Yumi Kikuchi's Newest MGS Items

Yumi Kikuchi, one of Metal Gear’s main Japanese voice actresses, posted some photos on her Twitter of Metal Gear related items she acquired.

On this photo you can see the snakeskin 3DS from the special 3DS bundle, as well as a stylus, a set of stickers for your 3DS, and a carrying pouch from the Hori brand.

Furthermore, she uploaded a picture of the snakeskin 3DS with the Circle Pad Pro attached.

She also posted a photo of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Strategy Guide.

Source: Kikuchi’s Twitter and AndriaSang

  • TheRealGamer

    The extra nub looks like a freaky mutation , Nintendo really didn’t think that through :/

    • Nyxus

      It looks very ugly indeed. But as long as it’s functional, I don’t mind that much.

      • TheRealGamer

        Lets hope that it is and lets hope that when Nintendo is sober enough, they actually make a new SDK with a built in second nub.

  • Ad-Rock

    I’m definitely going to import the 3DS accessories (that the pouch comes with) whenever they become available. I dig that top shell a lot. Plus I like that the stylus is the neon green from MGS3. 😀

  • TheRealGamer

    I’m the real gamer yooo !

    ANd I have a cool avatar!

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