Kojima talks about Death Stranding at PSX 2017, underwater section from the trailer is playable

During the PlayStation Experience 2017 Opening Celebration, Hideo Kojima was welcomed on stage to talk about Death Stranding and his working relationship with Sony and Andrew House. Kojima was wearing a replica of the antenna dish seen in the latest trailer, as well as the necklace with dog tags from the first trailer.

We didn’t get much in terms of new information on the game, although we did learn that the underwater section seen in the latest Death Stranding trailer is actually playable, and Kojima described it as the protagonist Sam ‘going to his own body’. All the footage in the trailer is running in real time on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Mark Cerny also ensured that after 4 or 5 hours of gameplay, everything you’ve seen in the trailer (which at the moment seems very puzzling) will start to make sense.

Other than that there was’t a whole lot new stuff said. Kojima explained how he acquired the Decima Engine code from Guerrilla Games without them requiring him to sign any sort of legal document, something that almost brought him to tears. Also, when pitching his idea to Andrew House after becoming an independent studio, he just spoke for a few minutes, and got the go ahead, se he is pleased to be able to have this level of freedom to do what he wants.

To watch the entire discussion, check out the video in the source section below.

Source: PlayStation Experience 2017 Opening Celebration

  • I was really disappointed about this year PSX. But this is to be expected. Paris Game Show had all the important announcements.
    But Mark Cerny’s cards with questions about Death Stranding and Kojima were not properly prepared. Not a lot of questions were asked about the game. Kojima also touched on the subject about the engine that we heard last year.

    So I guess the next show where Gameplay may be revealed will be at the next E3 2018.

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      Mark was teasing Hideo, putting the pretended fault on these cards with the fact that he won’t share much..
      Yet at the beginning, remember Mark’s asking about how DS comes together, Hideo replying the water sequence, and Mark re-asking him the exact same question right after…LMAO The cards were properly prepared, it is just Kojima that want to keep the embargo on any possible source of info.

      It feels really exciting to ear that the puzzle start to make sense after 4-5 hours of playthrough… Can’t wait to have my hands on this !

      • but that’s not really interview if you are not trying to ask some important questions even if Kojima will say smth like: “Nope, can’t answer about that today.”
        Kojima could talk about our new SOLID SNAKE aka SAM 😀

        • Full Options

          Yeah but ya know him, it is part of his experience packaging style, a bit like when you un-box a new toy… He want to share elements in his own specific order and pace, our beloved troll with the orange antenna… xD

          And all this with this penalizing adaptation to a totally new tech didn’t helped saving time.
          Although they are smart enough to turn as much benefits of Decima’s specific architecture to their advantage, and improve hopefully drastically their production cadence to further limits than the ones they had at Fart-Nami..

          Kojima should call him Sam Foxheaven or Sam Outerhound as a message to some xD

          Yeah I would have appreciated at least few drops of more nectar for sure, but this trailer kinda made my year on this matter..

    • Nekkedsnake

      Cerny came off like a dick during the segment. A bit standoffish and just kind of meh…

      • Full Options

        He is very special / always like that… All those legends have very specific personalities. Hideo Kojima is also a diabolic jester.. It’s all fine, they are between colleagues. Mark is way more technical than artistic.
        He looked a bit too serious this time but was like that last year too if you remember … but this time he admitted first that DS is pure dope after few hours of playthrough, so…

        • Nekkedsnake

          I suppose Cerny is like that on the regular. But like you said, he was a bit more serious, leading me to believe he was being dickish. But he got to play some DS so I’m jealous. Hopefully we get some gameplay, even if for a minute or two.

          • Full Options

            I am jealous too, between us… ;D

    • MrVux000

      I didn’t expect much from PSX 2017 to begin with. Sony even made a statement that we shouldn’t be expecting anything big from the show. As you stated most of the big guns were shown at Paris game week.

    • Full Options

      Yeah this attachement was not for the helmet, but for this d.mn antenna… xDxD

    • Lex Radu

      Damn, Kojima is pretty muscular for his age.
      Not a lot of muscle, but you can see, no fat.

  • Gatsu

    I slept through the PSX, but it seems I did not miss much other than Kojima. Still this is awesome news <3, I can't wait to see how the underwater section works and looks with the new engine omg. I'm so excited to be mindfucked by the game's story …and to get more sense of the trailer moments.

