New photos of Metal Gear Rising CE’s Plasma Lamp

Kojima Productions staff member Yuji Korekado posted some photo on his Twitter of the plasma lamp that comes with the limited edition of Metal Gear Rising in the United States. On the two pictures you can see what the lamp looks like when it’s switched on.


Korekado noted that this is a prototype, but it’s likely the final product will be identical.

The lamp will be included in the American limited edition, launching February next year for a price of $149,99. offers a pre-order bonus for both versions of the game, the Inferno Armor, which increasing Raiden’s missile carrying capabilities.

Source: Yuji Korekado’s Twitter, Examiner

  • enzo

    I find lava lamps extremely laaaame

  • WillGP

    How big is the dam lamp!

    • Nyxus

      Don’t know exactly, these photos are the best reference you can find. If you look at the hand, you can roughly guess how big it is (I’d say 30 – 40 cm).

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