VGAs announced The Phantom Pain is actually Metal Gear?

Yesterday at the Spike Video Game Awards 2012, a debut trailer was shown for a mysterious new game called ‘The Phantom Pain’. However, there seemed to be a series of strange coincidences and peculiarities, and all over the internet people were debating wether this was actually a new game, or a marketing stunt for something Hideo Kojima/Metal Gear related. This seems to be something Kojima could do, and below is a quick summary of the most conspicuous hints that point in the direction of this being Metal Gear related.

The name ‘The Phantom Pain’ is similar to Ground Zeroes’ tagline ‘From FOX, two phantoms were born’.

The overal trailer looks like it’s running in Fox Engine (look for example at the light effects).

The main character in the series looks like Big Boss. He seems to have a bandage over one eye. He also has a similar scar on his face.

In the first shot, white flower petals are floating through the air, like the ones in the field when Big Boss defeated The Boss.

The character engulfed in flames has a suit very similar to Volgin’s in MGS3.

We see a ghostly, floating character similar to The Sorrow and Psycho Mantis.

No one knows ‘Moby Dick Studios’, the official site barely has any information.

The founder of the studio is called Joakim Mogren. Joakim is an anagram for Kojima. And Mogren = OGRE?

At the end, when the title appears, the negative space on the letters seems like it could be spelling ‘Metal Gear Solid V’.


People at the Konami party at the VGAs were wearing The Phantom Pain/Moby Dick Studios t-shirts.

In the trailer, there is a car accident. Kojima tweeted something about mo-capping a car accident a few months ago.

The same sound effect is used in the Ground Zeroes and in the Phantom Pain trailer:

When someone asked David Hayter on his Twitter what he thought of the trailer, he replied:

All in all, there seem to be an awful lot of coincidences going on here. But of course it’s also possible people are simply reading too much into this, and this might actually be what it claims to be and not related to Kojima at all. Only time will tell.

Source: Kotaku, NeoGAF,

  • BerserkerVTR

    AWESOME, there is no way it’s not Metal Gear related. But the atmosphere is so cool, Kojima could make a entirely new game like that. But i believe this is a nightmare in Metal Gear GE, maybe, like a boss fight… what makes me confused about it it’s the “Metal Gear Solid V”.

  • Pete

    Did nobody else notice the chest scar at the end of the trailer? It’s hard to see but there. Also if your quick you can pause to see the mans face but the quality of the trailer isn’t too high.

  • paul

    yes.yes.yeeessssss!!!!!!! and that… whale…. looks awfully like… metal gear ray!!!!! feck yes, get in!!!!!!

  • yami

    Is it possible the man with the bandages all around his face is Frank Jeagar after his reconstructive surgery (after his torture getting his nose and ears cut off)?

  • darkeagle101

    Remember the tweets Kojima sent where they took pictures of medical supplies and tools? We don’t know, but it seems very, very probable that this is related to Ground Zero or MGS5. Also, I know it doesn’t look like Liquid Snake, but didn’t he escape a hospital in Iraq? I’m very excited either way!

  • Hazy

    that cheek “injury” that everyone keeps talking about is just Big Boss’ facial wrinkles:
    You can see that chronologically from MGS3, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes, and MGS4, it seems to be a natural progression (and development of detailed gfx) regarding the wrinkle on his cheek.

  • Alex

    The man in flames is wearing definetly a sneaking suit (, could be volgin or gene and the flower in the beggining is surely from the Boss plus that floating character could be psycho mantis. Everything is very metal gear like but i ask why would a company announce a (fictional) game simply for Kojima? Seems strange

  • 7oshi

    Did any one see in both mgsgz and tpp trailers that the soldiers both have the same red grenades on the left side of there belts? And at the end of tpp trailer when they shine the light on the bandaged head guy that he had what I would call a simerler snake stich scar on his left peck.

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