    I’m glad Kojima has such good buddies from Guerrilla and guys like Andrew. Thanks for the video link, Boss <3.

    • It wasn’t like E3 or something like that with several megaton announcements, but it was still a nice talk between different developers (including Hermen Hulst and Cory Barlog) and Sony people (Andrew House, Shawn Layden).

  • Analysis video by IGN:

    • Gatsu

      I’m looking forward to Yong’s 2h video.

      • Lex Radu

        And Python&Selkan’s 3 hours part 1 out of 5

    • Lex Radu

      I will get this, but no way in hell i’ll be wearing this everyday.

  • Nekkedsnake

    I was watching the Kojima segment of the PSX. Mark Cerny came off kinda snarky and overall just kinda meh about asking questions to Hideo. Kind of annoying.

    • Johnno

      I think that was just him playing it up because Kojima was not ready to reveal anything more, so they were just being teases.

  • Venom_Sina

    I was thinking about the fact that DS was revealed 1.5 years ago and we still don’t have a clue about the story. I was like: What the hell is wrong with these guys?! 🙂
    But I realized something. Maybe all of this is just part of the game’s marketing campaign. Maybe Kojima doesn’t want us to find too much about the game and he wants to keep us in the dark. You know, they had good opportunities for talking -even a little bit- about the story, but they didn’t. If this turns out to be true, I think there’s a high chance that we won’t get too much story information, even close to the release.

    Either that or Kojima is sitting there, waiting for some good theories to cherry pick some and make the game around them 😛

    What do you think, guys? Do you think that Kojima wants to keep things close to the vest or they will release some story information later?

    • Gatsu

      Im glad we dont find all about the game, like we did with MGSV before playing.

      • Lex Radu

        That’s not true, nothing was spoiled, it showed a lot out of context.

        What spoiled it, was us overanalysing them.

        • Gatsu

          That’s kind of my point. But then again, a new game like DS is harder to analyze which is good.

          • Lex Radu

            True, true, DS is a beast of it’s own, not tied to an existing franchise (or so we know) like MGS or SH, but i do hope the story Trailer will reveal more, and bring the Normal audience as well, to then fuck with their minds.

            I want the trailers to misdirect, like MGSV, not mislead, like MGS2.

    • Full Options

      I think the main articulation of a new concept takes time to isolate. To me it feels that some elements are well planned because technically estimable in term of production budget, and others are still in R&D phase. It must be hard to select and not promise features that could turn out too difficult to settle at the end..
      Best strategy in such case is to reveal less elements so he won’t risk hyping the audience too much until he is 100% sure he can deploy them..

      • Johnno

        Also if game play is interconnected with the world, then it would also be necessary to wait until they have something in a beta build where all main features are final before sharing anything.

        Going off MGSV’s demos if the gameplay once again follow the open-approach sandbox style, then Kojima can get a lot of mileage out of showing long multiple playthroughs of the same locale. No reason to believe he’ll abandon the formula now.

    • We don’t know for sure about that Venom_Sina. Because if you look at the name of the trailer. It is still a TEASER TRAILER. 8 minute teaser trailer… lol…
      I think E3 2018 is where we will find out more about the story and the gameplay.

      More stuff is coming for sure.

    • Lex Radu

      The thing about Marketing (Video Games, Movies, TV Shows etc.) Is that at first you reveal only Visuals, and a hint at Story and Plot, and then like 1 or 2 month before the release, you reveal the “Story Trailer”

      First you gotta get people’s attention, they you gotta keep their interest by showing you audience what they are in for, that’s how you sell a product, that’s the mistake WB did with Blade Runner 2049, no trailer showed us what is it about, only visuals. That’s not how you sell, how you get the mass audience, so i’m convinced Kojima won’t do the same mistake.

      As in the case of DS, we know everything we need to know about the Story,
      it’s about connections, about those who play, and those who are being played in a post “Big Bang 2” world…that is pretty much the story, and we all know that the best Movies and Video Games, are the ones with a simple Story.

      What we don’t know however, is the plot, that we have only a few ideas about, like the villain, Inter dimensional travel, maybe even time Travel, Mutants, Universes colliding as a result of the second Big Bang etc.

    • Lex Radu

      Yes, it’s awesome to know nothing about the game, but i also want Kojima’s Game to succeed sells wise, and some compromises have to be made.

      And you know why is ok? Cause if you trully want to know nothing, and you are a long time fan, you can choose to not watch any trailers that might reveal some of the story for the mass audience to be interested.

