Latest Metal Gear Survive videolog focuses on weapons

Konami has released a third videolog focusing on some of the different weapons in Metal Gear Survive. We can see arrows, grenades, spears, axes and various firearms being used to eliminate the creatures.

Also, here are some photos of a Metal Gear Survive event that was recently held in Japan.

Source: Konamikaine059

  • The Game Awards nominees have been announced:

    • Mr.Pony

      not enough nominations for Hollow Knight 🙁

      • Or Yakuza 0…

        • NegaScott128

          That’s not rad.

        • MrVux000

          I’m somewhat ashamed to admit this… but i never played a Yakuza game. What would be a good entry game for newcomers?

          • 0, it’s a prequel to the other games. Or Kiwami, a remake of the first game.

          • MrVux000

            So Yakuza 0 then Kiwami 1 and 2. Are there any plans to remake 3,4 or 5?

          • MrVux000

            Well, they are available on PS3 so that is better than nothing. But ill first get the remasters and 0.
            Thanks for the info!

          • Hope you like it, it isn’t for everyone. Many people think it’s GTA in Japan but it’s actually a very different kind of game.

          • MrVux000

            Hey if it has that silly Japanese humor and good open-world elements, i will most likely love it.

          • The first thing, absolutely. As for open world elements, depends on what you mean. It’s not a sandbox, the world you can explore is very small and you can’t use vehicles for example. But you can go into shops, bars, restaurants and play mini-games or side quests in the world.

          • MrVux000

            Don’t care much for the world size, as long as it is packed with side activities like the ones you mentioned.

          • Well there’s more to do than you can possibly have time for.

          • MrVux000

            Good to hear, definitely added to my Christmas list.

    • Johnno

      Nier or P5 better win for musical score and a front runners for best RPG.

      Here’s hoping musical performances at the VGAs are actually from the nominated games.

      P5 is great for art direction too, but Cuphead will deserve to take it easily.

      The Most Anticipated Game really doesn’t need a category… Just reward them all with a trailer spot.

    • MrVux000

      Never really liked these shows since the day game like WOW won over MGS3,which is 10 years already.They always left me with the impression that they are based on game popularity rather than quality itself.

      As always its nice when your favorite game wins recognition from various sites,award shows etc etc but the only GOTY award that truly matters is your own.

      • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

        How dare you insult muh dorito pope

  • Eugene Voldo

    Good guy Konami is doing good things again!

    • Mr.Sixes

      They’ve been doing good things, you just weren’t paying attenion.

  • Full Options

    Ayako-chan just liked this.. New trailer “only” ?..

    • Hm, ‘game announcement’ means that it can’t be Deaths Stranding can it?

      • Full Options

        Yes, but do you think Ayako-chan just randomly liked this Geoff tweet ?
        She usually less often retweet Geoff than Boss, it is weird, feels like Geoff just watched Boss’s material for the first time in the preparation of the show… I mean the content should be submitted to him these days anyways… Perhaps I am wrong, forget it, no way to know what’s happening… ;D

        Something else, have you checked this cool article Boss retweeted regarding Kojima’s stories and CIA ? Was fun ;D

        • Well Kojima is involved in the Game Awards. Hopefully we’ll see something either there or at PSX.

          And interesting link. Yeah it’s funny that even the most crazy stuff in Metal Gear often turns out to be based at least somewhat on reality.

          • Full Options

            Either there, PSX or both.. ;3

            Yeah, this “Caspian sea monster” feels like some Arsenal Gear ancestor, xD.. And this “global surveillance network” sound like GW or something… xD

      • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

        Geoff already said there would be trailers of already announced games . Go look on his twitter . According to shinobi, 13 games in total would be shown

        • Yes, but in this specific tweet he is talking about a ‘game announcement trailer’.

          • Full Options

            Hard to tell if it is a brand new game, or a brand new announcement trailer… 😀

          • So you mean it’s announcing something but not the game itself? 😛

          • Full Options

            Haha, I don’t know but either it is a totally different game as you said, and @kaizerkunkun simply liked Geoff tweet because it is simply Geoff, either Geoff received and watched Boss’s contents for the show today and Ayako liked his comment about it… ;P

          • Full Options

            Ken also retweeted it that day… ;D
            Maybe I am wrong, but it strongly feels it was Boss’s stuff that was passed to Geoff…
            Ken does not tweet much usually and was silent for a week. 😀

      • Lex Radu

        Maybe New Announcement, as in New Name for DS Announcement.
        S I L E N T T H I L L S:

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