Traps and turrets in new Metal Gear Survive video

The fourth Metal Gear Survive videolog has been released, and this time it delves into Interception Units. There are different types of weapons: manned weapons like mortars and turrets, and automated trap weapons, like spinning blades and plates that make the creatures trip. You can see some of the equipment in action in this new video.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, MGS Reddit

  • Robin030

    I am amazed how i went from “hell nah” to “i wanna play this now!”.
    Fuck you Konami and your jedi mind tricks.

    • Eugene Voldo

      We need to abandon hate speech, Robin!
      #LoveKonami is the only way to have a better world.
      But yeah, the game looks amazingly fun!

  • Mr.Sixes

    I am still curious to see what the single player holds.

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