    • Johnno

      Even when he releases some story information later, he’s certainly never going to explain it all. Wanting to know what it’s about is the marketing hook.

      Look back at the original teaser trailers for ‘The Matrix’ with all kinds of random crazy stuff happening and then the marketing tagline stinger at the end where Morpheus states, “Nobody can tell you what the Matrix is… you have to see it for yourself!”

      Unfortunately there are tons of know-nothing detractors going around demanding that Kojima spoil everything about the world and story or else they threaten that they’re not interested in the game because “no gmplay”… heh! Okay… go back to Battlefront II then… buy a lootbox or two.

  • Lex Radu

    This is great.
    James Franco, among other character, he voices the “Love can bloom on the Battlefield” line as Tommy Wiseau.

  • Lex Radu

    Looks like the older guy opened a portal to the underwater dimension inside the huge creature (Kamikaze style) to save Sam and the baby!

    • Full Options

      Yeah, I felt that too.. It looks like some kind of suicide device they are carrying in case they are captured by the enemy..
      Some kind of cosmological bomb creating a mini black or worm hole and perhaps the only way to stop those creature…

      • Lex Radu

        So that creature was going to kill Sam.

        • Full Options

          I think they are not killing but trying to kidnap / capture and probably enslave, since they stopped trying to take away the truck-injured guy as soon as the old guy shot him in the head..

          • Yeah maybe the soldiers Mads is controlling in the second trailer are enslaved people as well (and their control continues even after their death).

          • Full Options

            Yeah, enslaved ones are wired like the soldiers to this black goo. Still can’t figure out what could be the meaning of this evaporating “golden soul” stuff…

          • Lex Radu

            Yet they took that dead body before. The Creatures motivations don’t make any sense so far.

      • Johnno

        I think we may be looking at it the wrong way…

        Other than Sam and the creatures, 4 other bodies were shown…

        The two Bridges guys, and the two metal skull face guys.

        The first skull face guy was the one in the body bag, lying down, dead and decomposing who is then taken by the black ooze.
        The first human guy was the one under the truck, lying down, aging fast then is shot and taken by the black ooze.

        The second skull face guy is the one with the mechanical arm and baby pod that comes floating down and does a gun-finger point motion and disappears.
        The second human guy is the one with the mechanical arm and baby pod that has a gun, uses it to shoot the other guy then turns it upon himself, but is quickly taken floating up until he disappears.

        So I’m presuming that the two skull face guys are actually alternate dimension representations of the human guys.

        It could also be that when one of the skull guys does the gun finger pointing motion, it could be because he was controlling the other human who then turns the gun on himself… because the skull guy was connected to him and gave him the order to ‘kill himself.’ So maybe he was not committing suicide of his own accord… but then either something else, or Sam might’ve been connected to the human and caused him to float and lose the gun… but because he was still under orders to ‘kill himself’, he begins stabbing himself.

        It could also be the case that Sam was already connected to the two human guys, and had used ‘the rope’ to make an alliance with them and they were helping Sam. Sam likely didn’t need the other guy’s pod baby, because he already has one inside of him and it’s not the one in the pod.

        Sam is probably the first human prototype that’s been engineered to have a baby on the inside, whereas the other men and Del Toro must physically connect to their child by the umbilical cord to the device. The mechanical arm is probably also likely a way for the baby to communicate and give feedback, kind of like a living Soliton Radar.

        Mad’s character, must also be like Sam, where they both are engineered to have a baby within them. That is what the floating baby doll in teaser trailer #2 signified when it floated down towards Mads.

        So both Sam and Mads are sort of like Liquid and Solid, only it’s likely that the baby in Mads is controlling Mads with the ‘stick’ like relationship. Whereas Sam and his baby are more of the ‘rope’ kind of relationship where they are symbiotic. To the same extent that might be true of Del Toro and the other Bridges guy, but Sam and his child’s relationship is capable of much more by complete symbiosis and likewise the same is true of Mads.

        The babies exist in black liquid tanks, and similarly we see Sam coughing out black liquid from within himself, indicating a baby is inside him. And likewise we see that same black liquid coming out of Mads’ body.

        That liquid is probably representative of the speculative genesis pits from which it is believed by naturalists that live originated from and then evolved further.

        This means that the black liquid could be indicative of both giving life, building life and ending life. (A belief also existed that dinosaurs died in tar pits and became fossil fuel.)

