Metal Gear Solid movie’s latest draft to be written by Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly

Website Variety reports that Derek Connolly, who wrote the screenplay for Jurassic World, has been brought on the write the latest draft of the Metal Gear Solid movie. Connolly worked together with Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Kong: Skull Island, and it seems their collaboration will continue for the production of this film.


The Metal Gear Solid movie was announced in 2012 (during the franchise’s 25th anniversary event) by Avi Arad, who is producing the film. Hideo Kojima is no longer officially attached to the franchise as a result of his departure from Konami, but Jordan Vogt-Roberts has made a point of wanting to preserve Kojima’s tone and style when bringing his universe to the big screen.

Source: Variety

  • Honestly not excited about this. Writing for the Kong movie was it’s weakest part.
    We are talking here about Metal Gear movie. Metal Gear and great storytelling is a must here.

    • Mr.Pony

      And so the curse of the “video-game turned into movie” looms on the horizon…

      • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

        Euhm there are plenty of not bad videogame turned movies

        • Plenty? Maybe a few… wouldn’t say plenty though.

          • Mr.Pony

            If you think about it the Super Mario movie is a masterpiece.

          • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

            That movie was the dank nornie dank shit a long time ago

          • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

            True and even then those flicks I imagined had mixed reviews .

    • I wanna stay hopeful so I’ll hold out and see what comes of this. But it could really end up being a weak adaptation.

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      Well its writing was based on the reception for godzilla but Connolly seems to write only bland monster flicks which sucks . Metal Gears cannot be compared with that ugly albino cgi t rex who looked like he had sex with Freddy Kruger .

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

      Yeah I personally don’t see this movie being good, like at all. I’m hoping it’ll suprise me.

      • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

        Did you censor your username?

  • Everardo Guzman

    I will stay hopeful atleast this is kind of a step up from the previous guy that was going to write it Jay Batsu or whatever his name was. Jordan Vogt Roberts has already proven that he is a true fan of the series and appears to have talked with Hideo Kojima about the movie a number of times already. So under his guidance I think this Connolly guy will do alright I hope he will. Atleast they have experience working together already so that can only help the production.

  • Jav
    • Monsieur Miller

      Man, Troy is everywhere

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      They should have made ocelot ginger

  • Tom Brearley-Smith

    If only they got David Hayter to write a draft for the MGS movie. At the same time, he’s currently occupied with writing the screenplay for a Voltron movie that is in the works,

    • Please don’t.
      Have you seen David Hayter’s Wolves?

      • Lex Radu

        Have you seen David Hayter’s Watchmen?

        • NegaScott128

          He didn’t write the draft they went with. He only got credit because Alex Tse reworked his draft, which was acquired by WB after he left the project.

          • Lex Radu

            But he did wrote the Story, that is David’s Story!

          • Eugene Voldo

            A David Hayter film. I like it!

          • NegaScott128

            No it’s not, it’s Alan Moore’s.

          • Lex Radu

            Not the Original Material, but The Story, as in “Story by”

            Wonder Woman Story was by Zack Sndyer, does that mean Zack wrote the WW Comic? No.

          • NegaScott128

            Watchmen is a direct adaptation of one storyline, whereas WW takes inspiration from decades of comics along with new elements created by Snyder and the other writers.

            It would be like saying a straight adaptation of MGS1 is Derek Connolly’s story. He didn’t create it or even synthesize it from multiple sources: he just took another person’s story and put it in a new medium.

      • Lex Radu

        Yeah, Momoa was a Badass!

  • Johnno

    Yep, looks like the first thing Del Toro is doing with his time off is to go play some Death Stranding.

  • kuaikukia

    I still expect to see this but I don’t want my hopes up that it will be awesome

  • radun

    The only hope for a MGS movie to be at least something more than a (bad) CGI fest with a script written in a weekend, similar to all these crappy movies like Wonder Woman, King Kong, Batman Vs Superman, Suicide Squad…etc >you get the point< is Kojima's apparent involvement. He seems friendly with the director and he "might" have some sort of influence over the pre-production/writing part….

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