markings added to the body to recreate the look of the character.

The Jumbo Ludens figure comes in at over 20cm, which combined with the thick round shape of the Nendoroid will make it seem even larger.

Ludens Deluxe 1/6 scale Action Figure

Ludens, the Kojima Productions company icon, gets its own 1/6 scale action figure!

Using an inner frame designed specifically for this product, Ludens comes with 46 points of articulation, including click joints with a high range of motion, allowing it to be placed in various action poses.

The EVA (extra-vehicular activity) Creative Suit is recreated using ABS,PVC and real cloth. Comes with built-in light-up functions and moving eyes, and detailed paint to form a high quality 1/6 scale action figure.

Also included:

  • A special edition beam flag, only available in this set.
  • A special post card

All items will release on July 2nd of 2018, and are shipped worldwide.

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Source: Forbidden Planet

  • Nendoroid is mine for sure. But I have not decided with Deluxe or standard Figma edition because I need to see them in action and what they can do and what is a build quality. One of them will be mine eventually.

    Deluxe though has superior materials but expensive.

  • Full Options

    At last !! Looks great !

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    Well, bust my nuts! These look incredible!

  • this has to be one of the most expensive figmas I have ever seen (at retail)… those usually go around for 45-80USD at release…(they go up on price after release on the aftermarket) is it oversized?… still I need this really cool looking figure,

    • No Place For Hayter

      Its a bulkier harder to design Figma, PLUS the fact that it’s a Max Factory Figma makes it a much higher price, the bulkier more spacious ones usually cost more and Max Factory Figmas always cost more as well, so yep an expensive Figma.

      If AmiAmi puts up pre-orders, I might buy one.

  • Eugene Voldo

    £149.99 for nendoroid? Well, let’s talk about why modern videogame developers are so greedy. No seriously, small figure costs like two and half new AAA games. I assume Kojima took some lessons from EA and Activision on how to make big bucks out of thin air :/

    • Kojima has nothing to do with it. It is about the cost of materials.
      Figures are a niche products compared to video games and they will sell less obviously. These prices are the same as anywhere for the quality figurines. Trust me, these are ok prices for these things.

      • Eugene Voldo

        >These prices are the same as anywhere for the quality figurines

        “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
        And btw, Blizzard asking $150 for its own figures. On the other hand, KP figures cost $200 if you convert pounds to dollars. And I’m pretty sure Kojima has something to do with this merchandise, because this figure based on the mascot of his own company.

        • Except that Blizzard figures are not at the same quality. Kojima here will make some money on the rights. That’s about it. That’s how it works. That’s how it always worked.
          These prices are ok.
          You can buy nendoroid or a premium exclusive one. I’m just saying that these prices are industry wise prices.

          • Indeed, for good quality figures these prices really aren’t that outrageous. Look at Hot Toys or First 4 Figures for example.

    • Alex

      Better than loot crates

      • Eugene Voldo

        Actually it is not. because loot crates can be defined as a “good deal” by the merits of its own value in the eyes of players.
        £149.99 for nendoroid is not a good deal in any way.

        • No Place For Hayter

          “can be defined as a “good deal” by the merits of its own value in the eyes of players”

          Literally everything can be defined as a good deal based on its merits in the eye of the beholder, you are defending a objective point with a subjective example.

          I see your point about the cost of the figure and I agree with you, but its still better than loots crates, simply on the basic principle that loot crates are random and are designed to screw you, where as with this figure you know what you are getting, and is designed to please its customers so they come back to buy more figures.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Dude, it’s a JUMBO nendoroid
      Aka its huge and well detailed, including a large shaded transparent helment.

      Not that I agree with the pricing, just wanted to inform you as to why its priced the way it is. The funny part is Goodsmilecompany price their products fairly and very nicely (compared to the rest of the market), the figure market is an overpriced shit show of paying WAYYY to much for WAYYY to little.

  • Here are some pics of the figures at the Brazil Game Show by Kojima.

  • moto hellogoto

    Has Kojima said where the inspiration for this guy came from?

  • Maeel

    Is there any difference between the Ludens Deluxe on Forbidden Planet and compared to online retailers such as Super Model Collector, AmiAmi, etc?

    Forbidden Planet’s price is much greater compared to the other sites.

    • Not sure to be honest. Maybe you could ask either Kojima Productions or Forbidden Planet on Twitter about this? By the way, the figures are also on KojiPro’s own web store.

  • Full Options
  • Carboardbox_designer

    hi everyone, been a long time, since i’ve been around, based on below link for death stranding we have 2 volumes, is it hinting at multiple releases like what we saw happened with mgs5?

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