        So where am I going with this? The Black Liquid is a major Gameplay mechanic.

        It is a mechanic for capturing world materials, genetic materials, transport (similar to Splatoon), and also… building.

        That black ooze forms the tendrils and strands used for connecting to others. You may be able to connect first then control, or even copy and replicate living organisms to puppeteer, or actual materials yourself, but which may require resource collecting.

        It is essentially your item storage. It may be limited at first and then expand in capacity and ability.

        This is a power that only Sam and Mads have.

        Sam may also be trying to rescue Mads. And Mads, or the baby controlling Mads, are out to rescue/destroy the other children.

        As for what those children are? They are either captured or re-engineered creatures from that other world.

        In the first teaser we see both big and small hands. The small hand appear when the baby disappears. Most likely two worlds are colliding. The land of the living and the dead. Those ‘Dead’ are likely ‘Stranded’ in our world just as we may be in theirs, and the borders are being erased slowly but surely, which is what leads to the existence of organizations like Bridges, where vast portions of America are too unstable to exist in and only a few remaining cities remain and are connected together by likely inter-dimensional roads, or some means of convoy routes going back and forth.

        In order to continue surviving, a symbiotic cooperative relationship was required by both the ‘Dead’ and the ‘Living’ world to come together somehow and work together to fix this.

        Mankind is literally cooperating with the dead… but there could be other factions.

        For all we know the other skullface could also be in possession of a human child in his tank. They give each others children to each other. But perhaps the female species of both sides hate this and so we see a larger ‘invisible hand’ creature stalking Sam and the other two guys likely because she wants her child back.

        Kojima mentioned there is a heroine in the game, and maybe that will be her role, she is either human or another similar skull creature. Maybe she is even the one standing on the truck and ordering the man to shoot himself before he tosses the baby to Sam.

        Sam and the men are being hunted. And that’s where we find them in this predicament.

        As for the giant… I don’t know yet. But maybe we also have the potential to gain similar heights of power towards the end game. The water scene may also represent our own death where separated like a soul from its body we need to find our way back by swimming in the quantum black sea towards ourselves and once back the baby revives the body. The thumbs-up being out 1-Up at work that we are ready to go.

        • Full Options

          I think the part when the baby is in Sam’s throat is actually a dream delirium caused by the loss of consciousness after the blast.
          In dreams language, that could be interpreted as representing the extreme fear of loosing the baby.
          Sam is morally very tormented to a point he desperately try to find a safe place for the baby. I think he is dreaming.

    • Mr.Pony

      i tought it was the giant provoking the explosion, the head/hand closes on the guy right before the explosion, almost like it absorbs him

      • Lex Radu

        That might be the case.

  • Jav

    There is a noticeable graphics change in the underwater section.
    I’m not criticizing.

    • radun

      There usually higher quality lighting when a cutscene kicks in. There will always be a little gap in graphics when switching between controlable and pre-determined scenarios.

  • Full Options

    And what U Matez think of this shot ??… Some may say it is just a cut-scene, however not sure why but it pretty re-insured me on the quality and the presence of a solid weapon / ballistic system within the game… Seems head-shots are in the menu… ;3


    • Someone mentioned that Kojima said the trailer was a mix between gameplay and pre-rendered stuff

      • When was that? Because in the PSX interview he said it was all running in real time on a PS4 Pro.

        • Full Options

          Yeah, I believe that KP never pre-rendered anything in fact…

          • radun

            MGS4 Volta cutscenes + GW cutscenes are a few ‘major’ prerendered cutscenes in MGS series. But usually all is realtime in a Kojima game 😉

      • Full Options

        I believe you meant cut-scene material instead of pre-rendered one… KP usually never pre-render anything, all is always in real-time.

      • Johnno

        He technically only said the underwater scene is playable. Either indicating an event or a general level.

    • Johnno

      I’m guessing that you will also have the same power to turn into liquid and move around/capture things…

      Basically, like Splatoon…

      And that way you could likely get anywhere fast and explore the open world with the ability to go nearly anywhere…

      Basically, like in Zelda Breath of the Wild…

      That’s aside from your presumed ability to possess things and control them with strands…

      Basically, like Mario Odyssey…

      But maybe more complex similar to MGSV’s Buddy system where you can link and chain things together to get some outcome/relationship…

      • NegaScott128

        I don’t think we’re getting Splatoon mechanics, but I can see having the ability to possess stuff. Perhaps there will be a mechanic where you can either shoot down Mads’ Skeleton Warriors or try to “convert” them to your side, which would tie into Kojima’s claim that people who like combat and those who don’t would both be able to enjoy the game. Maybe the amount of enemies you kill instead of possess ties into a morality system, or it might just affect your score or something.

    • Yeah, that shot was so satisfying to me, it was great.
      Kojima’s cutscenes are never just cutscenes. Never.

      • Full Options

        “#Ohhh YEEAAAHHH”… :DD

  • Lex Radu

    Reporter: So Kojima-san, how do you approach the actors you want to work with on your projects?

  • https://twitter.com/Kojima_Hideo/status/940139384602611712

    Female cast, mhm, yeah? 😀 Ohhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaaaaaah?

    • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

      Pretty sure this is the space suit from prometheus. But then you didnt like it so maybe you forgot .

      • Yeah, I know that it is from Prometheus. But this can be a hint about the actress behind that suit 😉

        • HoxtoniteIsLoveHoxtoniteIsLife

          As Norman/Sam said
          OH YEAH

  • Lex Radu
    • Interesting!

    • Gatsu

      Nice, I have been waiting for this!

      • Tom Brearley-Smith

        Indeed. I’m glad Yong has taken a break from ranting about micro transactions and loot boxes for the time being.

        • Lex Radu

          Well, given the current state of the industry, he had to that as well, report the good and the bad, and fight for us, the consumers.

  • Lex Radu
  • NegaScott128

    Kojima just gave a bunch of gameplay details in an IGN interview.


    • Lex Radu

      So is like Shadow of Mordor with a bit of Dark Souls.

    • Gatsu

      Awesome stuff! I loved reading it, thanks :D.

  • Johnno

    Kojima gives IGN some actual details!

    -Death is not ‘game over.’

    -Underwater mode seems to be where you go when you die in the game.

    -Underwater section played in first person.

    -You can wander outside of your body and collect items here.

    -Re-enter your body to come back to life.

    -There is no resetting of events after death. World is persistent. So thing you did before dying remain, not returning back to any checkpoint to continue.

    – If you cause a crater as large as seen in the trailer, that crater remains after you die. If you suck you might make a lot of craters.

    -The ‘Rain’ in the game is called ‘Timefall’ and it seems to speed up time on anything it touches.
    -The robot arm has a name which Kojima isn’t telling.

    -Kojima is aware of ‘lootbox’ controversy, says smilingly,”“I think there are a lot of people out there who still enjoy single-player games, aside from some microtransactions.”

    -Kojima has fun watching us go mad with theories.

    -The new trailer is a scene from early in the game, after the prologue.

    – SAG AFTRA Strike in Hollywood delayed performance capture work for the game.

    – Norman and Mads were eager to work on the game but the strike made it impossible. Thankfully that’s over now.

    – Kojima addresses anti-Kojima fanbois – “I’ve been reading a lot on the internet of people saying I’ve spent the last year just traveling around and having fun. A lot of people saying I’m wasting time and money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.” It was clear that this weighed heavy on his shoulders. “We’re waiting for the right moment to show gameplay, but right now we’re on track with the project.” ““There’s been a lot of stuff going on through this time, so it makes me pretty sad when people say ‘Oh, you’re just having fun and joking around and wasting money.’ You could ask so many people, but I really think that I’m doing this pretty fast. If you have a company, if you already have an engine, you already have the tools and the team together, and even then, it’s pretty standard for a AAA game to take three to five years to develop their games. For some games, it can take up to 10 years.”

    – This past year they’ve been using the time to work on Decima.

    • Lex Radu

      Side Note: The reason Sam and the already older guy didn’t age from that rain, if because they had those hoodies on their head, while the guy on the ground, had his face completely exposed to it, hence why he aged.

    • Gatsu

      I love all this info mmm, Timefall sounds so cool. Kojima is a true genius.

  • Lex Radu
    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      My third candidate for a female character in Death Stranding besides Emma Stone and Emily Blunt!

  • Lex Radu

    Only Sam have different clothes so… He is not part of the crew of the other guys? But they know him.
    And Sam is the only one not floating with other things.
    Only questions XD haha!

    Cant wait to play this game!

    • Yeah there’s something different about him, that’s also why the Timefall isn’t affecting him.

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